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  1. Thank you for mentioning that! It drove me crazy that she stepped in it AND tracked it around! Also, just need to say that Eboni is perpetually in either cross examination or closing argument mode. She is exhausting.
  2. Has Crystal never been to a gym or a spa??? He she never been to a European beach?? There are so many routine occasions when friends (and strangers) see you naked, I just don't understand why she thinks this is a big deal. (I think it is funny too that she likely didn't hear the knock and Sutton's call becuase she was busy on the phone with her friend criticizing all the women.) Granted I grew up with sisters and went to a single sex college, but this over the top reaction to someone seeing you naked just seems put on to me (and absurd). Especially after seeing how close she is with he
  3. They do play Bocce in Milano, and I believe all over Italy (France too where it is called Petanque) but I believe it is mostly men that play.
  4. Ugh Sutton!!!!!! She seems very committed to her narrative of fragile, sensitive, "Southern Lady" and it would have seem to have gotten her far. But the claws come out in her talking heads (no one reacts like that unless they were raised in a Women's Prison) ... I think her anxiety is the conflict between the "face" she has shown to the world for the hundred years she's been alive and her real self. No one is buying what she's selling and it is freaking her out. That said Krystal Carrington (!?!?!) is a nasty, manipulative bitch who I'd like not to see return next season.
  5. They are place cards not “name tags” .... what is wrong with these women?!?!?
  6. It was pretty funny when Luanne called the stalagmites the Dolomites. I could have lived without Leah’s histrionics, which disappeared when they didn’t gain her any attention.
  7. But Kyle did the exact same thing to her this year. Kyle invited Teddi over so she would be there when Kim trotted out Brandi to get the rumor on camera so they'd HAVE to talk about it. When Teddi said she was upset about what Denise had "said" about her after Brandi left, Kyle cut her right off and said we have more important things to worry about (like how to take Denise down). Teddi is not a very bright person.
  8. Vile Kyle and Teddy were on WWHL last night. Kyle kept saying "well, we had to address the Denise/Brandi rumor because it was on camera"!?!?!?!? It was on camera because YOU arranged for it to be on camera!?!? Teddy could not have been more unrepentant and nasty. Also, she was pretty "glammed" up which somehow did not offend Kyle. These two are the absolute worst!
  9. Yes! I don’t understand why they don’t have drunk, racist Dorinda berating the Haitian charity head (in a public restaurant) on loop. She is a vile, vile drunk who, apparently, can’t see that for herself even If it is all on film!?!
  10. I don’t care for Teddi - at all - and she certainly seems easily influenced, so I can see the producers working her up. I do hope someone clues her in on how Kyle set her up. Inviting Kim and Brandi to visit while she and Teddi were filming is sooooo obvious. Rina’s insistence that either Teddi or Kyle had to say it out loud, “since they were there”, and her talking head just shows these old cows know every angle and technicality. When Kim and Brandi left, Teddi lamented that she’d have to go on a trip with someone who “blatantly” hates her - study grammar and vocabulary Teddi!!
  11. So interesting. She struck me as such a fame whore and I was put off by how her parents were hamming up for the camera and how she kept pushing her sister.
  12. I am not enjoying one minute of this. They are a pack of rabid dancing monkeys. Dorinda’s inferiority complex and white hot jealousy coupled with her alcoholism are painful to watch, the others are just so jaded by now and Leah is the kind of woman who gives us all a bad name. I guess Elysee is there to provide the puerile sexual comments Bethenny used to throw around? Such a disappointment to have such a lousy, repetitive season when we really need some diversion.
  13. Great point! Am I the only one that sees the look on Dorinda’s face as saying “see, I’m being good”. I can easily imagine her embarrassing Richard on multiple occasions with her messiness.
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