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  1. I know Bill Maher would never let any hint of awareness cloud his perpetual, increasingly desperate need to remind everyone of how young, cool, and hip he is, but how crass to belittle Biden for being a "tragedy magnet" in front of Katie Couric, who lost her husband and sister at a young age. She looked genuinely hurt, all while he yukked it up over the comedy gold, I guess, of the losses of a wife and children. I've never had much use for Couric, but the whole thing just reinforced to me how truly clueless he is with interacting with guests, and has been for a long time now.
  2. After being bumped for two weeks, 1993's Nicole Kidman/Stone Temple Pilots episode is airing tonight. Here is the original rundown: https://www.onesnladay.com/2019/08/31/november-20-1993-nicole-kidman-stone-temple-pilots-s19-e7/
  3. John's was expected at some point as he was the last person known as being booked last season who didn't appear, but I'm more surprised about Regina King. I still see her as the daughter on 227, even after all these years, so I'm looking forward to what she may do. Dan Levy mostly makes me hope we might be able to see his father Eugene, or Catherine O'Hara, doing some kind of cameo pre-tape appearances. A solid lineup, anyway, especially in COVID times.
  4. Ellen Cleghorne on the Jeff Richards podcast. She reveals that she is filming at least two episodes of Michael Che's upcoming sketch show. https://jeffrichardsshow.libsyn.com/the-doctor-is-in Bobby Moynihan on Seth's show (there are two clips) Bobby podcast interview. https://www.vulture.com/article/bobby-moynihan-snl-good-one-podcast.html Chris Rock on Colbert (there are two clips). Ana Gasteyer has a sitcom in the works. Recent Colin Quinn podcast interview. https://www.thedailybeast.com/colin-quinn-talks-norm-macdonald-and-why-he-sabotaged-himself-on-saturday-night-live
  5. Howard Johnson was in the SNL band from 1975-1980. https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/01/11/snl-alum-taj-mahal-sideman-howard-johnson-dies-at-79/
  6. Diana Millay has passed away. Without the Laura story (the first one was genuinely very strong in many moments - not as crazy about the return), Dark Shadows never would have lasted. Millay was so enigmatic in those early scenes - Laura by the fire is an iconic show image.
  7. Rachel Dratch was in the premiere of Mr. Mayor. Michaela Watkins talks about 'random roles.' https://tv.avclub.com/michaela-watkins-on-the-unicorn-the-late-lynn-shelton-1845825507 Bill on Seth's show (there's another clip as well)
  8. Heidi talks about her rescue cats. https://www.girlsandtheircats.com/blog/heidi-gardner-marshall-cubby-bear-and-tweaky
  9. Nicole's episode has been moved to next week. Nothing this week, I guess.
  10. Brooks Whelan was meant to be on Seth's show tonight, but was bumped because of...today being such a busy day. Bobby Moynihan will be on next Wednesday (and unless things change, Bill Hader is still booked for tomorrow).
  11. Chloe Fineman had a few appearances in a new Fallon sketch.
  12. Bill Hader is scheduled for Seth's show on Thursday. David Spade has a new Netflix talk show. He talks more about that here. Amy Poehler stops by Seth's show.
  13. I forgot to mention yesterday that Cheri Oteri reprised her turn as Baba Wawa on CNN's New Year's Eve special. (I know some last year found that impression to be in poor taste so I won't share the Twitter video, but it's on there if you want to see it)
  14. I loved the Tracey Ullman Show. I used to watch it as a kid and I still treasure those memories. Sadly, I would guess, beyond sketch comedy not being that profitable in syndication (I think the show did briefly run in repeats on Lifetime), it's also down to music rights. Mike really did hit the ground running in a way few cast members have. This may have encouraged Ben Stiller to leave, as he had the smaller roles most featured players usually have. I guess you can't say it hurt his career... Here is the rundown for the full Dolly episode. https://www.onesnladay.com/2019/05/24/april-15-1989-dolly-parton-s14-e17/
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