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  1. Jensen will put his heart and soul into the episode he’s directing, but I think he’s moved on and looking to the horizon...
  2. Pondlass1

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    While they’re handing out Emmy nominations, they should give one to Aladdin for that enthusiastic performance at the airport and the removal of stinky shoe without gagging
  3. Is the hair still fluffy under there, Jensen 😍
  4. Pondlass1

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Why do they always look so much worse and haggard during these reunions? Is it cruel lighting or something?
  5. Pondlass1

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    The supposed ‘test’ of finding his way was a joke. I doubt Corey spent more than a few minutes in that bus so they could get some footage. He no doubt travelled in the production equipment van alongside his suitcases and camera crew. Corey is presented as a doofus and Evelyn as pure evil - all for our tv entertainment. They’ve gone overboard with these two imo.
  6. Oh if only they can stay away from trying to please the tweens and twitter demos and give us a grown up season. 😬
  7. Pondlass1

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Much of this is set up for entertainment. Note the camera angles when Camille was attacking, they were perfect. Her badly fitted hair extensions on full view. Great work camera folk. I don’t have a problem with Denise sprinkling every sentence with F-bombs, I’m no prude, but here in Canada she’s beeped with a really loud beep every time and it’s really annoying. Really annoying!! Surely after 9pm we can be allowed to hear the dreaded word since we all know what it is
  8. Pondlass1

    S01.E06: Another World

    Me too. She's too hard as nails and he's too dumb and spineless. I think we're being especially set up with these two. Who was the guy getting his whole face waxed? Yikes! that hair will be growing and itchy within hours. Watching Pole run is the funniest thing.
  9. They have to find new people for Pillow Talk. This bunch have become repetitive and boring now, Maybe keep bed hopping Annie and David. The rest can go.
  10. Pondlass1

    Small Talk: The Impala

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA 🇨🇦 152 years old today!
  11. Pondlass1

    S04.E10: Sparks Will Fly

    Pao and Roos are getting boring so they’ve introduced the nasty idiot best friend. TLC is so obvious sometimes. He’ll probably arrive for a visit Andrrrrrrrei surely was adopted? But all the sisters inherited dad’s face. Sister Pedro is the purest form of bitch. Pedro has his green card. Mission accomplished. Now family Pedro must work toward divorce for their son. Thing is, I think he cares for Chantel. Larissa and Coltee - it’s all so odd and suspicious. But Debbie will have her man to herself again. No doubt. Ashley is literally vibrating with hate. Girl wants her revenge. Azan will soon run out of family emergencies and be forced to change his number. Thus ending the cash handouts. But the sea is filled with desperate fish.
  12. Chantel’s voice drives me up the wall.
  13. Then it will be obvious from episode 15 on. Subtlety is not Dabb’s thang. My take is Dean dies....
  14. I don’t like lots of people knowing the ending. Plus I’d rather it ended organically , not a target to aim for. Under any other showrunner ok, but not heavy handed Dabb. I'm more and more worried about season 15. 😳
  15. That’s gotta be one of Dean’s T-shirts from set. So great to hear something besides Whipping Post.