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  1. Thanks for getting it. I used to love watching VOD too but I think I'm in this easy going, happy holiday mode and seriously, these old Frasier episodes have been putting me in the best mood every night. The thing about Daphne's psychic ability. Clearly Frasier and Niles consider themselves men of science (and their mother was a scientist) and they don't believe in Daphne's ability. Yet, Daphne has had visions that were 100% true. (She saw where Eddie was when he was lost. She had visions of the man that she was meant to be with with a dragon, and Niles was with that dragon statue f
  2. What was the Bacall Bogart recreation? What movie was it from? What is "Final Cancellation" a reference to? Maybe Final Destination. Thank you
  3. Aaron went so overboard! He just UNLOADED on Bones!
  4. Chasity and Prajje's pink look was so good that I actually cried. The way Mimi walked it was great too. The judges couldn't mention that Anna was in a fucking car accident and probably concussed? I feel like Anna should sue the construction company, whoever let that scaffolding fall onto a moving car. I am just horrified beyond horrified that that happened. I couldn't really find myself committing to any of the looks totally besides the pink one. Christian was shown helping the buckle coat people (Coral, Zayden) like every other scene. And I didn't even love it. It was okay
  5. Yeah, but this is a private forum where you have to sign up. I don't work for TMZ or something.
  6. Or where they live! They show the neighbourhood, the street name, sometimes the house number, the cost, everything.
  7. Daphne returns - and in the same vein Room Full of Heroes - were episodes that I used to look forward to watching. But now I think I'm in this headspace where I don't even want to watch the dramatic episodes. Same with Visions of Daphne. They're all episodes where Niles is taken to task. They all used to be part of my favourites but I don't think I'm in the mood. I find myself enjoying some of the Season 8 episodes like Motor Skills and Hooping Cranes, episodes with a much lighter tone. Frasier and Niles are so funny being the bad kids in the class. The whiplash change in their acti
  8. I've always written off Seasons 8-10 before but I'm watching Season 8 now and I'm surprised that I'm kind of enjoying myself. Maybe it's the desperation of having finished the other seasons.
  9. I've had several in the past 10 years that were women - I can think of four. Haven't had a male one since I was a kid I don't think. Also one of my female friends is an ophthalmologist. I am in Canada though.
  10. Making your child become a star in the first place is already awful. I'll hold Lindsay's dangerous driving against her, but holding her awful family against her is ridiculous. She can't control them.
  11. Alec Baldwin to ABC about shooting: ‘I didn’t pull the trigger’ By Associated Press December 1, 2021 @ 3:08 PM https://artscanvas.org/film-tv/alec-baldwin-to-abc-about-shooting-i-didnt-pull-the-trigger
  12. Wow, I can't believe she's doing so well as a talk show host, they're giving her another show? I PVR her show every single day so I can hear her performance at the top and then I'll watch if I like the guest, which is not that often. But man, as a talk show host she leaves a lot to be desired. Singing is obviously her strength and talking is obviously her major weakness! She's addicted to the word "literally". Melissa McCarthy came on her show and it was like two women saying "literally" to each other every other word. It's unbearable. Kelly constantly interrupts her guests even in the
  13. I never said she should? There are a lot of posts here speaking about her fashion style and I'm simply joining in the conversation?
  14. I love Drew but everyday she dresses like Annie Hall. It seems like she will never move on from that.
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