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  1. Because of his actions during the school fight he was put on probation and given a restraining order prohibiting him from going within 500 feet of any child. They mentioned it at the school board meeting in the 1st episode of season 3. Since he's the only adult besides Kreese at Cobra Kai he more than likely had to drop out.
  2. You mean Pondlass is confusing it with Netflix? I'm the one that was skeptical that it was on Amazon 🙂
  3. Early Walker review. Please let me know if this should be moved to another thread. https://www.cbr.com/cw-walker-review/
  4. I saw a YouTube clip from a fan convention where Jared stated that he felt that he had the same traits and motivations as Sam ( cringe ) . Maybe that's why he plays him as written if he relates to his behavior.
  5. I agree but I also think that Dabb would have given Dean the John Winchester treatment. Didn't JDM complain about how his character was trashed after he left the show? I think that without Jensen around to portray Dean and soften the writing against his character it would have been open season for various characters to "remember" all of Dean's faults and Sam would have "reluctantly" agreed with their recollections.
  6. This was an interesting article. https://screenrant.com/cobra-kai-season-3-best-character-arcs-ranked/
  7. I don't know what transpired at the beginning of the show but IMO it's not currently taboo on twitter, tumblr or on this forum. There is plenty of criticism of Jensen and tons of criticism towards Dean as well.
  8. I've been side eyeing him for years and sadly I'm not surprised. After he contributed to Jensen being thrown and trampled under the bus over Destiel this is pretty expected IMO.
  9. This is petty and childish IMO. Good on Jensen for going on to bigger, greener pastures. 1000 likes for this sentiment.
  10. But not before Sam seemed to get suspicious when Dean was even able to kill her as if being a Servant of Heaven was something underhanded that happened behind his back: SAM Dean, how did you do that? DEAN What? SAM Kill her. DEAN Long run of luck held out, I guess. SAM Last I checked, she could only be ganked by a servant of Heaven. DEAN Well, what do you want me to tell you? I saw a shot. I went for it. SAM Are you gonna do something stupid? DEAN Like what? SAM Like Michael stupid. And this makes it even more infuriating when 4 episodes later everyone is suddenly telling Dean why it's the best idea ever to let Sam say yes after berating him mentally and physically from all sides for wanting to do the same. OMG this show.
  11. Great, sorry about the first one!
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