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  1. Absolutely EVERYTHING you said here!!!! So many favorite moments. And I loved Dani getting to have that moment of self-redemption and return to “Futbal is life” with the shot of the new mascot in the little helmet!!!!! Also … my unpopular opinion? I’d like to see Roy end up with Phoebe’s teacher! Not sure who I’m shipping Keeley with yet … maybe S3 will bring a new love interest for her?
  2. “He looks too much like Derek for my taste.” Thank you!!! I don’t remember the character at all (and am relieved I’m apparently not the only one) but I could not get past how much he looks like Derek and how that can’t be coincidence (out of all the actors in all the gin joints in the world they choose him?) Can’t help but think at some point they’ll ramp up the drama by having them get together, decide to make a baby, he gets DNA testing done for some reason and they find out he’s Derek’s previously unknown illegitimate brother (too old to be his son).
  3. I know this has been talked about/joked about for a while but after watching this episode I am absolutely convinced that, yes, they ARE “going there” with Buck and Eddie. And I agree with earlier poster who said Ravi the Proby will get together with Ana. Whether that prompts maybe Uncle Buck taking Eddie out for drinks to drown his sorrows and dot-dot-dot is TBA.
  4. I’m a little late in this since we were out of town and JUST watched the latest episode (upside is only having to wait two days for E9!) … Glad I wasn’t the only one blown away by the trifecta of music supervision awesome with the last three songs. Not ashamed to admit I blubbered like a baby during “Beware of Darkness”. One observation to add to the “rom com” shoutouts in episodes … I’m pretty sure the scene where the guys are sharing their “secrets” was a reference to the airplane scene in “Almost Famous” (imho the best scene in that movie). It’s official: “Ted Lasso”
  5. I will never hear “pearl necklace” the same way!!!!!
  6. Ironically, first time I saw her was in “Burning Love,” which is required viewing for all B/ette snarkers!
  7. I knew something about his face was just weird but it took me until last night to realize it’s because he looks like a muppet.
  8. I REALLY like Andrew S. He just seems like a genuine sweetheart ... Would love to see him as the next Bachelor!
  9. I wish!!!! I couldn’t convince him. That said, while his cooking is amazing, he’s not big into plating so I’m sure he’d have been outclassed. Very excited to watch this though!
  10. Had dinner last night at Thacher & Rye, Bryan Voltaggio’s new(ish) place in Frederick and just have to say it was one of the best meals I’ve had in 30 years here in the DMV (and I did dine at Volt way back when but this was better). Seriously, not a single misstep. Highlights included the best lasagna I’ve ever had (and grew up in NYC with some great legit Italian spots), a fried soft shell crab appetizer with fish sauce, pork tenderloin and some great dessert sides ... I’m still full 24 hours later. And WILL go back before we move to Cali ... this is short-listed for “GOTTA have one more
  11. As a loooooongtime Primetimer and all of its former permutations, I’m popping in on a show I’m just starting to watch for admittedly selfish reasons (other than adoooooring Lauren Graham). Through a weird series of connections, my longtime musician hubby has had a bunch of his songs picked up by TV shows which is admittedly kinda thrilling (especially when it’s shows we love, which has happened) ... but for the first time apparently TWO songs are landing in one episode which we think is tomorrow’s episode of this show! We’ll be watching ... me especially because if indeed the in
  12. Maybe Tommy? If indeed Charles is gone (damn you, show) I’d think she might need a place to stay for a bit where she’s not confronted with that memory every day/night.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. It took me many years and hypnotherapy to get over my own phobia of bees ... believe it or not I’ve never been stung in 60 years but who knows? I AM deathly allergic to raw honey but no clue if there’s a connection there. I’ve always had a huge aversion to all things mushroom and never liked Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup, but my mom was one of the quirkiest/pickiest eaters I ever knew and Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich was her dinner of choice at least three nights a week, so I was glad to see Chris win for his take on MY ch
  14. And I’ll add that what this tells me is that said focus groups are frumpy women of a certain age who feel young and beautiful compared to those four ...
  15. Well, I’m excited to see that Cliff Crooks is hosting a new show, Chefs Boot Camp, on Food Network. Looking forward to adding this to my summer-light watch list!
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