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  1. The fight: Thermonuclear war. Both lose. Both fired to deeply hurt the other in a meaningful way. I want them to come back from this, I don’t know how. And this fight was coming since childhood. Beth: Wins the most entertaining award. Her reactions were priceless. BabyMama: I’m GLAD Madison is pregnant. This is her miracle birth. I’m glad Kevin is all-in. Loved her telling a barista who wasn’t ‘invested’. Horse Girl: Just another TIU ‘moment of clarity from random stranger.’ Miguel: He does whatever Rebecca wants. He made that choice a long time ago and it’s not going to change. I loved Sophie’s reaction to the billboard. Nicky remains a hoot. I’m glad he & Cassidy are still buddies. I’m glad Toby & Kate adopt another child. Finally, I think the makeup is off for the aging in the future. I think they’ve really created a continuity issue with the various children’s ages too. When they give us ‘the answer’ on the date, I’ll shrug and move on.
  2. I suspect they added a contract addendum already for the main cast. Why wouldn't they step out quickly on this? Seems more likely they would secure the cast first (including Misha, hence he made a comment he feels he can back) and THAT's why they can announce a plan. Traditionally that's how they've sequenced thing: rough agreement b/w CW & WB, secure cast, announcement by CW. It may have caveats in the clauses like: - assumes production in Vancouver can start by 1 Sept (just a ballpark guess)
  3. And hey... PRECISELY what Misha was saying. I'd also add the following paragraph from the article: So... it seems highly unlikely Misha was just posting speculation.
  4. Looking at this synopsis and the last episode got before coronahiatus, and the upcoming titles: 15.14 Last Holiday 15.15 Gimme Shelter 15.16 Drag Me Away (From You) 15.17 Unity 15.18 The Truth 15.19 Inherit the Earth 15.20 Carry On This theme of 'close down every other place' is continuing on. For example, the AU Sam & Dean showing up. Now we have someone from the Fairy Realm? And the title after that is "Gimme Shelter". Just seems like a common theme. Perhaps by the time we get to "Unity" this collapsing thing will be 'done'. Episode I'm looking MOST forward to: "The Truth". I'm so desperate for real answers.
  5. B) they could ... - say we are committed to completing and leave off the specific timing of ‘by the end of this year’. - say nothing - say even more like ‘and the sets will stay in place til it’s done’ - say ‘we are running the remaining episodes we’ve filmed as soon we complete post-production efforts (this begging the question ... what about the yet-to-be-filmed episodes? In short they: 1) made a choice to make a public statement via twitter (clearly less weight than a press release) 2) choose to set a time limit on how long it will take (this calendar year) 3) clarified that new episodes likely not to air in the near future I’d say they made some specific choices and had plenty of options on what they chose to say.
  6. So being on the official @CWSPN twitter does or does not factor into this?
  7. So are you suggesting that when Misha says ‘WE will finish the season before the end of the year’, J2 won’t be in it? That hardly seems likely.
  8. Good of him (and the CW and WB) to ease our hearts. it’s like breaking up Harry Potter 7, and Game throne Last season. Maybe they’ll ‘Restart’ in the fall as an alternative to the missing new shows. It kinda comes down to the Lot in many ways. They can’t get in there to deconstruct due to restrictions, so they have to skeedaddle in there to film as soon as open.
  9. And a reminder of the financial impact: https://www.mpa-canada.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Economic-Impacts-of-Supernatural.pdf
  10. Around Vegas Con timeframe he said he decided to read the last script out loud and couldn’t do it because it was too emotional.
