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  1. I’m glad we’ve finished this section of Lena’s Pity Party - The Revenge. What makes it worse is Kara whimpering how sorry she is etc etc. None of this was malicious and I wish someone would give Lena some home truths. Really liking Andrea. Although that could be my Julie Gonzalo love seeping in. Love some Lex, Cryer rocks it.
  2. I had hoped to see DeNiro get a nod for The Irishman. I thought he was really good and just as deserving as Pesci if not moreso then Pacino.
  3. Rihanna also reunited with him Didnt she? Or am I imagining that.. it was so long ago I just remember how shocked I was as I thought he’d been pretty squeaky til that.
  4. I thought it was really good in parts but they tried to do too much in one series. I think the doppelgänger storyline could have waited until the second series.
  5. Poor Jessica Biel in this situation. I of course don’t know the ins and outs in this situation but looking at Instagram posts and comments etc between the two I think this lapse of judgement probably came out of nowhere for her.
  6. Chas411

    SEAL Team

    This season hasn’t come to Ireland yet but what happened with Clay/Stella. They had just gotten back together in the finale.
  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Ross/Rachel break up was the best thing to happen to both characters. Especially Ross. Rachel I found unlikeable from season 9-10 moreso because I never thought it was really called out how self serving she was. Ross though always cracked me up and I felt the other characters called him out a lot too.
  8. Agreed. With the exception of the lead character who is one of the worst Mary Sue’s I’ve seen in years the show is pretty good.
  9. Chas411

    S05.E07: Tremors

    Lena and the greatest overreaction in history continues. The whole thing is so ridiculous. Lena is human. Supergirl not telling her was for her own protection. This is so fucking stupid.
  10. Agreed. I don’t know what it is about her exactly. Having said that I actually quite enjoyed this movie. It held my interest. There was a bit of drama with the ex coming back. They didn’t have it black and white with her boss or the ex being absolute villains with no good side. Lowndes didn’t try shoe horn in a song. Overall it was one of the better ones. I watched Christmas in the Bayou a few days before it and that was awful so this was a welcome surprise. Only thing I found distracting with Lowndes face. She’s a beautiful girl naturally but it looks like she’s possibly had a bit of work done around her jaw which I think is crazy given she’s only about 31 and stunning.
  11. Season ten especially is such a phone in. The only two who I felt continued giving it their all were Schwimmer and Cox. Aniston looks bored, Perry was barely there after season nine except to react to either monika, Ross or Joey. Kudrow and LeBlanc has some good moments but I felt like they didn’t know what to do with Phoebe and Joey for the last season.
  12. Watching Her Magical Christmas - only a few minutes in and I like it so far but Jessica Lowndes delivery always bugs me. Even back in her 90210 days. She does bitchy well but I can never buy her as the super sweet lead in these movies.
  13. I remember that episode but didn’t think it was her?
  14. Speaking of Hilarie burton, I’m currently watching Christmas on the Bayou and the kid is driving me nuts.
  15. Wow poor Melissa. She’s amazing for speaking out so openly. I know she didn’t name her partner but part of me is wondering if it’s her ex husband.
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