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  1. Popping back in after a theee week binge watch: -Gwen/Xander -Gander? - works for me. - Oh Jack. It’s gonna hurt whe. The inevitable truth comes out (a guess, not a spoiler) -Team Chabby FTW! - Johnny is scum. Making a tell-all about his MOTHER?!?! Dude has issues. -Will! Good to see you. You should not have given Johnny that script. -Doug. I don’t know if I can deal with this preposterous storyline. - EJ is a schmuck. - I’m happy with the Bonnie whitewash. I want Justine happy.
  2. Late to the party… but aI had to post about the Ericole breakup: The acting was A+. And the dialog on Nicole’s part is some of the best writing I’ve seen. My heart broke when she said ‘You married me!’ It’s like she was clinging to that truth because Eric made her feel so unwanted. And I like that she brought up him still being a priest in his sense of mission. I think they should have recast, however, rather than break them up. It was so obvious that it was done because Greg left the show. And while ITA, him staying in Africa too long and screwing up his marriage was i
  3. Marlena is going to figure Lumi out. So EJ is a jealous troll now? Why is Sami..SAMI… scared of him? I’ve just binged watched the last two weeks, my quick thoughts. 1) Kate is Deadpool. As in the Super’hero’ (he would want me to put the hero part in quotes). She is without a doubt the biggest badass in Salem. And her superpower is she can’t be killed. My heart still breaks for her regarding Jake. Jake was too young for her but I still liked them together. And yes, I’m happy to get my Stabi fix with Jabi (is that a little too on the nose?). 2) TEAM XANDER! He really was
  4. Well the April fool's pranks are fun. I don't know if they will pass them off as 'dreams' or just let the episode stand on it's on with a big "April Fools" at the end. If dreams: - Bonnie is dreaming of hunky Xander turning into a priest and then she has her way with him - John is dreaming Sami puts him in Statesville and taunts him as she plans to inject a lethal dosage - Jan (I think it's Jan) dreams of 'ugly' Belle, 'ugly' Chloe, and having her way with a Shawn - and poor Patch dreams Sweetness is given birth to the spawn of Stephano OR... these are all fever dreams of a soon-
  5. I hope the trunk thing means Sarah is not dead. The character deserves better.
  6. So upset about Xarah.
  7. WHY are they making me like Bonnie with those one liners?!?! I love Judi Evans but I don’t know if I can like Bonnie. Her Lucas rape was too icky. Arrrrggg. I like the Gabi/Abi team up.
  8. I did an abbreviated catch up today. Quick thoughts: - The Susan persona is just not funny to me. - Allie - she’s her mother’s daughter on the ‘don’t get caught’ line - I’m so over Sami-arrested-for-murder plots. Has she gone over double digits now? -ORKClaire vs NuClaire - I’m trying to mentally image ORKClaire with these lines, this plot line. And I keep expecting there’s more depth there than what I’m seeing. NuClaire seem pretty mentally healthy. That’s a good thing for the character but a little slipping would make her more realistic. - Yay for Xander and Sarah! I
  9. The sheer number of possibilities in this show seems unbounded. And that's freaky. We've crossed so many lines here: - Vision has apparent sentience and independence without the mindstone. - Her 'brother' recast is from the 1960's (unless his character doesn't age). Which means temporal anomaly in addition to potentially multiverse. - SWORD seems shady - and within the cinematic MCU, we've never heard of them before. WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? Is this still the Endgame universe? Seems like it but... IDK. As for Wanda - between the pain and confusion and moments of both contr
  10. This brings me joy. TV is a fickle industry. At least he's got a good start. Let's hope he keeps up momentum. It's an excellent time to start a series. Mid-pandemic, winter, no Olympics, etc...
  11. SueB

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Initial thoughts: Good: - The Austin vibe. I liked the locations, the golden-toned hues, the Texas of it all. - Micki Ramirez, I love how tiny she is and yet clearly very tough. And her boyfriend? Yummmmmm. She better not kick him to the curb. - Complex family dynamic. There was a LOT going on. Means there will be plenty of story to tell. - Straightforward Case of the Week (COTW). I imagine there is a lot going on, a little surprised it's as far north as Austin but I'll handwave that away. - Walker dragging his friend out to two step. Saw some real charm there and want
  12. I don’t think I agree with this. I think Jared feels he, and he alone, has the BEST handle on Sam as a character. He made a point in several interviews about changing three different lines of dialog in the finale. And that’s the not first time. I also don’t know if he always watches every episode (either of the boys). Some for sure, but not positive it’s every one. Also, he can’t simultaneously be guilty of lobbying for super Sam scripts (a complaint of the past by some, not me) AND also just perform what’s on the page. I think he’s more engaged in the character, based on
  13. I thought I start a thread for news that’s not directly ‘Walker’ but linked to the cast & crew. Men’s Health video visit with Jared: Go to the link inside the textfor the whole video. He looks so much better these days! Healthy, moving on. I really hope Walker is a success. That will help him a lot I think. He’s also got a great workout regime.
  14. Ice baths are HARD CORE. Those are his legs inside that tub (it took me a while to see it). He's obviously done it alot because his face is not showing the agony it is.
  15. Best line of my binge watch goes to Nicole: "Salem should really get a new coroner."
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