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  1. To amuse myself, I'm gonna go with Jesse, Badger, and Skinny Pete.
  2. I had open hernia repair surgery on the 4th, came home on the 7th, and then was readmitted to the hospital on the 18th with a bad MRSA infection around the incision. I just came home yesterday, and tonight I've been catching up on the last two episodes of Love After Lockup!
  3. I'm behind on episodes so finally watched this around 10:00 last night while eating a late dinner. Of course, my first loud exclamation came during Lisa's morning-after comments: "OMG, I'm trying to eat here!" I continued making my usual loud, snarky comments for about 20 minutes...and then remembered that I'm in the hospital and, of course, my normally-closed room door was partway open. I was really embarrassed but apparently no one heard me, thankfully! (Nurse: "Are you okay? I keep hearing outbursts from your room. What are you watching?") I can't believe that I got so invested in this trash show to the point of forgetting where I am!
  4. I had hernia surgery on March 4th, at a hospital that had our state's first coronavirus case in quarantine there at the same time. I was there for three days and have had one visit since for a followup appointment. It's sure worked out time-wise for me to already have had to stay home for a few weeks for recovery. It's suddenly a different world out there! I can't find specifics for my situation. I have only left the house for a total of two hours since coming home on March 7th. I have things delivered but there's no direct contact with delivery people. Since I live alone and am currently not having daily contact outside my apartment, do I still need to wash my hands all the time and not touch my face? Or sanitize things in my apartment, which is already clean overall? The home health nurse is the only person who comes inside. I actually was recently in Italy--I live in the U.S.--but that was back in mid-January so I've been cleared by medical staff as being well past the incubation period.
  5. I think her mom looks so much like Nicole's mom, Robbalee.
  6. Randall said the dioramas were the reason he wanted to go to the museum so the time allowance works in that instance. I remember the first time I saw dioramas was in the Royal BC Museum during a trip to Victoria, BC, and thinking those were so cool (and I was in my late 20s) and that was the main thing I then wanted to see at the Natural History Museum when I went to New York in 2000.
  7. I think they didn't show the FAO Schwartz trip because displays would have to be set up with toys from that era, and it wasn't worth it for what would probably be just 30 seconds or less of that scene. The museum and hotel interiors are rather timeless and it would take just a tweak to fix any small details that were decade-specific. I would have liked to see it because TOYS!
  8. Yes, the parents of The Bachelor/ette are flown in, at least as long as I can remember. The Webers obviously would have no problem getting upgrades to first class due to Peter Sr. being a pilot. But even I would have told the producers that my ass is not getting on a 24+ hour flight unless it's in first class. It would be a real shame if they did not have the footage of meeting the parents and the anguished conversations with their son/daughter about howwww torn he/she is, so cough it up! 😼
  9. I just learned about all that racist crap when I went to look at the company's Facebook page. Here I've been completely oblivious to it and was just annoyed by the name. I'm become more aware of what white privilege means and that even though I think I'm anti-racist, there are so many everyday situations that benefit me that I am completely unaware of (if I were also a middle/upper class Christian male, those would be even more plentiful). It doesn't take a fucking thing away from us for black girls to succeed. And I wouldn't care if it did.
  10. I'm not understanding why the woman in the Target commercial chose to call her product line The Honey Pot. The first thing I think of when I hear that term is that's what an espionage trap to get information out of someone through sex is called! Perhaps I'm in the minority of knowing about that negative connotation but there had to be at least a couple of people in her life who knew and would have brought it up. "Have you thought about calling it The Honey Jar?" The ad just squicks me out every time she says it.
  11. Okay, so can we I kiss your mutt and make up?
  12. You said you are very thankful for your conventional parents, and I was mentioning that even unconventional parents are not the complete nightmare that Barbara is. That level of instability is scary!
  13. My mom wasn't conventional but even though she was very much part of the counter-culture movement, she knew she was a parent and not my friend, Morals and ethics were among the most important things she wanted me to have, and there were always clear, age-appropriate boundaries (like not wearing even a little makeup until I was 15, and I also couldn't go on dates where it was just the guy and me until I was 16). She was pretty strict. The only mention of my sex life that ever occurred was about 20 years ago when she mentioned how I had always made great choices in boyfriends, except for Tommy, who was this loser, Billy Idol-wanna be, poseur punk rocker I was involved with at 19. Without going into details I alluded to him being good in bed, and she said, "NOW, I know why you were with him!" If Peter and Maddie end up together, it is going to be AWKWARD when his parents meet her parents. I would be absolutely livid about how my daughter was denigrated for daring to do what is best for her, and the backasswards lens their "culture" views her through. "I'm sorry your son is such a skank."
  14. I just recalled that in my early 20s and was still living at home, my single mother was all right with me having someone I was dating spend the night. I don't recall her ever having men over, though, as she felt it was best to keep that part of her life private and not subject me to strange men in the house. HOWEVER, I cannot imagine her ever sitting down and chatting with someone, and she never asked me for a single detail about my sex life!
  15. "How many times did you do it last night? On a scale of one eight to 10, how do you rate him as a lover? You'd better be on birth control because NO one tells my boys they have to wear condoms if they don't want to."
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