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  1. To me it's an extra annoying comment after he spent 30 minutes haranguing everyone to obey his orders. Maybe the other 4 didn't want to go but they agreed to go to support Ross. In turn, he could act a little nicer about it. Joey and Chandler are immature (in their 20s!) and acting totally in character by playing games with one another out of boredom and rebellion. Rachel only wanted to look her absolute best all in service to Ross - not for herself. But to make Ross look good. Monica was heartbroken/post break up. And Phoebe didn't do anything wrong.
  2. I don't remember if it's explicitly explained, but this is how I think about it above. For 95% of the episode Ross acts like the world is ending if all 6 are not ready at the same time. For the last part of the episode Ross suddenly says that he only cared about Rachel going (rude) and "Oh, we can be a little late" (a joke to highlight how sexy Rachel is, LOL.). The point that the other Friends were making is that they would totally be ready on time. There are some people who are early birds and there are some people who are procrastinators/last minuters and there are perpetually late people. I don't remember if Ross highlighted what time they should be ready, but they said that they would be (and they were) but Ross didn't "trust" it and wanted to visually see people getting ready to satisfy him. It's like when I was a kid growing up and I had a bunch of chores. My mother wanted to see me doing them and trust me she didn't want to hear that they would get done later. They're both control freaks. Ross should have gone on his own, because the visual of people not getting ready drove him crazy but it's not exactly rational.
  3. You guys are making me think so much about "The One Where No One's Ready". LOL. I want to keep enjoying it. Ross should have went to the benefit on his own and let his friends meet him there. Yes. I agree with that. BUT Ross did not trust his 5 friends to make it there on time and support him and be in the audience for his speech, which is how the plot of the episode happened. Ross came to ensure everyone would be "ready" and so they could arrive together. It seemed like this was important to him. I think that he was nervous and maybe he felt like his 5 BFFs being there would help him. Although, at the end of the episode he claims he only cared about Rachel being there, which a) is kind of an asshole comment b) then why the hell did you act so crazy about the other 4? And I think that it would make sense for him to want his sister there. My brother would want me to be there. It's obviously a weird, convoluted premise for the sake of doing a fun bottle episode. I really liked it.
  4. You could read the last few pages here to see a looooooooot of us talk about Phoebe being our least favourite ! 😄 Rachel is my favourite, Chandler is an EXTREMELY closed second. Ross is third. Then Joey. Then Monica. Then Phoebe 😄 No offense. I agree, Phoebe was really cool in the earlier seasons and oftentimes better than Joey and Monica. But then things switched pretty badly. Joey is amazing in Seasons 5-7 and I kind of think that he's the only actor really trying in the latest seasons, maybe besides David Schwimmer. Matt LeBlanc has said he would have kept the showing going forever (kind of proven by the fact that he took the spinoff, and other sitcoms since then) and that nobody is a bigger fan of Joey than he is 😆
  5. There are so many good lines. For me, it's a classic. What a great idea to have them forced to all be in the same room and all going through different things and all having their own motivations. Great potential for conflict and humour. Also, I thought each person acted pretty in character for who they are.
  6. Yup She already did the tragic jilted bride all over NYC! AND Mexico! Yes! And they have done so since the beginning! Nice ideas. A separation would be totally realistic for them, would be logical coming off the themes of the second movie, and possibly interesting.
  7. I guess you're right. Season 3 they were suffering some growing pains of trying to figure out where to take the stories of the characters. Season 3 also had Matthew Perry extremely underweight from his drug issues. I think Season 4 is good and Season 5 is especially hysterical. Maybe the writers found their groove, and the whole Emily storyline and Monica/Chandler secretly sleeping together were both inspired in my opinion.
  8. Totally.... I never rewatch that episode. A lot of Season 3 is weird for me. The One Where No One is Ready is great though.
  9. I agree that Ross became petty and irrational when it comes to Rachel. I think it's pretty true to life, that everyone has someone out there that makes them a little psycho. He pretended he annulled their marriage, for Christ's sake. He was loco cocopuffs over her. He didn't act right. He hid the phone number in Season 3 (?) and again in Season 10 (?). He was nutso. But sure, often times he was the Voice of Reason or like the Dad of the group. He tried to do the right thing and he tried to get people to do the right thing. But with Rachel he was often like Evil Ross.
  10. To me it doesn't matter whether it's realistic or not. For me, it's misogynistic to constantly see young women and older women as love interests in movies. It's a lot more rare to see the reverse. When you're constantly shown images that only young or younger women are desirable, it definitely does a number on our collective psyche. When women get to a certain age in Hollywood and they become sexless matriarchs, but Sean Connery and Jeff Goldblum and Alec Baldwin can play love interests in their 60s and 70s, it sends definite messages about what women are worth to society and that people would rather not see them fully as human. Women shouldn't be playing the mothers of actors who are the same age or 1 year younger than them, yet it's happening all of the time. Whenever I bring up this discussion, someone always says "But Meryl Streep blah blah" and I just roll my eyes because Meryl Streep is like the best actor. Not everyone woman is the best actor on the planet. Of course she'll get some opportunities that 99.99% of women won't.
  11. I totally didn't realize Zendaya and JDW were that far apart in age, because JDW is so new on the scene, but that makes sense. Ugh, JLaw and Bradley Cooper are 16 years apart and they've been in 4 movies together already.
  12. Tom Cruise is notorious for being one of the worst offenders of this. People certainly have noticed. Just Google "Tom Cruise age gap movies". There are a lot of articles about it. As Tom Cruise gets older, his romantic interests in film stay the same age. It's continued on past this graph, in "American Made" and in "The Mummy". https://filmschoolrejects.com/tom-cruise-movie-love-interests-age/ https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/why-are-tom-cruises-love-interests-in-the-mummy-20-years-younger-than-him-20170523-gwbady.html
  13. Has to be Ramona obviously. She's still posting Instagrams masklessly flitting between Palm Springs and New York. https://pagesix.com/2021/01/14/rhony-cast-member-gets-covid-19-shutting-down-production/
  14. Well yeah. But there are other examples aside from Woody in Hollywood too. Richard Gere is 22 years older than Winona Ryder - Autumn in New York Sean Connery was 39 years older than Catherine Zeta Jones - Entrapment. Will Ferrell is 16 years older than Zooey Deschanel - Elf. Will Smith is 22 years older than Margot Robbie - Focus. And on and on. https://www.thetalko.com/15-movie-couples-with-big-age-gaps/
  15. Oh, gross. I saw that movie when it was released and retained nothing. I never made it through Woody Allen's "Whatever Works", but Larry David is 73, and Evan Rachel Wood is 33. They're 40 years apart! For "Magic in the Moonlight", Colin Firth is 28 years older than Emma Stone.
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