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  1. My house had already looked it up because we didn't know either!
  2. The Embassy of Monaco says "After the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476, Monaco was ravaged by Saracens and barbarian tribes."
  3. I was stuck on Grace Kelly/Monaco but didn't think it was right. My husband guessed Austria (Arnold S.), and I was convinced he was right. VisitMonaco.mc used to say (but doesn't now) "Monaco has a colorful and fascinating history filled with barbarians, kings and even a movie star." "Women!" A whole category just for us! Gee, thanks. 😐
  4. Martin Luther: Creator of Festivus!
  5. WHAT A DISASTER! was a category today. Fitting.
  6. dcalley


    There were recaps for this show on the WETA blog Telly Visions, but I'm only just getting around to reading them. The writer rips into the show quite a bit!
  7. I saw a commercial last night during Jeopardy for "College Behind Bars." I was surprised to see a PBS ad on a commercial station. I may watch it yet. And I should watch "For Sama," but as with so many Frontline episodes, it's very difficult viewing. There is a Frontline thread (not active in months, though):
  8. Speaking of that, you can see her hosting again starting Dec. 9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/vanna-white-hosting-wheel-fortune-pat-sajaks-emergency-surgery-1253614
  9. Elise had a dress blog in 2012: http://dressopotamia.blogspot.com
  10. And it might make Tom Hanks sad.
  11. "Castro" needs a BMS! (And the show needs to not subject us to a shirtless world leaders category ever again!)
  12. Here's the Jeopardy.com link for "The Greatest of All Time" event.
  13. That's when I wish I had the ability to pause live TV. I needed more time on all of those! "Peck" is just for dry volume in the U.S.
  14. We graduated from state to country with the map that had Iraq labeled ("Mountains of Asia").
  15. Name the state on this map where we've labeled Utah and Wyoming was $1600! In the TOC! That clue belonged in the kids tournament.
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