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  1. I have way too much jumbling around in my mind about all of this, after JUST having watched most recent ep this afternoon (having to time it so Mr. Snappy and I can watch "our shows" together) ... I don't think I watched the 1994 miniseries which would be, on the surface, really odd since "The Stand" is one of my all-time Top 5 favorite books ... but it was also a period where my job/career had me traveling SO much and we didn't have the same kind of ability to tape/whatever to watch later ... So all I can relate to is what I remember from my multiple rereads (including ONLY one of the unexpurgated version), and my memory is extremely corrupted by medical issues that, sadly, seemed to only affect my one "superpower," which was once a remarkable somewhat photographic and seriously detailed memory. Now it's as if someone took all the carefully details index cards in the immense file cabinet of my memory and threw them all over the floor (kind of like the guy in "Memento" ... somewhat the same condition, just less extreme than his). But I digress ... So, we're through Episode 5. I'm trying to approach it as a huge Stephen King fan and an even huger fan of the book "The Stand" but at the same time taking it on its own merits, and assuming that whatever changes "they" made (whoever "they" are) were for reasons unknown to us. With that in mind, just a few random thoughts (please bear with me, or don't LOL!!!!) Having read the book multiple times and this being the first time I've seen it reimagined on screen, I'm only now realizing how "clearly" I had certain characters "visualized" ... and I can't argue with the choices made in actors but it's interesting to see who I was sort of closer on ... Without wanting to sound cold, I imagined Frannie much more attractive. Not va-va-voom, but in a more "crunchy-granola" way but ... I think she's really NOT attractive which suspends some of my belief that these guys would be falling in love with her so quickly. Other than her possibly being the last woman of child-bearing age that they know. Creepy Harold is every bit as creepy though he could not be further from the way I remember picturing him in the book (kind of fat and blobby and dark versus skinny and greasy). I imagined Larry as a white guy who was a "blue-eyed soul" musician and frankly that always rang a little wrong with me, so I feel like this version is what it probably should have been all along ... And YES, the worst is why-oh-why is Nadine blonde???? The black-hair-turned-white is one of the great things in the book, so this makes ZERO sense unless they're going to unleash on us some equivalent morphing ... I don't mind/actually kinda like the gender shifts for a few "lesser" characters if for no other reason than I realize, especially reading some reviews of the show/book, how very very very white-male driven the book was to start with. I think Alexander Skaarsgard was a great choice for Flagg. He has the right combo of compelling magneticism with an "everyman" aura. I'm good with Nick ... I always imagined Tom Cullen as a big Iowa cornfed football-player type boy but really love the actor in this role. I think James Marsden absolutely has the Stu subtle sexiness. LOVE LOVE LOVE Greg Kinnear in his role -- I had not realized what a sexy guy he was LOL. I'm undecided on Whoopi. I really like her a lot as an actress/person but also think this is not an easy role to nail ... so it's not 100% for me but that may be because I don't really know what 100% would be! So this whole post may have been a big waste of time for anyone who's actually gotten through it but it made me feel good to get it out of my system while I await the next/last nine episodes. And yeah, I'm DEFINITELY going to reread the book AGAIN once this is over. ETA: PS ... I could write a whole other personal post re: "Don't Fear The Reaper" despite my not having seen the 1994 version of the series, based solely on my/our own personal experience with music supervision but don't want to bore people to death ... so if there's anyone who's found themselves really enjoying or at least noticing how the music choices have gone so far, let me know and I'll elaborate!!!!
  2. I think Natalie has pretty hair and ... that’s all I got. Her makeup is awful (brown cheeks?) ... wish we could hook her and Tiffany up on an online makeup tutorial. Maybe Yara (do I have correct Ukrainian who’s the wanna-be makeup artist?) can teach it.
