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  1. Karen and Grace, like on Will and Grace! That's funny.
  2. I think, simply trying to intimidate him and teach him a "lesson". Kind of like, you think you can stare at women/girls and they're weak/prey but one of them might be a cop with a gun, like me? Don't try anything? Kind of thing.... this is how I took it.
  3. Also Merritt was famous to me because of this:
  4. Sounds like a real estate dream!
  5. (Besides what happened to her in college), I don't think she's ever told the truth since we saw her on The Bachelor. She lies constantly and easily. I think we'd all do what Blake did in his position and release the texts or as the kids say, "show the receipts". This show has screwed up these women's expectations. Katie and Nicole think they have to get engaged after 16 days, or die. It's like "Speed", if you slow down under 55 MPH, the bus explodes. But they think if you slow down the relationship after 16 days THEY will explode. The show is screwing up their brains. Just because it worked out for Jade and Tanner (and rumours say it's not exactly working) doesn't mean it's going to work for anyone else. I mean I'm happy for Krystal, I guess, even though I think her husband is a loser..... but she seems happy..... Also thanks a lot, now I want to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory again.....
  6. This is all Hannah B.'s fault for claiming that Peter can fuck 4 times in a windmill.
  7. I now agree with the poster who said last week to Katie "Get out. Get out while you can." What the hell is this? This is none of our business. If you have to force your man onto international television to force him to admit he's "still in this" then maybe it's time to bail! There are other men out there. Katie is so beautiful, so so beautiful and I'm sure she has many good qualities. Her self esteem just isn't lining up with it.
  8. Not to mention the peanut gallery. They were all attacking Blake and defending Caelynn. Um.... why?
  9. Blake, just stop talking. He is digging and digging and digging himself into a hole.
  10. I still think Caelynn is really manipulative..... I don't know. They're both bad. I have no defense for either of them.
  11. JPJ: You can fuck some of the girls you follow. You told me that. Derek: And you know what I said after that? "I CHOOSE NOT TO." ewwwwwwwwwww. Derek creeps me out. More than JPJ. I don't care! LOL at Blake being everyone's psychologist all season long. It makes me kind of like him a bit. Did you guys see this? It's really important! 😂 😂 😂
  12. Tayshia, Hannah G., and Demi are just really, really pretty I must say. Colton had some great choices. LOLLLLLLLL Is it my imagination or did N O B O D Y cheer for Kristina? I fucking love it! Dean what the fuck are you wearing Babe
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