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  1. It sounds like the Cutter is dealing directly with the jewel thief and Tavo. Does Teddy’s son work at the deli? Someone would have to slice the meat.
  2. The Yard Dogs and Cinda Canning came through! They’re going to be famous, and they got the attention of the Detective. Why wouldn’t the powers-that-be at the NYPD not want to submit the tox screen or the phone, though? A conspiracy or an open/shut suicide didn’t deserve the resources? And am I understanding this correctly? When they were still at the tattoo shop Tavo picked up a couple pieces of jewelry and said he’d gotten those pieces for Tim from Angel and that Tim was obsessed with buying pieces from Angel. So Our Trio’s current working theory is Tim saw Teddy kill Zoe, and that’s whe
  3. I like Dele, but he adds a layer of complication to Bob and Abishola that I don’t think is critical to the characters or story. Not asking him what he wants is a mistake, though. (Presuming he doesn’t ask to go back to America. He snuck out of his father’s house quickly enough.) Tunde’s disappointment, awww. I have a friend who loves negotiating — she’d be equally disappointed. I’m looking forward to the family’s fish out of water wedding episode.
  4. The only thing I can figure out is they wanted us to think it was a drug-induced hallucination and Coach putting his feet on the desk at the end (and showing us the sequined pants proving it was real) was supposed to be illuminating. So now we know Coach has the ability to let loose. I’m going to file this with that episode of The Golden Girls and forget it exists.
  5. I can imagine some negatives, but you can't carry knives, sprays, or other weapons in the city. You're not going to be arrested for possessing knitting needles (as long as you're not walking around stabbing people anyway.)
  6. No news about casting, so no insights for S1. Rats. (Not really, I enjoy speculating, but I don't want to be spoiled.)
  7. Does everyone know Tim Kono now?? LOL I felt it was a little slow in the middle (except for Oliver getting pwned by the horticulturists!) but the first and last few minutes were fun. Next Tuesday is so far off, but at least every minute that goes by is one minute closer. I have no new theories based on today’s episode. I’m really eager to hear everyone else’s.
  8. lol. Following her with a boom mic.
  9. I'm wondering if Ted had a normal teenage relationship with his father (arguments, etc.) and Ted blames himself for the suicide which is why he's obsessively positive. He's thinking if only he'd gotten along with his father, he'd still be alive.
  10. The next episode description is up. It might the continuation of Beard’s walk home.
  11. The network isn’t doing the show any favors with the scheduling. They’ve changed time slots, pulled it during the Olympics, ran a repeat against nothing special, and then put a new episode up against the NFL season opener. It feels like what they do with shows just before they’re canceled. The only thing they haven’t done to kill it is move it to Saturday nights.
  12. Rebecca and Sam are so much better than I would’ve ever expected! The rest of the show — and everyone being vulnerable and opening up to pain — was equally great. So many highs and lows. Loved it.
  13. Then in whose gutted apartment is Mabel living?!?
  14. I can't figure out who Tim would've seen murder Zoe to make him clam-up and not try to free Oscar. Some sort of authority figure? Other than Zoe's or his parents, I have no idea (and the odds of his parents killing him are...0?) Tim must've felt safe moving back into the building, and the most likely scenario I see is that the killer didn't know Tim could identify him, but when Tim lost his job he started blackmailing the killer. (How did Oscar not witness the murder is a question I have, too. He never accused anyone for his defense?) However it shakes out, I hope it's someone who's
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