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  1. It started as a way keep "Team Flash" front and center, and sideline Iris and Joe, and they stuck to their formula.
  2. Considering how Iris was written in 2A, I’m positive this was the intention.
  3. ursula


    This basically. They didn’t want Sydney or Vaughn to be the “bad guys” in the love triangle. I thought the first half of the season when Lauren and Sydney we’re moving towards friendship (the car chase scene is one of the few scenes I still remember and remember liking) was great. No one could replace Frankie or even Will, but Sydney needed a friend her own age to round her out, and after season 2, we lost that part of her personality and the show. Would have preferred if Sark and Allison had continued to be the “evil twins”. They could have recast Allison with her “original face” if Frankie’s actress wasn’t returning (though I feel she was fired which was stupid). Sydney had actual history with Allison, a vendetta that ran deep, and it would have made their rivalry more epic than what basically boiled down to Betty vs Veronica but with Spies! The heart of the show was always Jack and Sydney. Vaughn was just Sydney’s love interest and they should have kept him that way, as the stereotypical Chick - he’s her handler, the analyst and the guy in the chair, and not Sydney’s partner in the field. They kept trying to make him edgy with his father’s backstory and with Lauren, then a new identity and it was like the writers didn’t understand why his s1/2 dynamic with Sydney worked in the first place.
  4. A White dude claiming indigenous heritage, while making no attempt to connect to that heritage but weaponizing it to colonize spaces reserved for indigenous people in an industry that he’s already privileged in... sounds just about White. Can the show fire this guy already? It would be great if he just got blackballed permanently but I’m not holding my breath.
  5. The offensiveness of this alone is basis for him to be written off the show. But he was explicitly hired on the basis of being Native American. That makes this a breach of contract and he should be fired.
  6. It does look cool but so did Still Star Crossed which this reminds me of. I’ll watch anything that Shonda makes but I can’t help wishing she’d adapted one of Alyssa Cole’s series instead.
  7. ursula

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    That's a white supremacist myth based on modern day racism and not actual history.
  8. ursula

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    Edith was definitely a scene-stealer. She and Cavill vibed off each other extremely well in their one scene. I'm not usually someone who spots chemistry - still not convinced it isn't partially subjective - but I picked up on their own. Not surprised that Tumblr is raving about it. On a meta note, I loved that the movie didn't fall into the over-used (and almost always at the expense of a POC) trap of Worfing her. It's what I thought happened the first time Enola took her down. But the latter scene where Edith effortlessly puts Enola down and keeps her there, showed that the first scuffle was Edith just testing her, to see how much she'd grown. It wasn't to establish that Enola really was better than a martial arts guru. I generally liked how difficult Enola's physical fights were.
  9. ursula

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    She didn't. Her husband/the law did. Mycroft as the oldest son owned the house, estate, income, and responsibility of the underage and unmarried Enola. He gave Eudora an allowance to take care of all listed. When she left, he took more direct responsibility of all of the above. A better question is why Eudora, knowing she was all that stood between her daughter and Mycroft's chauvinistic ideas of how a woman should be brought up, abandoned Enola to his care. Mycroft was such an unpleasant character and Sherlock too in his own passive way, that I feel the story would have made more sense of they were Enola's half brothers.
  10. It’s also worth noting that every single mixed marriage in the books is described as dysfunctional. Seamus’s dad had a “nasty shock” when he discovered post-wedding that he married a witch. Tom Riddle was basically raped, both mentally and physically. And Snape’s home was abusive. For books purporting to condemn Muggle prejudice, it seemed to have a passive but clear anti-miscegenation agenda.
  11. I thought the vibranium asteroid that crashed into (the land that became) Wakanda mutated an Earth herb into the Heart shaped flower.
  12. In related news, the new trailer for Zach Snyder's Justice League includes clips of Kiersey Clemons's Iris West. As you all know, her scenes were cut from Whedon's movie for... reasons... 🙄 The important thing is that we're getting back Black Iris in the movieverse.
  13. Royal fury erupts outside Buckingham Palace as enraged crowds scream 'paedophile' https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1326739/Royal-latest-news-Buckingham-Palace-protest-Prince-Andrew-paedophile-Royal-Family-video
  14. I can’t get over the grey moustache. When Poirot being so vain he kept dyeing it black is a fricking plot point!
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