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  1. HoodlumSheep

    The Grantchester Mysteries: Book Talk

    Started reading the first book: I'm almost 60 pages in and not a single whisper of amanda yet. I'm in heaven right now. Yet it also makes me even more bitter that we got stuck with...that *waves to everything amanda in the pbs adaptation* :( sidney doesn't have red hair. That's the biggest shocker so far. And reading this first mystery; good to have hildegard back. I was (and still am) one of those who liked her in the first series of the show, so let's see how things go in the book.
  2. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    The middle of the episode suffered imo Monologuing nyssa was a terrible 'final' villain so to speak. Thought the whole fight with babs, jimbo and nyssa was pretty...not good. The bat thing with bane was also kinda cheesy (in the not so good way). My comics knowledge is limited; does bane ever flip out bc of a cloud of bats swarming him? Bc i can't really picture bane of all people doing that. Onward to the positives: Thought they definitely must have fixed up bane's voice from last episode. Could actually understand what he said. Nice. Lots of dots being connected: batgirl finally got her name, ozzy's gonna need a monocle, bruce leaves, commissioner jimbo, etc. The bruce/alfred goodbye scene made me tear up.
  3. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    There's been very little momentum this season and it feels like it's only just finally picking up a little steam...with only two episodes to go :( honestly the best part of the episode for me was was Lee wheeling an in-labor babs through the hallway at full throttle while babs shot down the mooks. That had me reeling with laughter. Couldn't understand a majority of what bane was saying, but what's new? Nyssa showing up just makes me miss ra's :'(
  4. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    Nice quality harvey this episode. Love him to death. He loves jim so much :') and whether or not people like jimlee together, i'm just so happy nothing bad happened at the wedding. It was a really nice moment. Had a big grin on my face the entire time. another 2 week break :( 3 more episodes left :( ughhhh it's really ending soon T︵T
  5. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E08: Nothing's Shocking

    The Scarface and Ventriloquist plot was fun. Harvey :'( i wanna give him a big hug. You could feel how crushed he was when he shot her. Ugh. Donal logue can really nail the serious and emotional scenes when he's given the opportunity. Makes me sad he didn't get more meaty plots throughout the show's run. Least favorite plot was bruce and alfred's. It wasn't bad...it just felt like it was kinda just there to give them something to do.
  6. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    The selina/ozzy team up was a nice change of pace. Bullock had me dying of laughter when he answered Ed's question. He was so proud of himself. Alvarez's shoestring lasso plan got a giggle out of me two. Babs Jr. is on her way finally, i guess. Of course lee was chipped. Surprised ed didn't pick up on that possibilty when she first showed up.
  7. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    It's Harvey's turn for a speech! i'm finding this season rather on the slow side, but they're probably just taking their time in setting everything up so i'm okay with that. 'dead' jeremiah didn't last very long :P figured he wouldn't stay down for long. That ending scene was great. betrayal! Wasn't expecting that from eduardo (at least this soon) vengeance for jojo! Sorry ed, i'm on the rednecks's side with this one :P one of my favs is back! Always a pleasure to see Strange. I wonder what this means for leslie though.
  8. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E04: Ruin

    Zsasz!!!!!! It was so good to see him again. It's been too long. Mistah J and Puddin dancing & discussing evil plans...classic. Such an iconic duo. It was like I was watching the old cartoons for a minute. Doubt jeremiah is dead. Too easy. I'm not fooled. Jim and babs...meh. I can understand why...but at the same time i wish it would have had a bit more build up. You could tell they were slowly starting to reconcile, but the makeout session (in typical jim gordon fashion) was a bit much too soon imo. Glad to see ed and lucius paired up again. They had great scenes last season and it seems like the writers took note of how well they worked together and how much people liked seeing the duo. Probably the most enjoyable episode so far.
  9. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E03: Penguin, Our Hero

    Lol'd at the Penguin Choir RIP Mr. Penn. :( those were some great last words... Selina slowly going kinda bonkers...yikes. Cool claw gloves tho. I really haven't liked ecco so far but tonight made me warm up to her a bit now that we've gotten to see her act more like good ol' harley. She said Puddin'! Church of Jeremiah...lol! Of course. I knew the kid was going to bite the dust the moment he bonded with Jim...but the whole building????? I was not expecting that. Jim just looks so... :(
  10. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E02: Trespassers

    An alright episode i suppose. Harvey was just so done after being shot at with arrows, lol! Jim made it outta all that mess almost squeaky clean except for a few scratches. I like ed's new biker friend. I wonder if he's just a one-off or if he'll show up in the background of a few more eps. Surprisingly, Ivy had completely slipped my mind when it came to the identity of the witch. I was thinking of lee or maybe a newbie. The jim/harvey stuff felt more like an irrelevant side quest, though. I feel like only one or two tidbits of that entire plot line were important. Probably didn't need to take up a whole episode.
  11. HoodlumSheep

