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  1. PamelaMaeSnap

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    Ditto if ONLY to smack down that insufferable five-headed Roseanna, whose girls should be registered as lethal weapons (does she think they look good or is there a lawsuit in progress against that cosmetic surgeon?)
  2. PamelaMaeSnap

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    The only thing more epic than watching that season was following the thread on TWoP (apologies to Glark, Sars, Miss Alli and company who had to rein a few folks in). Who can forget Periwinkle's sending roses to Charla. That thread and those from the Bachelor/ette and Showbiz Moms and Dads kept our mods very very busy. And, on my end at least, created more than one cleanup on aisle desk-chair. (I believe I STILL have Glark's "phone call of doom" transcript saved).
  3. PamelaMaeSnap

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    I absolutely squealed loudly to an empty room when I caught that and they never showed it again!
  4. PamelaMaeSnap

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    I'll be interested to see how this plays out (and we'll still get one of the eye candy guys on Monday) ... I mean, OBVIOUSLY the guys chose "Big Red Kyle" because he was, in their eyes, no competition. So next episode, I wonder if the group picking will instead "nominate" the one they LEAST want and that's the one they get? Am I clear as mud on that? I was ready to bail after the first 45 minutes or so but decided to stick with it and for now I'm in but not, you know, ALLLLL in. How much of this is live-live and how much is fake-live? Did they do the live thing in the original? And I guess the "live" thing is why this is apparently on 4 times a week. And how annoying is Kristen Cavalleri? Was there as much botox/fake boobs//plastic surgery in the original? One of the interchangeable girls with long dark hair is gonna knock someone's eye out with those boobs. Also, I think it was really mean of the ladies to not tell Mariaelena that she forgot to put on pants for the final ceremony. I believe that's all for now. I'm not rooting for anybody. They're all kind of awful. Deiondra showed a lot of class in her exit, though ... I could have grown to like her. She reminds me of someone else on reality TV that I can't put my finger on. And thankfully for her, she apparently looks like her mom. (No knock on Neon, who I always enjoyed watching, but not a really handsome guy).
  5. PamelaMaeSnap

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    As per usual, many many awesome comments, observations and criticisms here ... I always look forward to reading the episode rehashes here the next day! I won't belabor many issues or share most of my feelings (always so! many! feels! for Grey's, my favorite show) except for one observation which is likely my totally overthinking and/or misunderstanding the actual situation: As soon as (Jackson? The limo driver? Not sure who it was) said something about a little bit of fog rolling in, I pretty much knew where this was going ... BUT ... I thought that the limo driver said/scene implied that the fog was so thick that they were virtually at a standstill, inching along with no way to bail out ... this in itself would have given them the set-up of Unicorn Blood having no way to get to GS. But the chain reaction of accidents absolutely sounded like much higher-impact and devastating collisions. Also, ditto to poster who wished we had Casey Parker on call. Unless the actor has a great new starring role elsewhere, I hate that we've gotten stuck with Glasses, HAOG and Hellmouth as featured interns (and likely first and last as regulars soon) when Parker would be such a great permanent addition to the cast.
  6. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    While I've felt the judges have been giving Sunshine Unicorn WAY more than her due, looking like they're chugging the crazy-cakes Kool-Aid for her, I still think that Sebastian is going to win this thing (well, 90% sure and 10% wishful thinking). I'm not convinced that she would have won this week's challenge with the usual judging team, either. Marti, the famous stylist I've never heard of, is even more ridiculous looking than S.U. so I'm sure she was throwing her votes her way. But seeing as how, as long as they're not auf'ed, everyone goes into each challenge on equal footing, S.U. won't have an official advantage as she racks up bizarro-world wins, I just can't fathom it continuing like this. I'm convinced that this is a show, a pantomime, a sham of a travesty of a sham to keep viewers on their toes and frothing at the mouth about the results, while the classy, gifted, multi-facteted Sebastian consistently turns out fabulous work that gets zero love and appears to fly under the radar. I'm calling a Sunshine-Sebastian showdown where he kicks her ass from here to Rainbow Briteville in the final collection.
  7. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    Yes!!!!! She could pull off the man's suit and kippot look just as effortlessly as Okafor did this week!!!
  8. PamelaMaeSnap