  11. It took me a minute, but I think I got the double meaning to the title. ‘Destiny’s Child’ seems like it’s Jack ‘fulfilling his destiny’ and ALSO Destiny’s Child were three FABULOUS WOMEN: Jo, Meg, Ruby. quick thoughts: 1) wow, hiatus again... there were more questions than answers 2) some good humor - I love Meg’s sass, I miss her 3) ‘Samwitch’ - hee 4) I don’t trust Death, I don’t trust The Empty, I don’t trust anyone but TFW 2.0. Jack is back in the Circle of Trust (for now) because he has a soul. 5) Jo/Ruby was a total retcon. But I’m happy to give the boys some fond memories time. 6) oh how I wish we could have had Crowley back. 7) I like that Dean thinks Amara is part of the deal. I suspect he’s cottoning on the he’s in the dark because it would be Winchester Dumb to try and save Amara (which they will and I’m here for that). 8 ) I’m feeling bereft with the Covid19Hiatus. As mentioned above, the trans dimensional RPS was a win. Nd I still don’t know where we are headed, but I found the episode entertaining.
  12. Well done AZ & SH. As fights go, that one got pretty physical. Both are scrappy. Kate and Gabi should both be checked for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). They take more blows than most football players. Xarah makes me sad these days. Because every good thing Sarah says is not going to last. And Xander feels it too. I need Chad to de-zombify. It's just not working for me.
  13. I am COMPLETELY ready to blame the victim. At this point Kate SHOULD have figured out a way to stash a key, a high powered transmitter, some canned goods or something else in her home-away-from-home known as the Dimera Wine Cellar prisoner room. Seriously, she should be getting reward points on her next visit -- maybe a blanket? If they ever get that chip out of Stevano, I want to see it turned to slag. Of course, Rolf may have a backup. I'm ready for Evan to get his comeuppance and Rafe to get David back.
  14. Warning: Armchair psychology by non-professional... Thinking back, Randall also took that "caretaker" role when Jack moved out for a couple of nights. Kevin even called him out on it. It's not remotely Oedipal from a sexual perspective. I think Rebecca just was idolized and Randall picked a side rather quickly. SO... when Jack died, is part of Randall's guilt the underlying belief that Jack was not as good of a husband as he should have been? Some deep-seeded resentment that Rebecca should have been taken better care for than Randall thought she was? Or that he had wished (secretly) that Jack would leave and she would be happier? It would have been childish and wrong but perhaps there's guilt there because of Jack's untimely death. So he tolerated Miguel originally because he realized he COULDN'T be what his mother needed and Miguel made her happy? Now add that his "Madonna" had feet of clay and lied to him about something important - that crashed his vision. I honestly believe the 'crime' of not telling him was not a big deal before 18 and after that, there were extenuating circumstances that rocking Randall's world for the next few years would have been debatable. If William had gone back to using, it would have been devastating to feel like he lost a second parent all over again. If William was great, he might leap to him as a father figure and Rebecca would likely resent that immediately post Jack's death. Still, 36 was TOO LATE. Mid-20's would have been better. Once Randall was stable, had a wife and a life and identity that could withstand an impact if William was still using or an asshole. But by then Jack had ALSO risen to sainthood because he died protecting his family. So her 'crime' was against Jack. Basically -- by not having told Jack, Rebecca cast the die as her role of 'villain'. That was her biggest mistake IMO. Second was not telling Randall after some respectful distance post 18 + Jack's death. But honestly, Randall's fantasy of a Howard fraternity was also telling. As a black man, raised mostly white, he has shown a constant 'what if' mentality. His career change from money making weather futures expert to councilman shows that he ultimately rejected his chosen path of financial power broker. It didn't have the people element he wanted. So... he had an identity crisis at ~36. And he's nearly 40 and NOT at peace with it. He's not at peace with what he perceived as a selfish withholding of identity data by Rebecca. BUT... that's still VERY self-centered. Life happened. Those skills he developed as a financial power-broker is WHY he's probably good at councilman from an economics perspective. That's extremely valuable for his community. So.. Randall needs to VALUE the tapestry of his life and look forward. His response to Rebecca's health crisis is him indulging his WORST childish instincts. And he needs to be told "no". Firmly, and with love, but he need to be told "no". But this is This is Us. And Kevin will have no tolerance for what he already saw as a teenager as an unhealthy predilection to idolize/own his mother. So... that's not going to go well. Kate's response is probably going to be "what does Mom want" and will side with Kevin. So... strap in.. it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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