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  1. Great game! Favorite movie: Touch & Go Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Beetlejuice Favorite Tom Hanks movie: The Money Pit Movie that makes you cry: The Color Purple Favorite 80’s movie: The Lost Boys Favorite comedy: Tie Between Clerks or Friday Favorite sports movie: The Karate Kid Favorite horror movie: Halloween (78) Most overrated movie: Titanic Favorite gangster movie: Scarface Movie you can watch over and over: Jurassic Park Movie with the best soundtrack: Purple Rain
  2. I'd still take Dean over any of the other ones. He may drive me crazy at some point but I'm sure that it'll be less than with the others that I ended up with on my first 20 tries ( Meg, Charlie, Gabriel ) !
  3. Obviously Vancouver has had television productions before SPN ( shout out to The X-Files! ). IMO the fact that the article was from the perspective of local actors that had appeared on the show during the early seasons and literally grew up seeing the affect that SPN had on their hometown there's nothing wrong with them calling it a "grown up town".
  4. I reluctantly read the article and it was actually Genevieve that said that, not Dabb. Although since she put it that way it's more than likely been written into the plot in those words.
  5. After 5 more tries and getting Ellen ( again! ), Charlie, Ketch and John I finally got Dean! I can stop playing now!😁
  6. Agree wholeheartedly. Also, if Dabb and Co. can’t put in the effort to respectfully depict the brothers who are the reason why fans love this series so much I can’t be bothered to pretend to care about his vanity pet projects.
  7. I got Meg and Gabriel twice and Crowley once. I don't like this game. ☹️
  8. Since Jensen wasn't really on board with the finale and was more or less talked into it maybe it's a good thing ( for Dean fans ) that we won't get a final episode.
  9. Thanks for the link! I've now discovered that in 50 days I'll be the same age as Ernest Hemingway when he divorced his 2nd wife and in 67 days I'll be the same age as when Ernest Hemingway married his 3rd wife! 🤣
  10. @AwesomO4000 I'm sorry for your disappointment. There was a Dan + Shay concert at the Wells Fargo center in Philly that my boss has been looking forward to for months and she was highly upset when it was canceled the morning of. I hope and pray that we get a solution for this pandemic before it gets any worse.
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