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  1. It's interesting that somehow Leland must have known she was wearing that dress/color. He had a red tie and pocket square to match, and was the only person at the party who had touches of color in his outfit. To me, it seemed like Vanessa and Maggie are in separate bodies now because near the end he was talking to Vanessa on the phone and she was, I think, on the train. He becomes confused and gets freaked out a bit when Maggie comes back in the room while he's still on the call. It sounded like Vanessa was pissed off about Maggie being there, and Maggie asked if that was her sister on th
  2. The shed in the backyard, where Sheryl (and Eddie) are currently residing, is the office. So I guess we'll go with plot convenience!
  3. But still, wouldn't that house have more than just two bedrooms? It seems quite big.
  4. It was ridiculous how Bleiler's wife put it all on Monica. I'm pretty sure I recall that the whole reason he moved his family up to Portland was just to be near her to continue their five-year affair. As her attorney said he found it hard to believe Bleiler's claim that, "This 19-year-old girl forced me into a relationship and would not let me out of the relationship." I wonder if it's true about the abortion (I'm pro-choice, no judgment!) and the timing of it after she left the White House. Curious as to whether the Bleilers are still together! I think they moved away from my neighborhood due
  5. I had forgotten about Monica's local connection until now. The world's press descended upon my neighborhood--several blocks from my house--when this news broke. It doesn't paint the most flattering picture of her, however, it's not nearly as bad as how this sleazy married teacher looked! https://apnews.com/article/72f0adaa3be1565abcc8643184d830fd
  6. That's my favorite Jarmusch film! Sometime in the '90s, there was a couple here in Portland who were obviously hardcore fans of it because they opened a short-lived café called Jiffy Squid. (You might recall that an ad for a place called Jiffy Squid comes on the radio at the hotel desk.) I think it's safe to assume that there were very, very few of us who knew the origin of that name!
  7. Nope, you're not alone. I sit at a desk all day, how dirty am I going to get? It just seems like a wasteful use of water. Unless I've come back from hiking or it's really hot out and the humidity makes me sweat, I don't feel the need. Granted, maybe that's why I'm still single, hahaha. I use antiperspirant, clean my feet daily, and have wipes in the bathroom. No flies here.
  8. Yep, that's exactly the show I was thinking of! "So we go out to the backyard..."
  9. I always hate the "So we walk into this room and we're wondering what's going to happen" right after the scene of them entering the room, generally followed by someone else saying, "And there's this thing and we're wondering, 'What IS that?'" which the viewers aren't shown until after we hear from a few more perplexed cast members. Me: "We get the point. Aim the damn camera at it already so we can all see what it is."
  10. Noooo! I hate the gory parts and avoid looking at the screen during a lot of it, like this episode when he cut off the goat's head and then all the gross stuff in the kitchen. And I adore Michael Emerson--he was my initial reason for watching the show--but I don't want those images in my head!
  11. Confused because S2 E09 dropped today and it's "U for U.F.O."
  12. Am I the only one who has read this at least three times and still doesn't understand WTF any of this means?? (Okay, Boomer...)
  13. I wondered if he had a "KEN WINS" license plate. 😏
  14. That hot mess thinks she's an upgrade from Jessica? ~snort~
  15. Guillermo is my favorite! I knew the show was coming back this month but I thought it was a few weeks away. It's still in my DVRs season passes so it was a lovely discovery to see it there and I had to immediately watch it. I've mentioned before that I've never gotten the whole vampire interest thing and don't like movies or TV shows about them--I didn't even find the movie this show is based all the engaging. So it's still surprising to me that this quickly became one of my favorite shows. I think it was the animal control episode from the first season that pushed it higher up the list of sho
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