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  1. Sara2009

    Encanto (2021)

    They do near the end of “ What Else Can I Do?”
  2. Paula and her husband had a very similar fight in a previous episode, so it didn’t seem that sudden to me. Different strokes and all that.
  3. I knew you didn’t think he was actually 16. Ha ha. But I looked it up because I was curious.
  4. I thought his acting was fantastic in the stage musical, but film is definitely a different beast.
  5. That song is one of the most popular in the Broadway musical. The actress who sang it in the show won the Tony that year. Different strokes I guess.
  6. HBO shows have been graphic like that for a long time.
  7. Sara2009


    In terms of Hannah’s advice, I actually thought what she told Nina wasn’t particularly good. I’m not saying Nina should’ve abandoned Jake, but saying she should be the one to “ save” him from his drug addiction wasn’t great either.
  8. Sara2009


    Andy and Nina did get together in the end. He proposed, and she accepted.
  9. No singer will be to everyone’s tastes, but she does have a 4 octave vocal range, which probably makes her “ good” at least technically speaking.
  10. My college’s Intro to Philosophy class was open to freshman. That’s when I took it.
  11. Sara2009

    Soul (2020)

    I don’t think the ending necessarily implied that Joe quit teaching. I think it was ambiguous. IMO, the point was that he was going to enjoy every moment and not focus too much on one thing.
  12. The red berries are in holly not mistletoe. Clearly that production staff were confused.
  13. I enjoy most of the Rankin Bass specials. I just also like snarking about Santa’s weird characterizations in them.
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