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  1. She's already met the squirrel. Oh, wait, that's his hat.
  2. Did we go to school together? The grain alcohol punches (usually served in a garbage can) were especially popular at the two houses where I spent most of my time ... though our favorite drink was called an "Oh f*ck" (without the asterisk) which I believe was grain alcohol et al but the main "flavor" came from grapefruit juice, not kool-aid. Good thing this was before I started taking Lipitor.
  3. I’m gonna miss this show so much, especially if the new normal makes it obsolete. I have nothing against Malarkey (Kevin is the only remaining cheftestant I actively dislike) but admit my heart was in my stomach waiting for the PYKAG because I’m so Team Gregory. But I also adore Melissa, love Stephanie and her dry humor, and have really liked Bryan V. This season (I actually don’t think I saw his original season ... though I did go to Volt with Mr. Snappy and we were both underwhelmed). I’m still laughing at “Champagne Padma.” Back when I was gainfully employed, for about a 15-year span of my career, I traveled a ton for my job, though strictly domestically, and as we could book our own travel, I was strictly American Airlines ... I flew enough that I’d estimate I got upgraded to 1st maybe 25% of the time ... but I don’t recall that big an upgrade in the food. My dream before I die is to take a vacation somewhere far away and fly first class (a sleeping pod?) even if the trade off is sleeping in a lean-to. And getting all the Biscoffs I can eat. Did you know they make Biscoff ice cream? It’s to die for.
  4. So, I'm almost exactly midway through my series bingewatch ... I wasn't quite sure if he would be classified as a main character or a guest star, but after watching "I'll Be Home For Christmas" last night (S8) and waving farewell to Benton and his family, I was curious to find out if Matthew Watkins, the actor who played Reese, stayed in "showbiz" and came across this page ... Bravo, Matthew!!!!! https://meritpages.com/MWatkins
  5. But rhythmic gymnastics is still an Olympic event, yes (I know it’s only women)? Wasn’t sure if it was one of the events taken off the table. I guess since men”s artistic has six events compared to women’s four it’s fair lol!!!
  6. Lol ... that said, I’m the weirdo that prefers men’s gymnastics to women’s (even rhythmic) ... with the exception of anything Simone Biles does which is always must-see TV for me. As a retired sportswriter, I’m in awe of the guys (got to cover a few world class guys when they were still in high school and was just blown away by their strength and grace).
  7. I swore when I started reading this ENTIRE THREAD (upon suggestion of a few folks here, since I started my own binge not too long ago and after finishing Season 7 two days ago, decided to read this whole thread through S7 since apparently once POP started its 2017 reboot a lot of people started posting making it almost "in order" (can't think of the right word for that) ... BUT I had to quote this and comment because I was JUST thinking this same thing after reaching the halfway mark of the show. We've gone through SO many major "regular cast" changes (obviously, a few of the originals are still there, but from what I can remember more of them will start to drop by the wayside soon and there are at least one if not more "main doctors/cast" overhauls coming ... yet personal favorites of mine like Malik, Haleh, Lydia and Connie are characters I'd LOVE to see get an episode or arc to themselves. Okay, then. Back to watching and reading here and eventually getting the two on the same page!
  8. Any of them in Riverdale??? She and my grandmother lived in the same building. She was one of her best friends. Apologies if it is indeed a relative and I inadvertently insulted her cooking (more likely as a wonderful friend she knew my grandmother’s obsession with diet food and created the “sugarless” cookies). That would be too funny though if true! Also, borscht!!!! My mom’s favorite food! I couldn’t stomach it at all ...
  9. Great post and thank you for the details and insight! I wish I had even more detail-specific knowledge of the greater LA area but I’m working on it!!! Our daughter moved out there in 2011, living in an apartment in WeHo for a few years, then in Beverly Hills (NOT the fancy part lol) and now newlywed in Van Nuys, so almost NoHo! We’ve gotten more familiar with layout etc. including the outlying burbs and plan on moving out there ... soonish. Plans had been for this coming winter but obviously are on hold for now ... I LOVE when I recognize a place or neighborhood while watching the show! (There was one scene I think when Chim and maybe Maddie were out for dinner somewhere that I recognized across the street, I think, from Sunset Plaza ... a Japanese restaurant. So I felt like a total faux Angeleno lol ...)
  10. Stephanie was the "middle of the road"-er but it weirdly was never mentioned ... no "Stephanie, you're safe" before they announced the top 3. No "Stephanie, you're safe" before they announced the BOTTOM 3. It's like she didn't exist. Also seemed like their announcement of the B3 was really rushed as if we already knew who they were, and then Mr. Snappy and I saw Stephanie standing there like the cheese (ricotta perhaps) standing alone. I think it may have been a weird edit but who knows? I also think (totally spitballing here) that the judges could have PYKAG'd either Lee Anne or Melissa, based on the critiques (I think Malarkey was probably safe either way) ... and they were able to make the choice based on ... who they liked more overall? Who had performed better along the way? I have no idea ... but they could have made a case for Lee Anne over Melissa had they chosen to based on her taking bigger risks with two more ambitious dishes ... I'm glad they didn't because I lurve Melissa, but I think they left themselves that room to take previous/future considerations into their decision. Finally, I AM SO JEALOUS (Mr. Snappy even commented that he knew this would make me jealous) of Mom Campers. I want to go to Mom Camp. I want to sleep in a bunk that smells like wood chips and have the loudspeaker announcing "Ziplining at 11 a.m.! Mani-pedis at 1 p.m.! Beadmaking at 3 p.m.! Wine-tasting at 5 p.m.! Dinner cooked for you by Top Chef finalists at 7 p.m. (yeah, I'm replacing that for brunch because I physically cannot eat anything before noon)." Maybe by the time we move to California I will be able to go to Grandma Camp at Pali. All the same stuff that I listed above, but with reminders to take our pills. Plus, a slot written in for "Show everyone pictures of your adorable grandchildren."
  11. While I suspect the speculation that Padma is crying when she announces the winner to be Kevin because of his battle with cancer etc. may be right, I am going to hold out hope that she's actually crying from joy because it's GREGORY and EVERYONE LOVES GREGORY. Yeah, Kevin will probably win and I'll be a bitter bitch.
  12. Will do!!!! Thank you for the suggestion ... glad I’ll have someone/someones to share with!!!
  13. Quoting myself six weeks later and I DO plan on reading this entire thread, all 80-plus pages of it, once I'm done with my binge-watch (just started S7) ... but does anyone address why Reggie's mustache mysteriously appears and disappears seemingly episode by episode? (I do love Cress Williams).
  14. I had no idea that my Nanny had a second secret family!!!! Sister!!!! The cases of Sweet N Lo were carefully placed next to the bottles of Cotts diet black cherry soda while the freezer was full of “ice milk” (anyone remember that?) ... brisket or pot roast cooked to Corinthian leather. She could even ruin a bagel. But for dessert she’d trot out the “delicious sugarless cookies” her neighbor Mrs. Littman made. They supported my dentist with several broken teeth. I believe, no offense or snarkiness intended, that my grandmother was the world’s oldest anorexic But ... she made awesome matzoh balls (the consistency of a chewy handball but I liked them like that). My husband, meanwhile, has stories of his plus-size grandma’s plus-size/minus-flavor heaping dishes of flanken every week (luckily his family ran a few NYC restaurants so he could get some good meals the rest of the time) We’ll call the place All the Little Cooks and Nannies ETA: Sorry Aquarian!!! Posted this in response before I read rest of the thread and I’m on my iPhone and don’t know how to move it on here ... will move it to small talk as soon as I get back to my laptop!!!!
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