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  1. - So Zoey had a boy. I think puts the nail in the coffin on any more Mother’s Day baby swaps. - Chad: I think Chad SHOULD go with Abigail. Not to make sure she goes but to make sure the place is safe and she feels comfortable. I get Abigail not wanting him to see her this way but that’s marriage (in sickness and in health). She needs someone watching her back. After he last experience they both need the conditions to be clear — that Sh can leave if she wants. That she can refuse meds if she wants. That she can make daily phone calls. On the other hand, something fishy IS going on so everyone is a suspect in my mind. - Orpheus. Please let this be over soon.
  2. So VERY true. It’s just... approaching George Hamilton orange. Thanks for the quote tip @Petunia13 ! I was glad Victor put up some resistance to firing Xander. And I think the old man has an actual soft heart for him now. The other day there was a moment when Victor touched his hand. I was pleased to see that. So... I’m hoping that he ‘fires’ Xander and yet keeps him either on the payroll or maintains a relationship with Xander. Is it possible that Victor senses Brady’s revenge is more important to Brady than taking care of Titan? Or is he blind to Brady suddenly having a ‘price’. This is the man who moved out with Theresa, the man who kept Kristin at the mansion. Except for the heinous start to his relationship with Eve, I think Brady has proven he’s happy to live without Titan. I’m a little surprised if Victor has bought into Brady’s forgiveness being buy-able. My poor Xander. He was hoping to see Mickey. 😞 He misses her. My favorite bit was when he was trying to tell Sarah that sleeping with Brady was not a healthy choice. It’s comments like that which make me convinced he’s not going to slide back to EVOL mode. I think Ciara DOES represent the ‘Instagram’ culture. Where everything is photo-worthy. A ‘yay me!!’ Attitude. I think this is something the writers are catering too. Kayla ... you have sunk the SS Jayla ship for good. She’s been trying so hard to convince herself but it’s not going to work. Gabi, Gabi, Gabi. Get a lawyer, he’ll get you out of these charges. The real question is WHO is actually drugging Abigail. I think Chad is a suspect. They need Abigail away for whatever thing Stefano set in motion to work. That’s why she was drugged IMO. Finally, Sarah is still slightly unbalanced with the whole revenge plot. This will not end well for her.
  3. Random Thought: Has anyone checked to see if Salem is built on a cursed burial ground? Just checking.
  4. - Good job bringing Eric around Nicole. Now go find Brady. - Sarah + drinking = BAD DECISIONS - Go Xander! I’m totally buying Xander's transformation. His FIRST thought when he heard from Rafe was to think of Maggie. He went to the Police Station to bail out Sarah. And now he’s going to save Maggie. This is a redemption arc I like. Please don’t backslide. - Sarah was awfully quick to move on from horror at Kristin on the run to revenge. That should have been a longer talk. Brady didn’t say enough IMO to sell that story.
  5. Argggg... as I was just speculating ... Xander gets screwed over by Victor. I need Maggie to give him some love and encourage him to keep trying. Do BETTER. But keep trying. Victor is a shit. NO. MORE. BABY. MAMA. DRAMA. At least give us 4 months without it.
  6. Well, it's been a minute. I moved houses and what-not. Took me a while to catch up both with the show and the on-line posting. So... here's a massive data dump of feels/thoughts, bolded for skimming: Baby Mama Drama: Rex is the MVP. LG has about 15 emmy reel options. Loved Xander just trying to help (he really DOES love her and the Baby). Was Brady dropped on his head as a child? Just saying -- I can see HOW the story wrote it to make rational sense to Brady in Brady-view but it's thin (bottom line - he didn't want to lose access to Tate. That's it. That's the rationale). I think Kristin will protect Rachel from harm (and get her medical follow-up), but Kristin needs to avoid any kind of stress whatsoever because she's got a Hyde side with an instinct to kill. Not Rachel, never Rachel, but anyone who is a threat to Rachel. Eric/Nicole: If ONLY his speech hadn't called Rachel 'the most important person in the world to me', I would have been okay with it. He had very good points. But it came across "me, me, me!" a bit. At the end, when Nicole hugged him ... I swear the look on her face was 'come here man-baby, let me distract you so you don't do something you'll regret." I swear, she knows EXACTLY who she has as a future husband (that's coming, right?). Gabi/Jake: Love to see the Stabi-vibe back. I am convince Rolf was lying, but I'm also convinced Jake is Stephan's body. Now... WHO's personality is on the chip in his head? Before Stevano went to surgery, he gave instructions to Rolf to execute some backup plan. I think Jake could be sporting a Stefano chip in his Stefan body. And Jake is a backstory written up by Rolf. Because there was too much brain damage with the bullet, so there was some serious 'weird science' shit with