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  1. Does anyone think either of them are keeping up with the mortgage payments? Utilities? I mean, are David and Maryssa still living there? I can’t imagine Janelle making the payments if she isn’t living there. Countdown to foreclosure...!!!!
  2. You don’t have to choose! They’re both equally obnoxious!
  3. What’s his genre / music style? Anyone know?
  4. Have y’all seen that movie “The Proposal,” and the scene with Betty White and Sandra Bullock’s characters chanting “to the windows to the walls....” and dancing in a circle? Because that’s what I’m picturing Leah and her cult doing. 🤣.
  5. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Home Alone, but all I can think of is Kevin looking at Buzz girlfriends pic. WOOF! Also, I think that dude she is supposedly hanging with is also WOOF. Like total EWWWW. He looks sweaty and smelly. Last but not least, and I don’t know how to say this correctly, but why do all these African American girls want their pic with Janelle?????? She’s a racist. So is her husband.
  6. Sometimes the truth hurts and Vivi > Lux. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. And all his fans left after halftime. I’m not going lie, I’ve left a Tigers game early. But still that was a sad state of affairs all those empty red seats for the better part of the 2nd half. I was so hoping for a Clemsux loss. I am so over Dabo and his whining. I’ve never liked him, but man this week has been sickening. To me, his face is just so punchable. Last but not least, the only TV coverage of Satan today was his AFLAC commercial. Hi Satan, bye Satan! 🤣
  8. You bring up a great point. If I had to guess it has to do with the pills. I honestly always thought Dawn was partaking, too. Maybe not to addict level, but dependent level. This is based on nothing other than my own opinion. My other theory goes back to the revelation that Leah’s never seen bio dad was supposedly living in her basement for a season. Either way, something totally did happen since the MONKEY days.
  9. On #1, I was thinking the same thing. Is that not doxxing? Or at the very least cyber bullying? That girl ought to take out a PFA against Kail. #2 - what you said 1000%. Kail is an ignorant asshole. #3 - only the cute kids were invited, sorry Lux. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Money and attention. 😉. This is a story about Leah’s life and she has to publish her 2 cents worth to make it about her and get a paycheck in the process.
  11. I would rather work in my 30’s and retire early than quit and try to re-enter the workforce down the road if he needs to. But maybe he doesn’t need to work. Who knows. I just feel like if they didn’t feel a bit of shame about his quitting, she would be rejoicing Coley is now a stay at home dad. They’re whole mantra was him as this hard working average Joe humble country boy provider. So much for him “not liking the cameras.” They’re a bunch of frauds if they claim otherwise. Their claims that they would walk away no questions asked if Aubree didn’t want to film is also a load of BS. This is their only stream of income now. They are 100% dependent on Teen Mom now.
  12. I get where you are coming from, but if Kail was actually sincere and her motive was altruistic she would talk to her “BFF” privately about her concerns. Not publish her opinions for money. Kail isn’t one to spout opinions on cults, she is a sheeple herself with this anti vaxx bullshit. But yah, I guess for Kail this is as close to “feelings,” we will ever see lol.
  13. I had a dream overnight that I was attending the SEC championship and when we got there it was announced that UGA had backed out of the game and was being replaced by Vanderbilt. I’m still sitting here chuckling to myself. Silly. In other news, Lane Kiffin to Ole Miss? Should be a fun time. Can’t stand the guy, but it’s gonna be entertaining anyway. Can you imagine if he manages to beat Satan? 🤯🤣
  14. You weren’t the only one. I actually really enjoyed that show.
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