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  1. I needed this so badly. I don't think I have ever laughed harder in my entire life...🤣
  2. It was mostly you, Sir. It truly was. So you hang on tight to it and hang your hat on it because it was past time you were recognized in this way and so very well deserved. The Best. 💝
  3. He beat out Michael Emerson and Ben Mendelsohn. So. Awesome. And so, SO! well deserved. I'm thrilled for him and he looks Amazing. 🥰
  4. Well, those are supposed to be happy occasions and celebrations in peoples' lives. Just guessing here, but to ensure that they stayed happy for the Ackles family, avoiding the social media platforms entirely might seem to have been the best course of action for them to take right now, especially after all the hate that episodes 15.18 and 15.20 generated on those platforms. Again, just a guess, but that's probably what I would have done, if I were in their shoes. IA that it's very Sad, though.
  5. I would also add that while Sam's falls and fails may have been larger than Dean's, so too were his redemption arcs larger and more focused on by the writers-and usually to the slow but complete detriment of Dean's characterization, by the end of Dabb's reign. I tried to watch the first two episodes of S14 yesterday, gave up in disgust halfway through the second episode and was depressed all day thinking about how the leadership role was handed over to Sam on a silver platter(which many in the Dean fandom feared would happen)while the MichaelDean storyline was afforded practically nothing by the asshat showrunner who even said that all of the other characters would be able to "breathe" better now that Dean wasn't in the picture. No showrunner ever said that about one of JP's storylines. Not ever. It was driven home to me best through these last seasons under Andre Badd just how much and how often most of the showrunners for this show had taken from both the Dean character AND the actor who had portrayed him in order to attempt to elevate the Sam character and the actor who portrayed him and never was that more evident to me than in that awful finale. But I've said it before and I'll just say it again since we're retreading old ground here once again-Jensen does and has always done more with the pittance the writers and showrunners have usually given him than JP has ever done with the all the lavish writing AND treatment as an actor that he's received from them. And that's why I'm so, SO! relieved that this show is finally over with and why I will always think of Jeremy Carver as the only showrunner on this show who ever fully appreciated the talent of Jensen Ackles. And if he did that by giving Sam and JP and his fandom a taste of what it felt to be a Dean fan during the late Kripke years and most of the Gamble years, I'm not going to cry in my beer over it. And then Dabb came along and put the nail in the coffin of this show for good with his blatant and completely OTT reversal back to the status quo and I will forever feel that his showrunning was what finally opened Jensen's eyes to that sad thought. I Hate! how it ended with the fire of ten thousand suns, but at least it's over with for good and Jensen can finally move on and away from this kind of treatment at the hands of writers and, at times, even fellow actors. The disrespect he was shown, from all corners, at the end of this show's run has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don't think I will ever get over it. Even Kripke has something to make up for, AFAIC. But at least it seems as if he wants to do just that, so I'm willing to give him the chance after 10 years.
  6. Yeah, I feel the same. And I further think that Kripke never really meant for John to be seen as anything more than a mostly absent parental figure who had also become overly obsessed with finding and killing the thing that had killed his wife. That he came to find out that it was a threat to his children also was beside the point that he was still written as a predominantly absent parental figure for most of his children's lives. Something Wicked, Faith, Dead Man's Blood and Devil's Trap and IMTOD all made it clear to me that he was a neglectful parent, at the very least. And even in this last season, Sam said that Dean "protected" him from dad which implies more than just and simply neglectful AFAIC. I think that the casting of JDM as John was the character's saving grace, tbh, because for me, the actual writing never really changed except in episode 300 when they clearly softened the writing of the character after JDM had publicly expressed his dislike of what they'd written previously after John had died and the character's flaws were simply furthered a bit more, along with the story. I think JDM is a very good actor, but he never won me over as far as John was concerned. And for me the turning point episode for that was Something Wicked when the pattern of neglect/abuse by the character was first genuinely introduced, again, IMO and AFAIC.
  7. They lived and were safe. That was what he wished for them because he DID come to love them both, in every way, IMO, too. I've always felt that this was exactly what he did too, TESSATHEREAPER. And that scene in the hospital when Dean did that broke my heart into a million pieces because it was the most Real Goodbye I've ever seen. I think Jensen should have gotten an Emmy nomination for that scene alone in S6.
  8. Thank you for this. I needed it so badly. I can't believe how sad I still feel over Dean's Death. 😢😫 😔
  9. IKR?!! Good Goddess. 😍🤪 But yes, where in the world are The Ackles?! Enquiring minds want to know...
  10. I read this last night, Gonzosgirrl. Nice job! I'll take this over Badd's nonsense any day. I especially liked that you remembered what Dean once told us of his own thoughts and feelings concerning what "peace" is to him, in his life. If only the asshats who pretended to write for this show in it's last seasons had remembered that, too. 😠
  11. Yup. This sums up my problems with the last episodes perfectly and if they would have simply given us the bolded parts, I could have and likely would have been mostly content; and this, even after all the deconstruction that Dabb and co. perpetrated on the series and it's characters in it's last seasons. But sadly, they stayed true to form and consistent even in their inabilities as writers all the way to the end and what we got reflected those same inabilities that many of us here have been bemoaning since s12. I think many of us were hoping and praying against hope that they would somehow find a way to rise above their pettiness and give us at least those bolded words, and this, even while we knew that to still be a highly unlikely scenario. And because of that sad lack, a pall has been cast over many of the earlier episodes/seasons of the show now for some of us. Maybe that will change with more time and distance from the ending, but three weeks is not enough for me. I turned on TNT this week and the episode The Chitters was on and in the end, when Cesar and Jesse drove off to their life of freedom from hunting, to their life of raising horses and working their ranch, all I could think was how sad and unfair it was that The Winchesters were never rewarded with anything even close to that, not even for a short time, although Sam got to at least give it the old college try once more. And lastly, I can't see Dean as ever truly being content or happy in any reality that he knows to be unreal even if it's named Heaven. To me, there is just too much of the wild and untamed and unpredictable in him for him to find a true and lasting happiness in a reality that promises none of those things to him, not in the true sense of those words.
  12. I hear you. I also have been trying with everything that's in me to find some kind of a silver lining in this mess of an ending, too. And FWIW, the small one that I came up with is not that different from yours. For me, Sam losing Dean for years finally gave Sam a better perspective on how much Dean's life truly mattered in Sam's own. I never felt that Sam really and truly appreciated Dean's presence enough in his life, but being without Dean all those years?-well, hopefully that did the trick. And yes, Dean in Heaven, and not having to suffer that particular lesson was not only poetic justice, AFAIC. I would also call it Grace-which Dean so well deserved, IMO, and had earned 10 times over in his short lifetime, again, AFAIC. And this, even though Grace is sometimes deemed by humans to be something that is not always thought of as being deserved or earned, but only God-gifted and given. And that sort of fits in with the roots of this show, in a way, too.
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