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  1. The Baby Sitters Club, Saved by the Bell, and Emily in Paris are 30 minute episodes.
  2. Ok, so the new Gossip Girl has many main characters and that's a 12 episode season. Mare of Easttown. The Crown. Succession. Ginny and Georgia. The new Saved by the Bell. The Babysitters Club. Emily in Paris. The Morning Show. All of these shows have way more than 3 main characters and about a 10 episode season. I could go on.
  3. I prefer the stop the clock method, personally. But yeah Chopped doesn't care what you do to yourself, that clock stops for no one.
  4. I totally get that. I already adore Echo Kellum from his other projects - Sean Saves the World and Ben and Kate.
  5. Friends had 6 main characters all with their own stories. The show Community has a main cast of 7. The Office had a main cast of at least 10. I don't find the other characters an issue in the series. I don't care for the Che stuff because I don't find Miranda believable, but as Carrie's podcast host at least that would have made sense. I can see the value of Nya, Seema, and LTW being new people in the main cast's lives.
  6. I admit I really really like Andre and feel for him. But he and Nya just can't work together. Based on my knowledge of this couple, which IS UBER LIMITED. They just need to break up.
  7. By the way, the line "I can't be the white lady just writing a check". What the hell kind of writing is that? That 100% was Cynthia Nixon saying "Put that line in! That sounds so woke!" What does that even mean? What is bad about white people giving money to good causes? Not only should rich (white) people do it, but they should do it more! Go nuts!
  8. Kristina: I do like her, but only when she uses expensive fabrics. When she uses cotton, I just can't take it. Chasity: The only time I really liked her design was when she was paired up with Prajje. Now that is someone that I believe is truly talented. Coral: God, for the most part I don't get it, and I feel nothing from her, but I finally liked her outfit this time around. Shantell: I don't really have complaints, except that I feel like the show has been shoving her down our throats since she was saved.
  9. LTW looked hot as fuck in that outfit, I don't even care
  10. Exactly IT'S NOT BELIEVABLE Out of all the people that Che has slept with or supposedly could sleep with in New York and this married person with a teenaged son is who Che falls in love with?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? It HAS to be the married person?
  11. Even Kristin Davis admits that Che isn't funny at the end of this article https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/cynthia-nixon-defends-miranda-ches-and-just-like-that-romance/kristin-weighs-in-2/
  12. Because Cynthia wants Miranda to have zero consequences for her love for Che and for Steve to pine after her forever. It's disgusting. I'm never going to stop being baffled by this. Brady is a whole other angle that I'm glad everyone is pointing out, because they keep making Brady this background character that I keep forgetting. Yeah, no ramifications from your mother suddenly walking out on your family after 17 years. Brady's fine! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine with the whooooole thing! I think Cynthia is trying to right whatever damage she may have caused to her own first marriage. Kind
  13. Coco is an absolute genius with her face. I think that people think that the "point of modelling is to draw you to the clothing", but I think modelling is meant to be aspirational. Actually, some models distract you from the clothing, and you start thinking, if I want to look like her, I should get that outfit. Interesting psychology. Somebody like Naomi Campbell is going to walk in an outfit and you're going to think damn! Maybe I can look that good too! You're not going to be able to ignore her face or her body. Coco is so theatrical, almost like an actor. I think she draws you
  14. I have no idea what happened last week. My PVR didn't tape the show!? I don't know. I'm so beyond confused. 1. Coco Rocha is incredible. I was so moved by her modelling, she blew me away. I watched many seasons of ANTM, and I don't think that any of the best models from the 20 or 30 seasons of that show could touch somebody like Coco. 2. I actually loved Kristina's photo. I don't care that Nina thinks she's Queen of the Editorial. Vogue Italia is a million times better at editorials than Elle, anyway. But I loved that photo. 3. I. DON'T. GET. CORAL. I DON'T. FREAKING GE
  15. Don't be a Smug Charlotte about it! (Totally kidding) Without Che/Miranda I could see this being a show I looked forward to every week. Not exactly LOVED but definitely enough to watch, somewhat satisfied, saying "That was kinda nice" when it was over and then not much think of it again. I think that's about as positive a spin I can put on it. As an ENORMOUS fan of Samantha Jones I am just glad she didn't come back, and that shows you how poorly I think of this show. Because at first I was devastated she didn't sign on. What the show has done to Miranda is so much worse than
  16. I'm glad you said that. Everyone is picking apart Kristin's acting, but I think Cynthia is terrible now. Off the fucking wall terrible. She's kind of tolerable in scenes without Che, I guess, but, you're right, she's just a caricature now. It's horrifying. I watched "Joe Millionaire" right before this and a bunch of 20 something Instagram influencers fighting over two men, because one of them is a millionaire, were less immature than how Miranda acted in this latest episode.
  17. No, but I really appreciate your recommendations. I saw "Becoming Ms. Bennet" or "Pride and Prejudice: Cut" (2019) you know how TV movies often have several titles. LOL. It was about actors playing roles in a P&P movie adaptation whose lives start to parallel their P&P character counterparts. And I saw Pride and Prejudice (2003) which is a very, very, very, very 2000s modern adaptation apparently and vaguely about Ladder Day Saints. I can't exactly recommend that one. But in both adaptations, the Darcy actor was great. My Mom is obsessed with the Ryan Paevey Hallmark series
  18. I start to breathe really heavy with anger when I read stuff like this, this is how angry this show is making me. Yeah. I wondered that the whole episode. What city are they in. Then I realized I don't give a fuck. Send them to Jupiter. New Miranda is a worse character than Che. New Miranda is the worst character I've ever seen in my life.
  19. I assume that they're doing the storyline of a couple where one person desperately wants a baby and is willing to do anything but the other person will only do it if it's easy and happens immediately. I was wondering where I saw this before and I realized - Charlotte and Trey. On Sex and the City.
  20. I thought of the Curb scene immediately too. That scene was adorable. The Larry on this show never even had 1 child but he was so helpful and sweet. I would also like to understand. In Canada they air the show on my HBO channel at 9 PM EST on Thursdays. I assume they like, upload it to HBO the midnight before or something? Edit: Thanks everyone, for clarifying this!
  21. LOL. Cynthia Nixon's ego. I'm sorry but it's absolutely insane. Remember, she's an exec producer. This is what she wants.
  22. HIT ON HIM CARRIE! HE OWNS A BAR! (Does he still?).
  23. I'm only partway through the episode and I'm just here to pipe up and say that Mario Cantone is a sex god. As you were.
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