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  1. This is how I see it too whenever there’s a new girl on the block. Leah went overboard with the stupidity and drama of course, but Eboni seems like she knows she’s got to bring it and it’s making her on edge. I’m envious of Ramona’s toned upper arms. How’s does she do it? She’s over 60. Arms sag at 50 no matter how many weights you lift.
  2. The others are self absorbed air-headed narcissists, but Leah just seems not a nice person. And her voice is grating. I think it’s called vocal fry.
  3. It’s an all round weird poster. Fluffy white wings, beards, leather jackets...I don’t think the designer actually saw the show. But I do like Jensen right out there in front.
  4. You gotta admit that’s an impressive beard, but it must drive Jensen crazy.
  5. Only Misha seems to be dressed in character. But not complaining, I’m ok with plaid free TV Guide covers. 😍
  6. I got the impression the mother really enjoyed her stays in hospital. Nice clean bed, waited on, lots of attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wound never healed. Living in filth must really strengthen the immune system. Some of those hoarders should be dead yet they’re often rosy cheeked and full of attitude. And Jeanne and mom ... not even a cough despite breathing in who knows what on a daily basis.
  7. I would’ve swapped Baby for a memorable mind blowing masterpiece of a finale... but then I’m not a car girl.
  8. I think this show could be more entertaining if TLC stopped manipulating audiences with set ups and contrived drama and just let the shitshow unravel organically. Many humans are high strung screwups anyway and don’t need extra help. There was less contrived drama when the series first began, I think. Nowadays I’m always calling TLC shenanigans. And today’s cast of characters are mostly looking for social media fame and money along with that much revered green card.
  9. Was Rebecca auditioning for a spot on Pillow Talk?
  10. I realize English is a difficult language, but Julia needs to enrol in some ESL classes or she’ll fall into the habit of always saying things like ‘Him not know’. Yara if only you knew how much younger and prettier you look without 2 pounds of eye makeup. But I hope the duck lips deflate soon. Same thing with death glare gal Natalie. Why do these women do this to themselves? Natalie’s palest of pale eyes don’t need lashings of black eye pencil circling them. And Rebecca needs a stylist more than she needs a bunch of fat sucking procedures. That too tight outfit and the straight str
  11. Curly hair needs lots of tender loving care or you’ll end up looking like Albert Einstein. I was so happy my daughter was born with flaxen straight locks thanks to her father. I’m stuck with the fighting the frizz and battling curls that won’t curl how I want them. I can literally hear the curls frizzing up on rainy or humid days. Maybe TLC provided Natalie with the MinimiserBra? She was busting out all over in the first pics.
  12. Is Jovi adopted? Where did he get those teeth, those lips? Dad doesn’t even have lips. I, too, call shenanigans on the Mike/Natalie wedding. But uncle Beau stole the show.
  13. Jack’s heaven would’ve just messed him up. Yikes what a life sentence for a true alpha male!
  14. I think much of that hotel drive back and forth drama was producer driven, although I will admit Natalie was truly messed up. That wasn’t acting for the cameras, that was real snot and tears and fury. I wish them well, but cannot see a long, happy marriage because no way they’re in love. Does anyone think Natalie has had a boob job? I mean, I wish the weight went to my boobs and not my thighs when I overeat.
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