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  1. I didn’t like the red hat. But loved the interview. Jensen is always so Zen. It’s sad to witness his enthusiasm for the western knowing what we know now. I thought Jared had given up drinking. He needs to give up Twitter 🙄
  2. The one thing I’ve always appreciated about those early seasons is that we weren’t inundated with flashbacks or lengthy exposition, (which I’m sure we would’ve got with Dabb in charge) but mostly left to our own thoughts and feelings regarding the brothers’ upbringing. Little hints and scenes dropped in here and there, never clobbered over the head. With the right actors, involved writers and a decent budget the formative years story of the Winchesters could be awesome. It’s a great story.
  3. Is that all the beer they give you in first class? No wonder Dean didn’t like flying
  4. I agree. My teeth would grate at Tamra, Vicki and Kelly. But at least they weren’t boring and I was keen to check in again the following week to see the outcome of all the drama. But now I don’t care anymore… sigh. The drama is forced. The acting is bad. The outings production arranged. And I have this strong desire to punch Heather in her grinning smug face (and I’m a pacifist y’all).
  5. Are we going to have an Erika wannabe in every Ho Wives franchise now? Coz…. ratings?
  6. They never wrote a real ending. They just stopped the story.
  7. I drape my towel over the radiator so it’s lovely and warm when I step out of the shower. (It’s an old house☺️)
  8. For plot reasons. There has to be a secret or something so they all eventually go bat shit crazy. Otherwise it’d just be obscene wealth dullsville. No one is in diamond studded masks?
  9. I think Jenny is basically a nice person but what attracts her to Sumit is a mystery to me. Ok, he’s young … that’s about it. But he lies, he’s not supportive or even particularly caring as far as I can see. Hope she enjoys years of good health, because he’s not going to nurse her and I don’t know what the Indian healthcare system is like if she falls ill.
  10. Sumit just wants to drag out the I don’t want to get married storyline for the TLC paycheque.
  11. I think the only thing I ever “liked” about Erika was the fact that she actually appeared to eat and enjoy food while the others left it all on their plates. I’m not a professional or anything but I’m thinking she’s a full blown narcissist (after researching Google). Being called a liar would totally drive her over the edge. Narcissists expect to be believed no matter how crazy the story.
  12. I don’t know about editing or timelines, but Ari seemed to have lost a lot of weight in a very short period during her stay in the US. However her baby appears happy, outgoing and thriving. Maybe grandma is doing much of the caretaking. Babies pick up on sour faces and moods, I think, and that’s Ari’s demeanour most of the time. Ari has issues. She’s lived as a princess resulting in a lack of maturity, selfishness and a need to control. If Bini could emigrate and be with Ari 24/7 she still would not be happy. She’s over him. Why do these 90DF gals never use protection?
  13. So Sumit has to wriggle out of marriage yet again. It’s humiliating for Jenny who seems a nice enough person although not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Why she’s so keen on Sumit is beyond me. He’s younger and has hair, but that’s all he’s got going for him. Maybe he assumes the TLC money will stop once they marry? Has he ever worked? Evelin has a large mole on her neck which she should have checked. Stray dogs and cats living in Turkey are apparently provided water and food by shopkeepers and the community and even blankets when it gets cold. Steven gives me the wil
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