    S07.E18: Mercedes' Story LIVE CHAT

    Cousin Mercedes is my favorite person EVER on this show and quite frankly as of now one of my favorite people on "reality TV" these days. He's kind, good-natured and patient (and a good-looking guy to boot). I wondered if I was imagining some mild issues with his arms (though he still gets a lot done) ... can't help but think he'd make a wonderful caregiver and wonder if perhaps he doesn't have a full-time job but might be on some sort of disability, since he's able to come take care of his cousin on short notice. Also, her kids seem kind and caring as well. Also-also, per what someone mentioned about the stilted narration, I also noticed that with Cilla ... I don't recall the show being QUITE as annoyingly scripted. I'm rooting for Mercedes but not optimistic ... still, maybe having loving and supportive family in her cousin and kids might be the kicker here. Fingers crossed.
  9. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    Two questions/topics I'd love to throw out here for clarification or just thoughts from those who might be interested or know the answers: 1) Is it totally my imagination or has the "size scale" slid upwards in, say, the last 40 years or so? One poster mentioned that she had worn a size 6 or 8 her entire life. I keep thinking that items that were, say, a 10 or 12 or 14 when I was young might now be an 8 or 6 or even a 4. I don't know if the average adult woman now versus 1970 or 1980 is bigger, wider, taller, "curvier" or whatever, or if designers are more afraid of offending people and thereby calling them a smaller size to make them feel better or it's totally in my head. I can't use my own self as a reference because, as mentioned, I have an older woman's body that has seen yoyo-dieting, baby-having, lox-like-living and gravity take its toll, so the boobs that were once horizontal are vertical and the tummy that was flat (ish) ... isn't, and where I once was ridiculously slim-hipped I now have a butt. So I can't really use my own size then vs. size now because I've gotten somewhat bigger but have REALLY redistributed. But, for example, Little Snappy is really curvy (not plus-sized, but super-generously-curvy) and she wears a Size 4, despite being way more bootylicious than I ever was even when I starved myself down to a 6. 2) I may have missed someone (or more than one person) mentioning this but since I don't really know much about just how much fabric is priced, how much more it might take to dress, say, a Kate versus a petite model, but does anyone think that that ever might factor into a designer's decision? Especially after we just saw someone (was it Bishme?) go over budget with their fabric and have to scramble at the register under the clock gun. PS Mighty Sparrow, totally with you on Renee. She is the epitome of quiet elegance. I adore her and just hope she doesn't fly TOO far under the radar.
  10. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    So, after clicking the link and seeing the three designs from this season featured, all with thin and curvy models, Bishme's was the only one of the three that looked just as good on both ... Tessa's was a MESS (though the pose of that model may have been an especially unfortunate one since it looks like she's trying to find a place to "go" in the woods) ... But this makes me think that THAT would be a FANTASTIC challenge ... design an XYZ for both a thin model AND a curvy one that looks equally good on both. Because Jamal's curvy model looked awful. And I'm curvy and short and, now that I'm older, gravity has taken its toll and what would have been va-va-voom on me at 20-30 just looks like kaboom. ETA: Just want to throw this out there and feel free to ignore/shoot it down ... I actually DO think there is (or can be) a difference between "curvy" and "full-sized/plus-sized/fat (or your word of choice here)" though of course someone can be both. When I was younger, I was absolutely CURVY but went through a thin phase (DDD cup size, and skinny as a stick from there down with no hips). I would have been a huge challenge for a designer, and it was almost impossible to find clothes that actually fit from the time I was 17 (when I lost 50 pounds) until I was 30 (and got pregnant, at which point I was literally an L cup according to Lucky Lady). After that I was a little more evenly distributed even if that meant more to distribute. Now, gravity has taken its toll and all bets are off. In my mind, I guess, "curvy" denotes that they might be "off the rack" size A around the boobs, size B for their waist, and size C for their hips, if that makes sense -- something a designer can work with for a one-off but tough for off-the-rack challenges, while there are plenty of plus-sized folks who are more well-apportioned in that they are the size they are from top to bottom. And this could simply be my wacky world of size nightmares that have left me wearing tent dresses most of my life, since the girls had to fit into it and the rest was left to chance LOL. Oh, also??? I can't remember the exact words, but when Sonia was saying something about "Oh, well, I'll use the kimono in a future challenge," all I could think was ... DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK!!!
  11. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    I would love to see a rules tweak ... since they score all the designs, maybe a rule that if a designer with immunity ranks on the bottom, no one goes home and ALL THE SCORES go towards the next week's rankings, so the immune designer is already trying to dig themself out of the bottom. Or better yet, screw immunity and just give the winner each week a cool prize (I think that's what they do on Top Chef, right? I can't recall if they get immunity but they have great weekly prizes).
  12. PamelaMaeSnap

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

  13. PamelaMaeSnap

    S31.E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I really wish that on one of these All-Star editions, instead of recycling some drama mamas for the third or fourth time, they'd bring back Chip and Kim. My favorite winners ever (my favorite team was Flight Time and Big Easy).
  14. PamelaMaeSnap

    S31 Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater (Sisters)

    I don't mean to sound snarky here but I honestly don't know ... what on earth is wrong with her mouth? Botox gone wrong?
  15. PamelaMaeSnap

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    Right on the button with that. I have some truly unfortunate photos of myself from the early '80s with the super-popular Laura Ashley-esque "LFotP" dresses and crimped hair. Or had. Burned 'em. Also, re: the age issue ... I'm definitely not even close to a fashionista (I gave up on that a long time ago, having an impossible figure to dress well and, more recently, no budget or reason to) ... but I've been caught in this wringer the last few months as I needed to find a "Mother of the Bride" dress that didn't look like the "Mother of the Bride" dresses I tended to find when I searched online or in stores ... straddling the border of not looking, for lack of a better word, "frumpy" but also not trying to look like I didn't know I was pushing 60 and that I was, indeed, the mother of the bride. I finally found one, hallelujah, that somehow fell right into the sweet spot ... fits great, really flattering, dressy enough for a Saturday night wedding but not so dressy it will look out of place at a wedding where the bride is wearing a jumpsuit LOL ... it was nothing like I was looking for but exactly what I wanted without knowing it. Now if every PR designer could hit that mark I'd actually go out and look for their items on sale at wherever the winning designer has their wares! Also, PS ... while I would never have chosen Sunshine Unicorn's design as the winner this week, she wasn't quite as obnoxious as usual. I'm still on the Bishme train. And despite it being admittedly costumey (glad he had immunity), I actually thought his design was the most beautiful of the bunch.