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  1. Kate McKinnon will be appearing in a new work based on the whole Tiger King saga. https://www.tampabay.com/arts-entertainment/2020/03/27/more-tiger-king-kate-mckinnon-to-play-carole-baskin-in-new-tv-series/
  2. Here is the full version of the Heidi and Ego piece, complete with voice cameos from several current cast members (one I did not recognize at all). More from SNL's Instagram:
  3. I never could get into the livestream (and apparently it ended up being on Heidi's Instagram), but someone made a few clips. This was the one that I enjoyed most.
  4. Norm in quarantine - talking with Chevy Chase over the phone. Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon have been uploading at home videos as well. Fallon, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and a number of SNL hosts were in the...um...much talked about "Imagine" video that came out last week. https://ew.com/celebrity/gal-gadot-sings-imagine-sia-will-ferrell-jimmy-fallon-more/ Heidi, Ego, Melissa, Bowen, and Chloe, among others in the current cast, have been entertaining fans on their social media pages. Heidi and Ego, with other guests, will be having a special on SNL's Instagram tonight at 8 PM Eastern. Chloe also recently "got married" on her Instagram. https://www.etonline.com/snl-star-chloe-fineman-and-casey-thomas-brown-entertain-fans-with-wedding-skit-on-instagram-live
  5. I agree - I was looking forward to seeing what he'd do. It's not really the same, but apparently tonight at 8 Eastern SNL's Instagram is having something with Heidi and Ego. I think some other cast may also be involved.
  6. A really cool thing Tim Robinson did.
  7. Bowen Yang interview. https://www.gq.com/story/bowen-yang-saturday-night-live
  8. The One SNL a Day blog has now gotten up to fall 2001, and multiple episodes which are eerily familiar to today's world. The much-remembered post 9/11 premiere, but also this episode, which actually has an impression of Anthony Fauci. https://www.onesnladay.com/2020/03/16/november-3-2001-john-goodman-ja-rule-s27-e4/
  9. This was a no-brainer (and realistically I think it's done until fall, although I'm hoping they can come back for late April or May and have some extra episodes to reach the full 21 order. With all the hell out there at the moment it could at least be a distraction. Or even summer episodes, which are so rare for the show but could be refreshing.
  10. While we wait for news on whether the 28th's episode will continue (I'm guessing no, to be honest), Heidi Gardner is encouraging people to write to nursing homes.
  11. Colin Jost writes about his formative years on Staten Island transportation. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/03/16/my-high-school-commute Last week (seems like a long time ago now...) Seth was on Jimmy's show (only posting one clip).
  12. Sketches apparently cut from dress rehearsal: Streeter Seidell said they pitched another War in Words sketch but it didn't go:
  13. Last season had 7 female hosts. They also had only had 4 female hosts up to this point, but the host at the end of March was another woman, whereas we won't be getting any until April. With 6 more episodes there's still a decent chance to match the 7 female hosts from last season, but the sheer length of time (mid-December to April) has been jarring. There's also been, I think, something of a chilling effect on the male cast with so many male hosts, particularly in a row, particularly when we're in era where the host appears in nearly every sketch and every pre-tape. It feels like Alex has been shut out most of the season, and Mikey has also taken a big backseat in the second half, while it felt like Beck sort of did in the first half. And if Pete hadn't been so MIA most of the time by his own choice that would have been another man fighting for airtime. I don't think the current male cast is as weak as many say it is, but with the number of men hosting this season, and the number of men who absolutely dominated their episodes no less (Driver, Mulaney, Harbour, etc.), maybe Lorne agrees with those criticisms...
  14. Cecily has a few comments about this week's show, and her hesitancy about bringing back Girl You Wouldn't...
  15. In all seriousness, has Rachel Dratch appeared in more episodes this season than Pete Davidson? I'm sure she hasn't, but it feels very close...
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