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  1. One 8 hr session of brainwashing is insufficient, I do can what zombie science is involved. I loved Claire saying she was standing up for Ciara now.
  2. So... EP '19' is the 'Season Finale' and EP '20 is the 'Series Finale'. (see interview at 3:34). Well... is Chuck the Big Bad of the Season (Yes) or the Big Bad of Series (Maybe). I say "Maybe' because that certainly wasn't the PLAN each season that Chuck was really evil. Not when Kripke was ending it at S5. Arguably Chuck was no where in sight for S6-7 and it could have ended there. I'm speculating that the Boys resigned contracts two at a time and S8 had a pretty big shift -- which they pushed back into the latter half of S7 (bringing back Cas being the biggest item). Next contract renewal was for S10/11, which had the Amara/Chuck story ending as benevolent Gods. By that time Dabb WANTED to kill God but couldn't. Still, the on-screen thru S11 was Chuck was negligent but "good". He didn't really assume 'Big Bad' class until S14. Of course "maybe" ignores that they basically retconned Chuck INTO a series Big Bad in "Moriah". It definitely could go either way IMO but I think it's hard to see Chuck "defeated" in EP19 and not a force. Could be the whole "Amara' help thing. Here's an idea: If Amara puts Chuck in the cage - will it have an attendant Mark and will it be as toxic. Chuck has certainly TURNED toxic, but he's "creation" not "destruction" by nature. OTOH, maybe Amara's big move would be Cage-like but not exactly the same. I don't know. Conversely, who said ending the 'Big Bad' is a series finale requirement. Maybe the finale is setting up the post-Chuck universe. As in "Heavens, Hells, Purgatories. Empty" or some other construct for a singular or multiple universe. Seems necessary to me. Bottom Line for the TL;DR: With the segregation of "season" versus "series" between the two episodes, I'm thinking a "Chuck" resolution in EP19 and a "universe" resolution in EP20.
  3. I like the guy in the audition tape. If VK doesn’t have another acting gig lined up then she’s taking a massive risk IMO. GV showed the right way. He HAD another gig, then left. VK is one of a 1000 pretty girls with some screen time. It wouldn’t matter if she was a young Meryl Streep. Getting a job in Hollywood, even with credits, is damn hard.
  4. Boys are back in Vancouver. That bodes well for a Fall mini season.
  5. Talking about Jensen in Dark Angel.... I have to say, EVERYTHING said and read about the BTS seems seriously bad. From what I understand (especially listening to the commentary) plus TWOP board old comments: - There were definitely two "camps" on the show. Those who wanted Jensen's role leveraged and those who saw him as a threat to Michael Wetherly. - I used to try to take some of the shitty things said about MW (counting lines, insisting he get power legs....) with a grain of salt and THEN HE HARASSED Eliza Dushku on his show "Bull". The details that came out after that said to me MW is a freaking PREDATOR. - Now add James Cameron - who was clearly OBSESSED with Jessica Alba. They took and objectified teen and from what I can tell, created a bit of a monster. Of course MW swooped in and got engaged to her. She was 19 and he was THIRTY-TWO. And Cameron is like Whedon - portrays strong women but has no real respect for them. - So Jensen had a really rough time of it, from what I can tell. Pettiness all over the place, with writers and some producers recognizing his talent and that spurring MW and Jessica Alba to be obnoxious to him. - Now add James Cameron coming in and rewriting the finale to shape things according to HIS obsession (with MW's character as his 'avatar'). A massive lesson for Jensen on how NOT to run a show.
  6. I have a Dark Angel rant related to BTS... taking it to...."Cast in Other Roles"..
  7. Well, she's got signature BLUE eyes. So there's that.
  8. So Gabi has control of the house? I didn’t realize that. I though control went with the CEO-ship. With that in mind, I think they need to hire more ‘man servants’. Harold is old and there are now four family groups at Chez DiMera. Gabi - with Ari Chad with Abigail, Thomas and Charlotte Kate with visiting Lucas Jake and Gwen Other changes: Convert a large bedroom to a separate parlor so no everyone is trapping thru the same living room. Seal up all tunnel room. Put cameras and laser detectors in the hallway. May infrared sensors too. So you can quickly check if someone is down there. Honestly, I vote Theo for the next DiMera CEO.
  9. So Allie has the baby and skips town. This is not good. OTOH, I'm ready for her departure. She's very unfair with Will in that scene. Xarah. Well. Alrighty then. Nice torture porn for RSW fans. I hope they give an actual REASON for the nearly nakedness as oppose to just gratuitous. Jake looking down was hilarious. I must admit, I like the preview people for DOOL. They always go for the laugh.
  10. Ciara's non-apology to Claire is riding my last nerve. BUT, I have to admit, Claire digging out the patented "Brady pep talk" got to me. Eve doesn't stand a chance. The list of suspects dialog was pretty funny IMO. "PopPop?" Yes, Victor should ALWAYS be Suspect #1. Good call Claire. And it's a real betrayal by Eve to frame Claire. I did like the humanity Claire previously brought out in Eve. I love KDP, I don't like the cheese-tastic dialog right now in the Ben storyline. Allie is an opportunistic brat. I mean I can't stand bluster-Sami but the way Allie is constantly leveraging the baby AGAINST her own mother is just pissing me off. Nicole DID do well with Allie during the delivery process. But I think Nicole should step VERY carefully in the next few scenes with Sami. Sami raised a brat. Sami IS a brat. But Eric LOVES his sister. So she needs to put the needles away and stop poking the bear on this one. I was surprised Allie did NOT want to hold the baby. It makes total sense, if she's committed to giving the baby up for adoption, she saved herself and the baby some pain of separation later by not holding the baby. In fact, adoption is unambiguously the most mature thing Allie has done. She just needs to leave town, GET A REAL JOB, and become financially independent from her family. BTW... call me stunned that Brady skipped town and literally NO ONE has mentioned it.
  11. Have you noticed that the first 6-8 mins are now COMPLETE repeats of the previous days' episode? With that and flashbacks I swear they are down to 30min a day new footage. ETA: With obvious production cost cuts and now older stars leaving, I think the problem is clear to me. It's NOT an NBC product. It's a Corday(?) product sold to NBC. So right off the top there a profit taking percentage that goes to the production company. To get costs down they have to go 'greener' (i.e. younger actors with less tenure). CIN is big but they need more younger, interesting, couples. And BIG paychecks like KA's has to go down. And Wilson has tenure -- so I could see them cutting them out (for now) and bringing them back later. Essentially keeping as many irons in the fire as they can. For example, these past few weeks have featured the return of Sami for a brief stint. A little Sami goes a LONG DAMN WAY. AS is cool with the arrangement so it's a win-win. I get them trying to put KA on that schedule and her saying 'no'. I also wonder how much it costs to keep Marlena around. She's a big fish paycheck. I'm getting the impression SSH and DH work for peanuts. Like semi-retired. Which is why we have more of them than necessary. Josh Taylor also strikes me as a retiree. James Reynold as well. So.. with the Coronavirus shutdown, they are resetting a lot of arraignments. If they are to survive they have to . I imagine they plot out their budget in 4 week increments, load up what they can afford, and THAT drives plot.
  12. 1-2 per month..... I'd say somewhere around 20. At least they didn't go to Kidnap Kabin.
  13. The torture scene was torture. And not in a ‘ooh good job’ way.
  14. Ben doesn’t need reprogramming. Take him off his meds and nudge a bit.
  15. I meant the other way around. Ciara apologize to Clair. Typing while distracted error.
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