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  1. Rachel Dratch and Chris Redd will be on Pyramid tonight. https://www.tvinsider.com/1000801/masterchef-court-cam-snl-pyramid-too-large/ Heidi and her husband, Marvel Comics writer Zeb Wells, have a cameo in an X-Men title.
  2. During the '70s and early '80s, there was a mix of aping real news anchors and parodying the idea of what news anchors aren't meant to do - Chevy's dirty phone calls with his girlfriend, Jane's desperate crush on Walter Cronkite, Mary Gross and Brian Doyle Murray having a love affair. From the early/mid '80s to the early '00s, you had various anchors (from Brad Hall to Colin Quinn) who were a mix of wiseass and serious news reader. The big change starts with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, as there's much less emphasis on any pretense of serious news. Jimmy tries, and he actually becomes
  3. https://www.npr.org/2021/05/24/998682100/snl-musical-guests-ranked-from-no-1-to-morgan-wallen Ranking the season's musical guests.
  4. Sudi Green, who has written for SNL for the last six seasons, has left.
  5. I don't know anything about Anya Taylor-Joy, but I was optimistic when she was announced as the finale host, because SNL has not had a new finale host since 2007 (Zach Braff), Having a new person host means less baggage and the potential to get the cast in a more central role. Fortunately, that happened tonight, and Anya proved to be a capable host as well (she reminded me a little of Emma Stone - if Emma has wound down her hosting gigs, I could see Anya filling that void). SNL finales can often feel very tired, and certainly this one of any had a reason to be tired, so I was pleasantly
  6. SNL almost always premieres in late September or early October - probably just a joke. There are so many prom photos of fathers holding shotguns on their daughters and daughters' boyfriends - I agree with you that the dumb dad material is overdone on SNL but this one did make me laugh.
  7. He hosted in October and they haven't had someone host twice in a season since the early '80s, but I did wonder if he was going to have a cameo. Promo for this week: Cut sketch: I can see why it was cut but I did enjoy some parts - mainly when Kate said she dreamt of seeing her mother and Elon Musk hosting the show (I didn't think they would joking about him hosting so fast). Beck as Mr. Bean also made me laugh.
  8. I felt so awful for Casey because it was the press that ran with her weight as a reason when I don't even think anyone at the show did - that seemed to affect her a great deal, from what she's said it interviews. I think the situation with Melissa may be similar to Pete Davidson, who even gave a radio interview last year blasting the show, but was kept on because he seems to get on well with Lorne. I doubt Melissa is as close to Lorne, but I think some at the show do like her and must support her (I know she is close to Ego and Heidi but I mean others higher up). Otherwise I'm not sure w
  9. Apparently, Melissa posted and deleted a story on her Instagram that said she would be leaving and felt she deserved better. I like Melissa a lot (I know that isn't a universal opinion and I respect the reasons why), but she has been used erratically by the show for a long time, and frankly, I'm often surprised she has been kept on this long. I still wish she could try one more season, if they want to, but if she does leave I just hope she gets a bit of a sendoff. I guess we'll see what happens on Saturday.
  10. Paul wrote for Richard Pryor's episode (at Richard's request). He is responsible for one of SNL's most (in)famous sketches (this contains racial slurs):
  11. Sadly, Vintage is off for a good while so I don't think we will get a repeat, but if you want a rundown of the episode: https://www.onesnladay.com/2018/09/07/october-29-1977-charles-grodin-paul-simon-s3-e4/
  12. Melissa and Alex had their 100th show tonight. Alex still mostly got scraps, sadly, but at least Melissa got that great Lily Tomlin on (probably one of my favorite impressions of hers). Alex is so handsome, charismatic, and multi-talented, his underuse continues to disappoint me. I guess as long as Beck is there nothing will change. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO7DQShhcM5/ As you can see in the first photo, Lily actually appeared with the Muppets in an early SNL episode, so this was a deep cut of a tribute (and one that wasn't even the main part of the funny, violent sketch it intro
  13. I love that. I have a feeling we won't see any of his old characters (no spoilers - I am just guessing) so I am hoping they will let him get a lot of say over the writing and put him in some sketches that feel different than the norm for the show these days. And since he is on a show with Cecily I hope he might get a good sketch with her that could serve as a nice possible sendoff.
  14. Tonight's Vintage is...another season 45 episode, Phoebe Waller-Bridge/Taylor Swift. (considering that Olivia Rodrigo is seen by some as a younger Taylor Swift, I guess there is some synergy) After that Vintage is on hiatus for at least a few weeks
  15. Jost made a joke about how they can't blame Tesla/Elon for China's rocket blowing up. And now he is supposedly dating Olivia Munn. The whole thing is a reminder to me I don't know these celebrities and I need to stop thinking their lives are what they tell us they are. From what he said in his recent return to standup, he's had problems for a while, which takes a toll on any marriage - I'm just sorry this all had to be a public mess. (Sorry, I know this is not on topic anymore)
  16. Peacock is going to be releasing a documentary on the legendary Jim Downey. https://collider.com/snl-jim-downey-documentary-peacock/
  17. Ratings for the Elon Musk episode: https://deadline.com/2021/05/saturday-night-live-ratings-elon-musk-wario-chad-on-mars-1234752544/ A contingent of Elon Musk’s legions of fans tuned in to watch the hugely popular — and controversial — billionaire tech inventor and entrepreneur make his debut as host of Saturday Night Live. Last night’s telecast, hosted by Musk with musical guest Miley Cyrus, drew a 4.7 household Live+Same Day rating in the 44 metered local markets and a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters. That was up sharply from the most recent
  18. A list of all the cast (past and present) appearing on talk shows this week.
  19. I don't really like it, but I think if she stopped forcing the huskiness and 'edge' so much there would be a nice tone somewhere. "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" is such a beautiful song, but more than once I wanted her to just try to feel the song and not get so caught up in a persona. She clearly thinks a lot of Dolly Parton - I wish she would stop and listen to the purity and simplicity of Dolly's voice and how Dolly lives her lyrics, and try to learn from that.
  20. Of the people who were most openly critical about Elon Musk, Aidy appeared solely in the cold open, having no interaction with him, while Andrew mostly appeared in small pre-tape roles that had little interaction with him, while Bowen was in one pre-tape and one live sketch. CO: Great Dolly song choice. The cuts between Miley and the moms/cast didn't work, but the latter was equal parts funny, awkward, and moving, as always. The Redds had my favorite joke, but Cecily's moving moment with her mom was the perfect close. Best use of a group LFNY. The bit where the audience barely reacted to
  21. Tonight's Vintage is Adam Driver/Halsey, which is a unique definition of the term vintage.
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