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  1. With only 13 episodes, I’m not sure how much time there is for benson on stabler’s show? Maybe most of the reconnecting will happen on SVU and Benson showing up on OC once? Unless the big bad is a sex trafficker? but still...they really can’t let Benson swallow up too much time on a show with only 13 eps when the audience needs to find out where stabler’s been, what’s goin on with the wife and multiple kids, how he got his job back, and introduce the new unit and members and you know actually solve crime... i’m also envisioning something dark and gritty (tone wise) and Benson/Mariska is just not that. I imagine her throwing off the whole tone of the show if/when she arrives so I don’t want to see it happen too often. Yea, I’ve been envisioning something like that.
  2. Well, yea, I always assumed it would focus on stabler. I’m sure he will have a unit but he will be the clear lead. I actually don’t think the show will be anything like SVU though. I think it’ll be an entirely different beast. It’s going to be 13 episodes Vs 22/23 I believe so it wont follow the typical police procedural format. For instance, with just 13 episodes, I could see the entire season being about one “big bad villain.” I don’t see them going with a different case a week.
  3. I can’t be the only one who thinks this will be a crap show. Matt is Peter with a black dad. That guy isn’t ready to settle down.
  4. Carisi/Rollins made me indifferent to Carisi. Carisi going gaga for Rollins who screwed another cop in the squad and created two babies from different guys while he was there made him look rather well...pathetic. Maybe they thought they were doing some feminist story telling by having Carisi not care about that and so willing to help Rollins with her babies and whatever ever else she needed while into her. But it’s so unbelievable he would be into her it turned me away from the character. He became just a prop to the second woman lead.
  5. And Rollins to me is so meh. I don’t connect with her in anyway or care what happens to her. I can’t imagine she has a large following. If a large percentage of fandom wouldn’t care if your number 2 was replaced, you got a problem with your cast Carisi doesn’t even feel like a real character with how little development he’s been given because we needed to see Noah in trouble again or Rollins and her second baby daddy. fin got more quality screen time when stabler was there.
  6. A structure like chicago p.d. is what I’ve been imagining since he’s leading a force. The happenings today will no doubt force them to cast diverse actors as well which IMO would be nice to see. I can’t imagine they’ll put him behind a desk, not yet. Since it’s organized crime, maybe a lot of undercover work and less chasing people down. Did you watch Graceland on USA? I imagine something like that. A crew of 6 doing a lot of undercover work with an older head guy (Briggs) leading the way I hope we get an interesting cast of characters. There’s been no news on other castings, right? One major way SVU has let me down recently is that Liv’s supporting cast has been weak for a long time; none our compelling characters IMO.
  7. I’m of two minds. I really don’t want a watered down stabler. He wasn’t a racist or prejudiced toward a group of people based on an immutable characteristic. He hated pedophiles. He mostly slapped around white guys. He also brought a passionate anger that could be felt by the audience, that was relatable to the audience, because how could you be human and not angry at the perps for their heinous crimes. He couldn’t compartmentalize, not even for the sake of his marriage, that too was relatable. I also haven’t liked Olivia in so long I really don’t want him turned into some version of her. And I’m hoping the svu crossovers will be kept at a minimum (one to introduce the show is my preference) I also hope he gets a kick a*s squad. I get he’ll have to change his tactics, but he’s older now like Liv, so he probably physically can’t do what he used to, anyhow. I really don’t want to see a bunch of boring anger management classes and therapy sessions. Hopefully he’s completed all that before he returns. Reading leight’s interview, I’m not sure it’s clear something happened to his family recently or in the past. I’m leaning towards something happening to one of kids around the time he left the squad that sent him off the grid or undercover or something, and he’s just getting back to town. I don’t think it’s Kathy because she was set to return in the suv finale and this show was already in the works then. Olivia’s adoption of Noah made no sense. Her rise to sergeant did. But her rise to lieutenant and captain happened over night. So Stabler having his own squad after ten years doesn’t bother me. I lean towards him having been doing some work undercover and now running a task force most don’t want anything to do with because of the danger.
  8. I've always wondered where the rumors came from. They were all over the message board back in the day. I also remembered Lauren's unconvincing denial. My guess is they were just very different people who had nothing to talk about when not acting. I never saw the romantic chemistry so the rumors didn't help. They had big brother-little sister energy which explains Scott's statement.
  9. Crosses fingers for only one scene showing his visitation with Eli and no more! i just had a thought...couldnt he be a grandpa now? Oh goodness...I don’t need another baby Noah. No more babies!
  10. I don’t know why stabler was given so many damn kids in the first place given his profession. I just never connected with any of them. I hope he comes back single because I think it opens more possibilities. Kathy hated when he went undercover etc. and we’ve just never seen Elliot single. He knocked up his high school or college (I can’t remember) gf and married her to do the right thing. I’d rather see Elliot awkwardly try to date than continue to fight with Kathy just because we haven’t seen it before.
  11. I must admit that I’m intrigued. It’s been so long. And Olivia has been uninspired lately (Mariska too). Regardless of my feelings about stabler, Meloni is a very capable actor. And much stronger than the actors she’s been opposite of (not just his acting but also his presence). I’m wondering if Meloni can pull some more out of Mariska who has been coasting with that awful whisper for awhile. Last inspired performances was when she adopted Noah and the Lewis arc. They don’t have to go the romantic route and I don’t think they will. Their relationship was rich enough without them having sex. Olivia sorting through feelings of having Stabler back, working with his unit, perhaps, will be more interesting than watching her run after Noah. I do not want to see Kathy or those kids. Hopefully they scrap the idea they had for the finale. Stabler can explain where he’s been in the premiere.
  12. Maybe there's just something likable about Reese even when she's awful, but I liked Elena more than her awful kids. And I'm not a white woman; can't relate to the character, at all. I just could not bring myself to see those kids as anything other than spoiled, privileged brats who couldn't handle living on the other side (or that useless husband). So I felt nothing but anger at them for burning that house down. I hated all the kids by the end of it, even Pearl. I've disliked Mia since episode 1 and nothing changed. Maybe a good thing I don't have kids. lol I haven't watched a show in awhile where I didn't like a single character. I care about none of these people. Has anyone read "Such a fun age" by Riley Reid? Smells like Reese's next project.
  13. Never liked Peter. I thought he was a bad bachelor choice from the beginning largely because of his dynamic with his parents. It always came off as unhealthy. Then I read they were all wannabe actors. All leading to this mess tonight. What an awful choice by TPTB. I put it all on them. This family needs to be in a therapist office.
  14. Never liked Peter. I thought he was a bad bachelor choice from the beginning largely because of his dynamic with his parents. It always came off as unhealthy. Then I read they were all wannabe actors. All leading to this mess tonight. What an awful choice by TPTB. I put it all on them. This family needs to be in a therapist office.
  15. Saying she’s a virgin and saying she didn’t want peter to have sex with anyone else are two separate things. She’s struggled explaining the latter. She explicitly said she didn’t want peter to think she was shaming or judging him. Like Luke was accused... JMO but I believe while she was thinking all those weeks about how she would tell peter her views, how luke was treated was something she was thinking about. She said she was going for peter, not sure I believe her, but that would mean she watched his season.
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