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  1. Can you guys believe I forced myself to stop watching after Episode 5 because I was so scared the series would end? I'm such a dork. watching again now. Dawn is so funny trying to Parent Trap Richard Spiers! Dawn: "Let's have some wineeee......... " Richard: "Ok....." Dawn: "ON THE ROCKS!" Richard: "Nobody has wine on the rocks. Dawn, give your mother her phone back." So far the only thing I don't understand is Stacey wearing those huge puffy sleeve blouses. Does anyone think a 13 year old would wear this?!
  2. Agree. Shawna was really pretty and I totally forgot about her until I rewatched this. Lots of good looking people on this season.
  3. Rob had this big crush on Heidi, but then said she was looking really bad in the jungle AND THE EDITORS EVEN PLAYED ALONG by showing her clips looking "hot" in episode 1 and then supposedly looking grungy in episode 7 or whatever. It was so mean! The way he talked about the women was just so gross. Talking about constantly wanting them to be naked, to see them naked, to be around them, "If they take their clothes off then I'll keep them around forever", etc. etc. It was just so.... frat boy. I can't believe this is the guy that everyone talks about because he has a famous podcast. He's just........ ugh. Heidi and Jenna were in like the top 7 or something and then were talking about how they had a handicap (By the way , Chrissy was still there) because they were so good-looking and no one took them seriously like they did ugly women. THEN HOW WERE THEY THE LAST TWO WOMEN STANDING. And Rob EXPLICITLY SAID he'd keep them around because they were so hot!! Ugh! I'm complaining, but I am really enjoying the season. I liken every Survivor season to something (Australia is a sitcom, Africa is a nature documentary) but Amazon is definitely one of those dating reality shows.
  4. The designs that Carrie wore per se were not that outlandish. It was mostly how Pat Field mixed and matched everything to make outfits that nobody would really wear. The fantasy of watching designer clothes on television is fun for the audience, but I was saying "crazy" to point out that Carrie Bradshaw would not be able to afford the clothes she was always wearing. It was about the affordability.
  5. It was all designer in Seasons 4-6!!! Or at least mostly! So crazy. Carrie wears red when she was mugged. But I love green too.
  6. Reminds me of how she always insisted on smoking indoors where people told her that she couldn't.
  7. That was Season 4. No cellphone. It seems crazy now! It was 2001. Even "Clueless" from 1995, those teenage girls had cellphones. Though maybe that was a Beverly Hills culture thing? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0698668/ She also didn't understand that when Aidan was online, it meant that he couldn't see her through the computer. HAHA HAAHAHAAA
  8. Also, Carrie got to "win" this way. When Big married Natasha, Natasha "won". When Big cheated on Natasha with Carrie, then Carrie gets to win. Oh, definitely same. Seasons 1 and 2. I was always trying to dress like her.
  9. I agree. LOL!!! I've been rewatching the series by taping a new episode on cable every night. I've really been enjoying myself. EXCEPT, these two episodes (and a few others) just sit unused on my PVR forever because I refuse to watch them.
  10. LOL, I actually know minimalists like this. They get anxiety when they see a lot of decor and knickknacks and things. They want to rip things off of the wall because they just want to see blankness. (Cue memories of Ramona doing that at BSM) I honestly like everyone's decorating style because it's so unique to each person. Dorinda's maximalism, Bethenny's ultra modern, Carole's chic, Luann's French country or whatever it is, and even Ramona's, which everyone seems to hate.
  11. I think it's awful that Sonja didn't pay her interns either. Is that even legal?
  12. Why would Luann hire Sonja for the show in the first place? Because Luann thought that Sonja would bring more people to see the shows, right? Yet suddenly Luann is acting like all along she was just doing Sonja a big favour and that Sonja should be grateful? If Luann thinks that Sonja is just worthless trash she should fire her, which is exactly what she's doing, but it makes Luann seem like a disingenuous asshole.
  13. None of that matters to me whatsoever. I know established artists well and people also often try to stiff on paying them. There's this attitude that everyone thinks they can do art, so that it shouldn't be paid for. And that art isn't "real" work like being a bus driver or a teacher or a garbage collector or what have you. Yet there are many artists who make a living on their work. I don't care JUST about young artists getting exploited. It's ANYONE. Also, now that Instagram is so huge there are many stories of so-called "Influencers" who try to stiff designers, cake creators, makeup artists, video designers because they have a "lot of followers on Instagram" so they don't need to pay for artists' services. This attitude is widespread.
  14. Luann should 100% pay Sonja for the Cabaret show. We all know Sonja needs the money. Ever since I discovered the "For Exposure" Twitter account (https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt). I have been blown away by how often people try to not pay artists and creatives for their work. Luann sounds like all the people exposed on that account. Like artists should all be "Grateful" to provide free work to "important people" because the artists get the "benefits" of exposure and rubbing shoulders with them. Luann calling Sonja "resentful". Wow. I'm actually impressed that Ramona understands that. All of these episodes feel kind of empty, like a "Diet" version of how the episodes used to be. I hope next week is better, but I don't really have hope.
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