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  1. Darlene didn't seem like having another child was completely out of the question. She has some valid concerns but she wouldn't be the first 40-something to have a baby after having older children with someone else. Part of her concern was about things that could change. But is he living there now?
  2. I thought it was a fabulous idea! Call it whatever, build your brand, then go bigger if it's a success. Jackie and Becky are being unrealistic. Darlene is actually sensible here. Mark is a sweetheart. He looks like he had a growth spurt. Darlene and David have 2 tall kids. I guess they take after Grandpa lol.
  3. The actor looks like he could play a wide range of ages. So, if he's keeping his age a secret, I honestly don't blame him. I wouldn't automatically assume that he was in his late 50s, but when he was presented as Michaela's dad, it didn't seem odd to me at all,even knowing he was unlikely an extremely young dad since he was already practicing law when Michaela was conceived.
  4. I think I got the ages all wrong. I definitely thought Murphy and Dean were in the same age bracket. He carries himself in a more mature manner and has a more suburban dad vibe, but they don't look unmatched agewise. I figured Jess was around 30 - young, but old enough to have studied to be a vet. I was surprised that she and Murphy had been childhood friends because I definitely thought Murphy was older. How old is Murphy supposed to be?
  5. I think if she were there for PR purposes, that would be more substantial than what she's currently doing. She's the type who sabotages donation possibilities. I wish Murphy had more respect for the organization that is not only a source of income for her and her parents but is also a place of employment for other people. I can't imagine having to work with her. I think Murphy was reacting out of emotions and looking for someone to blame. Also, she resents that Max didn't tell her. It seems like she doesn't fully grasp understand how dangerous this drug dealer lifestyle is and that, even though Max is not physically on the street selling drugs, he's still involved in it. Something bothered me about Vaness in that scene but I couldn't figure out what - you just nailed it.
  6. Iris is out here touching lives😂. I honestly thought she was going to reveal something like vaginismus or sexual abuse or possibly both. I should have known better because she wears her virginity like a badge of honor that she chose, not like something stemming from a bad experience.
  7. Her hair doesn't bother me but I can't figure out why she keeps wearing her eye makeup like that. It's unattractive. He played sexy companion to another recent divorcee on another show about divorce I just finished watching. I liked his sense of humor on wings, too
  8. Elizabeth and Jamie don't want kids. They both lied during intake about wanting them, which speaks to your point about the show only viewing marriage a certain way. I love parenthood but I don't think it's necessary to have children to be a productive citizen or even to have a healthy marriage. I find it especially interesting and sad that Elizabeth's parents don't know she's not interested in having kids. They claim to be so close and she supposedly speaks her mind. It's a shame she feels she has to lie. Amber raised a valid concern about Matt being afraid to be attached to the mother of his child for the rest of his life. Even if you want a less traditional marriage, if you don't want to be attached to someone for the rest of your life, then why get married at all? I just don't understand that.
  9. Celeste and Jane have both talked to their kids. I know Jane, in particular, had to explain what assault was. But the boys were only in court when the judge delivered her final decision. I'm not sure they talked about the evil that Perry had done since I thought the arguments had been wrapped up by then. Mary Louise and Celeste kept glancing at the boys and Mary Louise was careful with how she worded her little speech at the end. Moments like that were so real and wonderfully acted.
  10. Agree but it is completely different with the amount of household help Mary Louise would probably hire.
  11. I liked this, too. And I thought that Celeste wanting to put Mary Louise on the stand may be an extension of that "bad mother" title as well.
  12. It's so funny you say that because I hadn't heard of these crazy hours until around 2000 because where I lived 9-5 with an hour for lunch was the norm for an office job.
  13. I just posted about the apartment before I saw your post. It does look like Inwood, which is one of the least expensive Manhattan neighborhoods (might even be the cheapest - not sure about Washington Heights). I was actually thinking how unrealistic it is for them to move and not hear the kids complain about the lack of amenities they had in their house. Where is Robert living now? It seems to be a different place from the prior seasons. And it's also part of why I don't care for open floor plans. Where is Jackie's daughter? Was there any mention of her?
  14. I didn't think the apartment was unrealistically spacious, especially not for that neighborhood. It looks like Inwood, which has a lot of large prewar buildings with walkups or old elevators. I wish they had kept the previous setting because it was prettier for me to look at lol.
  15. I can kinda see why Iris is here. Women outnumber men and she said she has had a hard time meeting someone who is OK with her decision to wait until marriage. I think Iris wants to know why Keith is there, too. He seems nice and I hope he stays that way. Did you just say Iris is a virgin? Omg I had no idea. Ahe really kept that under wraps🤣 I hope Deonna isn't like this the whole season. Greg seems like a nice guy.
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