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  1. Shannon was the only one to get the low down camera angle. Whatever possessed her to wear a such a short dress? Don’t they check themselves in a sitting position before going on stage. 🙄 And I want to see her walk in those silly platform shoes. There is no way Brauny should be allowed back after Shannon’s revelation.
  2. Oops. Apologies for confusing everybody. I tend to do that a lot. I’m in Canada, eh! 🇨🇦 Rewatching the series is like a whole new experience after the Dabb seasons.
  3. I agree with whoever said the room wasn’t set up for a long term stay. No TV. There was a giant mirror so Cindy could check out the expanding mounds of fat. She just laid there staring into space. We didn’t meet any of Cindy’s family but I’m wondering if she had money. Her giant sized clothes looked nicer than usual, and an Apple Watch, Mac notebook, etc. i have nothing but respect for caregivers, but Sandy might’ve had ulterior motives. The cameras were never around for feeding time at Sandy’s. And by the end she’d gained along with Cindy. I think Cindy was clinically depressed and possibly could’ve afforded the necessary therapy and medication... just my opinion
  4. What was her friend feeding her? I don’t understand. Her friend seemed so hung ho to help. We didn’t see Cindy phoning take out or even actually eating. This episode had hardly any eating. Just whining. Lots of whining. Maybe the caregiver just wanted TV exposure because Cindy gained under her care. She didn’t help at all. Anyway Cindy has maybe 5 years left. She’ll eat herself to death. Humans are an odd species. Eat themselves to death, some starve themselves to death. It’s a mad mad mad world
  5. I just watched the Siren episode on Amazon. Dabb would’ve gone for the obvious, so It’s interesting that the Siren isn’t a busty beauty from the strip club which one would expect considering its Dean, but an FBI agent who’s wowed by Deans cool car and enthusiastically shares his taste in music, etc. They get on like a house on fire. A few scenes of their budding rapport are missing from Amazon, but one gets the idea right away that Dean is starving for a guy friend. Kind of sad really that his line of work kept him a loner Also, the Siren has Dean and Sam brawling till the death, although equally skilled and equally affected by the Siren it’s Dean that wins and would’ve killed Sam if it wasn’t for Bobby arriving just in time.LOL Some early episodes get me bit frustrated now, especially Watching Zach so desperately invested in getting Dean to say yes to Michael. Almost painful to watch now.
  6. I don’t know that they want to advertise the puppy breeding that’s going on. We only get glimpses of the unfortunate animals confined in cages. But it’s probably financing the ‘hobby farm’. I agree many of these stories are manufactured drama for our entertainment.
  7. Is Brandon an only child and how did Ma and Pa manage the morning chores before Julia arrived? It’s upsetting to see dogs and puppies in cages. Adopt from a shelter, not a puppy mill. Stick a fork in Mike, he’s done with Natalie. I doubt they’re even having sex. The Rebecca and Zied situation is a set up, although I don’t think Zied is in on the joke. She’s had loads of time to get the flat ready for Baby.
  8. He didn’t care about Supernatural. He wanted his spin off to be picked up. When that didn’t happen he got in a snit and just didn’t give a fuck. What kind of show runner would green light that high wire marionette fight?Jensen was pissed enough to complain ... Jensen — a true professional and class act criticized this scene out loud on a convention stage at least twice. He wasn’t in any of the zoom calls, was he even in that last shot on the bridge?
  9. I sometimes feel bad for AWESOME on this board. She must feel like a lone voice sometimes, nevertheless she clearly states her case to explain and support Sam and is always polite and respectful.
  10. Gorgeous warm sunny day at the beach, everyone in breezy summer dresses and there’s Shannon .... black polyester and stomach taped with electrical tape. They should be more appreciative, I’m in the icy north 🇨🇦 In the middle of a serious lockdown.
  11. Apparently Jared wanted to produce a series staring Jensen as Walker. Would’ve been a very different Walker .... 😂
  12. There’s a Brit show called ‘Fat Doctor’ that’s quite interesting and not so formulaic. Some episodes are on YouTube. Bariatric surgery is probably free under the NHS, but with a long waiting list I’d guess. Before surgery the doctor has them drink nothing but milk for weeks to shrink the liver. Dr Now never does this.
  13. They have to shake up the formula. It’s all becoming too repetitive. Different name, same whiny shit every week. Still at least no tattoos, and she did wear shoes. And Dr. Now needs to buy a white belt and a condo and retire to Florida. He’s done his bit.
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