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  1. I am glad Ciara told Will. I’m also glad that the pacemaker battery is failing. Makes sense, Gabi probably mahahahaha obsesses with the app on all the time and the constant access is using it up. No one in Boston would have let Sarah, Eric, and Mickey leave without FIRST having the updated treatment numbers. *sign* Loved the Xarah reunion scene.
  2. Well damn. Sarah does NOT deserve this. I can live with everything else but this is just a bridge too far for Sarah pain. And now watch the Baby die ANYWAY due to cancer.
  3. SueB

    S15.E09 The Trap

    THIS is owning up. This is showing regret: Regardless, if you don't accept Cas' apology, don't like how he apologized, feel he pushed Dean too quickly to accept his apology then that's your business. I don't have disagreement with people having different opinions. I do have issues with people making up their own facts. My argument was with the retcon some have suggested that Cas never apologized. He did. It may not be to your liking, but he apologized. Sincerely. And Dean forgave him. Seems pretty straightforward to me.
  4. SueB

    S15.E09 The Trap

    It's entirely possible the "hissing" was a J2 acting 'choice'. I'm perfectly fine with it. I know it was a serious scene but I'm willing to cut them a little slack after 15 years. It didn't ruin the scene/episode for me.
  5. SueB

    S15.E09 The Trap

    Cas apologized IMMEDIATELY. From 14.18 He wasn’t allowed to apologize in 14.18, nor 15.01: Dean admitted he was too angry to forgive. But to retcon that Cas didn't apologize makes no sense to me. Unless you honestly believe "I failed you" is inadequate to "I'm sorry".
  6. SueB

    S15.E09 The Trap

    Because it’s Chuck’s creation. In order to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing they both have to live. In order to prevent the Universe dying (the Sun going out was symbolic), Chuck had to live. So, IMO, it stands to reason the ‘his creation, his rules’ applies. And if he’s trapped, then I could see how the rules get out of whack. He is Light, so despite being an asshole, he keeps the balance of ‘nature’. He said the nature (or maybe the American Park System) was his greatest creation.
  7. SueB

    S15.E09 The Trap

    Well I loved it. It was meaty, intense, high stakes, and subverted a bunch of expectations IMO. Quick thoughts: I believe the future-cast was real (ish). Real enough in that Chuck clearly knew the plan was to trap him and that would result in Cas going insane and being at the bottom of the ocean in a Malek box, the monsters run amok, Sam and Dean get overwhelmed. Not real in that I think individual choice STILL matters -- no matter what Chuck says. So I think Chuck showed the most probable outcome. And therefore was likely telling the truth about trapping God unbalances nature (or something to that effect) and the monsters win. Therefore, Sam (IMO) made the right choice. LOVED Dean/Cas hashing it out. Cas just has no f*cks to give anymore. He laid it all out, baldly, everytime he got snark from Dean. And I like that Dean said "of course I forgive you". Because I think Dean DID forgive him. The anger is just his coping mechanism. And Dean is so very self-aware. He knows his response to pain is anger. And he also knows the danger of just letting that lay there without resolution. I'm glad he took the time for that prayer and then was heading back to the entrance. I'm also glad Cas just acknowledged he heard him and that's all Cas needed. I love these two. The boys snark-off with Chuck. LOVED how neither Sam nor Dean are going to back down in front of Chuck. Chuck knows it. Fist pump from me when Sam flat out said "Dean raised me!". I'm glad the wound is gone. I'm bummed Eileen had to go but it makes perfect sense. I'm glad Sam laid one on her before she left and that she left knowing how he felt. I swear, Chuck was into Dean getting up in his face. I don't know if that was how Rob played it or planned but I get why Dean gets the full frontal sex scenes in the book with Chuck. I liked that Dean threw a punch and so did Chuck -- excellent snark-off. Subverted Expectation: Get the 'blossom' to trap God McGuffin was previously a season-long kind of arc. This was a one and done. I think it means the real End is going to be much more sophisticated. Jody Mills/Post-Apocalyptic Action Hero; You go girl. She had some moves. Ending: Jack! I'm looking forward to his return. I don't think it'll be next episode. I think this is like when Cas was in the empty. I think this is going to play out as background for until the episode after next (or even one more after that). I wonder if Death was waiting to see if TFW went the Trap route and once they didn't, she felt she had to engage. Really excited for the rest of the season!
  8. SUPERNATURAL “The Trap” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, LV) (HDTV) AS GOD IS MY WITNESS – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Eileen (guest star Shoshanna Stern) are faced with the brutal truth. Meanwhile Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Cass (Misha Collins) work together in the hopes of getting a step ahead of Chuck (Guest Star Rob Benedict). Robert Singer directed the episode written by Robert Berens (#1509). Original Airdate 1/16/2020. Source: CW
  9. Court dockets are public records - it's scheduled for Feb:
  10. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/entertainment/golden-globes/golden-globes-gifting-suite/2285426/
  11. Interesting article. I Agree Purgatory was formative for Dean. I too think Claire is dead.
  12. Now it’s official: Jared’s official straight to series order. https://ew.com/tv/2020/01/14/cw-early-series-orders-superman-and-lois-walker-texas-ranger-reboot/
  13. I always envision the ‘man of science’ Dr Rolf, performing some secret ritual (think Belloq opening the Lost Arc in Raider’s) to gather Gina/Rolf’s ‘essence’. Shockingly his face did not melt. Ciara crying over Victor - GIRL, you did that. Victor: pearl clutching over the word ‘twitsted’. Dude. Seriously? You personally stood behind Ben trying to murder him and you’re upset Ciara call you twisted? You have delusions about yourself. And where the hell is Maggie? Xander: it’s not much of a redemption if you can threaten to murder Ben and clearly mean it. You need to be around Maggie & Sarah again. I’m also Team “Evan-Is-The-Killer”. WHY does Sonny have the worst taste in men (except Will)? I like Rafe’s current storyline. AT LAST someone is seeing Hope is not Hope. But it also pisses me off that Ciara can’t see it.
  14. Haven't seen today's episode but I have to weigh in on an issue vital to national security: Cheap Blue Satin is no one's friend. It's wrinkly, it does nothing for one's figure. Ben's neckties had more style. Gabi looked awesome (although I'm currently loathing her storyline). Hattie's bubblegum pink lipstick was worse than the outfit. Marlena looked fresh from the 80's. All in all, this was not a good fashion night for DOOL. Back to the plot: - Lani, honey, Kristin is UNHINGED. The sister act was just a part she was playing. It was clearly insincere. Although you too have some 'splaining to do about your life choices. - I would like Gina and "Steffy" to go away now. - Brady, Brady, Brady. Dude. What are you doing with Nicole? I know she's coming onto you but you keep going to her. Back away. NOW. - Nicole. You were dead wrong to keep the secret from Eric. Stop whining about it. OTOH, Marlena can STFU with her 'don't hurt Brady' BS. I need Nicole to both have good judgement AND zippy one-liners. - Julie. STOP HAVING PARTIES. They don't work out. Or post a guard at the door and pre-screen arrivals. Seriously. It's like a curse or something.
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