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  1. Should we start a thread about Ghostly Incongruities? There’s discussion (often repetitive) every episode. I personally don’t care why they can walk through most walls but not vault doors or why they don’t fall through floors or why they leave divots in cushions or why they need to sleep. They’re plot devices, and this isn’t a documentary.
  2. Adirondacks, NY: repeat of $5M winner who already has a log cabin and wants something on the water. I’ve seen this a couple times and just don’t like the episode. Maybe the winner and her friend are uncomfortable on camera, but the tiny budget of $200K for a basic 4 walls and the unfunny dialogue with the giggling…I felt David really earned his money on this one.
  3. I’m over “Where are Helen and Ben.” I’m glad everyone got dicked over by the FBI (including Myra) and I really hate Wendy. Everything and everyone she touches she fucks-up. Any theories about the car crash at the start of Episode 1? Was that supposed to be before Navarro met with the supervisors and everything was a coma/fever dream? A flash to the future when they were getting out from under Javi? Poor Wyatt. What a hard life. Everyone else deserved it, but he was there when the Byrdes warned Ruth and Darlene that Mexico wanted them out, and he didn’t listen. How Darlene survived this lo
  4. Had to rewatch to catch Sass’s and Thor’s reactions to the hot maid. 😁 Hetty was prettiest so had to marry Elias, which means Sam’s great-great Grandmother was Margaret, who had a moustache? I love how Jay enjoys the ghosts’ trials and tribulations like it’s another chapter in D&D: “I love it when the mythology gets expanded” when he learned ghosts couldn’t get through the vault door, and then his glee (which offended Sass) when Jay learned Elias went to hell.
  5. Going to put this here so people don’t have to read it in the episode threads: I can’t stand listening to people chew, and it’s like they’re eating and talking while chewing in every fucking scene. Hey, foley artists, looking at you: We don’t need to listen to them eating to know they’re eating.
  6. I watched the trailers for the first time today — so excited to see FBI Agent Maya back!
  7. Trevor can touch/move objects! I laugh at the CBS promo showing Jay getting out of the shower and reading, “Make Pizza” on the mirror, and him shouting into empty space that it’s not the new system. I think Pete’s explanation that Elias had recommitted to evil and thumbed his nose at the universe was probably more at cause than Hetty’s well-timed damning. Though it was funny to use it to her advantage. I need to watch again. I completely missed Sass and Thorfin agreeing about the maid!
  8. I count 10-11 bedrooms depending if Crash has his own. Sam/Jay, Thorfinn, Suss, Isaac, Hetty, Alberta, Flower, Pete, Trevor, and the moldy spare room. Crash would make 11. I’m curious how the show is going to work with them sharing rooms with guests when they have more than 1.
  9. Helen’s murder was one of the best cliffhangers I can remember. This week I’m going to have to watch the entire series over again, because it’s so complex and so long between seasons I forget a lot of the details. I still don’t buy the love between Ruth and Wendy’s brother, though, and don’t believe that’s why she would align herself against them. I hope the last season doesn’t hinge on that plot point.
  10. I liked the Poughkeepsie couple. The house they picked was decorated, so it was clear to me which was theirs. I’d be worried about the grade in the back yard, though. Water is going to drain down that hill directly toward their basement.
  11. I figured he got it as a chick magnet, but his sadness at dying before he found love seemed sincere.
  12. Imagine how hard-up ABC must be for content.
  13. I think the actors playing Missy and Sheldon have aged out of their roles as written. The writers were able to move Georgie into a young adult role, but they can’t reverse time and make the twins appear younger than their physical development. These are not children. In the last scene Sheldon is the same size as Dr. Sturgis. Also? Sheldon’s deep, monotone voice disturbs me. This episode stunk like ass.
  14. I just turned the channel. Can’t hear him, and she’s going to wake-up my neighbors.
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