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  1. I love this so much. Jensen is a beautiful man inside and out, Every time that I see positive press about him it makes me hope that others that aren't already tuned into him will do so just to see what the hype is all about and decide to stick around for his awesomeness.
  2. I agree. It seems rather impersonal for someone who claims to think of him as a brother.
  3. No, it's not just you. He looks pretty thin compared to the recent pics that we've seen of him with the cast of The Boys.
  4. Great post. I agree completely.
  5. I always think of when he played Mulder's informant Mr. X from The X-Files when he's on screen. I was particularly giddy when he and Mitch Pileggi appeared in the same episode!
  6. If SPN fans were able to limp along to the finish line after Dabb demolished all prior canon then it shouldn't be a hardship to give the prequel a shot. JMO.
  7. These are great points and I love the fact that you pointed out that a Bobby/Rufus prequel would have to be recast with completely different actors which I think that other people are glossing over. Much of what we enjoyed of the relationship was the chemistry between Jim and Steven and a new set of actors could completely change the dynamic that fans were so fond of. A Bobby/Rufus prequel won't necessarily be the better option when you factor this in.
  8. I don't. The episodes with them were entertaining but I don't want an entire series of them. Although I would like to know what happened in Omaha that was so unforgivable for Rufus. I am interested in John and Mary because before Dabb and after JDM's exit is when I feel that Mary and John took the biggest hit in regards to their characters. John was kind of a grey character ( to me anyway ) during season 1 and we found out after his death the things that he did that made his sons resent him ( and Dean finally admit to it ) and that his marriage wasn't all that great. With Mary she was up
  9. I agree. It's interesting how most of the dissenting opinions are about supposed canon when they've been mangling it even before the Dabb years. It's also interesting ( or expected ) that fans that preferred one brother over the other ( guess who ) are the most pessimistic so far.
  10. Hopefully in a year or so we'll be voting for Soldier Boy 🙂
  11. So is this spec about the show or talk about what we wish that they had done instead? I can’t really tell from reading the posts here. 🤷‍♀️
  12. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  13. This is a good example. I was sure that Riverdale would flop because it was based off of a goofy but endearing comic. It didn't seem like the source material would be enough for a successful show but they made it work. I have confidence that Jensen and Robbie can make a prequel work. I'm just going to ignore those that would rather tear down the idea before they can even get a running start.
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