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  1. I feel the same. It doesn't help that they still seem to be looking for their next big hit after DA. I almost wish they'd take a step back from trying to find the next big thing for a year and just go back and focus on smaller book adaptations for a season again like they used to (outside of the shows that are still running ofc). I'd totally be down for another round of austen adaptations. I could watch a new one each day tbh. There's plenty of classic books out there that'd make for good content still. And you wouldn't have to worry about not getting a second season.
  2. I'm sorry but my mom and i laughed thru that whole last bit. It was terrible. So they were attacked or something, a few people injured, others with blood on their shirts, baby kidnapped...but no one knows anything about what went down???? Like, were they almost all conveniently out of the house when it happened? How did no one see anything or see who did it? Was everyone just hiding and taking cover??? No one thought to send out a search/chase party after it happened? They just waited for john to return??? Like what??? I was gonna be mad if general french guy died bc he and chandrika are about the only ones i halfway liked on this show. And chandrika basically peaced out too. I was also gonna be mad if mrs. Patmore got over opium that easily so seeing her have withdrawals was good to see (but not like that kinda good, if you know what i mean). Margaret interrupting that ceremony without a care in the world was cringey. The whole margaret/john romance was cringey. Way too fast. His wife has only been dead for less than a year (probably closer to half a year) and he's known margaret for even less. Bleh. No thank you. People are probably gonna disagree with me, but i think violet and daniel would have worked as a couple. Like, i can see the sibling angle, but it also comes off as flirty imo. My mom and i just rolled our eyes when everyone freaked out about august not sleeping well and how chanchal (was that her name?) was the only one who could help him bc apparently she's some sort of magical baby whisperer? Like what? I didn't know it was that easy to leave the army/militia/whatever back then. First john just walks off and now daniel just decides to stay at the beecham house all willy nilly like it's no big deal. Militia who? I might be coming off as overly harsh but i'm not gonna be very sad to see this show go. Like, i've seen worse, but it didn't have a lot going for it outside of some prettiness. I shall headcanon that that one beecham house guard dude survives his wounds bc i kinda liked him too. As for the other head servant dude who likes chanchal...i wish him a better fate than evelyn napier.
  3. *Ep. 1x05/Season 1 finale parallels: -sidney goes to fancy party drunk→will goes to fancy party drunk (sidney was way worse tho considering he was also dealing with ptsd at the time) -sidney sleeps with random lady (the jazz singer in ep. 5)→will sleeps with random lady (the ex-nun). Only difference was that it turned out better for will rather than sidney. Pretty decent finale. Leonard finally got some good focus!!! I'm sorry, but i'm on team leornard when it comes to how he handled his dad. I didn't care for daniel wagging his finger at leonard about the whole thing. Geordie gunning for the husband of the year award, but alas, season 2/3 geordie will forever be lurking in a dark shadowy corner. Didn't really care for the ex-nun actress. I feel like i get what she was going for, but she couldn't pull it off. Glad matt and will made up. Probably my favorite season since the early sidney years tbh. Much more tightly written, lighter in tone (outside the murders ofc). Good balance. If anything, it was a little light on the church stuff for my liking.
  4. My suspicions were correct!!!! Poor Will. Vic was a father figure to him. 😞 Blergh Didn't quite like how they resolved the Mrs. C/Jack issue. Jack got off too easy imo. That was quite the ending sermon. Yikes. Looks like our lady culprit streak has finally been broken. I was kinda hoping they'd try going 6 for 6 tbh. Oh well.
  5. I don't really care for any of the romances in this show. @ the opium confrontation scene: Huzzah! A scene with Mrs. Patmore i actually liked! So we finally learn john's backstory...i'd consider it a win with my guess of it being the lady who probably helped nurse him back to health. All these secret conversations being held with doors wide open and in large, open spaces where anyone could hear them... The friend is literally twirling his evil mustache for all to see and young beecham is the only one who suspects anything 😕
  6. The stuff with cathy's mom was sad, but something had to be done. 😞 i almost thought they'd try introducing her to a psychologist first, considering they met a whole bunch of people kinda in that field this episode. My heart goes out to cathy. Geordie's been good this season. He's got an 'A' in the husband department so far this season, which makes me all the more angrier what they did to his character in seasons 2+3. 4 for 4 with the ladies. Will we make it to a record 6 for 6? Had the killer pegged the moment she showed up on screen. Glad mrs. C finally told someone what's going on. And proud of leonard for what seems to be him taking a big step forward by getting in touch with his dad. Will proposing was the dumbest thing ever. How long have you known ellie???? Do we know how much time has passed since they've met? I'm with everyone in telling him he has some issues to sort out first. My mom noticed that there seems to be even less churchy things going on this season which...i kind of agree with. We still get the end of the episode sermon, and i feel like there's been a handful of churchy conversations, but he seems to be doing even less vicar duties than sidney somehow. I feel like the show has almost all but lost that vicar-by-day/amateur sleuth-by-night feel to it. Will walking out on leonard as the latter is trying to have a meaningful conversation with him was very sidney-like. I hope it doesn't become a habit. I wish they'd give leonard something more to do this season. I know they probably want to focus on establishing will a bit more first, but still...when was the last time leonard got to give the sermon?
