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  1. It was definitely rape. Becca made that clear. Maybe I'm confused on who the "they" is you are referring to? I binged pretty much all of the show from S1 EP5 to end of S2 yesterday. It was a rare day off so I played hookie. Thoughts on where things stand: - Leaving Ryan with The Colonel is such a colossal mistake IMO. It's kinda 'par' for comic books but The Butcher needs to check up on him to make sure he isn't being trained to be an asshole and that he receives the emotional support he requires. Zero relatives at all. I'd have sent Butcher's weaksauce mother to him after the asshole dies. It's good that Butcher recognizes he's too f*cked up to raise a kid. Because he is. Maybe Hughie's Dad could look in on him. - Congresswoman HeadExploder seems like the new big bad for S3. And Hughie RIGHT in the middle of it. - I was glad to see Starlight put back on her cross. I get the genre and why religion is treated so badly*. But I think her faith was important to her. And she took a good view at the end. Her Mom also has some serious explaining to do. More than she has. Drugging your child is cold. - Conversely I was please to see The Collective's dude demise. EVIL. - I actually do wish Ryan and Butcher went to therapy. - Homelander is too far gone to save. The ounce of humanity was there but he's bought into normal people as "lesser" and expendable. They may try for redemption next season. I hope not. *Evangelical Christians have definitely brought this on themselves with the Trump devoted. I'm just over it. Maybe if the real world manages to deprogram a few it'll lay off.
  2. This brings me joy. TV is a fickle industry. At least he's got a good start. Let's hope he keeps up momentum. It's an excellent time to start a series. Mid-pandemic, winter, no Olympics, etc...
  3. SueB

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Initial thoughts: Good: - The Austin vibe. I liked the locations, the golden-toned hues, the Texas of it all. - Micki Ramirez, I love how tiny she is and yet clearly very tough. And her boyfriend? Yummmmmm. She better not kick him to the curb. - Complex family dynamic. There was a LOT going on. Means there will be plenty of story to tell. - Straightforward Case of the Week (COTW). I imagine there is a lot going on, a little surprised it's as far north as Austin but I'll handwave that away. - Walker dragging his friend out to two step. Saw some real charm there and want to see the full dancing in the future. The "Meh": - It's a pilot. There was a ton of data dump. Some cliché to some of the characters. - Walker being an asshole. It's clearly a plot point. He's going to get better. We're just watching him wrestle with the choices he's made. And clearly he's made some bad choices in the past year. I don't want a 'sensitive' Texas Ranger, but he's gotta stop being a jerk to those that don't deserve it. Save being a jerk for those that do. - They wife's murder mystery. I like Gen P. in the role but I'm not feeling it yet. (Note, I think I can easily get there but I'm not there yet), On the Fence: - The Captain. I'm already convinced he's the bad guy. Am I supposed to feel that way? Nope: - Walker's initial choices about the return, going out drinking with kids at home he has to connect with. I do NOT want his daughter being the one to pull him out of his funk but his parents seem too far grounded for him to be as irresponsible as he was at the beginning. In short, I need to understand WHY he's making unlikeable choices or he needs to stop it. Bottom Line; It's a pilot. I think it's got a lot of potential. I'm definitely going to continue to watch. I want to LIKE Walker more -- and I suspect I will. I saw some elements of fun, charm, and sincerity beneath the rough.
  4. I don’t think I agree with this. I think Jared feels he, and he alone, has the BEST handle on Sam as a character. He made a point in several interviews about changing three different lines of dialog in the finale. And that’s the not first time. I also don’t know if he always watches every episode (either of the boys). Some for sure, but not positive it’s every one. Also, he can’t simultaneously be guilty of lobbying for super Sam scripts (a complaint of the past by some, not me) AND also just perform what’s on the page. I think he’s more engaged in the character, based on conventions where he talks about how important Sam is to him. I will say that MY convention observations are more that Jared gets asked more/engaged more on HIS personal emotions (which I find over-the-line many times) or on the receiving end of a story of how he’s personally saved some fan from suicide*. Jensen’s M&Gs seem more Dean focused from what I’ve seen. There is one Asian lady (with a really heavy accent that makes it a strain to understand her always 2-min long wordy questions**) who goes to a lot of conventions and ALWAYS delves into the psychological damages Dean has suffered on the show. Back to Jared’s comment on what Dean wanted for Sam. Well, it’s Sam’s BELIEF on what Dean wanted. Doesn’t mean it’s what Dean actually wanted. I’d ask Jensen that. *Boundaries, many fans have demonstrated a lack of them. *Why yes, I do get annoyed at lengthy fan theories which are expressed and then a question asked at the end.
