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  1. I totally disagree with this. It’s been made clear that Dean was John’s good little soldier growing up. IMO Dean wouldn’t have interferred if John were to throw a punch at Sam for too much sass growing up, or as punishment for running away. Now if John had ever totally lost it and it looked like John would have beaten Sam to death Dean would have interferred, but throwing a punch or two during an argument wouldn’t have been protested IMO. It would have been seen as an acceptable form of corporal punishment within the context of their twisted upbringings. Plus just look
  2. Reader Discussion @takalotti @trxr4kids (lurking) How (thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (accidentally) raised each other (and Sam) Chapter 15 I like that the author acknowledges Dean's tendency to try and make decisions for others along with his dismissive nature towards human Cas and has Cas instantly reject such notions! Go fanfic Cas! The Supernatural version of Joss Whedon's Once More With Feeling. I suppose fandom had to do it at some point. I couldn't get into it most likely because I kept comparing it (unfavourably) to the Buffy episode. I think my
  3. Unrounded Rating Supernatural ................... 0.460 ... (0.460 ... 0.460) Arrow .............................. 0.383 ... (0.378 ... 0.389) We could be in for another 0.4 :s
  4. Up from last weeks series low of 0.4 to a 0.5 this week! Viewers still on the low side though :(
  5. Eh, it’s not just Dean working hard to save Mary everyone is working hard to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.
  6. It mightn’t change anything, but I’ll take the personal satisfaction of the others acknowledging Dean was wrong. If only someone would point out it should have been Sam who went seeing as he never gave up on Mary or Jack while Dean started the season all “eh, she’s dead so just leave it “
  7. I hadn’t thought of that as a possible outcome, but now I hope it happens like that.
  8. Of course! I should have plenty of fic reading time this weekend! I might even try and read a few of the remaining chapters tonight :D Since the Down to Agincourt series is quite long, I believe the first part is 150k words long and the entire saga is 1 million, we could also read some shorter fics alongside it? Especially since @catrox14 suggested a pace of only one chapter a day.
  9. I’m delighted that the episode will feature a Cas/Sam pairing! I always enjoy seeing them work together. While I’m not quite as excited by the Ketch / Dean pairing I am looking forward to it also. Ackles and DHJ work well together :)
  10. ((Sorry meant to post this in the regular spoilers thread))
  11. Reading Discussion (planning) @takalotti Sorry I must have missed it, or saw it and forgot to respond. I’m going to try and read it on Saturday! The fic description sounds interesting :D
  12. I’d be interested in reading it with you :)
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