  7. Mrs. Patmore's constant yelling is super grating. I do not like the mother at all. And no, i'm never gonna stop referring to her as Mrs. Patmore.
  8. 3 episodes, three lady murderers. Just an observation. I'm liking this season quite a bit more than the past few. It feels...more cohesive? Better written? I think it really helps that the secondary and minor characters seem to be playing what feels like a bigger role this season (even tho it's not really the case for some like leonard). Grantchester feels much more alive and like a community if that makes any sense. It also helps that there's no toxic-as-heck love garbage. Speaking of love, i do like will and the reporter girl. That club he took her to looked like somewhere sidney would have enjoyed. The boxing trainer dude (vic?)...i had him pegged as someone who'd probabaly end up murdered based on his relevance so far...but something felt a bit sketchy tonight. The way he was kinda trying to cover for the young man (i can't recall his name)...hmmm. That kid was doing pretty well and now this so something's definitely going on. I actually felt a bit bad for larry this episode so i was happy to see him kinda rewarded with a pint with geordie. Is it just me or has Mrs. C been really mellow this season? Although now her marriage is going up in smoke. I'm glad she stood up to jack though. I honestly wasn't expecting to get that sort of drama with him. Like, what the heck dude? That's awful stuff. I had fun trying to point out all the old movie posters :P. Cathy, send your momma packing!!!
  9. Do i spy a 90s P&P Mr. Collins? Happy that the two brothers reconnected. :') You could see geordie internally screaming when Will brought up the younger lady thing... Cathy looked super lovely in that springy-green outfit at the end of the episode. I wonder how long her mother will be sticking around. I also wonder how long leonard and daniel can keep sneaking around before getting tired of it.
  10. I reay love the rogue-ish costumes tom bateman's character gets to wear. I'm not sure i can take LN's character seriously though, bc all i can see is Mrs. Patmore playing dress up. Poor young stringer's looking rough after everything went wrong for him in sanditon 😞 my guess is that the mystery wife/lover? Is someone who he met after being shot. Maybe the gal tended to his wounds or something and they fell in love (and then she died or they got seperated or something? Or like magdalene said, maybe the baby isn't his and he's covering it up.
  11. Same tbh. This episode seemed very middle of the road. Not the best, not the worst. You can tell the actor who plays Will has settled a bit more into his role now too compared to last season, which is nice. I'm liking the fact that we're heading into the late 50s has been pushed into the forefront too, if that makes any sense. The 50s aesthetic is more noticable in the songs and gadgets and diners, etc. and i think it helps give a bit of a refreshing feeling to the show again.
  12. Tom Bateman from Vanity Fair (2018) some obvious ones: Leo Suter from Sanditon (still #TeamStringer), Lesley Nicols as the infamous Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey 😛
  13. I wonder if new journalist is supposed to be vaguely based on It feels like it's been ages since this has been on. My mom and i were trying to recall what happened last season at dinner time.lol. I thought things left off with a bit more drama between will and his mom? Didn't she want him to ditch the church to come back and manage the mess that was made? And it sounded like her living situation wasn't gonna be quite as comfy as it's apparently turned out. I agree with those who say that it feels like leonard and daniel are heading towards a breakup. Itls felt like that since last season too tbh. *ignore the 2nd spoiler tag within the spoiler tag; i can't seem to edit it
  14. Kasia and the witchy mother are the only characters worth somewhat sticking around for and even then...I don't really care for any of the characters. Plus it's been pretty depressing so far. That brother's an idiot to think he could come close to passing as a pacifist. Boldly claims for all to hear that he doesn't believe in fighting in the war but has zero issue with beating the crap out of regular people that get on his bad side??? Yes, that'll definitely convince them you're a pacifist.
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