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  1. I just ran across the titles of the final two episodes: which I have no idea what that means. The description is the placeholder text “A geeky teen has a video camera...” And we’ll get high jinks and hopefully
  2. There was a fun celebrity appearance in "New York Lonely Boy." I think having the show set in NYC is one of the reasons I liked it so much. I've been sticking close to home and have missed going out and about. I'd even /shudder/ go to Times Square again.
  3. I used to work special events for a publishing company in New York City. The owners of an upstate NY grocery store chain, Price Chopper, attended one of our conferences and Mr. Golub repacked his and his wife’s gift bags because they were “packed wrong.” They were the best couple. For dinner Mrs. Golub asked if they were seated together and was “disappointed” because she’d seen a “nice young man” she wanted to sit next to. They were so charming and fun. I worked that job around the world for 10 years, and they were my favorites. Rachel Ray had worked for them, too, and they had the nicest thin
  4. Promo for next week’s season finale we’ll “talk about all Summer.”
  5. Ymmv, of course. I’d tired of the character before Anna left, and I feel like I feel about how (and likely why) Anna chose to do it. I’m not suggesting Chuck Lorre should drop a piano on her like he did Charlie Sheen.
  6. I had to rewatch it and turn on cc because I couldn’t understand Dr. Sturgis when he was trying to talk Texan. Other than that, this one fell flat for me. The season has been about changes, and the alternate universes and Sheldon/George scenes emphasized how quickly life can turn. Yeah, yeah, yeah, bad changes happen in reality, but I prefer my entertainment to be funny escapism.
  7. I found the first half insufferable, but Tammy’s crush on the driver turned it around. I’m glad Bonnie realized how poorly she treats Marjorie, but Marjorie wasn’t getting the Napa Valley Community Award for saving Bonnie Plunkett. I hope Christy doesn’t come back. The cast and writers did a pretty good job of writing around her absence, and why should Anna Faris get the honor of returning? She left right before filming started — how many hours had the staff spent mapping the season or even actively writing episodes. I’d be ok if they didn’t even mention her. She lives in DC and will be a
  8. I laughed at Adam’s deadpan at the very end, “Your cards reflect in your glasses.” The rest was the usual. Bev was shocked Adam lied to her. Uninvolved Murray. Erica can’t think about anyone but herself. Barry’s an idiot. Do people in LA hate that song? I could live the rest of my life without hearing anyone’s version of “New York, New York” and be happy.
  9. I enjoyed it! Don’t want to spoil any of the story since it’s so early. I liked all the main characters, even the diva Wickie and the vain but sincere Summer. Lots of dialogue that kept it moving, no time for lulls. I did feel like some of characters outside the core 4 were supposed to have storylines that got truncated for some reason (like Stevia, the husband/son, the brother, and even Kev though he had a lot of story.) Terrific chemistry among all the actors. I was rooting for them all individually as well as the girl group as a whole.
  10. I liked how Keri immediately leapt from Dele having a small bladder to him smoking. “I will sniff him thoroughly.”
  11. The penultimate episode description reads like
  12. Oh dear god no. That’s a horrifying thought! If they had another season I can see them exploring that storyline, but with two more episodes I hope not.
  13. Good episode! Even Mary’s fantasies are about pleasing her family. Georgie’s a good egg. Looking out for Sheldon and Missy, and not passing judgement on Mary even when he doesn’t understand. June’s yet another great character add. I wonder if Reba’s looking for a new tv show — she’d be a good candidate for a spin-off, and we could get the Geezer bus people and the school librarian back! Maybe Brenda Sparks can go to work for June and then Reba and Melissa Peterman can work together again! I’ve never cared for Paige. Sheldon is unintentionally hurtful. Paige relishes it.
  14. She did. I’ll call my parents by their first names if I’m rolling my eyes or teasing them, but she said hers as a command. “We’re leaving, Murray.” The pranks were lame, but whatever. I can believe it was the best those kids could come up with. The part where they lost me in this episode was the outdoor statue on wheels with one person being able to move it around. Barry should not be trusted to care for anything living. Look into taxidermy, Bar. They’ve really dumbed down Beverly. I can picture it being the writers’ petty revenge for The Real Bev’s disappointment with some epis
  15. I totally forgot about the episode! lol. Nice closure for Trevor, off on an adventure with a new love. Wendy and Marjorie haven't made any progress toward their endings. Maybe next week Wendy will get hit by a helicopter while Jill's waiting for the results of her pregnancy test. What am I saying? 60 seconds is too much time to waste on Wendy.
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