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  1. His career depends on the fantasy that he is pals with Trump or has respect with Trump. I think he lost some gigs when he was critical of Trump's racist screeds several weeks back. If he just becomes anti-Trump, then he is like a million other people out there who are already booked, and many of the people who are anti-Trump will never want to go near him anyway.
  2. Pete Martell

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    I was a bit thrown when I saw a photo of Hannah and Gigi Hadid side-by-side (spliced together, obviously), as they both have that vacant, generic "Hollywood" face. I was reminded of just how much society today pushes so many men and women to look so dead. Hadid has been one of the most generic models around for her whole career. If Tyler was spotted out with, say, Naomi Campbell, I'd be much more interested. (I'm aware Naomi goes in much higher circles than a Bachelorette contestant).
  3. Pete Martell

    SNL in the Media

    New Lorne interview. Probably stuff you've heard before.
  4. Pete Martell

    All Points Bulletin: All Things Media And News!

    Considering all the drama that seemed to go on at Castle, ABC must have a great deal of fondness for Hawley, so I doubt he will go anywhere.
  5. Pete Martell

    SNL Cast Discussion

  6. Happy Fun Ball is finally on SNL's channel! It should have been uploaded on the very first day.
  7. Pete Martell

    SNL in the Media

    Phil Hymes, longtime lighting director for the show, passed away. https://deadline.com/2019/07/phil-hymes-dead-saturday-night-live-lighting-director-dies-1202657764/
  8. Pete Martell

    SNL Cast Discussion

    Kyle interview with local paper. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/the-conversation/story/2019-07-25/sd-san-diego-native-kyle-mooney Melissa podcast. Mikey report card. https://decider.com/2019/07/23/snl-report-card-mikey-day/
  9. I adore just about everything in this monologue. It reinforces why the late '80s are my favorite SNL era. And Tom Hanks is absolutely perfect.
  10. Pete Martell

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    That's probably what I remember him the most from. 20 years ago, my local library had a ton of foreign movies on VHS, which I would rent out. I went through several Verhoeven films. They were all harrowing in their own ways (especially Katje Tippel...), but Soldier of Orange was on the level of a Hollywood epic. Rutger gave a star-making performance - so much with his eyes alone. He was born in the wrong era in some ways in terms of films, as I could have easily seen him as a Hollywood leading man of the '30s or '40s. He also did a number of ads for Guinness. I love watching old commercials so I see them all the time. He was a great pitchman. There have been so many celebrity passings this month. I was so sad to hear about Charles Levin. I used to watch Alice all the time in repeats. The last years were something of a slog, and Levin was one of the new actors, along with Celia Weston, who helped add some new energy. I was so pleased when Vera got her happy ending. And now Levin and Beth Howland are both gone.
  11. A very very brief audio snippet of when Steve had been kidnapped by the father of a patient.
  12. Pete Martell

    SNL Outside Projects: From Animal House to Wayne's World

    Vanessa Bayer on Drunk History.
  13. Pete Martell

    SNL in the Media

    Emmy nominations this year. https://www.goldderby.com/article/2019/emmys-2019-saturday-night-live-guest-acting-categories-snl-nominees/
  14. Pete Martell

    SNL Outside Projects: From Animal House to Wayne's World

    Tina Fey is co-writing and producing a new sitcom starring one-time host Ted Danson. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/tina-fey-ted-danson-comedy-nbc-1203272415/