  5. I thought I start a thread for news that’s not directly ‘Walker’ but linked to the cast & crew. Men’s Health video visit with Jared: Go to the link inside the textfor the whole video. He looks so much better these days! Healthy, moving on. I really hope Walker is a success. That will help him a lot I think. He’s also got a great workout regime.
  6. Ice baths are HARD CORE. Those are his legs inside that tub (it took me a while to see it). He's obviously done it alot because his face is not showing the agony it is.
  7. Best line of my binge watch goes to Nicole: "Salem should really get a new coroner."
  8. But the plumbing is rusty, the foundation is cracked and her belfry is full of bats. And let's not even start on the rat's in her basement. On Gabi's swirl through town... I REALLY thought she would have a miracle pregnancy based on "oh baby!" spoiler from dayscafe. But then they dressed her in a tight outfit for her whirlwind visit. I'm hoping they just are bad at math and she waltzes back in town with a new baby.
  9. *waves* It's been a minute... all work and no play makes SueB a dull poster... Binged watched since October (thanks Peacock!). Gwen/Abigail/Chad/Jack/Jen plot - good to see JJ. Yep, Jack screwed up. But Jen is old enough to know that shit happens. If they had had an idyllic history and Jen never any trauma, I could see her being so shook at lack of trust. But she needs to move on. Gwen is playing the family by the seat of her pants and still succeeding. Kate - you go girl. She's getting some fine lovin' from Jake. I'm good with that. Gabi - what was THAT? She flounces in and out in a day. Weird. Go be with Ari. Get some humanity back. Tripp/Allie/Kayla/Steve/Nicole - I'm ready to move on now. Glad the real rapist reveal is out because it was so evident that there was a different story. Ava - You are a psychopath. And so VERY VERY cold to Charlie. I can only assume he's a chip off the old block. I HATE stories where one parent so favors one child over the other. I blame Charlie's madness on you. And he's so pathetic in his desire for your affection. You need to pay for how you twisted him. And I suspect he raped Allie because he was trying to hurt "Tripp's girl". GROSS. So very gross. Charlie needs to go to prison. Ava needs to be stranded on a desert island with no wine and no one to talk to. What is up with Phillip and the permanent scowl???? He slouches with sort of hunched shoulders (a weird combo) as he slinks about the place. Wash your hair. Also, you seem very dumb. Like a cardboard villain we are suppose to see depth in... so far I'm missing it. Xarah - I adore these two. I don't care if she's overly cutesy (and she is so very over the top, my apologies to those who can't stand it) I must admit I'm enjoying the banter. I liked her calling Xander a rookie when he had to go to the bathroom during their stakeout. I like Xander going on full alert regarding Ava. Sarah's Mata Hari routine is mildly entertaining but it all clashes bizarrely with her job as a DOCTOR. *shakes head* logic was never a soap strongsuit. Also non-sense - what the hell was the whole Jan Spears/Belle/Shawn arc for? Collectively, it sure looks like Salem has tuned into a younger generation as the story leads. Ben is just sort of randomly in the background for now - I think they must be planning a recast or hoping VK comes back because it's a weird limbo state.
  10. My Baker in Washington St has a lot of fresh powder... I think it’s a ski resort personally.
  11. That trailer also looks good. I think mystery wife with soulful look is a good role for her. I like the angle they are taking.
  12. I’m really excited to see this. I was surprised at how moved I was by the trailer. Truth: I probably would NOT have even clicked open the trailer if wasn’t for Jared but I was drawn in by it once opened.
  13. Dean getting cuddly with a dog is far easier for me to swallow than the well-adjusted Dean who was philosophical about Cas' death. I think Dean could eventually GET to that point (philosophical) but no matter how well he fronted, we were always able to see the pain behind the front. Jensen didn't suddenly lose acting abilities. He choose to play Dean well-adjusted. To me, that's the most important indicator of time passed. But again, different indicators tell a different story. So... uncerainty remains IMO.
  14. ‘Turning your Social Media over for a cause’ is a very common thing these days. In these forums Misha has generally stuck to ‘get out the vote’ activities — which has apparently become a partisan issue. But Misha, who has mobilized the fandom for years with GISH is very adept. Personally I think Misha is all about the cause he’s fighting for versus self-promoting. But his causes are definitely a ‘brand’. Ultimately we weren’t entitled to those gifts auctioned or bonus gag reel. Misha got others to invest in his cause. He raised $250K for a get out the vote campaign. I think it’s pretty tame.
  15. I see. I thought you were making a declarative statement on what was canon for that time period . Sorry for the confusion. To me, the period in question is 15.19 to 15.20.
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