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  1. An update about the season 2 situation (*i only posted the link but then it turned into the whole image, so sorry about that, i don't know how that happened). Also some (like, 3 of them) of the cast's wishes about their character's futures if anyone's interested: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/specialfeatures/sanditon-casts-wishes-for-their-characters/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=mastersocial&utm_campaign=sanditon_2020 *My shipper logic based on that article: Charlotte's actress: hopes charlotte continues to pursue an interest in architecture Young Stringer: an architect/future architect in the making πŸ‘€ in conclusion: charlotte x young stringer = architect power couple that totally happens at the end of season 2 πŸ‘€
  2. I'm rather eager to see how oskar rises back to the top tho. πŸ˜› I'll agree that max and lydgate are a better match in terms of their minds, but their chemistry lacks. I've seen worse though. And now that max and clara are separated i'd much rather have them stay seperated and move on. If anything, maybe max will will eventually move on from lydgate some day.
  3. He seemed pretty surprised to me when Mr. Parker said 80,000... Considering how Jolly Parker hasn't shown attraction to anyone, i feel like he leans more towards being ace than gay. This is just hypothetically speaking: A marriage of convenience, but involving different people. instead of Meh Parker and Eliza...why not Jolly Parker and Georgiana (if they both agreed to it ofc)? Georgiana has a bigger dowry than Eliza, right? And ofc i mean marriage in name only, basically. They can get married but just stay good friends.Georgiana would no longer be pestered by potential suitors and Jolly Parker seems to be one of the only men she tolerates, so why not? Just an idea. Ofc that'd open the sidney x charlotte possibility back up that'd ruin my headcanon that charlotte realizes there's better men out there than sidney *cough* young stringer *cough*...and i guess it'd be far less dramatic than how they ended things. Lol. I second this. πŸ˜› *Sanditon Season 2: Electric Boogaloo - The Rise of Young Stringer* needs to be a thing This. Her, Lord Babington (though i wish we got to know him more outside of his interactions with esther), lady denham (who after hitting a low after that disasterous dinner party...rose like a phoenix in terms of likability) and Young Stringer were the only ones i was invested in. And Jolly Parker. Jolly Parker didn't get much but he proved his worth too. He still managed to be very likable despite the lack of focus.
  4. Immediately googled on whether there'd be a season 2. Seems unconfirmed for now but i have my fingers crossed. They definitely set it up for the possibility of another season.
  5. *happy dancing* Charlotte and Sidney didn't technically end up together and i am 100% ok with that (and i don't care who knows it) meanwhile the superior OTP got their happy ending (babington x esther ftw!) looks like they made it clear that ms lambe and jolly parker bro aren't heading towards romance, but i'm totally here for the friendship they've struck up MR. YOUNG STRINGER DESERVED BETTER. But hey, at least with no season 2 i can headcanon that he avoids being evelyn napier-ed into oblivion. He looked so dapper in his ball outfit. Lord Grantham vs. Mr. Parker: who's worse with their money, let's go! Why was sidney surprised at how much his bro owed? He's been the one doing most of the money scrounging for him...he had to have some idea of how much he owed. I'm glad edward didn't do anything worse than bust into the ball (yeah sure, outing his and esther's situation was not good, but at least there was no violence or anything like that) *I really didn't care for the lighting/color scheme/atmosphere? of the ball it was very...bleh.
