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  1. I saw "Better off Dead" for the first time this year and I was kind of blown away. It's really good. That one I couldn't get through! I wanted to. I know people like it.
  2. I don't think Dorit is even smart enough to realize how stupidly she came off by the help comment.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. This is the first year I gave this show a try, and I understand that this season has been different, thanks to you all, but............ I don't know how I feel about tuning in again. I think it's too technical for me. I like learning more about meals and food and the contestants. Instead it's more like learning about tests and judge criteria. It's kind of dry and boring for me that way. The show is scared to have too much personality.
  4. Aw, I was cheering for Suu. Anne was more nervous than the people competing. Her constant screaming, oh my god. I thought she was going to die. She wanted it for Kelsey way way way way too much. Did they even let Abe speak once? I felt bad for the kid.
  5. PK is wonderful! And Alec Baldwin is an asshole! I agree! I hope someone slips him one. I want to hear this.
  6. Thank you! Regarding Serena and Joe, you say Serena doesn't want anything serious. Then why would she tell Joe she's in love with him already? Is this all just fame chasing?
  7. I don't even really understand this and yet it made me laugh until I cried.
  8. How alarming to see that old picture of Kyle. Those old pictures of Kyle and Dorit are of completely different faces. I'm always alarmed by how tall Crystal is. She has this cute little baby face and I always assume she's like a tiny little baby. I've really come to hate Dorit. Now Dorit's using that same line Kyle did earlier "I thought we got past that." All that statement means is "I don't want to address anything, admit anything, or talk about anything of substance. So just shut up." Dorit verbally attacking Garcelle while making a bunch of other women watch: "How do w
  9. And cars NEVER flip halfway or once. It's always 5-6 times.
  10. Kyle: Why did Garcelle bring that auction up? I thought we got past that. Well what about the content of what Garcelle said? She was 100% right. What about that? Kyle: I thought we got past that. Kyle to Crystal: We don't exclude anybody. (5 minutes ago) Kyle is at a facial party that deliberately excluded Sutton, Crystal, and Garcelle. What is the difference between Dorit and Hilaria Baldwin? Speaks with a fake accent, pretends she's not from America?
  11. I didn't realize how much it would gut me when one of the three men would win instead of one of the three women. To be honest though, I probably just want Tiffany to win and now the whole thing's blown.
  12. She's so weird isn't she? She reacts to things in a very strange way. In this completely detached, whatever way, Yeah I did it, I do what I want, who cares, yeah it's a Tuesday, yeah I'm just trying to gain followers, yeah I just want to live off Instagram and make money doing it, yeah we used Natasha for personal gain and discarded her like a piece of trash, yeah Brendan is an asshole and a sociopath, yeah he's screaming at the women here, yeah so what, whatever man, cool dude, okay we're leaving now bye,
  13. I was talking about Pieper. But I understand.
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