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  1. Yes, loved it. I saw everyone I wanted to see, except no Kevin Cozner! Loved the callback to the singing line up. The love between Charles and Jake and the Captain and Jake. And Rosa and Amy. I just love love love Tim Meadows as the friendly, needle pointing cannibal. Was that before or after Rosa had a baby in real life? Oh, and not that I minded, didn’t it seem odd to insert Andy’s wife randomly into the show?
  2. Haha, I always think that about her lashes too! I had just tried eyelash extensions for the first time just before the pandemic started. Couldn’t go back for fills or removal, and it was not a pretty process having them gradually fall off!
  3. I guess those if you watching in Britbox are in the States? I’m in Canada and it’s not available to me at all.
  4. Oh the bears are all sold! I loved how passionate he got about needing to parachute down every day.
  5. I love Doug Judy, so very happy to see him. Their chemistry is just the best. I wonder if we’ll see the vulture one more time. I was surprised that guy wasn’t the bad guy too, Jake’s hunches usually pay off eventually.
  6. I feel like they’ve always shown Boyle as being a good detective. That’s one thing I always liked about the show is that they’re all good at their jobs. Except Scully and Hitchcock, of course. I’ve been watching old episodes and since they’ve shown Rosa as the most ‘violent’ and aggressive, it’s an interesting choice to have her be the one to quit. I’m not sure I’m loving this season. I feel like they’ve always done a good job of weaving in stories about me too, being stopped for being black (Terry), sexual orientation, etc. Without hitting us over the head with it. I watch a lot
  7. I have officially moved over to the can’t stand Brianna couch.
  8. My mom used to watch Corrie and, as a kid, I thought it was such a terrible show. Then I started watching it with my dad and now he’s gone, I still watch it. My dad would often say that it was becoming too soap opera-ish, but he still kept watching. I think I’ll do some rewatching on Prime. How odd that they have one year on there!
  9. Donna Brazile dialled it up to 11. I like the political discussion with a dash of biting humour. I felt like I didn’t get any political discussion and her humour was...lacking. Bring up climate change, ‘oh honey, I’m always hot’ or whatever stupid comment she made. I’m sure I’ve seen her on the show before and she hasn’t been that over the top. I thought it was interesting that she brought up the subject of alcohol. When the other panelist bantered back, she said, I don’t drink before the show. Yeah, right. I feel like cancel culture is alive and well on both sides of the polit
  10. Noooo! I so wanted Gary to win, I liked NY Andrea but that last collection...what the hell? I thought it was awful. And Gary’s was amazing. There was no drama. It was completely clear that Winnie was voting for Andrea. Why doesn’t Tim get to be a judge? They need to get actual designers, not models, to judge. Or fashion critics/editors. Winnie and Heidi only kept saying ‘I’d wear that’. That’s not what it’s about! Disappointed, Gary was head and shoulders above the rest.
  11. So the idea was let’s take the two people whose worked we liked least and feature a whole episode around them? Okay. I’m glad they’re both gone. Olivia is a dreadful boss, but of course she is a prodigy. I haven’t liked anything that she’s designed. And she seemed to be acting so immaturely during her Tim Talk. I realize that she wanted to get back to work, but you have to fake it, at least. Ally, you should have listened to Andrea. You needed to elevate. Those overalls were the most boring thing ever. Oh, you used a polka dot print. So out there! I find Jeremy, the jud
  12. @BusyOctober, yes, the music! It’s awful. Just too much, too freaking much. Looks like they’ve pulled back on the Tim/Heidi schtick, thank goodness. But the overuse of the music has to go.
  13. Tim gave some really good advice to Joshua (sea foam green) and Andrea (high neck cover up). And they were top two! I too loved Gary’s. I would have made him top two, alongside Joshua. And Olivia’s stuff was bad. But the guy who left was the right one because boring. I’m already so sick of the ‘have you changed your mind’ discussion.
  14. I initially loved Heidi’s runway look when all I saw was the pink and white top. But the black plastic bustier or whatever came into view. 🤮 I liked the winning look and I like Gary. He was more articulate in his voice over. Of course, I was set up to really like and root for Lendrell from his intro but yeah, the bathrobe was awful. But close tie for awfulness alongside the bright pink clown costume. I hope the designs get better. oh and whoever described their designs as gender fluid because they can be worn by men or women? Do we not not say unisex
  15. On Canada time, Jenny just told Johnny about the affair with Ronnie. I was so annoyed with him. With all the crap he’s put Jenny through, he should have almost instantly forgiven her. Speaking of the Johnny scene, is Liz Macdonald ever coming back? The scene of Sam and Gary and the shooting was well done. As well as Abi and Nina. When can they stop physically distancing? It does make some of the scenes quite awkward!
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