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  1. I always got the sense that Aladin really did love Laura and he said as much in an IG video after they'd broken up. He said that she had lied about her age and her photos were altered to make her look a little younger and not as overweight. However, he said that by the time he met her he had already fallen in love with her and those things didn't matter as much at that point. She had already gone over there and spent time with him before she returned a second time to marry him. Also, he did not seem at all interested in moving to the U.S. It seems like it's automatically assumed that everyone would/should want to move here if they marry an American but that's not always the case. In fact, if I met a man from the U.K. he'd be in for a surprise if he was hoping for a green card because I'm a major Anglophile and would love to move over there permanently!
  2. I've always coveted long hair. I have to keep mine shoulder-length because it's thin.
  3. I'm only in my 50s but I often grouse about noisy leaf blowers by muttering, "A rake and push broom were good enough in my day!"
  4. The bus destination display I saw was for "Stanton."
  5. It's okay, I did use that term but the picture I had in my head was of the outside area with the dirt and all the junk piled up. The living areas did appear clean. I forgot to mention that even someone like me who is not really a kid person thinks that it's Ed's loss because Prince is so adorable in the video!
  6. In a slight defense of Ed--god help me--for decades we had a huge department store called Meier & Frank. It's probably been about 20 years since it was purchased by the May Co. and became a Macy's. I still forget at times and call it by its old name!
  7. The shade was mild. Looking at her house through my spoiled U.S. eyes I just see extreme squalor. Yet, she's as proud as anyone doing an Architectural Digest tour of their home. She's so happy and pleased with her surroundings, so I have an even clearer understanding now of how Ed's reactions must have stung. I admit that I would feel just as uncomfortable as Ed but I wouldn't look down on her like he did. It's difficult not to sound like I'm being condescending in an "oh, look, the poor girl is so proud, bless her heart." Why shouldn't she? If my privileged ass was giving a tour of the cheap but nice two-bedroom, two-floor townhouse that I rent and live in alone, I'd be making excuses about stupid shit like the old kitchen cabinets. My place is like a freakin' mansion in comparison and even the trailer houses I grew up in were well-kept by my mom, but I rarely ever stop to appreciate the standard of living I have simply because I happened to be born in this country.
  8. Deavan's mother's social media is a mess of conspiracy theories and anti-vax rants. She claims her lineage has 2,000 years of royalty and that she also has family from the Salem witch trials. "I am weary of the struggle when those who should stand with me refuse the call. I do this for you and you call me crazy, but I am the thin blue line trying to defend YOUR kids from the government/Illuminati/Village People. You do not defend MY rights to not get my kids vaccinated, while still I fight for you. It tires me and I am disheartened. But yet I will continue to stand for you, whether you laugh or mock or ignore, because though I have my doubts I am still a Christ-like martyr figure. “ Okay, then...
  9. Back in 1988 I received an associates in Journalism, which I joke about as the reason why I've been doing accounts payable for over two decades, because I never did anything further than writing for a local music magazine in exchange for concert tickets and free CDs, and doing free PR for a few small local bands in the 1990s. Several years later, I got a six-month temp job in the editorial department of our state's newspaper as an admin. assistant, although because of my degree they also ended up letting me write a lot of the little headings for the letters from readers. I genuinely enjoyed doing it even though it obviously didn't count as a byline! Anyway, I was visiting a friend one day and another friend of hers was there, too. After I told friend of friend where I was temping, she said that she should apply there as a writer because "I write lots of letters." As in writing to friends and family. At which point I should have slapped myself on the forehead and said, "You mean I got a degree for nothing?!" However, I didn't want to be rude.
  10. But at least there's no question that HE is a doctor! I wonder if the Corner Clinic has any male nurses? That would have been awesomely confusing to Asuelu.
  11. When I meet someone's dog I like to sit down so I'm at their level and sometimes I'll do that move by leaning forward and slapping my hands on the floor. Nine times out of 10 the dog will bark and get excited. I didn't even know until a couple of years ago that it's called The Bow and it's a signal that a dog wants to play. So no wonder it makes them happy to have a human speaking their language! I have to for myself! I have slight rosacea, pallid skin, and very dark circles under and around my eyes that make them look sunken. I look ill and/or like I haven't slept for days, and I do not want people to see me like that. I've done the before and after pictures with makeup and friends are shocked at the difference. I don't feel confident or comfortable going anywhere without, at the very least, concealer and foundation, but that's not enough for photos (or if I was ever on video). I looked really washed out otherwise.
  12. My mom was with her partner for 25 years and when they retired from nursing about 15 years later, her partner also had a pension and wasn't reliant on just social security. Although they maintained separate bank accounts they always split expenses equally, although my mom was a bit too obsessive about it: "Your half is $3.08"! When her partner died in February 2014, gay marriage wasn't legal yet even though we live in a progressive state. So then my mom only had one income, although luckily they owed nothing on their five acres or the house they built (my mom always saved up to pay for everything in cash, even when buying the land or purchasing cars, although her partner died before being able to pay off her half of the $14,000 for the car Mom had gotten a few months before that). My mom's social security payments were a lot lower than her partner's (at the time she died last year, she was only receiving $1,050) and because of the ban on gay marriage ban she also couldn't receive the pension money. It's so frustrating and sad that less than six months after her partner died, our state legalized gay marriage!
  13. When I first looked at the boat picture I thought for a few seconds that it was Stephanie from 90 Day Finance! Okay, can't believe I'm saying something nice about Raven but in the picture above I really like her lipstick and want to know what brand/color it is.
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