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  1. Alyssa has always been the weakest link on this show. The only thing good about her arc this season is she’s finally dead.
  2. The Queen has been able to give very public shows of support for her pedophile of a son though... Haven’t we reached the point where we’ve stopped trying to rationalize away racism?
  3. ursula


    I won’t go that far. Yes, there was exposition for each Rambaldi gizmo... but after a while, the prophecies and the clues and the artefact jigsaw (remember when The Telling was supposed to be... something?) and the significance (and motivations) of the characters started contradicting each other - which is what tends to happen when there was lore was “make it up as you go along”. Also for someone/thing that was supposed to be a huge secret, there were a great deal of secret societies, intelligence agencies and guerilla armies that knew about Rambaldi and his gadgets. Season 3 was when Rambaldi became the A story, and not just an overarching plot that unfolded in the background, maybe significant for one or two episodes, but then put aside so Sydney could deal with more tangible spywork. And it might have worked if JJ and co had a plot or endgame in mind... but they didn’t.
  4. I concluded then that Sleepy Hollow (like Twisted on ABC Family) was proof that networks would rather see a show fail with white leads than succeed with one black lead.
  5. The beautiful thing about all this sadness is that it underlines what Black fans always knew. It wasn't in our heads. We weren't seeing things. We weren't "being racist" (yeah, that gets tossed around a lot - according to white supremacist logic, pointing out racism makes you the racist). We saw this happen with Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries; with Lacey Porter in Twisted; with Jimmy Olsen in Supergirl. And we kept speaking up even in the middle of fandom's gaslighting. I just really, really hope that DP either gets fired or CatFrost's role gets reduced to insignificance.
  6. ^This. And I say this as someone like you, who liked their relationship as it was. It is tv tropes worthy. Can anyone suggest a good name? I have some ideas... Doomed Interracial Romance. Unlucky POC Love Interest. RMS Interracial Bait and Switch. I think the Angelina thing is what really made me sit up and notice because it's just so... random? It was one of those her many post-book Q & As when someone asked her how the non-trio mains ended up, and she just threw in this bit about Angelina and George's marriage being dysfunctional for no logical reason. Like it bothered her that she had to give that much.
  7. More like beginning to know. It was blatant from the start that they were "whitening" out the core superheroes with this. One thing I've learnt from US media is that racism is never a coincidence.
  8. The easiest thing would be to make him Ralph from another universe. They'd already established that the same people in different universes don't necessarily look alike. So lean into that and work with it. But if they use this opportunity to trim the cast and the supes, I won't object. Bonus points if they can do a twofer and get rid of Caitlin Frost at the same time.
  9. ursula


    Season 3 started strong but they messed up. They hinged too much on Lena Olin returning as SpyMommy and never figured out how to make the story without her. They should have kept Allison longer and let her be Julian Sark's evil girlfriend/partner. Killing her off to replace her with Lauren was dumb, misogynistic (because of course, Sydney's romantic rival can't just be the wronged person in the triangle, she has to be an evil slut who never loved Vaughn), and borderline racist. Sark's billionaire father and Russian inheritance plot was ridiculous and clearly just do to fans wanting more from a character that worked better as a two-dimensional villain. We should have explored Sydney's missing years and her trauma from it better. Instead of whitewashing Sydney where her alter ego was another superhero, Julia Thorne should have been a broken tool who committed evil actions. And since they wanted SpyMommy back so badly, we could have tied her rescue and recovery to her while keeping her behind the scenes. Nadia's story was a last minute addition and it showed. (Although I think they played with the idea of Sark being Sydney's lost sibling, a twin because of JJ's obsession with all things Star Wars). If they had planned the season better (see my first point), they should have introduced clues about her earlier, and even introduced the character earlier in the season without revealing who she was. She also could have been tied into the mystery of Sydney's missing years. Rambaldi made less and less sense each season. JJ should have decided what he wanted the Endgame to be and worked the mytharc accordingly. Because he kept playing a guessing game with the audience until the very end, there are just too many holes in the plot. This is a problem for the series overall, but it's worse in season 3 which really leans hard into the mythlore.
  10. Miles and Gwen not kissing when they say goodbye at the end of Enter The SpiderVerse after being set up as a romance in the movie was cringey af. Like you can feel the racism radiating out of the screen in that scene. I wonder if there's a tv trope for this... the racist version of "No homo, just bros". We also need a tv trope for POC Romantic False Leads - Jimmy Olsen, Ned "Nick" Nickerson, Michael Culhane. JK Rowling was particularly good at this - Dean Thomas, Cho Chang, the Patil twins. Heck, even the emphasized (by her) weirdness of Angelina Jones dating one Weasley twin and marrying another. Like Rowling went on record to describe that marriage as dysfunctional... 🤷🏾‍♀️
  11. OMG, would Chewie be able to look Kylo in the eye? Not the other way around? 🤯🤯🤯 The way the entire logic of TFA was warped to centre Kylo is outstanding.
  12. ursula

    The Star Wars Saga

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself. This is just a perfect and complete summary of everything wrong with TLJ. Rian’s agenda was to knock Finn down from his role in TFA, the narrative equivalent of dealing with an ‘uppity’ black man, and the fact that he gets away with it after doing it so crudely, so blatantly and with no subtlety whatsoever, shows how ingrained anti-blackness is in the industry.
  13. Maybe it’s just always knowing he’s a racist piece of trash but I’ve never found that man, in real life or in old pictures, the least bit attractive.
  14. Bye bye Elongated Man. Don’t let the door hit you on you way out.
  15. Yeah that would make sense if Han and Leia weren’t heroic and important main characters in the OT and Padme in the PT without swinging lightsabers. Yeah, jokes about keeping the black lead comatose and spouting gibberish for the entire movie are sooo funny. For context, Han was in carbonite at the end of ESB and Ford wanted him to be killed off. But George Lucas never ‘joked’ about keeping him frozen for the whole movie. If anyone remembers any franchise where the director ‘joked’ about keeping the white male lead insensate and delusional for a whole movie, please share. All this means is even when there is a better character than the white male comic relief ... he still gets to be the goofy main character, as opposed to the goofy sidekick. 🤷‍♀️ This is semantics. The intent was clear, which is why everyone calls it for what it was. What weight you attribute to it is dependent on your personal belief system, but the actual event isn’t up for debate and I’m done with arguing about whether it happened or not.
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