    S05.E01: Year Zero

    Finally got to see the premiere! The opening scene was great Babs' hair style...i do not like. Tabs :( i wonder if she'll stay dead or be revived. Loved how she cared about butch til the end, though. Those two were so sweet together. Sadly Tabs hasn't really had a proper storyline for what feels like ages, so i'd rather she stay dead unless they give something better to do. I thought bruce had something better than just a regular ol' chopper planned. The way he made it sound i was expecting some high-tech stealth chopper or something that would avoid being blown to bits I feel bad about selina's situation but i'm so tired of the neverending circle that is selina and bruce's relationship. One day they're friends, the next day selina's blaming bruce for something and telling him to leave her alone (it's almost always selina who breaks off the friendship too from what i've noticed), then the next day they're friends again and i'm just tired of how often they do this. It feels like every other episode. It's just too much. The witch??? Hmmmm they haven't shown lee yet so maybe????? The group across the river has me intrigued. Are they friends or enemies? Good to have gotham back! I've missed seeing the cast on my screen. I've missed Harvey, especially.
  12. HoodlumSheep

    The Durrells In Corfu

    Of course they had the invisible wife and kids leave, only to return an episode later. Pretty darn cliche. What are the chances that she and the kids will be made visible next season? 5%? Poor Louisa does deserve to find love though. She's been emotionally kicked to the curb all season. I also feel a bit bad for leslie. I had my suspicions back when daphne conveniently announced her pregnancy and then there was the doctor's checkup where leslie couldn't make it, but the way the rest of the episodes went i honestly thought they were diverting the whole 'not really his baby' thing. But i guess not :/ It really was a bad day for love for the durrells. Margo and zoltan breaking up was kinda a bummer too. They were oddly sweet together and the doll house gift of the durrell's house + aunt hermione was super sweet. I love it how larry's always there for louisa. :') They're my favorite relationship on this show. How did the group of people stay hidden around the corner when louisa and spiros were kinda saying goodbye to their short-lived romance??? Kinda awkwardly placed, imo. The durrells opening a bed and breakfast? I can see it. I hope this means more wacky guests. Second episode in a row that was a bit of a downer (and the season finale to boot). I still think the best episode of the season was the one with Prince and the Cap. It was probably the most feel-good episode of the season and it just felt magical.
  13. HoodlumSheep

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    First of all: NANA POOOOLLLDDDAAARRRRKKKKKKKK YEEEEEESSSSSS Back at it with her future sight thanks to her handy dandy tarot cards. The fact that her words have haunted george all this time...such a queen RIP Elizabeth. She had her ups and downs but she was fine this season, i think. I think it helped that she was mostly content and settled, instead of being wishywashy with all the boys. George :'( he wanted to rule the galaxy with her at his side. George and children are my weakness. You can bet your boots he's gonna love the heck out of his kids after this. Were my eyes just going bonkers or were caroline's eyes brown in the carriage scene and then back to blue later on???? Morwenna and drake are *finally* married so i'm happy we can finally move forward with their plotline. The evil lackey dog chase through the woods was wack. He was supposed to make sure she left the premises, not hunt her down with a pack of dogs. Ross haunted by the duel (and hugh still)...good. He deserves to suffer after being an idiot. All in all though it felt like not much happened this episode. The ross/demelza storyline this season was kinda a flop and boring and i felt like half their scenes ended up with them making out or doing the do which I have no interest in. :/ Thst last scene with george...what kinda evil things will he get up to next season, i wonder. That small flashback was nice. Seeing nana poldark and francis again was pleasant. I'm surprised we got so little reaction to elizabeth's death in the case of jeffy boy.
  14. HoodlumSheep

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    I'm an idiot and keep forgetting that elizabeth isn't actually a poldark, so i'll throw all that out the window, so excuse me on that and thank you for correcting me. I'm probably reading into the jeffy-boy scene too much, and like you said he's pretty clueless about the real situation, but i still feel like this show is trying to push the whole 'he looks like a mini ross' thing which flat out doesn't work in this case because he looks like he took after his mom's side of the family (elizabeth, her mother, her cousin morwenna to boot). :/ it's very irksome. Had elizabeth been blonde or something it would have worked better.
  15. HoodlumSheep

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    Not really impressed with the writing this episode. I've honestly gotten really tired of the 'oh my gosh, valentine looks just like ross!' nonsense they keep shoving at us. Is it because they share the exact same hair-do? Like, does everyone in the show just ignore the fact that his mother has dark curly hair and verity has dark hair...and that he might just look like a poldark instead of just ross??? Heck if i saw that kid the first thing i'd say is that he got his hair from his momma. George throwing those coins in ross' face...oddly enough, i'll allow it. He loves elizabeth and valentine very much, so him continually hearing these things probably hurts a great deal. One of the good things left about his character, imo. Ross accepting the duel was dumb. Especially his non-chalant "i'll just practice tomorrow," attitude. He had pretty terrible aim. Yes, adderley was a creep, but i did like the fact that he held true to the rules of the duel. I was half thinking he'd be one to turn and shoot early, so good on him and his second for keeping their word. Demelza, girl, you open the door only to see adderley waiting for you, and what do you do? Instead of immediately turning around and leaving you decide to enter further into the room and close the door behind you??? Glad to see demelza leaving london. I kept thinking about the poor children and townsfolk suffering while ross and demelza were waltzing around, acting like a giggly pair of newly weds eating strawberries. It could have to do with differing fortunes, but notice how george and elizabeth brought valentine with them instead of ditching him...