  3. Given all the spinoffs already planned for Discovery+. this may already be "a thing," thus the emphasis on said siblings ... or maybe "the relatives we love to hate" so that we can have more of Terrible Tiffany and Monstrous Micah. Tough times when Zied is BY FAR the most appealing and attractive and likable person on this season so far.
  4. To take attention away from her Miss Piggy nose?
  5. Yes to all of this (assuming I don't need to spoil that comment).
  6. I will always be “Grey’s”’ (hope I punctuated that right) bitch but admit the previous two episodes of luminous Mer on the beach bored me to tears ... ... so this episode all was forgiven. I love Bailey (and the Chief) and having her carry this beautiful episode meant the world to me (and cameo from the awesome Frankie Faison!!!! Has he been on as Papa Bailey in the past and I just forgot because brain injury????) I thought they handled the pandemic with grace and sensitivity and the right amount of tear-inducing moments. That crawl screen at the end ... gah. Blurry eyes. Tomorrow will be 39 years since I held my mom’s hand at her bedside and sang to her (“Everything I Own” by Bread) and told her she could let go (did the same for my dad 15 years ago without the singing). In both cases, other family members were pissed at me for not begging them to fight. I hope someone will do the same for me. I’ve already written a note not yet sent to my daughter asking her to learn “Some Fantastic Place” by Squeeze to send me home.
  7. Hey there ... me again!!! Sorry for the running commentary but, as mentioned, the highlight of our hunkering (now on Day 260) has been our daily ration of one episode of TC (we watched two on Thanksgiving as a special treat) ... So, two episodes into S13 (you may remember it for "Snot on a Rock" among other highlights) and I HAVE to ask this because I figure someone here may have SOME insight into this mystery ... I was neither a Grayson lover or hater on S9 ... she was pretty and not a bad chef but reasonably forgettable. I don't recall her departure being specifically controversial. This is not an All-Star season or a "some All-Stars" season or anything else that can explain to me the mystery why on earth she is back again. No explanation from TPTB. Is it possible there were either some behind-the-scenes shenanigans, rule-breaking that came out later under the rug, or a cosmic fail on decision-making that brought her back to our TV screen for no apparent reason ... not even taking into account here that she has morphed over four seasons from pleasant and okay to absolutely a horrid inappropriately entitled bitch who has now moved into my "GTF off my screen" league leader. Was there ever an explanation of why she of all people was inexplicably brought back (I know she's not going to be around long but I doubt they'll explain it then either)? (OTOH, on the opposite end of Bad Chefs/Chefs You Hate, I remembered I liked Isaac a lot but had forgotten just how truly adorkable he is ... also, not a lot of screen time at all for Kwame in the early eps ... of all the Top Chef restaurants I've been to, I had one of my two favorite TC dishes at Kith/Kin -- this amazing shrimp dish -- the other favorite TC dish being Mei Lin's famous shrimp toast at Nightshade. Someday I'm going to get to Portland to dine at Gregory's Kann ... though of course I guess I have to get out of the house first.)
  8. I have to say I am totally 110% on this. I admit I have not watched this season/relationship with the complete devotion to every detail that maybe I should have, but that said I've definitely gotten the vibe from Ari that she's "Jew'ish'" ... it's, at most, her ethnicity and culture but not really her religion in terms of her being devout ... and I say this as a "nice Jewish girl" (LOLOL) who considers Judaism my ethnicity for lack of a better word but that's pretty much it. I straddle the border of agnostic/atheist. I was never bat mitzvah, was a Sunday School dropout after 4th grade, and all the prayers and songs I knew I learned during two periods: 7th/8th grade when I attended about 15 bar mitzvahs for the boys in my class and 2003 when Little Snappy was bat mitzvah (by her choice) along with all the members of HER religious school class (and now, almost 20 years later, she is completely agnostic and married to a wonderful nice-not-Jewish-boy and I'm pretty sure my grandchild when they come along will be raised agnostic as well). The difference is, I don't ever pull out the "Jewish card" like Ari does. Bini IS devout and he IS genuine. I respect that completely. IMHO Avi is at this point a baby who should be raised with love and affection and be exposed and taught about ALL of his different bloodlines (I personally was, I admit, shocked to find out Ari's mom was NOT Jewish ... but whatever she "is," that's also part of Avi ... and the more lines of heritage and bloodlines the merrier ... My unpopular opinion is that baptism or not, circumcision or not, even down the line Bar Mitzvah or not ... eventually Avi will learn all of his history and hopefully be able to warp and weft them together into a unique thread that allows him to combine everything that made him into a new material (sorry for the awful analogy) ... PS Where does the nickname "Cheesestick/Cheesedick" come from??? PPS I am CONVINCED I have seen Deavan's (GORGEOUS) wedding dress elsewhere on reality TV ... MAFS maybe? Anyone?
