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  1. I think it's a mix of the bar being so low and S6 being so horrendous with its portrayal of WA that it's making s3 look better in comparison. Because s3 was bad. Those scenes/focus were few and far between. Iris was all but erased from her own narrative to give focus on other characters. But I'm not going to argue the point because I agree with the fundamental opinion - that season 6 is far worse than anything we had in season 3. ^THIS.
  2. Not confirmed. He’s pleased in a petty teenage boy way that she was into him when Jed said she never gave anyone a chance because of MG. But it’s not clear whether he reciprocated or was interested back. You’re wrong. Up until Alyssa, he’s never been associated romantically with anyone, girl or boy. When he’s beat boxing about Hope in season 1, it’s in a very asexual “she’s a badass” way. I don’t think standing side by side while she siphons him counts. Lizzie has more romantic potential with a grown up Pedro than she has with Kaleb. I don’t even see it as a classic Nice Guy issue anymore because MG isn’t being written as someone who feels entitled to Lizzie. He’s just happy to be her friend ( the training montage was hilarious 😂 ) and Lizzie is constantly choosing to turn to him for comfort. It’s hard to do this trope well and yes, the interracial dynamic (black boy pines for/loyal to white girl) makes it even more tricky. But they’ve managed to write them in a way where I won’t be offended if Lizzie was lying and that Kiss was as much for herself as for MG. That said, I would have much preferred if Nia the Gorgon had become a recurring character in season 2 and got together with MG. They had chemistry. She was an out and proud nerd (a lot of people called Lizzie out for being a closet nerd long ago). She would have been an interesting addition to the school as a benign “monster” because I feel the show’s decision to portray all the non-witchwolfvamp creatures as evil is problematic and this would have added a much needed dynamic. They tried to do the same with Wade but Nia would have been better. Last but not the least, positive black on black love is rare on TV and the show needs at least one black girl who doesn’t die or get written off after 3 appearances. It’s 2020, Plec. Get with the program.
  3. That is so random. Have these characters ever had a conversation??? We don’t even know if Kaleb is into girls... or boys for that matter since he’s never shown romantic interest in anyone.
  4. Season 3 WA? The season where a version of Barry wanted to kill Iris to save himself? Where her death was used to focus on everyone but her? Where WA proposal was botched and Iris got dumped in the middle of a period where her life was in danger because it was botched? Where Killer Frost’s “origin story” took center stage and no one dealt with the repercussions of her conspiring to murder Iris, and actually killing Harry? Where we had to watch Caitlin be coddled and petted through her villain arc while Iris didn’t even get an embrace after Barry returned from a future where she was dead? Which people want season 3 WA back because I doubt very much any of them are Iris or WA fans.
  5. This. A couple of freelance writers have been vocal at how much OTP content were nonsensically edited out of their submitted script. This shit is deliberate and we need to stop pretending that it’s not.
  6. Meh. Knowing “damn well how I feel about you” didn’t stop Harry from making out with Abigail or running to her rescue the moment she called. And if Harry has ever actually declared his feelings for Macy unambiguously, it certainly didn’t happen on screen. Their entire relationship is written and portrayed very shittily, which is par the course for TheCW and interracial relationships. I have zero investment in them and I’m crossing fingers that the writers backtrack on this “romance” they clearly don’t want, and let Macy end up with Julian.
  7. They have some interesting ideas - war between demons and witches, uneasy truce with the demons.... Jordan's curse... the Charmed Ones going underground... the new human element with humans fighting against magic in general... Harry's Darklighter... The problem is that they're trying to do them all at once! Just 1, at most 2 of those storylines should be enough for one season. But they've crammed everything into one season with plots being introduced and resolved within episodes... or left on the back-burner for many episodes until they're immediately resolved. Maggie discovering that Parker was still alive was something they could easily have stretched out over several episodes, but they had Macy find out in one episode, and immediately created a situation in the next episode where she had to tell Maggie. The Charmed One being legally dead should have season-long ramifications but it's barely even an inconvenience. They also haven't properly defined their mythology. I get the feeling that they're deliberately keeping things vague and over-complicated so that they can have as much liberty to make stuff up as they go along.
  8. Are we supposed to ship Harry and Macy when they’re bending over backwards to make Julian so attractive and his dynamic with Macy so much more interesting to watch? This episode had Harry and Mel split off in their story. Last episode it was Harry and Abigail. I remember maybe one Harry and Macy adventure early in the season. Since then the show seems to go out of its way to keep them apart. They talk a lot of their non-existent relationship but that’s just it... it’s non-existent. We don’t see much if anything of whatever it is Harry/Macy are supposed to be to care. So whenever it comes up in conversation, it’s just irritating because I’d rather see more Julian/Macy at this point. Sadly I think this is what inevitably happens when a show is headlined by POCs and a white character gets a spot... the writers become biased towards the white character. You can tell even with Harry and how he has a far more important role in the reboot than Leo did in the Originals. And now Abigail keeps eating up screen time and the IQ of the Charmed Ones because the writers are too attached to the structure where the POCs exist to prop white characters even when the show demands it should be the reverse.
  9. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
  10. He was new. In his first scene at the film “studio”, he says so: that he joined their film club to get friends. I don’t think she locked herself in her head. The girl in her head was a kid, and was clearly surprised when she saw found, not like someone who was deliberately hiding. She had suffered a psychotic break which is apparently the magical equivalent of being stuck in her own mind.
  11. Because they recast Finn from someone who looked like Shia LaBeouf to someone who looked like John Boyega.
  12. Not the same thing though, not the same thing in the least. I mean, yikes! My issues with this “in name only” adaptation are entirely different from, say, people being upset that Nick is African American. Heck, if Nancy Drew herself was African American (yes, black people can be red headed) and she was still an ace detective solving non-supernatural murders with a respected father and long-dead mom, it would be a far more faithful adaptation than this live-action Scooby Doo show. In this show, Nancy is a detective in name only. What she really is is a Ghost Whisperer. Nobody watching “Random Girl & Friends Solves Ghost Crimes” would connect it to Nancy Drew. They’d probably think it was a Riverdale spin off.
  13. So I caved and watched this episode after hearing positive things from people I trust, and it’s like I suspected - Nancy and Nick have great chemistry when the show isn’t actively trying to wedge them apart. They still managed to give more focus on Ace’s emotional reactions to her coma than Nick’s in the “real” verse. And I’m seriously side-eyeing the “Ace stays constant” theme because that is definitely shippy and TheCW are too good at that to have done that by accident. So while I enjoyed this episode, I’m not going back to weekly viewing. Also, I still don’t get why they couldn’t have just created an original IP of a red headed girl with a dead mom living in a ghost town. Apart from names of some characters (not the town!) and the colour of Nancy’s hair, there’s nothing Nancy Drew about this series. It would have been received better if it wasn’t trying to pass as an adaptation.
  14. ursula

    Iris West

    I really need this to be a split personality - Evil Iris/Good Iris thing because a body invasion will just be wrong. It would also make sense because Evil Iris is acting exactly like Iris but with an edge, more driven, more ruthless, less soft. But her passion for journalism isn’t a new thing, and her solution to fix the Amulet/Gold problem was very Iris-ey, get them to see their feelings for each other. So far we haven’t seen her do anything that Iris won’t do. Even the pancakes had a rational explanation. So here’s hoping that this is a split personality thing and not something more yucky.
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