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  1. Especially with MG. MG is a ripper like Stefan Salvatore was. It’s not that he hates supernaturals but this is a very specific trigger for Dorian. I actually commended the show for being consistent with this. I enjoyed the episode. All the plots were interesting. And though Finch isn’t a popular character, I really liked the way they used her interaction with the wolves to explore a group in the school that hasn’t got a lot of limelight. I also liked that after all the initial drama, she and Josie have a healthy relationship where they’re in love and have their own things going on.
  2. Talking about white passing, I remember how much hate Kristin Kreuk got for portraying Lana Lang on Smallville. The hate wasn't directed at the creative team who chose to cast her to play the part, and chose to cast her parents as white. But at her. Good times. That's all well and good, but they broke up Nancy and Ned 'Nick' (because for some reason "Ned" doesn't fit a Black boy), and now it looks like Nancy is going to find true love in the arms of the only White guy in the main cast. What a shocker. It's all very well to do a Very Special Episode about racism. But when the fu
  3. Chloe is obnoxious. Seriously doubt you know Elena Kampouris enough to pass judgment on her personality.
  4. It’s the same reason why Raf, who’d been in a bad foster care experience, could beat Jed. It’s all very well to work out daily, but you’re going to lose to someone who fights regularly to survive. Finch had been a werewolf since she was a child, and emancipated from her parents soon after. Her family situation was so bad that her grandfather thought she needed to activate her Wolf side as a kid. I’d think it was a plot hole if Jed could take her down, not the other way around. I like the idea that he didn’t try to hard, either way, to make her welcome. In a bolder show, Ethan w
  5. The Island portion was so rushed. It needed at least one more episode to breathe. Who else thinks that Skyfox is dead, and has been dead since Hutch was 12? Just realized that Hutch is literally Hutch Hutchense!?!
  6. I think Bucky’s healing means getting to the stage where he no longer feels guilt for his own abuse. Right now, his mindset is still “I am responsible because maybe if I had done something differently Hydra won’t have tortured me and used me to kill these people”. It’s a recovery process, much like you said that Bucky hasn’t regained enough Self to separate what he was made to do, from what he was responsible for. Yes, this is kind of what I’m trying to get out. I think it could also be a coping mechanism for Bucky. As long as he feels guilt, he can also think/tell himself that
  7. The book gives the flashbacks of their meeting in a lot of detail. In fact, a lot of the dialogue they exchange in the show is straight from the books. Slightly unpopular opinion but I feel that the Crows should have been introduced much later in the story, season 2 or 3. Nina should have been in the Little Palace in season 1, and we could have seen her friendship with Zoya, considering how important their relationship is. More focus on Genya and David. More palace intrigue, and politics. Nina could then leave for her mission at the end of season 1, and the Crows would be introduced in se
  8. Dean’s Wizard dad walked out on his Muggle mother. His happy home life was with 2 Muggle parents. And this is backstory that never made it into the books! Lol. How the story presents Muggle/Wizard relationships is too consistent to not be by design. There’s nothing to make one believe Seamus’s family were an exception.
  9. Yes that's my point. That Bucky's actual growth is accepting he's not to blame for those deaths. Absolution would imply he was responsible and he's forgiving himself. Which is what he's currently doing. It rings false to me. Basically the show is side stepping Bucky's own abuse/his agency being stolen and not having him deal with it. His growth means getting to the point where he feels sorrow, not guilt for those deaths. Basically Bucky is refusing to acknowledge his own abuse. He's deflecting dealing with what was do to him by focusing on what he was made to do to others.
  10. Amber was set up to fail, which is frustrating because Mark/Eve endgame is too blatantly telegraphed. The only thing more frustrating than an unnecessary love triangle is an unnecessary love triangle without nuance.
  11. What I struggle with Bucky's atonement is that the guy... literally didn't do anything wrong. He was a POW that was brainwashed and programmed against his will. None of this was his choice. And none of this is his fault. What I would like is to see Bucky work on not carrying guilt for the Winter Soldier. On accepting that he was a victim, that he was violated, and working on his own trauma. The atonement list grates me because it doesn't really deal with his issues. Or rather what his issues should be.
  12. Well I'm going by the fact that the only thing we learn about their relationship is a negative? Like technically, they could have had a perfectly happy marriage after he got over being lied to and deceived, but it's just as likely that they had a toxic one. We literally aren't told anything beyond this. Ted Tonks is a wizard. There are no examples of happy, or just passably non-toxic Muggle/Wizard relationships. On the one hand, the books claim Muggle prejudice being wrong, on the other hand, they also seem to show that miscegenation is necessary.
  13. Yep, I also had Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke? Legit can't remember who she really was?) flashes in that scene and I thought it was kinda neat. Plus I like the bait-and-switch of making it seem that Walker was the heroic character that will break bad... only for it to be Sharon who already did before the show even started.
  14. The optics are bad. Some guy squealing for mercy as Captain America rams his shield in his chest. But Niko was far from the innocent, defenceless victim that he tried to pass himself off in his last moments of life. He was a super-soldier. He was never unarmed. He ran away because what he planned as an easy assassination went side ways when their intended victim ended up being just as powerful as they were. He wants to surrender, he's asking for mercy? Where was his mercy for Lemar, or even Walker? There was definitely a better way. But if the show wanted me to think that Walker was a
  15. Different take here... I don't think it matters that Nico wasn't the hand that pulled the trigger, in the metaphorical sense. All the Flag Smashers wanted to kill Walker, and they used Lemar as bait. That Nico wasn't the specific person that murdered Lemar is inconsequential. All the Flag Smashers are guilty of Lemar's death.
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