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  1. Thanks guys for the info! It kind of went fast, and I didn't catch all of this. I felt so bad for him that he had to be introduced to Laurel's parents. While I assume that SOME people wanted to meet their partners' parents, it's sooooooo awkward for the other couples.
  2. Can you guys elaborate? What did Johnny's Dad say and what did it mean? I'm not getting this. Was Johnny's original plan to hook up with someone on day 1, i.e. Cely, and not stray from that? And basically he broke the plan at Casa Amor? Well, lol I don't think anyone would disagree with this. Never mind - just saw @Stan39 disagrees.
  3. Definitely not. I tape the show and watch it around an hour late, on the East Coast, and the threads are rarely open.
  4. Bennett has one of those ways of speaking where he speaks really fast and yet has so many things to say in this one dimensional sound with no ups and downs. You guys know what I mean? I see it on The Bachelor/ette a lot, I think. LOL
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention. That scene with Cody and Dani was so weird. It felt full of euphemisms and sexual tension. It was creeping me out. No wonder there's been "rumours" about them.
  6. Caleb's family kind of broke me. Definitely the highlight of the episode. Cely screaming at everybody and moaning and making seal noises was definitely the lowlight. Honestly, I thought Johnny's dad was hot. I feel like the editors are reallllllly leaning into this Caleb and Justine thing. They kinda seem like they cannot do wrong.
  7. The golf thing was driving me crazy because almost every single player got a great score and then got greedy and screwed it up on the next try! They really drove me nuts!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Will:
  8. Can someone start the episode thread? I am very new to this show and I don't know how to do it properly. I don't know why the episode threads are never ready once the show ends.
  9. Putting a child in a bra and sending them to school is not some kind of statement against sexism. It's a child, and it's not appropriate. Children don't even need bras!!!! This is almost like child neglect. Bethenny has no excuse to do something so stupid, she is super rich and very privileged. Putting a boy or a girl in a bra top and sending them to school makes no sense, regardless of gender. This is not about us being afraid that boys will be distracted. It's just a fucked up thing to do to a child. If it was a 17 year old girl wearing leggings, or a tight top you might have something there. But this is a 10 year old!
  10. Very interesting. Plus how do Gus and Jules have graduation gear also?!?!? If she went to the trouble of procuring it for them, maybe she did it for herself, also....
  11. The description says Jules. Gus's sister? It says "Family Portrait"....
  12. Honestly, Tinsley has a different face too. I always thought that Bethenny "triggered" Kelly. That's how I remember it, but I'll rewatch the seasons sometime. I don't remember Bethenny being triggered by her.
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