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  1. Finished rewatching season two and about halfway thru season 3. Season 2 still holds up just as well as season 1. Fantastic. I feel like i appreciated hugh a lot more the second time around. After sven i feel like the writers really went out of their way to have louisa's new beau be very much the opposite of sven. Inverted vs extroverted, but he had his own charming qualities about him. Hugh failed to see the biggest obstacle in his and louisa's relationship though: It was never him vs spiros. It was him vs Corfu. At the end of season 2, imo, louisa wasn't quite
  2. Not a fan of sidney so i won't miss him. I do like what theo james had to say about the end of his characters' journey, however. It'll be interesting to see who all returns for the show and who doesn't. Maybe we'll get a new hunk that just so happens to be a long lost parker bro...who wants to get even with the uppity side of the fam after years of being shunned due to the scandalous nature of his birth. Just spitballing here. Sounds soapy enough. I'd still prefer a sensible match between charlotte and young stringer tho if it was written well. I still think they'd be a good m
  3. Heard the news. Can't say i'm overly excited about it tbh? It'll be something to watch at least. Not sure i'm ready for more Coke 2 Darcy. Maybe there'll be less yelling this time around. And actual character development. Also #JusticeForYoungStringer #YoungStringerHappyEnding202x Young Stringer got the short end of the stick in terms of how his life was going at the (now former) end of the series. He deserves a happy ending whatever that may be.
  4. I was shocked to learn it was the season finale. I was expecting one more episode bc it started a week after All Creatures Great and Small, but then it dawned on me that the season finale for ACGS was technically the extra christmas episode they sometimes do for certain series. Threw me off. 6/7 weeks flew by like nothing. Tilly's a fierce one. Yikes. Kinda hope rupert doesn't get stuck with her. Lots of great scenes between william and eliza and moses. And as always i love the scenes ghost Henry. That whole scene with tilly talking about another dude creeping up the stairs
  5. Lovely season finale. Ready to personally fight Mrs. Hall's son. That old couple...so adorable! 40 years and in that time period! That's the definition of true love. Tristan was so good with that kid. The piece of music that played while James was leaving town and helen was heading to her wedding was simply gorgeous. *and yay! The wedding was called off!
  6. Enjoyable episode imo. The mystery surrounding her father's death is getting twistier and twistier. More Moses incoming! Yay! Was gonna say something last week, but considering he's hanging out with the herr hildegard (? Is that his name?) and his daughter again: Not sure i like how rupert *seems* to be targetting that old guy's daughter as a possible marriage prospect (or at least that's how i see it). I get he's stuck between a rock and a hard place, but i don't like the idea of him leading the lady on with any false hope, ya know? I just don't want it to go that way, if
  7. Dang. Poor James is having it rough. I just want to give him a big ol' hug. Especially after helen broke the news about her and hugh. Watching him just stand outside, trying to keep it together...oof. It's seemd like it's always the cows that give him the trouble. They're like his achilles heel or something. At least he was able to save dear sweet Strawberry. That family deserves all that is good in the world. tristan continues to prove himself. I love his friendship with james. They make a great team. Already forgetting her name, but that girl tristan had been seeing...maybe s
  8. Still loving eliza and rupert's friendship. Loved their chat. Just two friends hanging out; so good. When rupert suggested he and eliza get hitched just as a cover up, i found myself saying, 'why not?' That'd be an interesting dynamic. Lol. I think eliza's right though, they'd eventually drive each other crazy. I feel like i would have liked the Duke's newspaper apology a tad bit more had it not come immediately after him getting slighted by that lousy boss of his. I enjoyed that scene between them, regardless of my nitpicks. I hope this is a turning point for Wellington tho. Hopeful
  9. That poor dog had a high fever *and* nearly crushed by a pumpkin. 😞 proud of James for going off on the townsfolk. I cheered when the goldfish won first prize. The way James' face lit up when the boy started talking about his goldfish was wonderful. I also loved the expressions from james and tristan when they were watching helen and hugh thru the window. Some great stuff. hugh dropped the "L" bomb and it seems like helen isn't gonna entirely push him away for it (and the dumb stuff he keeps doing)...hmmmm...still so many mixed signals. Same! I feel like i'm in the mino
  10. I wanted Moses to sock the Duke in the face so badly during that scene. The Duke's boss (?) seems like such a wonderful fella /s 😕 This show is still kinda so-so. I'm enjoying it for the most part, but i still feel like it's a step down in quality compared to other shows for some reason.
  11. Tricki woo was great this episode. Lololol. Helen and Hugh: I know she said nothing's going on..but does hugh know that? I feel like james is struggling to get a good read on their relationship, and i can totally see why. Everytime that guy with the german shepherd showed up i kept thinking, 'if only james wasn't busy," bc he seems to get along with dogs the best out of the three guys. I know it was to add more humor, but siegfried not giving the german shepherd a full check up...you're a vet, dude. Not a good look. And then he chastises tristan for not giving the dog a full check u
  12. He's at least been outed to the police/authorities involved in the case i presume. Unless the Duke decided to sweep eveything under the rug. Which is also a possibility. I just wish they clarified that whole part a bit more.
  13. I very much had the urge to leap inside the tv and sock that old lady farmer in the jaw. Leave poor james alone for crying out loud. His diagnosis was right. A big win considering his track record's kinda sketchy so far (due to lack of experience). I'm enjoying james' and tristan's friendship. Siegfried seemed more mellow this episode. It's the first episode i wasn't sitting on pins and needles while watching him. Proud of him for siding with James.
  14. i kinda want that lil girl to show up again just to cause Ms. Scarlet more trouble. Lololol Kinda figured her friend was into dudes. I love their friendship so far. It's very genuine. I'm glad Moses is joining the team!!! Yay! He's an interesting fella. So Teddy gets off for murder, but i don't get why Ms. Scarlet would say he's free? Wouldn't he still end up in jail now that he's been outed? They really ran with the blue theme for this show.
  15. I think the two leads have good chemistry. Ms. Scarlet didn't spend too much time in mourning based on how fast her outfits transitioned back to blue. 😛 Tho i guess that goes along with Ms. Scarlet being quite the modern gal... almost a little too modern maybe? Idk. that was totes morwenna from poldark though, wasn't it? She has a pretty recognizable face. That baddie. My mom and I immediately pointed out the fake beard he was wearing but just assumed it was a make-up/costuming thing and not an actual genius disguise. Overall there was something that felt a little o
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