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  1. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03.E09: Heroic

    LOLOL ... it's not really a theory ... just a thought that occurred to me to wonder about, mainly BECAUSE they are going so fakakata (sp? yiddish-ish) this season, the further and further away they get from what was already written/published. And with so few palatable male characters, maybe they're thinking a sympathetic guy who maybe possibly could be HER DAD would be a way to go?
  2. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03.E09: Heroic

    So, yeah, rewatched it last night and while I now get it, I can see why I thought gobbledygook (that said, I definitely was snoozing on and off that first time) ... As always, the posters here have said so many insightful things way better than I ever could, so I'm just nodding and going, Yes! Yes! Really? OHHHHH I get it! But two thoughts ... I can't remember how June was fathered (assuming her mom was staunch feminist lesbian before her birth) but is it at all possible that kind doctor actually IS her "birth father"? He was a ray of sunshine (as much as this show can have one this season) and I'd love to see more of him. If he worked with her mom, and she could choose the donor, he'd have been an excellent choice. Also ... someone mentioned they thought the sight of the girls triggering June was a stretch because of the age difference between them and Hannah, but my thought when we saw that first little pink parade was not specifically the individual girls themselves that triggered her but the pale pink habit, since IIRC the last few times we saw Hannah that was how she was dressed. I'm still in on this because ... well, it's summer and I don't have much on my dance card anyway ... but it's no longer "It's Wednesday!!! Gotta clear the deck for Handmaid's Tale"
  3. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I am dying laughing. Am wearing a tank top right now with that quote (a "San Junipero" T from Snorg, my new favorite e-tailer.) I need to rewatch this tonight. Either I was way too tired to watch when I did or basically the entire thing was gobbledygook.
  4. PamelaMaeSnap

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    I'm Team Monique (and still Team Robyn as well). I had to look up what the genesis of the term "rainbow baby" was and that's really moving ... Before knowing the term existed, I'd had the idea that instead of a "gender reveal" shower people should have a "rainbow shower," with the thought that "gender" being so fluid these days, one would welcome a healthy baby who will be what they're going to be. Also, I thought the "ladies" were especially cacophonous last night at the hoedown, to the point of putting it on mute. Even my deaf pup was covering her ears.
  5. PamelaMaeSnap

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    I can't help but wonder if Matt came on the show with thoughts of getting some publicity with a broadcasting career in mind. He seems like a bright guy who expresses himself well, though he hasn't done himself any favors if indeed he's outed as a cad with Amber. Since I don't think this is a spoiler zone I won't elaborate but he wouldn't be the only person to come on the show with possibly a similar idea (NOT that there would be anything wrong with that if said contestant is also looking for love and not just a fame ho)
  6. PamelaMaeSnap

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    But it's gotta be a chi-chi She Shed.
  7. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    I'm going to have to rewatch the episode again before weighing in ... but am I the only one who thought, after seeing that televised plea to return their kidnapped baby, Luke is a dead man now.
  8. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    What I was wondering was if they were escaping Gilead from a city that, unless I'm mistaken, is Boston, they can't possibly be going as far on foot/back of a car as Toronto, could they? I pretty much assumed it had to be Montreal or somewhere close by, if they were hightailing it through New England. Not saying that refugees didn't eventually end up in Toronto (the Chicago subplot suggests there is indeed midwestern action), just that in this case I would guess the quickest escape to a Canadian city from where THESE people are across the border would be Montreal. That said, I haven't been to Canada in SO long (though going to QC this summer) ... someone here must have recognized the bridge under which Emily tried to cross the river, yes? Also ... Umbelina, agree completely on Omar's wife (I can't even remember if we ever learned her name) ... and just to throw this in here, I was so excited that both Handmaid's Tale and Black Mirror returned the same day ... the actor who played Omar (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) was one of the leads in the first episode of Black Mirror and was amazing.
  9. PamelaMaeSnap

    Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    I'd like to bump this to see if anyone has any info/intel/insight as to how much this follows the plot line laid out in S2/3? Curious how much (if at all) Atwood had input into the show plot line beyond the end of the original book? I know there must be similar situations (i.e., bestseller book, TV series based on book, series life/it goes beyond what was written and THEN sequel is written/released) but can't think of any offhand. I have pre-ordered the book and will stay unspoiled on it ... plan to read it on cross-country flight I'm taking a week after release date.
  10. PamelaMaeSnap

