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  1. I think Murphy and Chloe are apples and oranges aside from losing their eyesight during their adolescent years. Murphy's mom made it sound like she had behavior problems before she went blind. I think her parents adopted her at an early age but her background could have a lot to do with how her parents treated her. I do think Murphy's parents - especially her mom - are quite overprotective and it can be difficult not to be when you have a child who has challenging issues (not referring to her blindness because that happened later). Max was a criminal long before this show started
  2. I definitely feel like this show has too many moronic cops, lawyers, and law school grads. But I guess it's necessary for the plot. Even Trey seems like an incompetent criminal - so far, he's given up extra money to the Canadian(?) cops, lost his phone, and left an identifiable, registered gun at the scene of a crime. I think Gene is great (though I'm conflicted because I want the gang to be safe and not in jail) but he's unqualified for the role. Any reason he couldn't have just been given his regular job back, convinced the new/qualified chief to rehire the former detective (can't remember
  3. I'm going to have to rewatch the interaction between Diane and Vinetta again because Vinetta shaming Vinetta for anything except telling Mateo to lie and not recognizing the legitimacy of her court. But this is the second comment I've seen about her shaming Diane. I must have missed something. I can't see Diane basing her partnership decision on someone's comments about her shoes or vacation. Especially when she walked past the woman as the police held her up against the wall. I honestly would have preferred that Diane keep the name partnership and bring on another name partner. Ori
  4. I would have loved to know more about Carmen. She didn't look or act like someone right out of law school. I wondered if she had another career first. We got to see a glimpse of her tiny apartment and that was it. Also wondered about Marissa's path to becoming a lawyer. Who is supposedly supervising her if she spends so much time at the fake court? Carmen was right about that but she doesn't have a relationship with Marissa like Maia and Lucca did so it felt more like an insult than advice or a warning from a friend. Setting aside how unrealistic these courts are, Vinetta seemed
  5. The cats made me laugh but I agree that Allegra's suggestions were quite valid and I'm surprised no one else pointed out how more cuts and changes would make clients feel iffy about continuing to work with the firm. They're unstable. The only woman I remember seeing Adrian with was the judge and she certainly didn't look young enough to be his granddaughter. Was there someone else? I don't think the guy Liz is dating is supposed to be a "younger lover." There may be a small age difference but when you're in your 40s/50s that isn't a big deal. I don't think the issue is with his
  6. I really was glad when Trey and Murphy were stopped in their tracks during that train ride. So I was definitely disappointed to see them hook up and also to see Felix get hurt. Honestly, I don't understand how anyone was having sex in that house knowing they're all fugitives. I like the actress who plays Leslie but the character she plays is, as you said, abrasive. But I feel like Murphy finally met her match! I'm still enjoying this season but this episode fell short for me. It was mostly sex and looking for Murphy's phone.
  7. I don't find Murphy to be the least bit likeable (which is fine, because I don't need to in order to enjoy the show) and I like Jess but they really seem codependent to me. I think we're seeing Murphy's guilt for how poorly she treated Jess and how much she misses her whenever she's not around. I hope we also get to see what's driving the way Jess' behavior. And I mean the way she puts her life on hold for Murphy, not her stupid decision to take that money. That was just dumb. But what made her not want to (or feel like she can't) move on with her life and let Murphy deal with the consequ
  8. I get it! Devi is academically inclined but that doesn't mean she isn't like other girls her age who are interested in having a handsome boyfriend. I just wish the show had chosen a handsome, age-appropriate love interest for Devi so this could be more believable. I have a hard time seeing short, small-framed wrinkle-faced Paxton as a heartthrob. If Paxton kept his shirt on, it would make sense for him to switch roles with Ben. Of course, I'm only referring to Paxton's physical status as a heartthrob. Once we see more of him, we get to know that he's a flawed but kind person with s
  9. I may need to re-watch. Do you know why the actress left the show? I love Audra McDonald but I was curious about that character. I remember her being annoyed with the way things were going.
  10. I wasn't so confused about why they signed the documents as name partners. Rather, I was wondering where was the conversation: "It's come to our attention that their may be a romantic relationship..." HR just creates legal documents based on FOX news and doesn't ask questions? What happened to that character? I was curious to see more of her but she disappeared with only a small mention. Interesting that the show is bringing her up now. It's not a US thing. It's more of a person-likely-to-be-in-the-news thing. That can happen anywhere. The majority of Americans aren't m
  11. I agree re: Max. Instead of blaming Murphy for sucking him in again, he is taking responsibility and making sure that it doesn't happen. I've seen some comments on Reddit from people who think Max is being petty. But I think he's asserting and protecting himself. It makes me wonder if Jess would have been able to do that had they met as adults. Just like IRL, your accent/dialect/speech patterns don't dictate your moral compass. I hadn't thought about that but since you brought it up, I appreciate that about Gene's character. I know it's TV but I wondered about this, too
  12. I think Malcolm is smart, too. He's just not nerdy. And I like that the show doesn't make him a stereotypical dumb jock character. He hasn't been able to figure out his path after sports but that can change without being far-fetched. I wouldn't be surprised if he started personal training or even stumbling upon a new professional interest through the people he meets at his job. Marty is smart and has stereotypical nerdy interests but he is also fun and cool, just not with women. I really like these two characters. I can't imagine Walter on Facebook or that they'd have friends in
  13. I'm not surprised since this is his first job. I have worked with early career professionals and they often don't know anything about performance reviews, salary negotiation, etc.
  14. I think they're both a little jealous of each other, too - for the reasons you stated. Malcolm is the oldest. He started college, I think, but didn't finish because he lost his athletic scholarship due to an injury. It doesn't seem like he left the nest, but I'm not sure how old he's supposed to be. I think the actor looks much too old to play Tina and Calvin's son and I read elsewhere that he seemed to be miscast because he looks like he's closer to 40 (though I enjoy him and both brothers). I think the younger brother Marty is around 25, making the oldest brother in his late 20s.
  15. I'm glad he didn't win, for the sake of the show. But Dave does have a job as a conflict mediator, doesn't he?
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