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  1. So much doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t mom go with them to check out the mouldy hovel her pregnant daughter would be living in? I know I would. I realize Jenny is in stupid crazy love but why would she book the air ticket when there’s no evidence of divorce papers and Sumit is a proven pathological liar. Why was Jihon so keen to have Deavon come there when he knows he’s been lying all along and will be nagged and hounded to death once found out. Is the TLC money that good? Or does he crave the TV exposure? His parents seem totally uninvolved in the whole thing. It’s their grandchild too. I sense that if Deavon returned to the US they might not be particularly bothered.
  2. Remember when Pole was a manic germaphobe and Kariney was a pretty young thing in a sundress? How times change. They talk about going to Brazil and next episode they’re in Brazil? Must be nice to be a reality star. Things get done pronto when TLC foots the bill. The Samoan that took up his suitcase and stomped off in a hissy snit only to board the local bus was kind of funny. Larissa has destroyed her looks. She’s actually starting to look like Ansuelu in make up. Please... TLC, no more Big Ange goes to the gynaecologist footage. It’s worse than the 600 pounder takes a shower scenes. Andrrrrrei is insufferable. He has to be adopted surely? The Moldovan food spread seemed way more appetizing than Debbie’s steak and plastic potato offering. But then I’m a vegetarian (livestock factories are cruel and barbaric)
  3. When was Asuelu and Kalani filmed on Pillow Talk? They seemed to get along fine then?
  4. I don’t understand the weird brimmed hats.. but I’m from England so there’s that. He’s got the looks and physique to wear anything he damn well chooses and he knows it. But I am often surprised at his eclectic choices, especially the last few years. I do appreciate that Jensen always brings the complexity no matter how dire the script. And I’m way more excited about Jensen’s next project than I am about the ending. Oh ... I also don’t get Slipknot??
  5. How does Sonja hold down all that food she eats while shitfaced drunk? It’s quite the accomplishment.
  6. I pressure washed my deck a few weeks ago. It’s really satisfying.
  7. The obvious argument Skylar could’ve given... duh, sick grandma and six grandchildren!!! Who you gonna call? Coltee’s eye lit up at a free TLC funded trip to Brazil. Guess the virus spoiled that. When the paid for hotel room runs out, what then? They’ll be on the street homeless? Meanwhile unemployed helpless Tania and her alcoholic Guinness pourer hubby get free fully furnished TLC accommodation? Doesn’t seem fair. Larissa needs to be deported before the lips take over her face. Yikes!! The Samoan dimwit will likely get his way. Samoa here we come. Bring $$$$ for sis. Hope all camera crew’s measles shots are up to date. The Moldovan wedding vacation... Andrrrrrrrei versus the sister coven. Who will annoy us the most?
  8. When video conferencing with Dr. Now they always insist they’ve lost weight. If they were truly sticking to a 1200 calorie, low protein diet the pounds would literally be melting away. Weight loss would be very obvious after only a few weeks. If there’s a new season of this show I’d like to see a big change up in formula. It’s getting stale. The shower scene should go... and more nutritional/portion size help for the 600 pounder.
  9. I’m in Ontario, Canada. I’ll have to check around once everything opens up and business as usual. I miss restaurants with friends and family.
  10. The TLC funded meal for goofball Jihoon and his non-goofball friends chat scene looked delicious. Cook your own meat at the table...I like it! I assume the camera team watched the luggage. The cow thing was just a set up IMO. I worry about some of these women. What happens when the show is over and the cameras leave? I don’t know spoilers or anything and I don’t want to, but I can only hope Jenny, Britney, the one in Ethiopia, Deaven etc., have all returned home now. I don’t understand the attraction for Muslim partners when you’ve grown up in a country where women are independent. It rarely works.
  11. The only participant in this series that’s not interested in TV exposure or TLC cash Is Mother Pole. No you can’t move in/film with me. Good for her. The place would be a tip in no time. She can always visit with grandson. None of my business but is roaming eyebrows Coltee adopted? He inherited zero Debbie DNA. Looks nothing like her. What happened to dad? Was it ever mentioned? Is the USA really on top of expiring Visas as we’re led to believe on this show? I wonder what happens during this pandemic? I guess all expired visas get extended? Larissa should watch the Darcy tapes. Oversized lips, boobs, lashes, eyebrows but empty inside. This is your future. Can’t snark on the Angie pelvic exam except to say stop smoking now, girl! RIP mama. I have the impression you lived a lively life. There’s no drama. TLC will pay for the Moldovan wedding of course. I’m looking forward to seeing Moldova. Might be good for the country and maybe even open up for tourists. Same thing with the Samoa trip. These out of work unemployed dumb people travelling overseas here and there at the drop of a hat ... renting nice big apartments with kitchens and sex rooms. Reality it ain’t. But with all the massive boobs on display I’m sure ratings are nice and perky. Let’s face it, 90DF is a TLC cash cow. Execs must be laughing all the way to the bank.
  12. Does Summit want a green card... or does he have real feelings for Jenny? I don’t get his motives. Maybe he’s just a pathological liar and can’t help himself? I mean, what’s in it for him, except for the TLC money? Jenny is poor, looks every bit her age and not exactly a fun date. Jenny thinks it’s a love story.. them against the world kind of thing. Sigh... I guess if people didn’t do stupid things we’d not have reality TV?
  13. Despite all the drama it’ll be TLC that actually funds a Family Libby trip and wedding. I hope this happens when borders open and folk can travel. I’d be really interested in seeing Moldova. Maybe it could be a Special? Reality TV is extremely lucrative for networks so a family trip to Moldova is nothing. I hope they do it so long as they remember audiences are interested in seeing other countries and cultures along with the contrived drama.
  14. Much of this is producer driven for ratings. The birthday party for dad for instance, delivered food, etc., paid for and set up by TLC with the understanding that Andreeeeeiiii will bring up the controversial Moldovan wedding. The life lessons while simpleton son in law eats an apple, complete with expression close ups. Coltee noisily sucking on his date for the cameras attached to the car. Etc etc. I take most of it with the understanding it’s edited for entertainment and reaction. However.... Larissa is Larissa whether cameras are rolling or not. Selfish, violent, hot tempered, nasty, irrational, etc,etc. My only consolation is that she once was a pretty girl but is systematically ruining her looks. And Angela is Angela. All sweetness and light until that dreaded ringtone. OMG! Then all hell breaks lose. Michael needs to find a couple of Nigerian wives and settle down and have lots of children and as many ringtones as he likes.
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