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  1. So far, I've only seen that it's on Epix. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that another network will air it later, though. https://blogs.weta.org/tellyvisions/tags/belgravia is one place I'd monitor for such news.
  2. Washington Post: We talked to Brad Rutter about that ‘Jeopardy!’ tournament to ask: What happened, Brad?
  3. They compete in FJ solo and have to win more than $0 to be the champ. And there's an article about Stephanie from this game in the media thread.
  4. SAD is seasonal affective disorder. Veronica said seasonal affectiveness [depression]. (Depression was in the clue.) I was hoping for a correction.
  5. Ken Jennings on ‘feud’ with James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter’s losses and that brutal Bloomberg tweet by Emily Yahr
  6. dcalley

    Tennis Thread

    Last night's Rally for Relief fundraising event:
  7. dcalley

    Tennis Thread

    Yep, and I really wonder how things would be different if the main draw were taking place right now instead of the qualifying. And it's not just the players breathing hard in that muck, but the ballkids, too, and they are children! And they're not getting paid.
  8. I went to the J6 game yesterday to see if I could crib an image to show @Bastet, and the country clue did not match the others. I guess the J6 clues are never visual, for the people playing with Alexa or whichever device it is. Boo! RECOGNIZING THE COUNTRY: You can recognize this European country by its distinctive boot shape
  9. More challenging! The shape of the country in question was shown on top of the USA, to scale.
  10. Two DD's in the J! round have been for the [J! round] max of $1,000 when the contestants had less than that ($800 both times). http://www.j-archive.com/ddstats.php?season=goattournament at the bottom shows them all. ETA: And for one DD Brad found in a DJ! round when he only had $1,000, he bet the max of $2,000. The rest of the DD bets have been for 100% of what the bettor had.
  11. I'm confused by the part I've bolded: ??? On reddit, contestant Alek confirmed that a new $200 clue was taped (that Jack got right). No one knows why the show didn't air it, though.
  12. The captions on this show always have odd mistakes. I noticed May being called Maeve. Does anyone know if there were cut scenes as usual, or were we given a Christmas miracle?
  13. There are new Masterpiece series coming up tonight, and here are the threads.
  14. Bumping this thread because it's coming to PBS tonight at 8pm/7c! The last episode airs Feb. 2. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/shows/howards-end/
  15. dcalley


    Some text from the Masterpiece site that lists more of the actors we'll be seeing: This runs through 2/23/2020 (check local listings though). This already aired in the UK (on ITV).
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