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  1. She could still use her powers but she didn’t crack the circle. She summoned a wind that blew away Dean’s exorcism notes but she was still confined to the Devil’s trap. I think that Sam while possessed by Meg was the first time that they showed a demon cracking the circle.
  2. The X-Files is what popped into my mind when I read your post but you mentioned shows starting in the 2000's and it premiered in 1993. It really is a perfect example of an awesome show with a small cast. In fact I believe that David and Gillian were the only mains throughout the series until David left and Robert Patrick stepped in as his replacement. All of the other characters that popped up were recurring and the main focus was always on Mulder and Scully. It was perfect!
  3. His channel is mainly SPN reviews and commentary. I like that he only critiques the writing or the overall plot and doesn't do any brother bashing like some of the other reviewers tend to do.
  4. This was quite satisfying as well! In his opinion Regarding Dean was the last good SPN episode from the last 3 seasons.
  5. Thank you for posting; I love how disgusted he is with the current state of the show. I'm off to eagerly watch his "Andrew Dabb - The Worst Thing About Supernatural" vid. 😆
  6. Thankfully from what I've been reading ( mostly on Tumblr ) Cas is angry with Chuck and angsty that his relationship with the Winchesters ( mostly Dean from what I've read ) is strained after Mary's death. It sounds like it won't be a blame Dean situation ( for once ) and more sad sack Cas instead.
  7. I certainly can't speak for fandom but personally it didn't bother me when Jared announced his project. It's not a show/subject that would interest me and I hadn't planned on following Jared's future projects since I'm not much of a fan. I've been more or less indifferent.
  8. I never get tired of Hollywood Babylon. Dean was indeed too adorable for words and it's an interesting story as well. One of my favorites that fits into the Halloween season ( I love Halloween btw 😁) is Playthings. So many gems to be found in season 2!
  9. So was I and while I know that this is supposed to be "entertainment" it still annoys me. It's not offensive per say but I'm so done with everything representative of God, Heaven and goodness being on par or worse than most depictions of evil that we've seen on this show. Kripke said years ago that he was reluctant to introduce angels and wouldn't go so far as to write in God or Jesus and I wish that the showrunners/writers after him felt the same. Oh snap! 🤣🤣🤣
  10. So he’s basically buying his next role as opposed to being selected by a network and/or creative team to be the show’s star?
  11. I won't be watching because I didn't enjoy the show the 1st time around. Good for Jared but it'll be interesting to see if he attempts to do any martial arts 🤨
  12. I would love for Dabb to fade into obscurity while Jensen thrives post SPN. It would almost make up for how horribly Dean has been written for the past too many seasons.
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