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  1. There's articles about this stuff online. I don't mean to rehash the whole drama and I'm using hyperbole for humour's sake. Willie: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/culture/culture-news/a44174/sex-and-the-citys-willie-garson-kim-cattrall-twitter/ Kristin: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/awards/emmys/kristin-davis-posts-sex-and-the-city-throwback-pic-minus-kim-cattrall/news-story/bc708a39904b733dc523dbd774b5d6e4 https://www.glamour.com/story/kristin-davis-deeply-frustrating-sex-and-the-city-3-not-happening
  2. SJP is Regina George. Kristin is Gretchen Weiners. Willie is Karen Smith. Sex and the City 2 was pretty offensive. That script was so bad. I don't blame Kim either, especially if those people gave Kim a nasty set environment to deal with. SJP pretending that the writers all of a sudden got it together for this magical hypothetical Sex and the City 3 is laughable. Let me guess. Carrie does something adorable, i.e. screams at Big for trying to do something romantic, Miranda and Charlotte have great storylines centred around their families and being the heads of their households and Samantha gets put on the sex offenders list for having sex near a playground.
  3. You're making alllllll the good points here. I also just rewatched the one where Carrie 100% uses the jazz artist for sex even though she says he has ADHD and can't form a relationship. When she does it it's "Adorable" in her mind I'm sure but when Sam does it it's probably fodder for Carrie to mock what a whore Sam is. Contrast that to Sam saying "not my style" when Carrie dares her to judge Carrie for breaking up a marriage.
  4. Well now there is so much bad blood, there's no way Kim would do another movie. SJP and her friends Kristin Davis and Willie Garson talked so much shit about Kim in the press for not doing it. Think about other 90s casts and how they handled things. Seinfeld did a reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm even after Michael Richards' infamous racist tirade. Will and Grace are doing three SEASONS of it even though apparently Megan and Debra don't get along. And Friends were all ready to do it, finally, but that was after YEARS of all 6 of them staying true to each other and saying it's not happening. I can't picture if, one of these people in these casts didn't want to do a reunion or another season, the rest of the cast members would all gang up and say "It's all (Matthew Perry's) fault" or whoever. I can't really picture that happening.
  5. I Googled "Michael Che Leah text" and I swear it's the first article that comes up. I didn't know her last name either. Leah tried to tell everyone that Michael Che is an asshole that hates women. Michael felt the need to defend himself so he released the text exchanges between them. It's clear that Leah is DESPERATE - DESPERATE for his attention and he gives basic answers to be polite. Finally she says "When are we going to meet up?!?!?!" and he basically says "No thanks, you're kind of nuts." https://pagesix.com/2017/01/11/snl-star-michael-che-blasted-for-his-dating-app-etiquette/
  6. Hmm, I don't agree with that at all. I watch the show for the interactions between the women, the friendships, the social events, fun trips, the clothes. I couldn't care less about their personal lives and if they want to hide things from the show I'm all for it. Bethenny hid her kid from the show and that's her prerogative and I feel the same about Tinsley. I'm sure Tinsley was asked to be on the show. I doubt it was the other way around, her begging to be on the show. So, she gets to choose. They all do. Nobody forces Dorinda to parade John around the show. After reading about Leah's incredibly humiliating text exchange with Michael Che, I could never look at that woman in a positive light. I can't believe she got this spot that was left by Bethenny.
  7. I don't know if I agree with that, I just don't agree that Sam Richardon's character was racist.
  8. This really isn't "woke" though. If you're going to speak about being "highly woke" (your words) wanting your baby to be dark wouldn't be racism, not in North America where whiteness = power. That's not how racism works. And it's not woke to think that race doesn't matter. It's woke to understand that race matters and to be conscious of it. (i.e. understanding power structures, understanding issues like police brutality, racism in hiring, racism in court cases, etc.) There are a lot of us who are multiracial and who look like we don't match the races of our parents. It's not horrible, it's totally fine, it's normal where I grow up, and people don't go around questioning our paternity. Trust me. I wouldn't give a shit if they did.
  9. Says it was Luke Bracey. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3478396/?ref_=tt_cl_t12
  10. I'd watch it. Would I enjoy it? That's another thing 😀
  11. I like the actor who played younger Elena, but yeah, I thought the whole thing was funny.
  12. Oh totally. Sam looked like a kickass friend and Big immediately listened to her and obeyed. THAT was a cool scene.
  13. She dates the guy who goes to the bathroom in front of her. (played by now famous comedian Jim Gaffigan.)
  14. I'm watching "Defining Moments"; Carrie dates the jazz artist and Sam dates the female painter. These stories are cool and different and I have no issue with them. Also, Carrie is wearing Chloe by Stella McCartney and it's awesome. But, Big is a possessive, jealous asshole even though Carrie and Big aren't even dating -- ??? since when is he like this?!! And Trey is also an asshole, trying to fuck Charlotte all over the city but unwilling to discuss absolutely anything with her. Even when she screams and begs stop, stop let's talk he doesn't listen. I can't even talk about Miranda's storyline. It became so disgusting I had to fast forward.
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