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  1. I usually barely listen to Whoopi but I clapped my hands when she spoke about (paraphrasing here) if we have less children then we should take better care of the children we do have....and also about pro-choice control over our bodies. Well said and harkens back to an earlier Whoopi. Remember when she and Joy walked out on Bill O’Reilly or putting Elisabeth in her place on gay marriage and reproductive rights.....check out some early shows on You Tube! Today I say yay to Whoopi!
  2. Thanks for reading my post, it wasn’t really my intention to open a discussion of how everything was rolled out here in Canada compared to other places. I was just slightly disappointed that Ana, who I really like made such a blanket statement about Canada in general this week on the program. I remember some years ago that Whoopi said something to the effect that we had little to no racism in Canada. I’m sure she was trying to say something nice about Canadians, but we are far from perfect...we share a lot of similar history and attitudes with the US. I also just find that sometimes the Ameri
  3. Haha! I’m with you 100% my friend! I didn’t want any of my fellow Canucks feeling I was putting them down in any way. I’m pretty lucky to also be on Vancouver Island where we’ve been safer than the lower mainland. Cheers.
  4. Oh no....I love Ana and always enjoy the show so much when she’s there, but Canada is doing just fine....we’re not desperate for vaccines up here. Our provinces are in charge of vaccines with assistance from Fed Govt. I know a lot of Americans think that Toronto (in province of Ontario) is Canada...and guess what ... Ontario has a conservative government and has mishandled a lot...same with Alberta. But in British Columbia and the Maritimes and we’re managing just fine! I’m happily vaccinated and so are all my friends and family!
  5. Whoa.....I watch a bit of Fox News so I don’t get complacent and actually hear what kind of info they are spewing.....”Serious journalist” Harris Faulkner on Outnumbered just stated as “fact” that Joy Behar wore black face! What garbage.
  6. I agree 100%....she’ll trash the View wherever she lands next and whine about how badly they all treated her.
  7. I really appreciated Sara’s response during the Will Smith topic - between Sara and the clip of Tracee Ellis Ross I actually got a bit a bit teary. Re Will .... I think he’s great. My wish would be that his initial funny post was simply what it seemed and that he was approached later for this partnership (and that there’s no profit to him). I’m probably being naive though in which case I think both Sunny and Sara were right on with their comments.
  8. I think they would have let Whoopie get the vaccine anywhere .... her influence and getting it publicly is valuable to everyone, especially the African American community.
  9. I didn’t take what Sunny said as agreeing - just recognizing another perspective and her friend’s right to their opinion- but I felt she was surprised that someone whose opinion she generally respects differs from hers.
  10. Yes, I’m 61 and Canadian and knew all about that. I remember all the Vietnam demonstrations and all the American stuff (also a crisis in Canada of home grown FLQ terrorists in Quebec). We lived near the Washington state border and Canadians have always been tuned in! My parents were also very interested......oh yeah....we also had draft dodgers who had come up so we’re aware of them too. My Minnesota born great grandma didn’t like that!
  11. How do you know that Woodward and Bernstein would prefer their actual names be used? They are so historically iconic that everyone knows exactly who she’s referring to and I would think Joy is coming from a place of admiration. She was probably trying to get her point out and just trying to be brief about it due to their current format - not being cute. I didn’t have a problem with it.
  12. Oh yes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Sarah back! If they want “dedicated conservatives” have some rotating women. There are many capable of behaving more professionally than MM, who are smarter and actually know about American history and politics than her. Still want lively debate.....but MM is just not up to it.
  13. I think Trump is putting this out there so that if he loses (hopefully) in November there will be mistrust from his followers in the results. When I look at these armed crazies marching right now over having to wear masks and social distancing.....I shudder to imagine how they’ll behave if he loses then Right Wing media spew that it was voter fraud. Watching from Canada....and very nervous because I am seeing that attitude seep up here!
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