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  1. As it turns out, she said she was off on Monday and then yesterday one of the employees was seriously injured so they were dealing with that at the clinic.
  2. Vet just called! Willow has actually gone from stage 4 to stage 3, which the vet was surprised--but glad--about because that usually doesn't happen. Creatinine level is still higher than it should be but that's also dropped from 6.1 to 4.8, and in the two months since she was diagnosed, she has not lost anymore weight. The prescription food must be helping. Canned food is prescription but I'm still mixing the dry food as half regular and half prescription. I feel much better about having to leave her for a few days.
  3. Has she lost more weight? If the prescription food is making a difference? Does she need subQ fluids now? I don't even what stage her renal failure is. I just saw that it's been over two months since she was first diagnosed and last week was the first time I took her in for a re-check. I sent a brief email late last night asking for copies of her medical records and test results. Might be switching vets soon. Just sucks that the vet I liked so much retired and the current vet took over the practice. I'm planning to be gone Friday through Tuesday to go down to my mom's place for the first time
  4. Am I unreasonable for expecting Willow's kidney function test results the day the vet has them, or at least the next day? The test was last Friday and they were supposed to get the results back by the end of the weekend. I called yesterday afternoon since I hadn't heard anything and they said they'd leave a message for the vet but she didn't call.
  5. I thought it was a slip that went under a dress or something to wear to bed. That's a dress?? (Okay, boomer.)
  6. One of my nicknames for her is "Princess Willow." Apparently, she wants to let me know she's actually a Queen.
  7. Heavy is the head that wears the crown...and the cat. It's a little difficult to work on my laptop, needless to say. (I'm 57 and I just wanted a crown for the heck of it, damn it! It was just delivered.)
  8. The overwhelming consensus is that the hood ornament is just creepy!
  9. Heard it before I saw it and then didn't catch what particular company it was for because I was frantically reaching for the remote so I could mute the rest of it. People YELLING at full volume to Dad about how the printer cartridge has just run out of ink! And then just saw another one for the first time where someone's brought his new girlfriend home and they're serving his grandmother's famous mac and cheese. Apparently, the girl regularly carries around a huge container of new Hidden Valley Ranch sprinkles in her purse to put on whatever food she thinks need seasoning.
  10. I mentioned before that the ornament, especially from the side, reminds me of the gremlin on the plane wing that John Lithgow sees in The Twilight Zone movie!
  11. Scout Finch


    Thanks for the heads-up, I just watched a clip. What a glorious and epic smackdown of that Mothertucker Carlson! I'm gonna have to watch that more than once.
  12. I'm watching the Oscars on my DVR and was shocked to see Misha!. He was sitting at the Sound of Metal table with the director and writers. I checked the cast and crew list on IMDb and his name only appears in the very long list of Thanks at the bottom of the page. He must be close friends with the director and/or writer. ETA: Apparently, I'm far from being the only confused person! https://nypost.com/2021/04/25/supernatural-star-misha-collins-at-oscars-2021-confuses-twitter/
  13. I just dragged myself out of bed to feed the cats. I feel awful but have been envisioning my body's response as a series of intercuts of battle scenes from very old movies, such as westerns! It's doing exactly what it's supposed to right now. My appointment for my first dose was at a medical hospital/school and there was a line of around 50 people outside when I got there. It actually moved pretty fast and even with the 15-minute post waiting time it took about an hour. They also made our second appointments for us before we left. Same day of the week, same time. Yesterday it was raining
  14. Got my second dose today (already feel the speeding Mack truck approaching) and did indeed use the "do I get my Mark of the Beast tattoo today?" Response: "Yes, you do!"
  15. Scout Finch


    I can't watch Ali Velshi because he looks like a talking egg.
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