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  1. I could tell he was not into Bri by his actions during the date so I was surprised by certain recappers shipping them. Before tipping her over, he was zig zagging quickly in front of her and splashing her with the mud. Then after she asked to get on his bike (I noticed he didn’t ask her to hop on) he proceeds to act like a teen and tip it over. Matt would be more attractive with just a tad of charisma. It doesn’t help that some of us just watched Tayshia. I understand everyone wasn’t a fan but she could work a room and make each man believe she was into him.
  2. I was listening to a podcast and the guest asked if Matt was the hottest bachelor. He then asked if he was the most eligible. The female host said, “well...no...not most eligible. I prefer a man with a career...call me traditional.” Having a job is such a basic thing. I don’t dislike Matt and understand he’s still “figuring it out.” But the show chose a guy who admitted he was broke in NY before this and that’s why he didn’t date much before the show. And I follow him on social media and I don’t even think he has the job he used to before he was chosen. (What are these people going to do if instagram crashes and they can’t shill?) So you have all these beautiful women, who must have one or two good options in real life if not several, lining up to date a guy who doesn’t have a job and hadn’t dated much because he was broke (so no money in the bank) and likely isn’t close to ready for marriage. And I’m not seeing any charisma to make up for it. Poor thing is so awkward he kisses with his eyes open.
  3. Does Matt like any of these women? The one on ones bored me to pieces. I saw a bit of spark between him and the black attorney but she seems too smart for him (sorry Matt fans). I don’t see him picking nice and normal Abigail. I can’t believe the producers thought any of this was entertaining. Victoria is one of the most vile people I’ve seen in this franchise. She’s only second to that jack*ass from Ashley’s season.
  4. Same and dildo girl and other unfortunate looking women! Matt seemed uncomfortable the whole time which I guess could be expected because the cameras are new to him. But his discomfort made me feel uncomfortable. Also he seemed to cringe every time someone brought up he was black... His tastes are very different than mine because he didn't seem to like most of the women except Abigail and another brunette. There were some women I thought were stunning he barely looked at. The promo has me leaning toward no engagement.
  5. The more I think about it the more I think Ivan just wanted to stay longer. I don’t know that I buy that he thought it wasn’t a big deal. Why would you not bring that up to the Christian bachelorette the second you think you might actually like each other to see if it’s a dealbreaker? Oh, I can think of a reason...he knew she would send him home I’m sorry I’m jaded from this franchise. I can’t hold Brendan and Ben to the fire for just wanting more tv time and not Ivan because he looks...young and sweet. Most who come on this show have zero interest in marriage (in recent seasons) He very well could’ve kept it to himself because he didn’t want to get sent home before he could get his followers and shot at bachelor. And tbh I never bought he was falling in love with tayshia, not even when he finally said it before the fantasy date. Every year the audience buys into someone as genuine that was not.
  6. I knew from her time on Colton’s season. That said, I do think the show might have been concerned about two years of religion talk in a row (Luke and Hannah and Madi and Peter) A good part of the audience is not Christian and doesn’t want to hear the lead or contestants talking about their views. And this year we had a contestant, Ivan, that didn’t want to talk about his views. Even if we saw the scenes of tayshia, we still would not have known Ivan’s because he purposefully didn’t talk about it on camera. So there’s no winning decision.
  7. There have been too many interviews but I’m sure I read a recap or two that said tayshia DID talk about religion on the show. The men knew her views. It was Ivan who didn’t bring up his views until FS, which is why he apologized for not bringing it up sooner. Ivan knew Tayshia’s beliefs. Tayshia was the one in the dark.
  8. Got it. I did notice tayshia wasn’t show waking up with anyone like Sean wasn’t, which we typically see i.e. Clare and dale, hannah with peter and jed (and she’s Christian!). So it seems she at least cared about appearances unlike our typical leads lol I think you have to say yes to FS because it’s the only time you get off camera even if you’re not interested in sex.
  9. Why? You can literally spend FS up all night talking. I don’t know about tayshia’s FS. But I would consider Sean Lowe who did FS conservative, for sure, and he didn’t sleep with anyone.
  10. Brendan left! He’s Christian. He would’ve totally got the second rose. I wonder if tayshia told the producer Ivan was a no go and that’s why we got that fake talk with Rachel about Ben and they went back and got Ben? if you watch tayshia the morning after her FS with Ivan, she looked noticeably cold. I think he was totally going home until Brendan walked out.
  11. ^ Thank you for sharing. I am Christian, and while I could consider marrying a man of a different faith, I would have trouble marrying a man who did not believe in anything at all. If you want a “traditional” Christian marriage, which involves man submitting to God. (I’m assuming this is what tayshia wants) I don’t know how that’s feasible with an agnostic. Would be curious to know how Christian women make that work. I would think someone’s beliefs would have to change. I believe Catherine was not a Christian before the show but is now and actually got baptized before marrying Sean.
  12. Tayshia didn’t say what Ivan’s views were out of respect for his privacy and there was a segment of the audience upset she didn’t say more and they didn’t hear the conversation. No winning here. But I’m not sure why he would think he could go on a show about marriage and not discuss religion with the woman he’s pursuing. edited to add: that I agree with the point that stuff like that maybe needs to be asked before fantasy suite. Because Ivan shouldn’t have made it to hometowns.
  13. Tayshia is a conservative Christian. She said her and Zac pray daily, together. Would have absolutely been an issue. Ivan would not have wanted to be with tayshia either (speaking for agnostic friends who stay far away from religious people, romantically)
  14. Additionally, I wonder if part of the abrupt ending for Ivan was respecting his wishes. He has now come out and stated he is agnostic today and many of his family and friends did not know. I can totally understand Ivan’s hesitation to share on camera and tayshia respected him by not spelling it out for the audience.
  15. Rachel spilled that tayshia told her it was over, she was picking Zac when she came to visit.
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