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  1. I agree that the showrunners are difficult but Heigls is the one case where I don’t think they did anything wrong. She publicly slated the show the show by withdrawing from the Emmys so they gave her the cancer storyline, they granted her time off which ended up being her ultimate exit storyline because she refused to come back. They wanted her to stay, she wasn’t willing to and because of that her exit was left as it was.
  2. But I think she was supposed to come back after Alex dumping her and Meredith begging her to stay. That storyline was to accommodate Heigls family leave. She was due back to film the final five episodes of that season but Heigl wouldn’t return so Izzies shitty exit is moreso as a result of that then it was writers wanting her gone.
  3. Yeah I think they’re going for more of an Alex/Meredith vibe with Linc/Jo.
  4. Taking this to behind the scenes thread.
  5. Taken from the episode thread. Were they getting rid of her though? Didn’t Heigl ask for time off for maternity and to do a film which she was granted and then I vaguely recall headlines on the day she was due back on set where she didn’t show up. It was then announced she was gone. I don’t think her actual exit was the intended exit but similar to Chambers she gave the writers little choice.
  6. I just can’t buy them being happy though. Even at their happiest i always felt both of them thought she could do better and that impacted how they treated the relationship. He had her on a pedestal and she was all about herself and never really took him seriously. I can’t imagine her ever really offering him any sort of genuine apology over how she treated him back then and how she had his kids without telling him. I could actually imagine her passive aggressively blaming him for moving on and remarrying. The only thing this episodes has solidified for me is that we need to stop watching ASAP. No matter how many years they put into a character at this stage in the game they are likely to be dropped at a moments notice and without any satisfactory ending that is true to the character. Character development means nothing because it can change and be reversed at the click of a finger.
  7. I can’t speak for Gianotti as he just irritates me on Instagram anyway so o don’t follow him but Luddington is pretty good friends with Capshaw in particular. She was at her wedding so not sure about any feuds there. In fact Capshaw was pretty close with Pompeo around the time she was let go so I don’t know that above theory/rumour makes much sense to me..
  8. The massive info dump with the letters reminded me of Arizona info dumping April’s reunion with that paramedic she left at the altar for Jackson. I hated the ending but I get that the writers hands were tied and there wasn’t a whole lot they could do that wouldn’t have people asking questions etc. I hated that ending for Jolex as they were one of the reasons I started watching again after I stopped in season three. I really wish the show would just end at this point as it’s painfully clear nobody is going to get a satisfying ending outside of The Sun. I’m here for Jo and Linc though.
  9. While ultimately my dream ending would be that Jo leaves the end of the season to meet Alex and they live happily ever after the reality is that Luddington doesn’t want to leave the show. I don’t think it’s fair she lose her job. It’d be different if Chambers gave a years notice and the writers made a creative call to write them both off with a proper happy ending. He didn’t though. He literally took time off and didn’t come back putting the writers in the worst possible position. I can see why they didn’t want to make it worse by axing another character. Maybe there’s loopholes in contracts to protect the actors from that kind of axing. I love Alex and hate that he’s being killed off but it’s hard for me to get that worked up over the decision when the actor who played him all these years didn't seem to think sufficient notice to write the character off was necessary. Despite being on the show for nearly eight years Jo only became a prevalent character in the last 4 seasons so after all the backstory they put into her I get why they don’t want to get ride of her. This is just yet another reason of why the show needs to end. Bar Cristina has a single character had a satisfactory ending. They all just fizzle out.
  10. True. But he didn’t bully Eric. I guess that’s the benefit for me. Eric and rahim weren’t OTP I can see that. I think even Rahim could. I just didn’t think he deserved to be publicly hurt like that. I also can’t get over that Eric’s mother would dislike Rahim but yet the boy who bullied her son for years is a good match because apparently he makes him sparkle. Eye roll.
  11. Hated. HATED the Adam/Eric development. I’m all for an Adam redemption arc but hate that they screwed Rahim over in the process as I didn’t think he did anything wrong other then like Eric for who he was.
  12. I was confused at that comment. How does Eric act different around him? I thought they were cute. Far better then the abusive car crash that is Adam.
  13. Chas411

    Station 19

    This! I find the writing for her so Mary Sueish. Both women would make shit captains for different reasons illustrated throughout season one and two but it bugs to no end that the writing is trying To paint Andie as the Mary Sue victim who gets screwed over and Maya the out and out villain who is oh so terrible at the job. Nobody can compete against Andie because they’re always just lazily written as one who is wrong.
  14. What a sad end for what was such a great character. I don’t think Chambers gave the writers much choice given the abrupt departure but still.
  15. Hate Maeves new hair colour. That’s all I have so far.
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