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  1. I thought this episode really revealed the tiny budget they work with these days. The puny number of overly zealous, over-acting audience extras for the cage scenes was especially cringe worthy. Last week Castiel talked about a fight with Leviathans and then what? Sat by a tree waiting for Dean to happen by despite the fact they were under a time constraint. WTF! It's actually embarrassing to watch now. I can't even bring myself to watch live any more. And if it's bad luck, then why did Dean have cavities and is lactose intolerant? Bad luck is Baby not working or credit card denied! The Twitter Crowd all seem hunky dory with it but I'm not. Dabb had better rectify things next week when they drive to Alaska (of all places!). These boys don't need capes or tights or gizmos. They're human heroes. They're team free will not Chuck's puppets or whims. 😕 I wish Chuck was still prophet and writer. The God SL is spoiling everything (for me) and Rob doesn't possess the heavyweight gravitas or whatever to carry it off. But it was funny when Garth - I think it was Garth - mentioned something about Sam's furrowed brow not having its usual effect. Jared does resort to that look quite a bit. LOL The dance sequence was odd and out of place. Dean would surely dream of a strip club or bar? However it turned out to be the best bit of the whole episode -- especially as I'm still seething over it all being Chuck's stupid story -- and showed the world Jensen can pretty much do anything. I think some Twitter folk are actually accusing him of auditioning for his next gig. LOL Like probably many of you here... I took tap as a child. It's flipping hard. We used to practice to the Stones' song Emotional Rescue. It's a great beat for tap. I was never any good.
  2. When Dean returned from hell he mentioned to Sam that he’d been ‘rehyminated’, bent fingers straightened, etc. So I’ve always liked to think that every time they’re cosmically healed for some reason, arteries are unblocked, cavities fixed, scars faded, Dean’s liver refreshed, etc. So I was ok with it. This latest episode kind of drew attention to something I don’t want attention drawn to. I can accept normal with a bit of destiny and cosmic influence. I don’t want it pointed out and explained. I wish Chuck had remained Chuck Shirley prophet and writer. Making him god has spoiled a lot of storylines (for me, anyway).
  3. Silly me. I thought they were going to fight Maul (or whatever) in the cage and somehow win through skill and experience. They are human heroes after all. But of course Dabb couldn’t have that! He hates this show doesn’t he?
  4. It’s ruined everything for me. How am I supposed to enjoy the early seasons now?
  5. I wonder if there’ll be a Part Two or follow up? How much did that huge lymphoma weigh? Surely it was removed at some point. Dirty sheets, depressing room. I even thought I saw a bug crawling on him. It’s sad how people can sink so low into depression. This level of obesity is more about mental illness than junk food addiction. Dr Now possesses a kind disposition, but people like JT need therapy and lots of it. We only get one chance at life and he could’ve been a handsome guy living a much fuller life. So sad. Hope he’s ok. The wee dog too.
  6. Purgatory has blue skies and green grass now and apparently almost empty of vampires and leviathans. If Benny is dead where is he now? With no disrespect to the wonderful Rob Benedict, why wouldn’t God pick a taller, handsomer vessel? Dean towering over him was quite amusing.
  7. The ending of Angel was brilliant- well, in my opinion anyway- but I guess they can’t copy that. But I’d like something along that line.
  8. Why can't basic network TV put on decent shows any more? They must have the funds, every TV hour is filled with 20 minutes of commercials. Plus half of TV is cheap to produce reality junk nowadays. It's flipping expensive paying for all these streaming services. If Jensen does land on HBO or something, then I'm just paying for that. I'll always follow his career.
  9. I think Mursel is the only 90DF not hungry for the almighty GreenCard. I wonder if he even knows what it is. And when he gets one and learns a bit more basic English I doubt he’ll be much of a financial or emotional support for Anna.
  10. It’s odd... watching British election results unfold was more entertaining (for me) than this episode of Supernatural. The Destiel folk will be salivating all over the holidays now that Dean and Cas are off to purgatory together next episode.
  11. I don’t live in the US, but most American made movies and tv shows depict ordinary people with ordinary jobs living in mansion like homes and driving late model cars. You cannot blame the hungry for green card fiancé getting the notion everyone lives in ease and luxury. American movies and tv should be more realistic.
  12. Ha ha... Lindsey and his evil hand LOL! I just watched the episode and enjoyed it. But the interruptions of the cool stuff with the boring stuff is obvious and irritating. Do they think it builds suspense? It’s so editing 101. It reminded me of badass Demon Dean days when it kept breaking away to Cas and Hannah’s search to find fallen angels who’d not gone back to heaven... or some shit like that. I'm from London England and don’t know much about US accents, but was Jensen’s Texas drawl a bit more obvious this time? And was that family business on the beer label? Storyline was simplistic compared to early seasons but we got badass Dean, and belting out a song Dean, and the maroon murder shirt to boot...... so yeah I just sat back and relished it all. It’s been slim pickings folks.
  13. Here’s some Jensen and Christian back in the day. Go watch Angel some day. Oh Lindsey. Conflicted characters always appeal to me the most.
  14. If you want to watch an actor who can ride every subtle nuance of an emotional wave then Jensen is your actor. All the tiny details, micro expressions, the look in his eyes, I can always connect with Dean. I have to believe Jensen is on the wanted lists of entertainment wheeler dealers. He’s so good and can do it all. Action, comedy, romance, superhero, etc. Plus he’s professional and a class act all the way. Then there’s the drop dead good looks. I’ll be following his career always. Fingers crossed for an HBO series.
  15. I think they write for the squee groups on twitter who are always wanting tissues while they watch. So annoying.
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