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  1. Is there anyone (besides Bubby) who doesn't think that Amber is EXACTLY the kind of person to have a very liberal view of what is "her" money? She can barely keep track of it as it is, much less be aware of what's coming in and going out. Good lord she's awful. I might stop watching again. I stopped while Bristol Palin was on. Didn't miss it much.
  2. was lauren already pregnant when they took this pic?
  3. I would view the sportyball quitting a lot less favorably if it was ANYTHING other than tackle fucking football. Kaiser is 5? And they have them out there with PADS? He didn't need to be on that team. No five year old needs to be on that team. More evidence that Jenelle and David are fucking morons.
  4. how's that gonna look in 5 years though. three blobs and a bunch of lines. That tattoo is so detailed and the faces are so small, and it's on his arm. It seems unethical for an artist to do that.
  5. Betting that someone at IG is a TM2 fan or has friends who are keeping an eye out. That's my favorite theory right now.
  6. I keep getting the call from the "IRS Department" saying that my SSN has had suspected fraudulent activity. I actually took one of the calls to mess with them and told them my name was Gennifer (with a G) and THEY HAD MY REAL NAME. My maiden name but WTF. I denied it was the correct name, but shit.
  7. I'm totally digging that they're digging it and not totally making fun of it.
  8. they are monsters. we all saw Jenelle revising the road rage/driving incident. she convinces herself of bullshit all the time and she will fight to the death anyone who says otherwise.
  9. sooo...let's unpack this post of Jenelle's... 1) The dog had already nipped at her child's face. I saw it. Jenelle saw it. David saw it because he was taking a fucking VIDEO of the dog showing clear warning signs. THAT would have been the time to protect the child. Then you rehome the dog. You don't wait for it to do what is clearly predictable and then beat the shit out of a 10 lb lap dog. Pieces of shit. Bullshit. 2) He's on a list of serial killers and kidnappers and it's all untrue. SO FAR. 3) Smaller thing...Jenelle, it's "Wringer." It has to do with an old fashioned machin
  10. same. and love after lockup. lord help me. Monday is our last day. It's cutting into little's camp time. Annoying.
  11. Dawn's eyebrows are an inspiration. To go to the brow lady.
  12. Kailyn is so fucking petty. It was hilarious on the reunion when they showed her being an ass to Vee and then she said she would NEVER get along with Lauren. Because why now? I guarantee you that Vee has called her a "cunt" several thousand times.
  13. I saw that "wah wah you ruined FD" post on Reddit and I thought that David had another bullshit explosion about bullshit. Are they on the 6th time she's left him now? Tick tock
  14. what. the. fuck. It's hard for me to remind myself that this woman is younger than me by half a decade. Jebus.
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