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  1. This is Amazing! I've been watching it all morning. And yes, the resemblance to the original is uncanny. Love The Ackles(both of them!). So much!!
  2. So I just watched this for the first time this morning and I was blown away by the questions that Jewel asked. And I think that The Ackles handled them wonderfully. Great interview. I knew that there was a reason for it, when years ago, my then preteen daughter came to me with some music and said "Listen to this girl sing, mom". And we've loved Jewel ever since.
  3. HA! But of course!! No one else could even come close and he knows that, too. I so love how he feels about Dean. πŸ₯°
  4. Yeah, this was the season that explained it all, IMO. And when I say that I mean why it ended when it did-even though the network would have kept it going for at least two more seasons. And it started right here with this one and yet more so much unfulfilled potential where a meaty Dean sl was concerned. This season epitomized those words AFAIC-unfulfilled potential, that is-and *I* think *someone* just simply had it up to their eyeballs with that particular failure/facet/aspect of the writing for this show. And I'll stand by that thought forever, and even more so, as time goes by.
  5. IDK about anyone else, but new pics of Jensen just send me right now and lift my spirits immensely. And for some reason and quite often, the brewery ones especially. And JJ is radiant in that pic.
  6. I LOVE! everything about that pic. Everything. πŸ’ž πŸ₯°
  7. I think that post s4, the show was turned into Samnatural and it has continued on in that vein, exceptions being s9 and 10 when I honestly feel that Carver did put more effort into writing for JA/Dean than any other showrunner before or since. And then we got s11 which wascthe transition from Carver to Dabb(which I believe happened very early on) amd Dabb reinstated Samnatural with a vengeance and I fully believe that that's how he's always wanted to end it and how he, in fact(in my mind) will end it. I have no hope left for anything better or more from him than simply another version of Swan Song, only this time Dabb will try to find a way to make Sam's sole BDH role, moment, and sacrifice stick, and yes, leave us with yet another attempt at the thought that, Samnatural should be the lasting legacy of this show-to which I will continue to say Blech! and Yuck!! But luckily, after it's all said and done the Dabb years can also easily be erased from this fan's mind. I can remember so little from them even now. πŸ˜‰
  8. I have seen some of THE Most Beautiful Ever Jensen-content come out of this photoshoot. And I am Serious when I say Ever. 😍 Good. Goddess. πŸ’žβ£οΈ
  9. Benny will always top this list for me. In fact, thanks to Andre Badd(πŸ˜‰), Benny might actually now be my second favorite character on this show. And talk about Impact on a fandom, this kind of says it all-especially concerning Tim O.
  10. I love the care and concern in his eyes that he just can't help showing. I remember when they first got Icarus. Danneel brought him home, but Jensen was always his favorite. Hard to believe that it's been 14 years, but there you have it. πŸ’–
  11. None of this sounds appealing to me-not coming from Dabb and co. anyway. But the ones that sound most unappealing to me? Drag Me Away(from you)-sounds like another bronlies wet dream along the same lines as Red Meat-probably just involving weechesters this time. I've read Dabb's comic concerning them. No thanks. And the last three, tbh. The Truth?-Just another Berens episode. That's all I need to know about it. And ITA with your thoughts on the last two. My guess for the series finale?-the S5 finale all over again, yet again, and one more time-because it's Dabb and co. So yeah, not really waiting with bated breath for any of these. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  12. Oh, I have no doubt that i could find many and numerous methods of distraction, if I were quarantined with Dean. In fact, that might be the stuff that quarantine dreams are made of, tbh. πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°
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