  6. Finally watched the latest episode (random thoughts not in order): First and foremost, "Poor Mr. Stringer" dialed up to an 11. Uughh my heart goes out for him. If i was charlotte i'd dump sidney in heartbeat for stringer. I feel like they're trying a slight lizzie x darcy angle and it's not working. Sidney's screamed at her one too many times and i found the whole, 'he's not such a bad person after all!' reveal/storyline from last episode awkward and rushed. Meh. I'm glad to see that stringer's dad seems to be doing well for the time being. And of course Lady Susan comes all this way to finish her convo with charlotte; a random girl she met a party whom she shared one convo with (and it was mainly charlotte blabbing about everything). πŸ˜• i was gonna be so angry if the working men were beaten in the regatta. They should have easily out-muscled the parker bros and won by a larger margin imo. Jolly Parker continues to grow on me. He's just so nice and...jolly. πŸ˜›And i like how he just wants miss lambe to have a nice time. They're an interesting combo. I'm not sure if there's romance on the horizon for these two, but i'll be happy enough if they become friends at least. Bye-bye clara. She was such a schemer. A good antagonist. I might actually miss her. Edward concerns me a bit. I hope he doesn't try to pull anything dangerous. He's already looking dangerous. My mom and I both cheered when Lady Denham 'rose like a phoenix from the ashes.' We also cheered when she gave clara and edward the boot. I adore babington. I also adore babington x esther. It feels a bit rushed along with some of the other plotlines, but they're making it work well enough with the time allotted to them. Stringer & Babington & Jolly Parker bro > Sidney. The list of sanditon men i prefer over sidney keeps growing.
  7. Thought the opening scene was well done. Poor daniel. 😞 there's always a secret, evil school clique/club, isn't there? Let's hope Oskar gets the job instead of the incompetent dude.
  8. Enjoyed the episode. I'm glad Clara broke off the engagement (and so soon!). I was expecting the poor gal to get strung along for a bit longer while max pines for lydgate. Better sooner than later. Here's to hoping that the soldier dude someday makes his way into jail. I'm also awaiting the day when max decides to throw down with his medical superior-teacher-advisor dude over the shock 'therapy.'
  9. Edward and Clara deserve each other at this point. I hope Lady Denham pulls thru and kicks them to the curb. Esther can stay though. This entire episode was...off? awkward? Cringier than the previous episodes have managed to be? Not my favorite. Of course sidney shows up in the exact same alley at exactly the right time to rescue charlotte. I didn't even care for the fancypants ball scene. Those random few 5 second slow-mo bits they seemed to throw in were straight up not good. Way to kill the scene (not that i was very impressed w/ it to begin with--i still don't care for sidney x charlotte and i actual thought the scene lacked the usual ust we get in austen ball scenes). And the ex has arrived πŸ˜• A personal nitpick: i can't stand it when we get masquerade balls but the mc's always seem to ditch their masks two seconds into it. The carriage chase was corny as well. Least favorite episode of of the season so far.
  10. Oskar's crime fighting posse seems to be growing...maybe...it'd be cool to see Ms. ...Lidgate (??? I'll admit i don't know most of their names yet) unofficially kinda join the team so to speak, but i know it's not a certainty by any means. Max's sister doesn't hold back when it comes to verbally sparring with him. She lets him have it. Good for her. Max's dad though...he's trying so hard to turn a blind eye to certain things bc he wants to stay afloat in society...but he can't keep doing it forever. Reality's gotta hit him at some point and i feel like there's a good chance it'll involve his business.
  11. Charlotte is to partially blame this time but does sidney really have to keep screaming at her every episode? Uuuggghhh. I know they're probably going to end up together but i still can't get behind them as a pairing. In the mean time dear sweet young stringer is there and if charlotte doesn't want him i'll take him. Uuugghhhh poor lord babington. I hope he doesn't give up. Esther seeems to be having her heel turn now. Her step bro continues to be awful. I feel like it was implied that he and clara might start scheming together. ????
  12. The moment the music started i thought the same thing. I'd be shocked if it wasn't done by the same person. I've been enjoying the show so far. It's at the end of the 3 hr programming block (howard's end, sanditon, and this), but it's probably my favorite out of the 3 right now.
  13. A bit on the racy side at some points (that's andrew davies for ya) but my mom and i are enjoying it. I'm team Stringer(?) even though there's probably less than a 1% chance of it happening. Sidney's a bit too grouchy and rude for my taste. Mr. Parker's gonna live long enough to see himself become the villain. Also...his other brother (that is his brother right? There are too many siblings to keep track of :P) seems quite well off...why doesn't he ask him for financial help instead of pestering sidney for everything? He'd be an easy target imo.
  14. Nana Poldark ftw!!! The greatest thing to come out this show, imo. I only wish she could have joined ghost elizabeth in haunting george this season.
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