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  1. Dean is the wind beneath Sam’s wings. Without Dean, Sam falters and falls. Sorry AWESOME but that’s how I see it.
  2. They’re either screeching or sobbing about something but all I can focus on is the cheap looking horrid bunches of fake hair glued or stapled to scalps. It must be so painful, no wonder they’re yelling and squealing all the time. Do the camera guys purposely film the back of their heads...?
  3. Pondlass1

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Yes Amazon suggested the fire stick thingy. $69. I do have a blue ray player...maybe my 16 year old neighbour can drop by to help in terms of downloading. Thanks for suggestions 😊 I just wish life was simpler.
  4. Pondlass1

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    No Supernatural on Netflix Canada. I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription. The Netflix original movies are abysmal with some really dire acting. I signed up for Amazon Prime only to discover my smart tv is too old and I cannot download the app. Network tv is dying and program streaming is the future, but I don’t want to fork out for a whole bunch of different streaming options.
  5. Pondlass1

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Kareeny and Pole have an amazing cell phone plan and reception. But once the money runs out and they can’t pay the bill, how are they supposed to communicate? Kareeny has learned more English than Pole has Portuguese, maybe English is easier? But pregnancy doesn’t become her.
  6. Pondlass1

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Most everything we see is producer driven with camera crew in tow. Arguments are set up for when cameras can film, Jenny probably spends her time chatting with film crew not alone. Etc. Etc. But whoever came up with the notion of Upset Pole climbing into that chicken coop or whatever it was and closing the door... well, it was pure TV gold. Moments like this are why I’m still watching. 🤓
  7. Pondlass1

    Supernatural Ending

    I think Jensen has landed something.
  8. Jensen just doesn't seem to age. No receding hairline, nothing. Maybe a few crinkles around the eyes but that's it. Superhero movies bore me to death. The only one I liked was Deadpool. But I know I'm in the minority. I want him to be happy and challenged too. I don't think huge fame and fortune is his bag anyway. He'd just get annoyed with all the attention. LOL.
  9. Pondlass1

    S01.E10: Rolling the Dice

    I don’t for one minute think Evil and Cory are real. They might be a couple in RL but their deal is a set up for our entertainment. She’s just too evil and he’s too naive. It doesn’t make sense, he’s supposedly spent months there before. I think people are noticing. It’s too obvious with these two.
  10. Pow kept complaining Roos is never home and away too much, but next breath she says she can’t stand him ~ I think she even said she can’t stand his breathing. Any Moldovians here? Is Andrrrray’s hairstyle popular in Moldova? If Nicole and Azan are being paid to be on the show, then they should come clean There is nothing more irritating than Nicole’s stupid smug smirks and Azan’s twisted grins. Mother should try for legal guardianship of May or she’s going to dragged off to a country where women have no rights. And she needs to stop funding the money drain to Morocco. But If those two actually get married I’ll eat my hat. Literally.
  11. Pondlass1

    Small Talk: The Impala

    I loved Buffy and Angel and have the boxed sets and often watch the DVDs. I watched both series 'live' but didn't get involved in online discussions or complaints about writing or anything like that. I don't even know if there was an outlet for that kind of thing back then. Maybe there was, but it was much smaller. I just watched episodes and liked some more than others. Whoever came up with the annoying 'potentials' storyline killed the show, although I think SMG was done anyway. Supernatural - well, Dean Winchester - has been my only passion since 2012. And even that is waning now, thanks to Dabb and his weird grudge against the character. When he came on board Dabb got too focused on 'hunters'. Everyone and their aunt was suddenly a super hunter. The notion of 'hunting' became a dashing and daring thing. It used to be a furtive and dirty and dangerous. Hunters were messed up crazies most of the time. They worked at night and alone. Dabb cleaned it all up and turned it into nothing at all. The whole crux of the show was now - nothing at all. He totally missed out on what fans wanted from Mary- a family for Dean and Sam. Because they were truly the lost boys. But, of course, Dabb was so hellbent on his 'it's all about hunting, y'all' jag that Mother was drained of motherly warmth and an overnight hunting sensation. (Although more of a Tell than a Show when it came to Mary and hunting TBH. She seemed pretty stupid most times) And now we have Jack - served up as Teen Castiel for the twitter crowd. Whereas audiences had an opportunity to connect with Cas before his powers waxed and waned according to plot - we've not had the same opportunity with Jack. He was foisted on us To see Castiel lost or beaten or an enemy of the boys was difficult - to see Jack coughing up blood actually made me laugh. Anyway I realize I've gone on too long and probably in the wrong thread. I have the horrible suspicion season 15 will be like some poorly composed Fanfiction. Trying to please anyone but the one loyal fans that actually care. My only excitement at the moment is where Jensen's career will take him.
  12. Pondlass1

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Tiffany has the best and prettiest eye makeup of all reality tv franchises, including all the real housewives. I’m so tired of over the top false eyelashes trend
  13. What’s up with Azan, unless it’s their TV reception? He looked like a giant head on narrow sloping shoulders in that preview. i wonder how he’s going to explain where the $6K went. Poor May. 😠
  14. I am sad for humanity if The Family Chantel is what TLC thinks audiences want as a spin off. All of them on that sofa are nasty except maybe Nicole who lives in her own little smug delusion. Reality TV is just fake stupid drama nowadays.
  15. Jensen will put his heart and soul into the episode he’s directing, but I think he’s moved on and looking to the horizon...