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  1. I also read it and, wow, Brittany really had a horrible childhood! I got a bit more context to the book when she was showing her mom where she had lived outside, which I had envisioned as a regular park with grass and trees. Not that wasn't already sad that she didn't have a place to live but seeing that it was in the desert made it even worse. Heat, sand, and dirt. Then, seeing the motel where she had lived that I'd read about. There were some moments in the book where she would be clean for a while but would be back with her mom for a short bit and her mom was was urging her to do drugs together, where Brittany said she didn't really know why but she'd eventually give in and then be doing drugs for again. I was thinking, "Surrrre, you didn't want to but she made you do it." However, I try to remember that she was still a teenager at the time and had already been manipulated by so many, especially adult men, starting when she was around 12. Apparently, she plans to do at least one other book since this one only covers her life up to when she was a teenager. Aside from a few moments, I've always liked her. From the start, her interview segments stood out from those of other cast members. To me, she's well-spoken, measured in her thoughts, and has an introspective disposition.
  2. I need Tennison and Nyla to be on LAL's True Confessions, where castmates comment on the other couples. They seem to be the only adults on the series and their dry, tired of the nonsense tone would provide a new perspective, as well as represent us viewers!
  3. He's running a close second to Elizabeth's brother, Charlie! On a recent episode of, I think, 90DF Strikes Back, she and Andrei were watching the scene of Charlie's drunken meltdown at the wedding and were totally insulting him. The best moment was when Elizabeth said something about wishing that Andrei had punched him! And then I laughed along with them.
  4. In the first miniseries, there was something about Shawnee Smith's performance of Julie Lawrey that really stood out, and I've followed her career a bit ever since--with the exception of the Saw movies!
  5. My dad's birthday was August 21st and my mom's was August 22nd!
  6. I was just looking at dollhouses and came across this one. The seller is asking $495 because it's apparently from the early 1900s but that seems like an awful lot to pay because whoever buys it is going to have some major reno costs. Of course, it will need a "total gut job!" 😁
  7. As if the Progressive ads with the half man/half motorcycle (mancycle?) aren't already annoying, now there's one set in a gym. Someone's annoyed that he's gone over his allotted time on the treadmill but all I'm thinking about is the godawful toxic exhaust he's polluting the gym with. That's what I would be pissed off about, especially in a gym where health is the main objective! Who are the people who give cars as Christmas gifts? And will they adopt me?
  8. Bennett and Amelia had already had some brief interactions and I also recall two people who worked at the same place. Was it Henry and Karen? I think it was at a school.
  9. I have a couple of wonderful neck wraps like that. I guess I should structured my joke differently so that it read that my crucial issue with lightweight heating pads is that I'm tired of leaf blower-wielding men blowing them off me. 😜
  10. See, Cat Mom?? We don't just lay around looking cute, we're sometimes [rarely - Ed.] utilitarian, too!
  11. Oh, good, someone finally addressed the critical problem with lightweight heating pads. I'm SO tired of leaf blower attacks in my bedroom by some guy with a heating pad vendetta.
  12. That's usually been the case for me but this year I pretty much had the TV on for three days straight until the Saturday when the networks finally called it!
  13. Is today the first time the results of the electoral college votes are being broadcast live as they are cast? Until this year, my knowledge consisted solely of: 270 votes reached, election over, I cheer or cry. I'm guessing Rachel will bring up any historical anomalies in this step of the process on tonight's show.
  14. Um, was I correctly seeing what looked like a couple of empty condom wrappers and unopened ones on the nightstand in Michael's hotel room? 🤢 I mean, I guess I should give him props for that, especially if it means "Is you ovulatin'?" is a moot question. Or maybe he just found them like that in Squee Bastard's jacket.
  15. This made me laugh because the last four years have been one long civics lesson! I just wish it hadn't been due to panicked necessity! I never would have known about Safe Harbor Day or about how crucial December 14th and January 6th still are--or the amount of stress those would bring me. It's probably not helping to watch the three-hour MSNBC's evening lineup, which also spotlights the horrific pandemic numbers. However, Rachel in particular often gives me some hope. I also enjoy her history lessons that she connects to current issues, and the way she clarifies with her guests that she's interpreted something correctly, especially when it comes to legalities.
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