this particular transformation. Cin: I've come to accept them as a couple and enjoyed Ben worried about Hope. I do find Ciara seriously entitled and she needs to learn some humility. I expect Eve, JJ, Eric (he lost Serena), and the mid-wife's family to always shun Ben. And I think Ciara needs to accept that. I'm actually okay with how Will/Ben bonded. Will's choice, and it's in keeping with his personality. But WHO will be the maid of honor/best man? I'd vote for crazy cakes (Claire) and Will. New Zoey works better for me than old Zoey. I am alone in this, I understand. I'm glad she violated her attorney/client privilege. Christen does accept responsibility for murdering Jordan. That's an issue for me. Orpheus can fall in a hole. Anytime now. Please. Maggie: My dear sweat soap-opera Queen! What a run she has had. Brilliant acting. Julie racing out there to gossip is just so ... Julie. Lani/Eli - I'm ready to move on . It was very Lani of her to let Kristin go. And I think she's a better cop than most. Justin - this is not going to work out in the end. You know it. The audience knows it. I feel bad for you. Abigail TOUCHED the Phoenix ring a while back. Maybe it's got some slow-acting mental poison that Rolf designed. Scary story, enjoying the way they show the hallucinations. I blame Stefano. Wants: Xander to continue being supported by Victor (but I'm worried about that... Victor wants to win Brady back... Xander getting shafted could be Brady's price). I want him to continue to support Sarah. Sarah & Maggie: I want them to be in a room with a lot of chocolate, Netflix, and comfy pajamas. Where they can cry and hug and support each other. Kate to get the job from Abe.
  7. https://deadline.com/2020/05/supernatural-the-cw-shoot-final-two-episodes-in-late-summer-flexible-1202935001/ A quote from Pedowitz Original from Deadline I think
  8. Hmmmm. Maybe Abby is triggering by the drugging and now goes back to grandma for more treatment.
  9. I'm mystified by the Orpheus motivation. Who is hurt the by drugging Maggie -- because THAT's the act. Is it Victor he wants to punish? Was he hoping Maggie would drive drunk and get killed? Or was it to set up Maggie for killing Adrienne and Sarah? Scenario (waaaay convoluted... hang with me): - Sarah was early into labor. So, maybe Sarah was ALSO drugged to send her into labor. - Summer is an asshat who works with Orpheus. Orpheus sends in Summer to divert Maggie and get Maggie her to the edge of drinking. Orpheus or Evan drug Maggie while the other one runs Adrienne/Sarah off the road. MAYBE they were simply hoping that Sarah/Adrienne would die and it would look like Maggie's fault. THAT would kill Maggie and crush Victor. - Xander is the fly in the Chardonnay, he gets Henderson to get Maggie home and 'saves' Sarah. Will is also an unexpected complication, taking the blame. The baby died naturally and the switch was ALL on Victor/Xander but this just makes shit worse eventually. Regardless, the baby is a DNA match for Kristin. And Baby Mickey likely died due to the car crash. I don't think we have another baby swap.
  10. SueB


    I’m doing a rewatch. FULL SERIES SPOILERS WARNING I’m up to Reichenbach Falls. Knowing how it turns out, I saw things from a different perspective. I could see the setup much more clearly. It’s still a shock when Moriarty shoots himself. Molly is the MVP in this episode. I just love her. And I want to wrap Watson up in a blanket and hug him. It’s hard to watch his pain.
  11. Tuition loans are brutal. Gabi hitting Abi (DO NOT SCROLL_it's from the spoiler thread): https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/6224-spoilers-and-shockers/?do=findComment&comment=6027796
  12. With Eric & Brady now in on the suspicions about Mackenzie, how is it possible that there's a Xarah wedding in the Spring? Does EVERYONE keep it from the mothers until some dramatic moment when Eric can interrupt the wedding to let Sarah know the baby is not hers? Because: 1) Salem wedding so of course we need DRAMA 2) It would be the WORST time to tell Sarah 3) The menfolk know better than the womenfolk on Days -- until someone loses an EYE.
  13. The fight: Thermonuclear war. Both lose. Both fired to deeply hurt the other in a meaningful way. I want them to come back from this, I don’t know how. And this fight was coming since childhood. Beth: Wins the most entertaining award. Her reactions were priceless. BabyMama: I’m GLAD Madison is pregnant. This is her miracle birth. I’m glad Kevin is all-in. Loved her telling a barista who wasn’t ‘invested’. Horse Girl: Just another TIU ‘moment of clarity from random stranger.’ Miguel: He does whatever Rebecca wants. He made that choice a long time ago and it’s not going to change. I loved Sophie’s reaction to the billboard. Nicky remains a hoot. I’m glad he & Cassidy are still buddies. I’m glad Toby & Kate adopt another child. Finally, I think the makeup is off for the aging in the future. I think they’ve really created a continuity issue with the various children’s ages too. When they give us ‘the answer’ on the date, I’ll shrug and move on.
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