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  1. Rewatched it, and you're right! I think I got it confused with T'Challa's death scene.
  2. This was, IMO, the best What-If yet. My only complaint was that Shuri figuring everything out at the end kinda came out of nowhere since they showed her being as awed as everyone else by Killmonger's bravery at the battle. But maybe the show runners figured 3 bleak endings in a row would be too much.
  3. Because he uses one password for all his logins apparently, and he gave that one password to the new IT guy he just met. (I can believe one of those things, not both at the same time but we have to roll with it for the story to be feasible.) Then it's likely that he didn't change the dating app password because he was telling himself he had nothing to hide?
  4. Wow, you got so many things wrong. Kai didn't grovel to help HER. The bully's dad was filing charges against Kai for assault. Sophie begged for a mediation to stop her son from facing criminal charges. The offer to resign came after they had grovelled. And she turned around and said they were moving because she realized it wasn't fair for her kids to keep going to a school where they're likely to be provoked at every turn. The affair was clearly a mistake. People make mistakes. Forgive Sophie for not being a saint. Her husband was on a dating site, 2 years before the affa
  5. Both actresses voiced the characters they had portrayed in the live action movies. Bibb voiced Christine Everhart and MacAdams voiced Christine Palmer.
  6. I loved it! I kept rooting for Strange to get more and more evil and destroy the world in the hope of saving Christine and the episode delivered. If "What if"s won't explore "rocks fall, everyone dies" endings, then what will?
  7. The test identifies school-age witches, then they track their families from there. It isn't the only means they have to identify/track witches. Because specific information like, which lost witches are Bellweathers, won't just be got fromn the hearing test results.
  8. I think if he's willing to sacrifice his child, this guy must be a die-hard fanatic. I'm talking he was drinking this anti-Witch Kool-Aid in his mother's milk. This kind of bone-deep devotion doesn't happen overnight, or over a decade. It takes an entire lifetime of brain-washing and indoctrination. If there's one thing I think this show really fails at is removing the subtlety from the Camarilla. There are Token Evil and one-dimensional. The doctor is a sadist. The VP murders his own child. There's no sympathetic person in the lot of them.
  9. The Camarilla have been tracking the bloodlines of witches far more thoroughly than the official Government/Fort Salem. They found the lost Bellweather line and many other "passing" witches. If he was playing the long game from the beginning, to marry a woman from a lost bloodline, have a witch daughter that is "outted" and use her as a Trojan horse to bring down the impenetrable Fort Salem, not just literally in the sense that she was Patient Zero of a biological bomb, but politically... Then yeah, it would make perfect, horrible sense.
  10. One thing I’ve noticed people ask is that Thanos still removed Nebula’s eye but I don’t think that’s what happened. He was replacing her organs with implants every time she lost to Gamora but in this reality, Thanos never “adopted” Gamora. This reality’s Nebula just lost her eye in some other way. (They seemed to imply it was from working with/for the Collector). The Star Lord moniker makes sense for T’Challa because he’s actually royalty who’s living in the stars. It’s supposed to be a parallel universe coincidence that Yondu adopted 2 human boys that took the same code name. 😉
  11. ursula

    Dune (2021)

    It seems like Chani, not Irulan, will be the narrator which I makes more sense both from a thematic perspective (the indigenous people get to tell their own story, not one of the colonialists) and from a characterization perspective - Irulan doesn't become significant until the next book.
  12. So I guess this is me throwing in the bucket. I'm not going to sit through another version of Bonnie Bennett, where the Black girl just exists to be a suffering prop for the White girls.
  13. @tv echo Um.. what? Why the choice to include all the fillers ("ums" and "uhs", etc)? Unless they're reading from a script, people usually answer interview questions with some degree of disfluency (fillers, stuttering, incomplete or trailed off sentences, etc). Including it in your transcript not only makes it hard to understand, it makes Feige's statement sound insincere. Which is the intention here?
  14. I think it was Carmarilla tech, used to trigger or control the "bomb".
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