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  1. I’d love to hear Oliver’s story from another point of view. And she obviously made up the abuse story against her ex. How low is that? And what’s wrong with him that he can forgive that?
  2. But then what do you take on the second trip? The fox or the grain?
  3. What is Zoey’s parents’ business? Floral arrangements, landscape architects? They’re doing the flowers for the wedding but also the planning for someone’s home? And how much money do they have that mom can just decide to stop working when she had a sick husband?
  4. Was Geoffrey really red on other people’s’ screens? Why is he so red? I really question our judges. Sergio got dinged because who would wear his clothes? Only a small group of people! Why wouldn’t those same words have been spoken to Geoffrey? Mr. CFDA judge? I really question his taste level. I feel validated that some of you hated Victoria’s baseball hats as much as me. I was so confused when he praised them. And then when Sergio described his theme, he was told it should be more literal, easy for the audience to figure it out. Really? In the past, there has always been advice to not be so literal. So what, he should make costumes shaped like melting glaciers? I honestly am rooting for none of the above this season. My first pick, at the start of the season, was Brittany, and then it was Nancy, but I feel like she would be an odd choice. Geoffrey will fall apart whether he wins or loses. I can’t see Sergio benefitting from an apprenticeship and I just don’t like Victoria. So, yeah, none of the above.
  5. I had the same thought. It was only last week that Elaine was pushing for Victoria to be the winner over Nancy for the olympics challenge. Now, “she’s my girl”, really?
  6. Maybe they all went suit, boring colours because of Karla’s advice? I think she said Karlie doesn’t like to show off her legs, but the winning outfit did. Also, maybe editing, but I didn’t like that Karla seemed to be giving Nancy positive feedback but then later said to Christian that she was worried it would be a hot mess. I’m glad I never watched Under the Gunn, my Tim Gunn love is intact.
  7. I enjoyed this season a lot. Best if all the current housewives. Kary is a good addition. She has great legs. i would like to never see Deeandra’s mom again. I liked Kam much more this season. No mention of her dog food line, is that done? I can’t believe Leanne doesn’t see what she’s like just by watching the show. Her apology to Katy was very lame, she was saying with the same breath that she didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. So what was she apologizing for? looking forward to the reunion!
  8. I guess because it’s the last season but I’m really enjoying each episode. Was everyone in this episode except Lily? I don’t remember seeing her. I hope when it ends Alex gets a good boyfriend. I feel like she hasn’t had one. Remember the nice, slightly nerdy guy she met when she was visiting the campus? Someone like that.
  9. I loved it also. Paul Rudd plays both characters so well. there better be a season two.
  10. I’m so glad they’re gone. They were truly one of the only teams I’ve flat out disliked. I still wish Aarthy and Thinesh had made it. They were my favourites. But I’m good with any of the remaking three. Also, I’m from Ontario, I’ve heard the song Farewell to Nova Scotia but I don’t know the words.
  11. Not only that but at the end when the others were hugging, Dave was mocking their crying. He did a boo hoo thing and then laughed. Such a nice couple.
  12. Lots of people leaving the show, I heard. Robert, Michelle, Sinead, Kate and more.
  13. I actually stopped watching as of the episode where Kyle and Lisa have their fight, meaning I didn’t watch that episode. I’m not a die hard Lisa fan, it was more the dog angle that bugged me, and the poor Dorit stuff. I’m happy to wean myself away from housewives shows when I can. I was falling out of love with it anyway. As of now, I’m down to only RHONY, since I’ve dumped the other ones.
  14. That’s a real name. I had a friend with an uncle named Bernt. I think they were Danish.
  15. I loved this episode. Well done, show!
  16. Teddi tweeted about that. She said she was supposed to tell the whole Lucy Juicy story, but she just couldn’t do it. She’s just too darn honest!
  17. Yes, Michelle should have gone this week. although I remember AR’s outfit the first week. He should have gone then. Did someone (Isaac) say Biddell’s dress read as daytime? What? I was disappointed. I didn’t think any of the dresses were fit for a royal ball.
  18. I reread Dorit’s blog. I wonder how long they had the dog for. First she says they hired the best trainers. (Multiple). Then the dog was rehoused with someone PK knew. Then new owner couldn’t keep the dog because of a family emergency but she was assured the dog was going to a good home. Instead the dog ended up at the shelter. Who assured her? The only thing reads as very shady. In Kyle’s blog, she says not to rush to judgment but isn’t that exactly what they did with Lisa. I’ve always been more of a Kyle fan vs Lisa, but so far I’m not appreciating Kyle’s role in all this. I hope Teddi produces the text messages.
  19. When Dylan and Hailey were teenagers, their dumb relationship was very cute. As adults, not so much. I actually thought when they introduced the professor character that he would end up with Hailey. I enjoyed that actor, but that plot just fizzled out. I didn’t like Andy but I would have preferred even him to Dylan. I think this show needs to just wrap it up. It was great, but it’s really gone downhill.
  20. On Cami/black girl dress, I kept thinking it looked dirty under her boobs, which you could see based on the neckline of the dress. Then I realized she must have a tattoo there and that’s why it looked so dark. I found it very distracting. I liked the dress otherwise. I did like her mom though. Is that the most time they have featured a bride’s actual wedding? I guess to get us hooked on wanting to watch them in another reality show. No thanks.
  21. I don’t pay close attention to their appearances but her eyebrows stood out to me too. As long as it’s not the dog who dies, I’m good with anyone else.
  22. No! Not Martina and Phil! They were my favourite team. The other brother and sister team better win. Honestly, I don’t hate any of the remaining teams but the couple...meh..like some of you have sad, I can’t seem to warm up to them. what makes Martina and Phil heroes? I can’t remember.
  23. I missed the first part of the show. Stupid PVR. I liked Beth’s dress but not on her, if you know what I mean. I didn’t think it was her style. I need to see the rest of the dresses again before commenting. Do they coordinate on colour choices? I think Beth would be a horrible, overwhelming person to be friends with, but that’s also what makes her good TV. In real life, if forced to pick, I’m on Carole’s team, although I don’t love her either. Remember at the start of the season, and she genuinely seemed to be asking if Beth was mad at her. I think she honestly was confused by how Beth was treating her, but then once she turned on her, she really turned on her. Having said that, I think the gang up was a terrible idea, poorly executed. And I’ve never seen Andy so blatantly on one persons side. I still wish they could past whatever their issues are, I enjoyed them as friends. I don’t understand the filming of the funeral. If none of the others knew about the cameras, was the show just going to film the funeral without any castmembers? Or did they decide to film after Beth said she was attending and Jill agreed to it. Next season, I’d love to see Beth turn on Sonja and become besties with Ramona. You know she could do it. And I remember when Beth was so ill with her fibroid issues (?) and she said at the time Ramona was the one who was the most caring, attentive friend. Or am I dreaming that? Overall, I much preferred last season to this one.
  24. Vicki on the beach, saying she’s learned her lesson about talking about people. Um, yeah, you learned the wrong lesson. The lesson was to not create and/or repeat malicious gossip (eg, Eddie’s gay). But you should at least give your friend a heads up if you are double dating with their very recent ex husband. Yes, even if they instigated the breakup.
  25. That hasn’t been my experience. I had insomnia and hot flashes for awhile. But now I’m good. Not to negate the other poster’s experience at all. It’s different for everyone.
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