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  1. Yes, he's so tiny and runs around like a little banshee. Luckily Mr. AK is very good with them at this age. My other cat, Stella seems to like him ok but hasn't really done any direct contact yet. I'm hoping she'll get some maternal instincts.
  2. I still don't have a picture that works but I have to tell you that the joy I feel when I see that little black bundle called Louie goes running around my house is immense. He's just so tiny.
  3. Just watched this online since all coverage was preempted by hurricane Dorian and here's what I said throughout the whole thing to Brooke: PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
  4. Petunia13, birthdays still work after 30! I hope you have fun today.
  5. This is the weirdest hurricane I have ever seen. The TV pictures do look scary but it's just sitting there. I was going to say we didn't even have wind and rain but that just started ... and ended. Weird.
  6. That sounds like my former orange cat! Who could imagine it would be so hard to take a picture of a tiny kitty?
  7. Mr. AK took me to the shelter and we got a new black kitty! I'll post pictures in a bit
  8. I love this show so much. The writing is just so damn good.
  9. Thanks so much for all your support. This has been so hard on me because I hate to admit when I'm sick. I just have to ask other people to do things for me. Yesterday I tried to clean the kitchen and I was feeling funny so I stopped. I had a major trauma to my body and I have to realize that and not do too much.
  10. So after watching yesterday and today, this is what I have to say: Ridge, STFU. If they prosecute Brooke, I'm giving up.
  11. I think I'm OK but I am still exhausted. Mr. AK keeps reminding me my body just had a major trauma and not to do too much but it's so hard.
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