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  1. Same problem. Font is incredibly tiny. I had set it to extra large, but once I chose theme the font became smaller and the ability to choose font size is not there now. (Using opera browser)
  2. Did Nicole Kidman thank jusst about everyone except Skargsgard? Is that why when Alexander won he made the comment about how he didnt want to forget to thank his friend? I didnt have the sound up so maybe I missed her thanking him?
  3. There are just too many panelists. They don't all have to critique an ensemble. By the time they go round the room for comments, I'm bored. Get to the next outfit already!
  4. I'm glad Jim finally made the deal with the guy who had the hockey Calves protector socks. Same with the chemist who had the water ingredients nail polish, seems like a really good idea.I didn't think much of the product named amazeballs. I picture knocking back a glass with those in it and ending up cracking a tooth. And did he say his last name was phallic? That can't be his real last name can it?
  5. The best part of the episode for me was no Busty Ross - although I thought for sure she was going to make an appearance when Crane mentioned Benjamin Franklin's interrogation method (cue flashback). I guess Pandora didn't kill Nevins but, then he returns and they kill him off anyway :( Even if Bill Irwin (who'll always be the Flying Man to me) was busy I wish they would have left the door open for his return. Oh, and I loved when Crane called Abbie Tenente.
  6. That's Canadian actor (originally from Winnipeg), Aleks Paunovic. he turns up in a lot of shows, especially those filmed in Vancouver. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006820/
  7. Ever since they got the new dragons I find myself laughing so hard at least once an episode. This time it was the guy with his Styloli (? - the convertible hat). Michele and Joe just looked so absurd and that hat was fugly. Also, I couldn't understand why the butt cream pharmacist didn't take Jim's offer when he was meeting the assman's equity investment offer. Who wants to invest in a guy who has to call his wife first? Bad move when he ended up giving up more of his company.
  8. Abi should have had a clue when her "allies" Jeremy and Tasha didn't want to include her in their vote discussion. She deserves to be gone after voting for Keith (well, lots of other reasons too.)
  9. I thought she had scleroderma? or something. The skin on her neck and chest looked really bad and blotchy.
  10. Maybe that was why everyone listening was teary-eyed. Doesn't make sense otherwise. Andrew and his wife look alike. He fell in love with himself? https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/381215_145091285598411_777223157_n.jpg?oh=db417d9b468717e5438a8c5e5bb9c42d&oe=56A0BA8C
  11. Paul seemed really interested in Tomato Girl. (I don't know all their names yet). He was giving her so many hints. And I now have a mad craving for grissini.
  12. from the espn article: "Inter have no shortage of ambition and no shortage of money" Inter may have ambition but they also have to watch their finances due to the restrictions placed on them under UEFA Financial Fair Play rules. Besides the financial restrictions placed on them they can only register 21 players. So they have to make money and clean house. It is odd though that six months after Mancini requested Shaq, he didn't want him any longer. Oh well, I hope his career flourishes just as when Coutinho left Inter.
  13. That's the thing...I was watching and thinking how they killed off Merle and Santa so they could give us more Pirate King and Tyrese (not to mention Eugene & his crew). Why?
  14. I thought Amir Gollan was the funniest comedian this week. It's not a good sign when the family/friends in the backstory promos are more amusing than the comic (example priya).
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