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  1. It's just ridiculous how Beautiful he is. I mean Really. Come on. 🤪
  2. I LOVE! that this is based on the influx of positive tweets received. So good to know. 🥰
  3. Nevermind... ETA: Except ITA that this interview made the thought that Jensen told JP to just STFU on this subject on the SM platforms seem much more likely now.
  4. I'm sorry, but I cannot ever read that last part without LOL!ing And a big Yes. to all the rest, too. He did not help himself at all in this interview, but there you have it.
  5. I'm really interested in John's view and perspective and how and why he even could have become the man he turned into after Mary died. The angels were apparently "watching over" the brothers' parents from when? From birth? Or did they just get tired of waiting for their "Dad" to return and took matters into their own hands with these two particular families of two bloodlines that could have been, in truth, any two families that were a part of those bloodlines. That certainly goes along with show canon to some degree. And maybe, "It always had to be the Winchesters" was just ange
  6. Maybe we'll get some war scenes. In fact, I'd bet on it.
  7. I bet this is the plan. And possibilities are there for work for many SPN alums in all of this, which I also bet was a part of the plan. I don't like the Mary/Marty stu style of writing that RT uses sometimes either, but as someone else said, since it's a new project maybe it won't be as blatant or maybe he's even learned to tone it down a bit, even when he likes a character. I'd give it a shot because it's a Jensen Ackles production and we know the guy is a good storyteller.
  8. From what I've seen and read, amongst the adult audience(and the more adult-minded), Jensen has more support than JP, who seems to have the wincesters and the tinhats(those fans who think that J2 are secretly a couple and the wives are beards) and the fringe element of the bi-bro fandom(those fans who, in their own minds, can't separate the actors from the characters they played on the show) in his corner. Personally, I don't feel that Jensen would be hurt one iota by losing the segments of the fandom following JP. In fact, I think he'd be far better off in numerous ways since from
  9. I thought I read somewhere that someone looked it up. That it was public knowledge that anyone could look up, although I can't recall where I read it, but yes it was after the pics of them in the middle of another move came out, I believe.
  10. I think they just wanted to retcon the demon blood drinking from something that was just disgusting to something that was more necessary and then they decided to switch back again when they had Ruby tell him that he never needed it. S5 was a mess after The End what with all the OTT writing desperation to turn Sam into the sole savior of the world and turn all of his previous mistakes and character faults and flaws into somehow being Dean's fault as much as they were Sam's(God, I just realized how apropos that sounds to recent RL events, too). Anyway, I have to agree with whoever said
  11. I always wondered about this... I think Young John said something about Mary's father having a heart attack in The Song Remains the Same(or one of those other time travel episodes), but I always wondered how she explained the bloody stab wound. Maybe they're going to say that both parents came back wrong or different after they "died".
  12. MTE, Catrox! And that's exactly what the mind wipe canon accomplishes, that might even allow them to keep the 1972 date as the starting point.
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