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  1. I'm still confused on one plot point so hope someone can help me here: Is Nick's wife (Rebecca?) alive or dead? Is he on a first or second wife? Not sure if it's relevant but I'm curious. Love Harold Perrineau (though I never watched Lost, I loved him on Oz). I'm sure he will not survive this season and frankly was shocked he survived this episode. Finally, gotta admit I missed there being no moments of levity this week. I understand it was a serious cliffhanger but one thing I love about this show is that it balances procedural drama with lighter moments.
  2. What I posted in last week's episode thread: "So glad that they seem to have expanded Michael's role. Longtime fan of Rockmond Dunbar." What I yelled at the screen last night: NONONONONONO F U SHOW!!!! I am hoping that the majority voice of this thread that predict he'll be fine are all correct. I know I am taking this way too seriously, but what can I tell you? My life is divided into two TV genres: "Shows I can knit to and not pay as much attention" (mostly reality TV) and "Shows I actually have to pay attention to and I'll put everything down to watch." This is firmly in the second camp, which includes specially-asterisked shows (like this) which are my special favorite pleasures. Kudos to those who found both the news clip on the runaway catering cart on the tarmac in Chicago and the cadet who was pulled into the engine. Also, I truly laughed out loud like an idiot during that scene (until the guy -- of course, the "good guy" baggage handler -- was pulled into the engine) ... also-also, loved their use of "Waltz of the Flowers" there (in my mind, it was still "Yakety Sax" though). I wonder if there are individuals who are specially hired for this genre of show that do nothing but search the internet for "taken from real life" plot ideas. LOVE LOVE LOVE Hen/Aisha Hinds. I just want someone with that smile to be with me when I am feeling like crap and light up my room (for now, my color-changing llama nightlight takes care of all the room-lighting). Hate waiting until March. I'll watch 9-1-1 Lone Star but am not feeling that optimistic about whether I'll LOVE it.
  3. Here in DC area, first part was very slow and choppy ... I was almost ready to just wait until it was available on demand when it clicked into synch. So, really stupid question but re: the episode description, who was the old friend Bobby introduced Eddie to? I don't remember this from episode at all But I Really loved this episode (who am I kidding? I'm totally this show's bitch). As usual, I think they do a great job casting the guest roles. I was actually relieved Ernest survived. Thought meteor girl was excellent. So glad that they seem to have expanded Michael's role. Longtime fan of Rockmond Dunbar. Finally, re: weighted blankets, never heard of them until Little Snappy and New-Son-in-law Snappy had one on their VERY short gift registry for recent wedding. Now I've gotta check it out, especially if added benefit is making you meteor-proof.
  4. They were all actually from Mount Vernon ... there was a song called Gun Hill Road (spelled like that, though the band spelled it Gunhill) on their first album. They had their lone hit in 1973 (Back When My Hair Was Short) on their second album ... 42nd Street was actually on both albums.
  5. Leon 😞 Adding here (and hoping our mod can connect this to my post before it, because I cannot for the life of me manage to do it myself because TECHNOLOGY IZ SCARY): I wanted to share my two cents on the topic of Lori's death getting less time/attention than that of Big Mike or some of the others (though I'm not sure I completely agree but I'll try to sum up my thoughts). Lori was without a doubt one of the central characters of the show, and while in retrospect I was surprised by her suicide, I was not surprised by her demise. She was a tragic figure, for sure but ... I don't want to say straight out that she wasn't that bright. But she didn't have those "survival skills" (like, say, Candy/Eileen) or street smarts, plus she wasn't (IMHO IMHO IMHO) very likable. She didn't have the "charm" (or way of making herself charming when needed) that Eileen had. So I don't think she had the allies (personal or professional) in her life that would have been looking out for her or, simply, giving a f*ck about her. I don't think she had friends or loved ones. I wonder how many people even noticed she was gone. It is entirely possible she was a tough cookie on the outside who had the potential to be soft and sweet inside to people she loved/loved her, but unless I'm forgetting, I'm not sure we SAW anyone who she loved or loved her. And therein was the tragedy. Big Mike, OTOH, was one of the most fascinating characters to me. When we first met him, who would have thought his character would develop as he did? I believe he was truly loved by his friends and was someone who would do anything FOR his friends. His size and presence was intimidating but he was a thoughtful, intelligent and calm person who you'd want by your side AND on your side. I've given this too much thought, I guess ... but damn, I miss The Deuce already. I'll leave with this song, completely obscure but by one of my all-time favorite bands from my youth and needless to say it makes me think of the show ...
  6. I'm reading this thread way after the fact since I FINALLY watched the finale last night and am still crying about Leon even though I don't know how he died, but at least we had a wonderful small Leon moment in the episode. Also, not sure if anyone ever saw the film "Longtime Companion," but the finale montage definitely reminded me of that movie's ending (which invariably reduces me to tears). Finally, mea culpa to the poster who said that Goldman did NOT have AIDS. I'm guessing if he's still alive in 2019, he probably just was in a cold sweat over having to tell his wife the truth about his double life in the scene in which I inferred he too had AIDS.
