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    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    Exactly. Plus his hypocrisy in telling the kids that a Marine does what he's ordered to do, all the while he's crabbing and refusing to do what Vance ordered him to do. It's odd that that contradiction was never pointed out to him. It also bothered me greatly that Jack wasn't more forceful in stopping Torres' rant with young Max. Inexcusable. But of course it's a TV drama, not real life. Incidentally, I was surprised to find that Sloane Siegel (Max) really is 18 and not 24 like most "teenage" actors.
  2. Bobbin

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    I miss the production numbers in "The Real O'Neals." These weren't them. But Katy does have pipes. I just wish the material had been more memorable.
  3. Bobbin

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    It's time again for contract negotiations, probably. Ugh. Mac and Harm making googoo eyes on the brink of WWIII. How unprofessional of them. "I just made this urgent top secret call to say that we don't know anything. But while I'm on the line.... 💕" Interesting timing, with a real crisis (maybe) brewing in the Persian Gulf. Which is imitating which?
  4. Bobbin

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    In the history of the show, Callen has rejected help from everyone, including Nate, in all that he's been through. And Hetty has let him get away with it. I understand, from seing his mother killed to being shuffled from one abusive foster home to another, but it's way past time to call him out. Star Trek never let any of its characters grieve until the TNG movie "Generations" when Picard lost his brother and nephew. Escapist TV shows are allowed to deal with reality sometimes, and Callen is a top sympathetic character to take on that roll. I've been a grief support group leader for many years -- grief comes from many different losses (and Callen has suffered from just about all of them in one form or another); it will wait for however long it takes until we're ready to deal with it, or until we're too worn down to keep it at bay. Callen's time has come to get real. Nate needs to insist on it.
  5. Bobbin

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    The reason I instantly expected to see Harmon Rabb was not just the J.A.G. theme (refrefreshed in my mind, as noted, from H&I now running the series), but from having seen Chegwidden make a recent appearance on the show. Playing the theme was a cool salute. But the writers aren't as in awe of Captain Rabb as Sam and Callen were. He wasn't that hostile and ramroddish when he was a JAG officer. I wonder if he'll show any appreciation when NCIS finds his embedded ISIS agent for him.
  6. Bobbin

    S03.E21 Locked in the Basement

    I didn't care for any of the messages in this episode. This show is becoming to The Neighborhood like Married ...With Children was to Father Knows Best. There is enough hate in the world, and as this episode proved, hate ain't funny. Dial it back. Find another theme. Modern Family did the ventriloquist past life much better ("Gloria married her dummy!"). Man up, Greg, call Katie out. And once again, they talk about Oliver's dancing, but refuse to show it, and even denigrate it. What was the point of making Daniel Dimaggio take lessons? I'm glad Anna-Kat and Penny are buds, a welcome balance to the Katie-Chloe war, with two tots behaving like real children. Good for Penny, after her mother's and Katie's extravaganza that was supposed to be just a little girl's birthday party. ETA: Okay, I did laugh at Taylor's misunderstanding her school project -- and the class it was for! Good for Anna-Kat in refusing to help further. I have a feeling her lecture to Taylor got through better than Katie's version might have.
  7. Bobbin

    S02.E20: A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross

    George calmly and confidently taking care of Clint made me think of "Married...With Children" when Al politely walked daughter Kelly's sleazy boyfriend to the door -- and slammed him into the door frame before giving him the heave ho. Veronica is to the Cooper household kind of like Marilyn is to the Munsters. The Veronica-Missy outing was awesome. And Veronica's dream segment was so natural and well-done. Every character was perfect and endearing in their own way. Kudos.
  8. Bobbin

    S03.E20 Field Trippin'

    A class field trip is NOT the occasion to try to bond with your kid. Another hand-crafted gazebo bites the dust ("Meet the Parents"). This one seemed pretty shoddy, though, didn't it? I started to suspect that Greg was on to Taylor and Oliver as soon as his "treatments" became more bizarre -- and when the two boys were never seen again.
  9. Bobbin

    S03. E20. The Good One

    Agreed. But still, do the "good ones" always have to have angelic, babyfaces? Certainly not in real life. Are directors afraid we won't root for the character unless he looks innocent? Casting a toad in that role and having him have to convince the audience to believe in him would make the director and actor earn their salaries. With a small cast of characters to choose from, it seemed likely in the end that Mom put the hit on the brother. I never bought her innocent wife act, married for 30 years to a ruthless mom boss. Bennie continuing to argue with the judge was out of character. He has enough experience to see where that confrontation was going from the start. Ah, the cliched, "The jury will disregard...." Sure they will. Is Bull sure he wants to be paid in mob money? And be forever beholden to that "force of nature"? I wonder what activities her restauraht is a front for? Good show. Nice, credible plot twists, good guest cast. And another unlikely client. How will they top this?
  10. Bobbin

    S03.E19 Grandma's Way

    Since Greg's assistant only hears what he wants to hear, he probably would never believe that he'd been fired. Taylor sounded so exactly like Katie shouting "Greg!!", was that Katy dubbing? Is Anna-Kat the only one who ever smiles? When Katie does, it's more of a snarl. Agreed. Good for the family, too -- a devil-may-care version of Katie.
  11. Bobbin

    S03.E18 Phone Free Day

    Two rude questions. Do none of the kids in Westport participate in school sports? And why did the show runners make Daniel take ballet lessons, which he reportedly turned out to be good at, and then rarely have Oliver actually dance? As for liking your own posts, Yahoo allows that on several of its apps. You can give the appearance that at least somebody out there agrees with you. I was married to a Katie for ten short years, a perpetual and much needed thorn in thr side of our community, with two teenagers who produced no end of drama. Life on the edge. Reality can't touch it. But "Housewife" comes close.
  12. Bobbin

