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  1. That dress storyline was so stupid and mean. I loved Tammy's storyline this week.
  2. Okay, my stomach doesn't hurt with anxiety the entire episode like it did for Episode 3. So ..... I guess that's good. How does everyone feel about this Corey change? I feel so bad for him. It was very clear this episode he has no idea what he's getting into. He has his own business, right? And now suddenly he's an assistant, somebody who walks dogs for Bethenny?
  3. What was this specifically? Was it just that the show turned out so bad, or was it her undermining him as a realtor? Or did she actually say specific things? Thank you.
  4. So I'm only partway through the episode, like 1/3, but so far I have been uncomfortable through the entire thing. That's not the way I want to feel when I watch my TV, or my reality TV, or supposedly fluffy TV. It sucks because I wanted something fun for us to snark on but this show might just make me miserable and sad instead. A lot of us have a poor impression of Bethenny already, but I wonder if this show will do for her what "Under the Gunn" did for Tim Gunn. Tim went from this unassailable, lovable grandfather type to everyone seeing him in a very different and negative and
  5. I also think it's really really disgusting that Sonja buys clothes and wears them and keeps the tags on and apparently returns them. It's repulsive, it's turning my stomach. Trying them on once (with the appropriate clothes or undergarments on underneath) is one thing. But WEARING them then returning them? Oh my god.....
  6. Ms Blue Jay

    MLB Thread

    Edwin Encarnacion is my all time favourite and he was always a major power hitter and always racked up a lot of HRs by the end of each season. He notoriously has a slow start every year and then one day in May everything starts to magically click and it's HR, HR, HR. I wonder if this will happen to Fran.
  7. Eboni's voice is amazing. I actually prefer the long hair on Luann, I adore it.
  8. The entire time in the Milk truck, I couldn't hear what either actor was saying. I had to use closed captioning. That pissed me off. Not everyone has the ability to turn on CC so how could anyone make out the dialogue?
  9. I (always) like Topher Grace dancing and singing, but I was so bored by the rest of it.
  10. I am sorry if this has been reported. If I try to click on your blue BROWSE FORUMS button, it tries to go to forums.PREVIOUSLY.TV (instead of Primetimer) and then there is an error message that says COMMUNITY NOT FOUND.
  11. Very good points, all of them. I'm getting so re-angry.....
  12. This show is sick. Sick sick sick. Sick. Sick. Maybe this is my last one. I don't know. And if not, this is the starting of the ending. I think I've emotionally turned a corner. I've ditched many shows before, so this is not all talk. Once a show loses me, I'm lost for good...... So much worse.
  13. I think that it's so interesting that so much care and respect is paid to Judaism whether we are Jewish or not but a Black woman just being herself is shoving race down people's throats, apparently. Wearing a sweatshirt is not talking about race. It's championing a cause silently. Everyone has causes that they care about. None of what Eboni talked about bothered me. Nothing about it was weird or over the top for me, except for the aforementioned "bitch" in every sentence which I didn't care for and am definitely not used to. I know a lot of people who are proud of who they are,
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