  7. Thank you! Thoughts and prayers for him making it through these next two months there.
  8. As long as they don't knock off Ben (he was there in the bar, right?), Richard (sorry, I know he gets unbearable sometimes, but he is my longtime Grey's love along with Bailey) and Parker, I'm pretty much okay with whoever else the collateral damage is. But why oh why oh why oh why have TPTB brought Parker onto the show and then basically ignored him? He is far and away the most appealing, sympathetic and interesting potential character they've had in as long as I can remember and should be part of the regular cast. I love the idea of Ben and Bailey adopting "Jo's baby". And FWIW that was one CUTE baby-baby-actor. BUT that said I do worry that Ben's life may be hanging by a thread (Bailey's sendoff of him to go have a drink with his friends with his sad beautiful eyes, oy!) ... And because my memory is shot and/or they didn't clarify ... did Elliott survive the bypass or is that still up in the air? I realize most guest stars are one-and-dones but for some reason I just fell in love with that couple immediately.
  9. I have to admit I kind of hate Morris Chestnut playing such an unmitigatedly evil character. In my heart he's still Ricky Baker (*sniff*).
  10. My bad ... I still haven't watched the finale (will do tomorrow night) and I really thought he did, between the scenes of him in the bathhouses and how truly ill he looked in the scene where he's apologizing to his wife. Maybe he looked like death warmed over because he had to come out of the closet to her but I thought it was because he knew he had AIDS.
  11. So, I'm parceling out these final few episodes to myself like the last bits of Christmas candy (or choose your own metaphor) ... I love this show so much and will feel bereft when there are no new (to me) episodes ... Heading out of town for the weekend, so will watch the FINAL episode probably Sunday night but for now a few thoughts on the penultimate (as someone else aptly noted, often the biggest WOW moments come and then everything is wrapped up in the final one). I wrote RIP too soon on Big Mike (last week's recap) because I thought he was literally walking off to die and we wouldn't see him again. I am glad (weird word) that we had such a Mike-centric episode this week even though he's still dying. He's been one of my very favorite characters (will go so far as to say an all-time favorite David Simon character) and the actor has done a magnificent job with him. Also interesting to note that he's only 6-1 so not SO big. (I see he's going to be co-starring on the live-action series of Cowboy Bebop). I've also been wondering about the mysterious absence of Larry Brown, especially after his storyline in S2 ... I haven't googled it because I was afraid of being spoiled, but wonder if it had anything to do with Gbenga Akinnagbe's Broadway stint in To Kill A Mockingbird and conflict with shooting dates? Like many of you, I'm holding out hope that there will be a quick subtle shot of someone watching TV in the finale and we'll see Officer Larry Brown in his TV series. We did get that little wrap-up of Darlene/Donna, so I don't think it's out of the question. What is the name of the character who is dying of AIDS that has become Melissa's family? I love him and I love them ... they may be the best "couple" on this show. SO MUCH DYING OF AIDS ON THIS EPISODE ... and that's without seeing Paul. Big Mike, Melissa's friend, Gene Goldman ... I'm sure I'm leaving others out. I'd be happy not seeing Bobby's son anymore. I understand that the offspring of a Gandolfini is a sacred cow but the actor looks ... well, weird. Those triangular eyes. Like he was dropped on his head as a baby or something. Sorry if that sounds cold. Nothing salvageable about that character which is unusual in this series (okay, maybe his dad's not really salvageable either but he's just so dumb, not awful). I also hope we get one more glimpse of Leon (though I still wonder why he is made to look SOOOOOO tall ... Anwan Glover is listed at 6-6 but when we see Leon he always looks like he's about 6-10 and we never actually see his whole body ... either he's behind the counter or blocked by a table) ... also, did I notice the last time they showed Leon's that he'd really fixed it up in the time jump? Just so glad he's doing well. He may be the kindest character on that show. He needs a spinoff.
  12. HE looked offended. She looked ... totally blank.
  13. SO THIS!!! I replayed twice and paused just to make sure I was reading it right ...
  14. I confess I was so torn with Glenn Plummer's character's arrest, perp walk, etc. I know he killed a cop (and not just any cop but sweet awesome Emmett) but I felt so bad for his kids and all the kids he works with. And he's not the same person he was then ... I'm on my iPhone and my fat fingers are not good at pulling a quote but DearEvette's post said exactly what I felt Oh wait. Not a true story. I get so caught up in this show. And yeah, I got teary more than once during this hour.
  15. I'm savoring these recap/reaction posts as I parcel out the last few episodes of "The Deuce", trying to make one of my favorite shows last (because of some medical memory issues, I actually rewatched S1-2 first which helped A LOT) ... I had a strong suspicion that Big Mike had AIDS last episode (and while we didn't see that much of his "personal" life on the show, the episode(s?) where we did made it make sense right away), but that didn't keep my heart from breaking a bit ... kudos too to the makeup/hair crew who really showed his physical deterioration. He was one of my favorite characters. I spent the whole show pretty much trying to figure out who would die, Rudy or Tommy. What I expected was they'd shoot each other and both die, right down to the last moment when Tommy was about to fire the second shot, and I thought maybe a dying Rudy would get a shot off in return first. I really liked the way Rudy's character developed/softened a bit with the time jump. I don't expect Tommy to survive the last two episodes though ... Was Lori's film appearance a shout out to "Debbie Does Dallas"? Eileen/Candy's monologue was one of the highlights of the series for me. So much else I'm still processing but I really love/d this show so much. Am going to miss it. But I guess one of the few "perks" of my memory issues is that I'll be able to watch the whole thing again in a year or two and not remember anything from this last bingewatch! (I'm about to do that with "Treme" ... I'm STILL not ready for "The Wire" because it breaks my heart way too much).
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