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  1. DITTO THRITTO!!!!! Mesmerized by that GIF (right term?) ... Have adored him since Short Term 12.
  2. My guess here ... with no facts or googling to back it up ... is maybe he has a hard-to-spell/pronounce/otherwise undesirable last name and figures whatever her name is (since he doesn’t know it yet) has to be better. I “married into” a tough to pronounce/spell name (not really long, just unusual and gets butchered all the time). I kept my maiden name (really easy) for ages until eventually adding married name. Little Snappy just married great guy who ALSO has unusual tough to pronounce last name, and their names don’t really flow mellifluously (for those of you of a certain age, think Lucyeth). I think they’re still undecided as to what name(s) any offspring will carry. I think Bennett and Amelia are adorable. I hope they’re the ... can’t believe I’m spacing on their names, the tall adorkable couple from last season? ... of this year. I also think they now choose 5 couples to allow for attrition so guessing the phone call of doom will reduce a couple earlier rather than later. I like the best friends and hope they both last but we shall see ...
  3. Thank you!!!! Appreciate the clarification! I have significant short-term memory issues (medical) so while the upside is I can rewatch shows I’ve seen and enjoy them all over again, the downside is even after I watch them I misremember things. I can picture things very clearly but can’t put them in the right chronological place! It’s like a deck of cards all over the floor.
  4. So worth the read! I adore Gregory. I find him truly beautiful in every way. I wish he would write a book about his life and challenges with lots of recipes ... I know that "celebrity autobiographies" are de rigeur but I'd love to read his ... and speaking of cheftestants who wrote autobiographies ... I am so disappointed to hear this ... my birthday dinner a little while back at Kith and Kin was one of my favorite DC meals, and with our relocation to the other coast looming (though on hold because of covid), it was on my short list of places I really wanted to go back to to try a few other dishes ... His autobiography was a FANTASTIC read ... combination of his stories and his recipes. And I especially look forward to the film since one of my absolute favorite actors, LaKeith Stanfield, will be playing Kwame. I hope he finds what he's looking for and that I get to visit his new restaurant before we move. And I look forward to getting to eat at Gregory's new place down the line in Portland when we DO move and Mr. Snappy and I do some mini-vacays like retired people up and down the west coast ... Portland is very much on our list since the one time we did Vancouver-to-San-Francisco, our schedule only took us there for lunch.
  5. I may be wrong, but the only later episode of S1 where one of the cheftestants was running the front of the house was the one where Stephen ended up (deservedly) getting the boot for being out trying to "sell his wine" instead of helping out in the kitchen where they were under water ... Top 5 I think? We're currently heading into the reunion and then the finale for S1, a totally new-to-me season (as I think I've mentioned a few posts above this, we didn't start watching TC at all until S7, and not full-time with hubby until S10). So I now have douchebaggy Stephen as my TC Cheftestant Public Enemy No. 1 with Tiffani close behind (though reading this thread allows me to be interested in seeing Tiffani's apparently redemptive return ... and I'm SHOCKED to see that Stephen comes back again as well). I like Dave a lot, and while neither of us remember him at all from our watching experience, I'd be surprised for this to be a one-and-done for him. He's likable and his food sounds appealing to me. I'm sure down the road (about 150 episodes down the road) I'll have a more fully-formed list of the cheftestants I hated the most. I'll keep notes.
