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  1. Chas411

    Chicago Med in the Media

    I just remember it because it was around the same time that he and Sophia Bush split up that it came out he had started dating her.
  2. Chas411

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Not really show related but I do love my behind the scenes gossip. http://extratv.com/2019/05/14/have-tv-stars-torrey-devitto-and-jesse-lee-soffer-split/
  3. Chas411

    Chicago Med in the Media

    Not really show related but I do love my behind the scenes gossip. http://extratv.com/2019/05/14/have-tv-stars-torrey-devitto-and-jesse-lee-soffer-split/
  4. Chas411

    Station 19

    I’d say so. His role was never going to work long term given he’s not a fire fighter and the fact that he only existed to be Andy’s love interest. Now that Sullivan arrived his role is more or less redundant. The best thing to happen to Jack was Andy dumping him because characters in her orbit only exist to listen to and prop her. They get zero development bar the exception of Sullivan. I personally won’t miss Ryan as he mostly came across as childish as a result of how Andy treated him. The father storyline was dull as it quickly became about Andy as well.
  5. Chas411

    Coronation Street

    I will note one thing - the shows obsession with making Everything About Carla is maintained no matter who the show runner is. This is just another rehash of the time she thought she was responsible for that stupid fire that killed Leanne’s fella. It doesn’t make me root for her justice. It just irritates me that every single producer ever to step foot on this show apparently thinks she’s the one character who should get every storyline going and then they Mary Sue the crap out of her throughout.
  6. Chas411

    Made In Chelsea

    All I’ve taken from this is that girl power does not exist in Chelsea. They are pathetic. Not only for chasing him in spot of his shitty treatment of them but also for the way they’ve treated each other. Verity especially. She’s such an asshole.
  7. Chas411

    S01.E10: Keep Calm and Harry On

    Maggie is such an idiot. She knows the guy a few weeks. That and the fact that Parker is dull and played by a brutal actor is even more eye rolling. Also Maggies whiny voice everytime she talks about her problems makes me dislike her more with each scene.
  8. Chas411

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Gutted we’re stuck with Glasses but the other two give me hope that we might finally be rid of the awful Owen and Teddy. Cast is definetly too bloated again.
  9. Chas411

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    Delighted Linc is staying. Mediocre on koracik since they watered him down this season and stuck him in the middle of teddy/Owen. gutted to see we’re stuck with Glsses.
  10. Chas411

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    Have they not done that insurance storyline a million times? I feel like this is the first time it’s ever had consequences. DeLuca is an idiot. Teddy is a bigger idiot. Her big dramatic speech about Owen didn’t tell me only that she’s the brain of a teenager and prefers the chase with Owen to an actual stable relationship where she’s not always second/third choice (let’s be honest first will always be Cristina). I hate that they watered Koracik into such a doormat for this storyline. Well done to Amelia for managing to remove herself from the situation with dignity.
  11. Chas411

    Chicago PD in the Media

    But at least now we can enjoy the Kim, Ruzek, Upton, Halstead circle of romantic angst. Eyeroll.
  12. Chas411

    S06.E20 Sacrifice

    Back with Burgess so they can continue to pave the way for Upton/Halstead.
  13. Chas411

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    I know and as if butter wouldn’t melt... ugh. Choi is a judgemental ass but the way her self righteousness changes from subject to subject I honestly think she’s just in it for the argument and to Be Right. an actual scene devoted to April’s new hair.. the writers need to get their head out of her ass.
  14. Chas411

    S04.E17: The Space Between Us

    I thought since Maggie told poor Dom to go to the ambulance bay she might get some airtime dealing with his injuries, her guilt. But no, it was just so April could play the hero while making it all about her and Act like a spoilt little bitch ordering both Choi and Severide around. Choi acted like a love obsessed moron. I also lost a bit of respect for Sharon as well for not not removing him from the scene completely. It was plain for anyone with a half a brain he was too into April to assess the situation fairly so obviously All the idiots at Med missed it.
  15. Chas411

    S04.E15: We Hold These Truths

    Really liked the scenes between Choi and Terry. I’d forgotten that choi isn’t the worst when he’s not bogged down by April’s side eye.