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  1. I'm not the person that made the post that you quoted but for some reason my name is on there. Please direct your comment towards the right person.
  2. I answered honestly and got Dean. I usual have to be more manipulative to get the result that I want 😊
  3. It seemed like a throwaway comment to me. Or maybe he wanted to make it clear that it wasn't Jensen or Misha in case either of them would like to make a statement of their own at some point about the topic.
  4. I can’t imagine how difficult it is having to explain the current state of the world and what led us to this point to your children. As an African American woman I’m grateful and blessed to not have been in the situations that have led to so many senseless deaths. I’m also relieved that I don’t have any children that I have to give a life or death talk to. I have friends who have had to and it was heart wrenching for them.
  5. My comment wasn't about this. It was about how his friends probably wouldn't be able to comment on social media during an ongoing case even if they wanted to, not whether or not a friend of theirs could damage their case. I'm aware that his opinion wouldn't have any bearing on the case. Also, no matter how bad this guy may or may not be I doubt that he was trying to get Jared to take his own life.
  6. I did some research and read that social media posts can indeed be used against you in court or damage your lawsuit. With that information I'm guessing that the men involved in Jared's suit wouldn't post their feelings about him or what he has or hasn't done since the assault occurred. That brings me back to my original thinking that if this guy is a friend who is privy to info that the public doesn't have he may be angered enough to post about it while they wouldn't be able to despite how they may or may not be feeling. Whether or not they don't need or want him to speak for them is something that we don't know and can only speculate about. I don't have a clue about who this guy is and I don't have twitter so I can only assume that the vitriol that is coming his way is either due to a pattern of behavior or in defense of Jared. Either way it's not worth losing his job over. Recent events have shown that people can and do worse to their fellow man and continue to keep their jobs while doing much more than just telling them to "die slow". Just my opinion, don't want to get political.
  7. Quoting myself because I'm not sure of how this works and I would appreciate if someone would shed some light on it for me.
  8. @Casseiopeia in the media thread regarding whether or not the tweeter’s friends would have spoken for themselves: I don’t necessarily know how lawsuits work but would the people involved even be allowed to talk about their case/feelings on social media while it’s ongoing?
  9. I just reread the guy's tweet and apparently the people that were assaulted were his friends. While I don't think that he should have added the "die slow" at the end of it I don't find fault with him for being angry. As a friend of the people involved he may know more than we do hence the anger in his tweet. That being said if he is ( or was ) an actor he should have realized that his actions would have consequences and it appears that they did.
  10. I agree. Plus, Carver gave us MOC Dean which was an amazing storyline IMO and Benny who was one of the best parts of season 8 also IMO.
  11. I completely agree. I actually think that the inclusion of angels into the storyline felt shoehorned after season 5.
  12. I agree. Once I got into fandom I was dismayed by the Cas fans that thought it was a good scene and that Dean needed him to do that. Blech.
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