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  1. Yeah, The Squirrel was a little ADHD/Look-at-Me!! but I didn’t think anyone else was really close. The Scrapbooker got the hole-in-1 and then imploded on her putting. I think the college diver was put in there just to set-up the Greg/Steve bit. His acting was a little weak when protesting his score. I wanted Greg/Steve there for the whole show and when someone got knocked in the water they’d rate the falls and say things like “I love how committed she was, but look at the splash when she went in. She was just a little under-rotated.” And then if the player got higher than a 6.0 or something, they wouldn’t get the penalty stroke. In my mind, I was laughing at someone being brutalized by a windmill and then having the best diver in history deduct points because their legs weren’t fully extended. Just me?
  2. Really enjoying this! Animated Steph is hysterical, and they can put him in situations they couldn't before. (Finding and then having to fire 50 foot ducks because the show was going in a different direction?) Port-a-Putty is tough. Will anyone get through it without ending up in the water (except for a hole-in-one)? And then no backdrop on the hole. Good luck. (Though last week's zip line on Polecano made me cringe.) The weiner jokes are kinda one-and-done for me. I could live with seeing the dancers a couple more times. It's gonna be a long summer. I felt they could've made Greg Louganis's and Steven Guttenberg's segment stronger. I was thinking they'd score their falls going into the water. And Guttenberg was in Cocoon, so aliens in pods somehow? Wilfred Brimley is still alive, fwiw, though he's in his 80's, and IMDb shows he hasn't worked in a couple years. Bottom line: They get these great guest stars, and I'd like to see the show use them better. And just found this article that explains many of the changes, the thinking behind them, and some behind-the-scenes happenings.
  3. Am loving the changes I've seen so far especially the new holes -- some of those are omg ouch, though. I thought Lovitz was a great add. Last season they'd have on these great guest stars (I think Bill Shatner was one), but they'd be in the booth for a few minutes, not really say much, and that was it. I felt they really missed some opportunities. I also liked that they showed more of the competition. Last year they'd introduce the players, but then we didn't get to see all of them play, just told which one had moved ahead. Last year I also got the feeling it was filmed and then Rob and Joe would be spliced in later after the writers had had a chance to write scripts. It might still be that way by episode 1 felt more natural. There were two lines I especially loved: "Course Marshal Joe is still alive?!? Pay up." The second was a contestant fussing that getting hit by the windmill was "gonna huuurrrt," and the camera cut to Rob who was doubled over laughing. Good times! Looking forward to the rest of the season. eta: I think I have a bit of a crush on Rob Riggle.
  4. It took me a few episodes, too. Tried the pilot, meh'd out of the next ones, but binged it during Christmas break insomnia. I'll watch season 2 as long as it stays out of soap opera territory. This one is teetering for me. Great music, though.
  5. Really enjoyed the first seasons, but it took a while for me to figure out who was who. I read they haven’t started in the 3rd season yet, but I won’t mind the rewatch when it’s time. One of the things that irritated me about S2 was Hineicka insisting Andri stay with them at The Yellow House, and then they put him on a couch when the government would’ve been responsible for the cost of a comfortable hotel room. And then poor Asgeir. Was it really necessary for him to have been alive when the fire started? /shakes fist at sky
  6. Glad it's getting another chance. I hope the second season focuses on the client of the week cases and doesn't go too far into soap opera territory. The Benny storyline (as good looking as he was to watch, hubba hubba) got tiring, and I'm worried the mother is going to be nothing but drama.
  7. Denmark, PhD student: Why do I get a Dan Broderick feel from him? Like it's all about him and what he wants -- even his offer to possibly get a live-in nanny so "they" could have more flexibility (to get what he wants.) And what a patronizing asshole. He's been an international traveler and is sophisticated enough to know the US sucks, she fell for him because he's superior (my interpretation.) Had these two discussed their future at all before the wedding and the kid? How do you not mention one of your life goals is having constant adventures? Did he model his life after Patrick Swayze in Point Break? I see him throwing her away for someone younger who idolizes him, makes no demands, and has no expectation to be respected. None of what his wife is doing matters. As long as he's not too inconvenienced. Life's a competition to him. Obstacles and opponents must be crushed even if they are your wife and mother of your child
  8. She seemed quite impressed with herself. I've gotta think being alone or renting a room to one of his bandmates would be better than living with someone who'd never be satisfied. The horror of square sink vanities.
  9. They were a big reason I thought the show might make it. Guess the writers pulled out a big storyline and didn’t get enough interest to make it over the hump? I’m disappointed because it was still one of their newer shows and the characters could still develop. ABC’s line-up feels a bit mature.
  10. I’m surprised it lasted this long. They needed a professional voice actor like Patton to do the exposition bits, and I never cared much for Lainey even on The Goldbergs. I hope they can do something with Coach Mellnor and Mr. Glasscott, though. I’d hate to lose those characters.
  11. Oh, sorry! Lassie Jerky. When they meet Kate and Chavo in the woods and Gus realizes Shawn lied to him about the Sassyquatch.
  12. "Shawn you son of a bitch." I watch this episode just for that line.
  13. Sorry! At least I knew I wouldn't have access until Summer. I did see that Lassie Come Home isn't available until later, if that help. I'm watching an episode on USA (love Jane Lynch!) and they ran an ad saying "episodes would return in January," which certainly caught my ear, but they'd slugged it, "Sorry, PsychOs! This is a reallllly old ad." I'm glad their marketing dept. shares the humor of the show!
  14. Started a rewatch over the weekend. I'd forgotten about some of the characters I loved like Barry, Bly, Larry, and Brennan. Clients of the week are so much better than the burn story! I need to figure out when to stop watching, though. I'm not clear on the sequence of events any more, but I remember not liking the show very much after Michael went back to work for the government, and I was really unhappy about Nate's death. (I never watched the finale, so Maddie is still alive in my Burn Notice universe.)
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