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  1. I still don’t get the Jenny and Submit thing. Even after all this time I don’t get it. What does she see in him? He’s deceitful, he lies, he’s certainly no prize and it’s clear he’s never ever going to marry her. And what does he see in her? She looks every bit her age, she’s no sugar mommy as she has no money. So what do they do all day? Neither one works. Do they just hang around the house TLC is proving for filming? They don’t seem overly affectionate with one another. He’s outright lying to her and she’s not bothered by the humiliation apparently. I’m sure India is beautiful but they
  2. I’m liking PJ even more. I love salmon with mayonnaise. So great 😋
  3. I think the only good thing I have to say about Erika is that she did seem to have a healthy appetite. It’s annoying to see much of the food on Beverly Hills going to waste. NY Sonja would bring Tupperware for leftovers and eat free for a week.
  4. I think Jensen’s made a deal with a crossroads demon. He just doesn’t age. 😍
  5. Me too. “When this is over I’m coming for you”. It’s an outright threat. I realize Bravo is loving the ratings and attention, but come on! This kind of behaviour is wrong. She wasn’t drunk or crazy reacting in a rage, she was stone cold sober and menacing. I don’t want Erika on my screen again. None of them had your back, Sutton but you stood up to her. You’re my hero.
  6. I know one thing, I’d never ever share my thoughts with Vile Kyle about anyone or anything otherwise I’d be obligated to repeat it all at the expense of appearing two faced.
  7. Wow! PK! 👋🏻 Just goes to show that you never really know someone.
  8. Dean’s had some heart wrenching and spectacular deaths. This was neither. I belong to the … We got work to do crowd. Its night and ominous with lashings of rain and there’s Baby speeding along a dark winding road, classic rock pounding. Fade to black. Corny, but never cheesy. 😉
  9. But networks are greedy for ratings. If she doesn’t end up in jail, Erika Jane just might return. I won’t watch. Despite her gangster image, it was cowardly to go after the socially awkward Sutton, I wish Garcelle had taken her on. But I got the feeling Garcelle didn’t want to upset the elegance of the dinner occasion. I wish they’d given that damn bell to shit stirrer Rinna when they were relaxing after the meal. I wanted see the food porn.
  10. Whether Erika knew or not is not the deal breaker for me. It’s the fact that now she does know, she apparently isn’t horrified and disgusted by what her monster husband did and had been doing for years. I do have to admit a certain admiration, tho, that she is showing up for filming. It’s ratings gold for Bravo and she probably can’t get out of a contract or something… but I’d be under a rock in total shame not snarling and baring teeth. But that’s Erika. I’m just a wimp, (but I do have a beating heart)
  11. Why do they keep sitting Sutton right next to Erika? It’s much less intimidating to argue across a table. But Sutton’s notion that hubby gave Erika a head’s up sounds reasonable to me. Erika will be perfectly fine in jail, tho. She’ll rule the place. She’s hard as nails.
  12. They keep looking at the camera. I’ve never noticed that before.
  13. Wow! some major upgrading in accommodation for some of the cast members. So much was made of the awful housing conditions last season. But look at them now. At least Areoli (or whatever) found the local makeup shop and has a brand new storyline (ex visit) but poor old Jenny is still stuck with stringy hair and Summit won’t marry me…whaaaa! How long before the penny drops? He ain’t gonna marry you. Mum and dad rule. Also why can’t Jenny get a job at a call centre? Her American accent should be a shoe in. The pizza lady is a repeat of Steph and the guy from Belize. Still, the new
  14. This episode was way more entertaining than RHONY last night.
  15. Leah’s voice is like nails on a blackboard. All creaky and annoying. Is that what’s called ‘vocal fry’?? Anyway she manages to be boring whether drunk or all goody two shoes
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