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    An independent-living senior citizen high rise apartment building in San Diego doesn't allow wheel chair users or those who use crutches to live above the first floor. But they can live in the more costly assisted living building across the street. I can imagine that some schools follow the same reasoning for dormitories, but without the availability of an alternative "assisted living" facility.
  13. Bobbin

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    Unless I've missed alot, the most they've established that JJ can do by himself is button his shirt and operate his wheelchair.
  14. Bobbin

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    I'm glad I keep a box of tissues by my chair. To borrow a line from "The West Wing", what's next?
  15. Bobbin

    S03.E21: THE S-T-A-- STAIRCASE

    Izzy's dad is cool! Like Penny's dad, Wyatt, with Leonard (TBBT). And like the girl's father in "American Pie." I can't believe Izzy wouldn't know know how her dad would really react before putting JJ in that position. Whatever he did or didn't know about JJ, he knows his daughter. Good for Kenneth! I hope he does well this time around. And good for Jimmy for encouraging him to try college again. Maya and Melanie can be proud of their own kids and jealous of each other at the same time for different reasons. I laughed out loud at Maya's discovery at the end -- and JJ coolly rolling out of the room! Micah can do so much with just an expression. Being "speechless" can be an advantage.
  16. Bobbin

    S16. E18. Mona Lisa

    I don't know why Palmer apologized to Ducky for consulting with him on a case. Ducky's job as Historian is just an excuse to keep on hand and available for just such an occasion.
  17. Bobbin

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    Think, Captain. Why would the Navy send a single sub to attack the Russian fleet? Yay! Ducky as Historian -- and resident consultant. Great move. His office just needs a coat of paint and a couple of throw pillows.
  18. Bobbin

    S06.E19: Eight-Bit Goldbergs

    I enjoyed the episode very much. Cute play on the Eric-Erica switch. And nice to see that Eric really pulled the stunts that Erica got credit for on the show, something they were never able to show before as usual at the end of each episode. Murray never ceases to surprise.
  19. Bobbin

    S03. E17. Parental Guidance

    Marissa's over the top paranoia and self-doubt about having kids is classic analysis paralysis. I think her "mother ship" has sailed and she should move on. Trials are not all adversarial with "gotcha!" surprise witnesses and withheld evidence. I would think the ADA would have disclosed all his evidence pre-trial to persuade Benny that Lucas should accept a plea, even though I'm sure he believed conviction was a no-brainer even with a typically unpredictable jury. I'm surprised that Bull didn't react to Lucas saying that he had seen men dressed up in church. "When were you in church??" Lot's of legal jargon. When this series ends, do we each get a paralegal certificate?
  20. Bobbin

    S03.E18: S-E-- SEOUL B-R-- BROTHERS

    JJ wanting to be a contributor, not a taker, reminded me of an episode early on when he reminded Ray that JJ is supposed to be the protective big brother -- which he demonstrated more recently by using his laser to sic a dog on a bully.
  21. Bobbin

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    So, the theme of every episode continues to be massive miscommunication and non-communication. Got it. That doesn't always translate into a comedy of errors, though, especially without the occasional sight gag (Mitch taking Lily to school and telling her to be careful, and as she turns around to ask "What?" she walks into a brick pillar). Dylan is becoming an accomplished and caring nurse. I liked his calmly dressing Claire's arm in the trailer after she fell through the skylight. A calming bedside manner is a valuable trait. And just what Haley and the baby need. I would have liked to have seen Gloria handle the Black Widow. The way she talks about her life in Colombia, it wouldn't be the first time she faced down a murderer. Again, short shrift for Luke. The writers haven't known what to do with him since he suddenly blossomed from a goofy little kid into an adult. What a waste. Phil has his magic, Luke has music (as does Nolan IRL). Surely there's a subplot in there for him. Maybe a riff with Cam on drums? There's no reason that Alex would know or care about Super Bowl Sunday. She doesn't follow sports or watch TV. Manny seems to be inspired beyond his abilities. It's funny that he never seems to attract a circle of kindred spirits who would appreciate his ambitions. Who would have thought that Jay and Cam would be BFFs? Jay does have a soft spot or two. Like the picture he keeps on the table of teenage Claire and Mitch in their red dance costumes.
  22. Bobbin

    S03. E15. Security Fraud

    They didn't present the balistics report to further tie the FBI agent to the shooting, just cell tower pings and conjecture. I wonder if the writers deliberately leave gaps and loose ends in the plot to give viewers something to talk about.
  23. Bobbin

    S03.E14: J-I-- JIMMY V-A-L-- VALENTINE

    An ode to semicolons. Romantic and educational. About one holiday a year, Jimmy's co-workers step in to show how much they love and appreciate him. Dylan continues to be Maya, Jr. -- c'mon, give JJ a break, and some space. LOL, JJ refused previously to tell Ray how much he loved and appreciated him when Ray was sober enough to remember it, and Dylan refuses to let Ray tell her he loves her.
  24. Bobbin

    S03.E11 The Things You Do

    Certainly not the voice or garbled lyrics she used in the tryout.
  25. Bobbin

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    Uh, nitro (which comes in tiny tablets, not pills) isn't swallowed, it's dissolved under the tongue and absorbed directly into the bloodstream, like the "ointment." Strike one, show.