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  1. I haven't watched it yet, but Morales being the mole doesn't shock me either. They seemed to try so hard to make the other detective seem shifty (at least to me), that I figured it was probably the "less expected, gave no reason to think so" Morales.
  2. Not just you. I thought it was at least a possibility. I missed who Wheatley said would set the son up with a clean gun, but assumed it was the enforcer guy, so he'd be tipped off to what was happening. She may be dead, but I immediately thought the enforcer might have given Gina the heads up and she'd come prepared with a vest and dye packets. Especially with the enforcer offering to handle it for Richie. Although still risky as Richie could've shot her in the head. But he did try and get Richie to leave first.
  3. Oh no no no lol. By "somebody playing" Morpheus were you referring to DR. DRE???
  4. Ah, I did think of the cha cha cha sketch, especially when they pulled out the fans lol. I love that one and think it's perhaps under appreciated or somewhat overlooked due to the splashier Broadway sketches John Mulaney has done. But it makes sense if they share some of the same writers as they both had fun "from the culture" moments, but warm ones too. I also thought the sketch might end with an offensive remark or take a mocking tone, and was so pleased it didn't. In addition to Beck's dancing, Chris and Rege-Jean jumping in to join him at the end was great. Watching Andrew Dismukes mo
  5. Like others have written, I loved how comfortable and at ease Rege-Jean Page was the entire show. This was the first ep in a long time I found just generally entertaining overall. And I thought the rapid-fire pace of Weekend Update was great too, as were Pete and Heidi. The Freddie Krueger bit was so random and odd, but I couldn't help but laugh when she pulled up that gloved hand. I also enjoyed how many of the skits involved many members of the cast. And probably some people thought there were too many musical numbers, but I loved the Driver's License and Sea Shanty skits, plus Ego's Lo
  6. Well, it's all subjective, right? Rosalia is a popular, critically lauded singer from Spain who's won or been nominated for Grammys and Latin Grammys, including Album of the Year. She's done duets and remixes with artists like J. Balvin, The Weeknd and Billie Eilish. Both she and Billie are also known for enjoying getting creative with nail art, usually for performances and videos and photo shoots. Not saying anyone has to like it obviously; merely that she seems to like using it as part of her styling and costuming. I was glad to see SNL featuring two artists who are both extremely popul
  7. Honestly, after looking at older posts on Renee Felice Smith's Instagram, I'm beginning to believe the wardrobe department is actually catering to her personal style or preferences. She seems to favor oversized coats, high necks, and loose-fitting boho and prairie, granny chic dresses. Oh, and hats. It's such an odd choice for tv, I wonder if she's actually expressed a preference for being dressed in a way that's comfortable for her. I also was too bored to keep track of what was happening with the main case. It's pretty sad because after not originally watching the show (I assumed it'd j
  8. I watched the entire series and just found it to be meh as well. Just very bland. I don't need my protagonists to be heroes, so seeing the characters flaws and weaknesses highlighted wasn't the problem for me. And I'm fine with quiet shows that aren't just about dramatic sequences or not knowing the outcome. The show just didn't seem to have a good sense of focus within the greater story. I was looking forward to this as I like a lot of the actors and the original movie. I even enjoyed the Astronaut Wives show that was on a few years ago. (It was soapy, but at least entertaining and knew what
  9. So I was watching the Debbie Allen Hot Chocolate Nutcracker documentary on Netflix as I've had some professional interactions with Allen and the company. How surprised was I to see the actor who plays Tam featured as one of the dancers?! I never would've guessed he was a dancer, or for that matter a hip-hop specialist!
  10. Ok, since it's been mentioned now by others and this is an all-season thread, I'll comment now on what I referred to previously -- the evil, abusive ex has a TWIN BROTHER?!?!? I mean, COME ON. Is Mel's husband now going to come back next season in a different person's body after having a secret brain transplant? Will an evil overlord put the town into an ice freeze? Will Jack lose his memory and be convinced by Charmaine that they've been married all this time? I like my soapy dramas, but throwing a vengeful twin into the plot just starts veering too much into silly daytime soap territory. Ob
  11. I watched the first two episodes of season 2, couldn't take any more and skipped to the last. Not only did I not feel I missed anything, but I figured out what happened with every plot point without skipping a beat. And I don't want to spoil anything so won't get specific, but something in the final episode just had me rolling my eyes. This show already entered soap territory last season with its ridiculous cliches and plot lines, but it at least had some charm. (Or maybe that was just my stay-at-home pandemic brain thinking.) But the second season is just ridiculous in its tropes and over-the
  12. She has a passport, so would have no problem flying domestically or internationally. I don't think I'm quite enjoying the show, but will keep watching. I'm just glad it's a limited series as eight or so episodes are probably all I can take. Anxious is a good word for how I feel when watching. That, and annoyed. I know Kaley's character is supposed to be a hot mess, but some of her actions are just so dumb and aggravating I can't take it.
  13. Small nitpick, but it's Axe Woves, not Wolves.
  14. Different strokes, I guess. I always liked the name Ever when I'd see something Ever Carradine was in. And I'd prefer to have the name Ever than Martha.
  15. I will have to watch again at 11:30 Pacific because I was in the middle of something and missed a lot. But it made me happy just looking up and seeing the cast on my screen. And even if I end up hating every sketch, it was worth it for the Hal Willner tribute alone. That was lovely and moving. I normally don't comment on appearance but am going to make an exception because I thought Pete looked great and it was really good to see.
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