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  1. Alex was interviewed on Morning Edition: https://www.npr.org/2020/07/21/892040156/alex-trebek-is-here-to-tell-you-the-answer-is (Note: The text doesn't include everything that aired.) Washington Post book review: Alex Trebek’s memoir, ‘The Answer Is . . .,’ is everything a ‘Jeopardy!’ fan could want
  2. dcalley

    Tennis Thread

    Djokovic continues to suuuuck: Novak Djokovic decries ‘witch hunt’ over criticism of his unsanctioned tennis tournament
  3. dcalley

    Tennis Thread

    This is all just--AARGHHH!
  4. The babies who play August are beautiful and are really the only thing I enjoy about this show.
  5. In "Bad Tina" one of the twins says "Cool! Mom packed me tampons for lunch!" Divorced makes sense.
  6. Eddie was the blind contestant I remember. I'm not sure if I knew his mother was on the show before him until looking him up just now. http://www.j-archive.com/showplayer.php?player_id=439 I can't imagine Alex not mentioning that, so I must have forgotten in the ensuing 20+ years!
  7. "Authors" being about a woman was a pleasant surprise and a good way to end the season, I think. I think there's a little more info here than there was the last time I posted this link, so check it out if you want to know who you can see (or avoid) over the next three weeks.
  8. Last week had "Arkin" that needed a BMS, too! Alan and his son Adam are both actors. Yes.
  9. Yes. Here's what they are showing next: https://www.jeopardy.com/jbuzz/news-events/summer-kicks-big-champions-and-big-wins
  10. And then the first answer was just "What is still life?" Ugh. The 40-hour work week wouldn't be so bad if a week were 8,760 hours. 🤦‍♀️
  11. Thank you both. Turns out I wasn't missing anything!
  12. Can you expand on this? I had a feeling while watching that I was missing something here.
  13. dcalley


    Although we did have Niels say, "This is where you see if you have the ... the backbone." He couldn't say "balls" and paused. This was to meat cleaver guy next to the arcade game.
  14. It wasn't at the beginning; it was at the first break in play. There's a screen shot here (under the spoiler tag), and I think I recognize Jackie and Tiffany from Tuesday's game.
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