  9. Thank you!!!! I do now remember the backstory thanks to you but hadn’t realized/remembered it had gone on for so long. And it also explains why his parents (especially his mom) hate her so much. Doesn’t make them any less detestable ... just understandable.
  10. Thank you. I have serious memory issues (medical) and the most significant is my lack of ability to determine past time passage (did something happen a month/a year/10 years ago e.g.) but when she said that even I thought “wait a minute, there’s no way I’ve been watching this shitshow for 8 YEARS!!!! Did I mishear that or am I misremembering?” It never even occurred to me that this could be show manipulation!
  11. I hate to reply to myself because it's been a while but I can't seem to delete/edit previous comments so ... Mr. Snappy and I have been watching one episode a day during "the hunkering" and are now a few episodes into Season 12 (a "palate cleanser" after all the awful folks on Season 11) ... And I don't mean to be disrespectful to the recently departed, but I'm amazed that in three pages of seemingly awful, nasty people no one has mentioned Aaron Grissom. I don't remember THAT much from this season (I think my work schedule conflicted with it to some degree ... of course I know that Gregory became my all-time favorite cheftestant, just a tad ahead of Sheldon ... but I only really clearly remembered him, Mei Lin and Melissa).
  12. Still cannot for the life of me figure out where skank-ho Brittany got her unwarranted sense of entitlement/superiority ... I know she has $$$ etc. but she’s so not all that or even ANY that.
  13. Damn, he’s even worse than I thought. Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m sure his Boys who posted responses are very Proud of him.
  14. Just watched the episode from S5, I think, with Floyd and his toddler Charlie. That one raised my hackles more than anything. And I couldn't help but wonder what the story was with the mother (who apparently is in the picture somewhere, since the older kids referenced her) because how on earth could CPS give custody to this POS? Looks like (from the Google) that Floyd has become a self-professed preacher and demi-god and is clearly completely off whatever rocker he might have had to start with. Poor Charlie and Lily.
  15. Hello all my long-lost lovelies!!!! Thanks to my having spent so much time binge watching favorite shows since February, I’m now ecstatic to fully embrace this throwback to the good old days (adding the B’ette and new season. Of Amazing Race to my must-see TV). So many familiar names (even though a silent stroke and a pair of transient global amnesia episodes have wiped out chunks of my memory creating frequent Error 404s, I still remember the important stuff like old B/B’ette good times with my TWOP buds!!!) Staying on non-topic topic, I haven’t had my hair cut in about a year and a half (had already been growing out a shoulder-length look in anticipation of an updo at Cazzie Lite’s wedding in September 2019) so it’s now almost waist-length and very straight. I was absolutely shocked to discover that the shampoo that makes it ridiculously soft and manageable is ... Prell! I’ll weigh in on topic on my early thoughts on the Bachelors ... even though I know the main Dale Moss spoiler part, I wonder if all of the guys in the house will just transition over to Tay’s candy box or if she’ll be allowed to choose a few discarded, say, truffles or caramels or whatever to bring back. Not sure my analogy works but you get the idea.
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