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  1. He said mesh was "his thing" so that's why he chose it. Apparently Scout was fine with showing skin so he just left it as is with no lining. I don't think Marquise generally is all about the sex, anyways. He and Scout seemed to be really on the same page and Scout was just delighted with what Marquise made for her. I agree that to some of us it seemed very childlike, but it's just luck of the draw that Marquise and Scout seemed to enjoy each other's styles very much.
  2. But it's the hypocrisy that bothers some of us. If Victoria was on the bottom, she would be screaming , thrashing, throwing things, saying that the competition is so unfair for criticizing her. This week, she was on the top, so all of a sudden it's a major injustice that no one was kicked off.
  3. I'm not even pregnant and I don't like form fitting either! Somebody can look sexy with clothing that isn't tight. I thought the model looked very sexy!
  4. She was so cute! Christian and Brittany are SO friendly with each other. I love Christian, but it feels like favouritism. He treats her like his BFF !
  5. Hahahhahahahahahahahaahah Victoria is such an asshole. Such a hypocrite and an asshole. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha aai ai aiaiai a I really liked Sergio's dress! I thought the athlete looked so hot in it, seriously!
  6. It's already been announced they're doing it for HBO.
  7. I mean, how old is Nick Merico, 20? I think if a 20 year old's supposed "Cockiness" bothers you that much, it says more about the person being bothered. Lionel is, what, 70? And he's made to feel insecure by that? I find that kind of creepy. I really couldn't care less if Nick thinks he's the shit, so what? Just judge the singing, do you like it or not? It's creepy when the judges try to get too personal with what are relative children. I just couldn't care less about cockiness in a singing competition. If the singing is bad, cut him. If the singing is good, put him through, and let America decide. No need to try to break down his spirits. It just felt gross to me.
  8. You can Google "saving a YouTube video" and I'm sure somebody can help you walk through the steps. The website would help convert the Youtube video to an MP4 file that you would then save to your computer or hard drive. Don't worry it can be done. Just hopefully you can preserve it before someone deletes it.
  9. No need to fear for my wellbeing. I get Hannah and Madison mixed up - they are both cute brunettes with nice smiles - but I am healthy and fine. Thanks.
  10. If that's true, there's still no way for them to stop magazines, stores, and other bodies worldwide from exploiting their image for profit. There's just no way.
  11. The choking thing freaked me out and I think I better learn the Heimlich. Don't worry, I don't have kids yet. But I am scared straight!
  12. Everything about Kate busting Kevin for sleeping with Madison was SOOOOO. DAMMMMN. funny!!!!!!!! Good episode!
  13. It's apples and oranges. It's completely unrelated things. The fans would love to see a reunion, and networks are willing to pay. I have no idea why the actors should say they don't want to be compensated fairly or what they're worth. I suggest following this Twitter account which shows how often people in creative fields and in arts are ripped off. It happens constantly. These 6 "Friends" have figured out how to have themselves and their families be safe and prosperous forever and I don't begrudge them that. https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt "Friends" has done so much for me in my life. I say they're worth it. They've given up certain things to be 6 of the most famous people on the planet. Look at all the personal problems that Matt Perry has gone through. Jennifer Aniston is still on the front page of every tabloid paper every single day with all sorts of lies said about her because tabloid writers are still insanely jealous that she married Brad Pitt 20 freaking years ago. Networks are willing to pay, I say take the money. The 6 "Friends" don't have to do anything they don't want to do, and they know it. When they do the reunion, they'll be doing it mostly for the fans, and it will be a service for us. The 6 are asked about it constantly, like daily. There are social media accounts devoted to begging and hoping for this. Networks always make more money than the artists. It's like team owners always making more than the athletes. Always always always. The worker is never going to make more money than the corporation in America. Ever. So, they're compensated fairly. With all the money that NBC made off them back in the day, they were probably underpaid, to be honest. What about all that syndication money? DVDs, Blu Rays, merchandise, etc. I still buy "Friends" t-shirts and mugs. I've been to the NBC Store at 30 Rock, etc. and bought merchandise there also. "Friends" is in syndication worldwide, there are "Friends" cafes all over the world. There's no way the 6 actors are seeing all of the money they should be.
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