    The Eyes: News and Media

    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I honestly couldn't figure out where it should/could go! And I couldn't find question posed anywhere ... so if I'm rehashing something already discussed, apologies and please send me in right direction!!! Like many shows based on books, once this got past S1 we were veering into mostly uncharted plot territory (I say "mostly" because we have book's epilogue to give basic guidelines). I don't know how much input Atwood has/had on where the show went S2/3 ... but with the slated release in September of her sequel, The Testaments (pre-ordered on Amazon, duh!) I wonder what to expect ... Do we know (or if not, do you guys think) if it will follow the plot lines already shown in S2/3? Or go somewhere completely different? I'm looking forward to the book but if it's just chapter and verse what we've seen/are seeing on the show it may be good reading because she's a good writer but obviously won't be as compelling if we know what happens. Wondering if anyone's read anything that gives some insight here!
  11. PamelaMaeSnap

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    I'm on your page. If they need to kill off a major character, nothing would delight me more than to be rid of her.
  12. PamelaMaeSnap

    The Handmaid's Roles: Cast in Other Roles

    Another actor from "Us," Yahya Abdul-Mateen (Russell Thomas), had a memorable one-episode turn on HMT as Omar (maybe best man ever on this show) and stars in season-opener of "Black Mirror" as Karl.
  13. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I assumed that had been mentioned because it seemed so obvious but maybe that's just because I'm "of a certain age" (though Aretha's cover makes it ageless).
  14. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    A few random thoughts (before new episode airs because I'm running behind on all my shows) ... On my TV I pegged Jamal's color as vermillion and Sebastian's color as a very pale peach. I'm wondering if we got an all-out Tessa Sucks blast tonight to take some of our (my) collective distaste for Hester down a notch and make her inevitable place in the T3 at the expense of more talented (Bishme/Sebastian/Garo, likely the latter) more palatable. Also, my assumption (possibly wrong) is that the judges don't see all the footage until later (I don't know how much later) ... would knowing that Tessa was lying like a rug have factored into their decision?
  15. PamelaMaeSnap

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    I have to confess, I TOTALLY related to Karen during this scene ... I had the Dr. Zell of dentists when I was a kid and was totally traumatized for life. I hadn't gone to the dentist in almost 10 years when I finally put on my big-girl panties earlier this year and made an appointment with my current dentist (very proud of myself) ... He knows my fear and didn't lecture me about not coming for the last decade, LOL ... and he's made me my own personal nitrous mask which I need BEFORE I WILL EVEN OPEN MY MOUTH TO LET HIM CHECK MY TEETH. I amazingly did not have any cavities but needed gum planing when I had my teeth cleaned and was given sedation (not IV but pills) along with novocaine along with nitrous. I now have become brave enough to ONLY need nitrous for cleaning as long as I go every six months. I do love this show ... I live in MoCo so it's fun to catch glimpses of places I know (not that many because I don't hang out in Potomac ... NORTH Potomac, yes, LOL). I especially loved the season where they went out and rented a house in, IIRC, Bethany Beach, where Mr. Snappy and I go many-but-not-all summers for a few days. I knew almost every restaurant. If any of you ladies in the greater MoCo vicinity want to have a season finale watch party, let me know! I'll bring sass and pink hair dye (Colorista). Also, I can't remember if I mentioned this at the time but if I did it was on the "old boards" ... back in December 2017 I was at an event out at National Harbor related to my "old life," right around when I officially retired for good. I was on line to check out of the hotel and the couple in front of me was really familiar and I assumed they were connected to the event and was running through my entire mental rolodex, what little is left of it after a stroke and two TGAs ... and I suddenly realized it was Karen and BBG!!!! I actually almost fangeeked a little bit because she saw I recognized her ... and I just babbled a bit and said how much I loved the show. She was actually incredibly gracious and sweet about it and BBG was a doll (I think he's adorable). So my little tiny brush with RHOP fame. They were checking in ... I wonder now if it was for something involved with La Dame (in fact, when I saw that scene, it looked an AWFUL lot like the convention center from the event I was at, but it also seems this season in real time is a lot more recent than that was).