  6. So ... I started watching TC during S7 and probably did not become totally diehard for a few seasons after that (because I do not really remember the winners of S8 or S9 THAT clearly though I remember some of the cheftestants) ... But what with the current "climate" and the fact that Mr. Snappy and I are now in Day 109 of The Hunkering, we decided (read: I had the idea and convinced him) that thanks to the prepaid magic of Hulu, we'd go back to S1 and watch an episode a day ... at the very least we'd get to watch the cooking pron and the travel pron, plus we'd get to re-meet some of the cheftestants we got to meet as All-Stars or by reputation. Right now, we just finished S1 E6. We have lots of time. I don't think I've detested cheftestants as much as I do snotty Tiffani and supercilious Stephen. But give me time. Also re: Brian Hill, he struck me as all over the place etc. BUT I thought that his elimination per se was not yet his time to go based on how they framed it ... I didn't think he was long for the season, but felt that despite his carrots being mushy, the judges (especially Tom) harped on how important it was to meet the wishes of the clients (in this case, the kids at the Boys and Girls Club) and he was the ONLY cheftestant who really aimed to please and to entertain the kids (what the judges CLAIMED they wanted). I f*cking HATE cooked carrots but I might like them with maple sauce. Also? I think I've actually BEEN at that B&G club ... back in the days before I retired, part of my last few years at one of my jobs included our going to cover a summer MLB All-Star period event that included visiting whatever the local B&G club was as a municipal event ... we were in San Francisco one summer and I'm 99% sure this was the same club we visited. NOT the same year. Math class is hard, but it seems like if we watch one episode a day we'll be good for at least a year. Sh*t, I hope this is over before then.
  7. I did two musical revues that year (1978), one at my college and one at a neighboring university where I was part of the MT crew, and got to perform the most fun, eclectic batch of songs ever between the two!!! IMHO Lady in the Dark was so unsung (pun unintended) ... “My Ship” was one of my main audition songs for years, done a little jazzier. Also ... my other fave line in Jenny”? “In 27 languages she couldn’t say no!”
  8. I miss TC already. In fact, Mr. Snappy and I decided to watch ALL of it dating back to S1, an episode a night. Started last night. I HAD NO IDEA Lee Anne had been in S1 (as I mentioned upthread somewhere, we started watching during S7). Young Lee Anne with bangs and tweezed eyebrows was so cute. The great thing with TC (what convinced hubby to go along with this) is that even when you know who won, the process and the food pron and travel pron is so very excellent.
  9. Also, to refer back to another question/observation re: why Jenny left her luggage outside the "abandoned house" ... I actually rewatched this episode (please don't judge, I thought I'd missed a few moments) and while she's not the sharpest tool in the shed outside the abandoned house in the abandoned town, in her own meager defense, Sumit did not tell her that it was the most dangerous place in India and people got murdered for $10 there until THEY WERE IN BED. Clearly, Sumit's concept of "pillow talk" is a little different than 90 DF "pillow talk."
  10. I really like both Yazan’s dad and Brittany’s dad. I’d totally give them their own storyline, teaming up to end this train wreck.
  11. Love love love that I’m not the only one who thought of that!!!! Sang this in a college musical revue ... “and she got herself a husband but he wasn’t hers” lol.
  12. I am totally #TeamCow. She is much prettier than Jenny. I hope they don't have steak for dinner next episode.
  13. I absolutely remember that and when Stephanie came back in later season I was so happy to see her, because I felt like she and Kristen were totally "BFF goals" for me. Also ... because my memory is compromised ... was that the only season where they had the huge crew of chefs competing in the early rounds to cut down to the TC house? We didn't start watching the show until S7 (the season Kevin Sbraga won) and I think I missed a good chunk of S9 as well for some reason because I don't remember Paul at all, but I DO remember liking the almost American Idol-like prelims to get to sort of know the cheftestants when it got real.
  14. I loved that scarf!!!!! I’m a noob knitter but want to give that a try.
  15. Still gutted about Gregory and almost literally feel his pain ... have suffered from similar issues since 2009 when, coincidentally, it first occurred mildly after a transatlantic flight but after 3-hour drive towards end of vacation, it cannonballed and my back blew as I got out of car at hotel. I had heard back issues were bad but had no idea until I experienced it Spent last few days of trip flat on my back on cot while hubby and daughter did France things. Luckily in those days you could get codeine OTC but with Gregory’s situation I know he couldn’t/wouldn’t take meds of that sort. 11 years later it’s still a chronic issue (I’d say 2-3 times a year where I’m “grounded”) and finally diagnosed as degenerative osteoarthritis in 3 different spots in my spine. Sigh for sweet Gregory. I believe he’d have won it all.
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