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  1. Yes, she sure did dismiss Stassi. I was really disappointed in Ms. “I am the devil” Stassi. I think she was really drunk at that point so she couldn’t gather herself for a good clap back. Old school Stassi would have tore her up. I hope it’s coming....
  2. It’s creepy AF. Especially coming from them and what we know about them. They think they are so quippy, but they are not. Why are they on vacation at the beach? People like this piss me off. STAY HOME so I can stop staying home. She looks awful. I love it.
  3. I ain’t April foolin! Premiere is tomorrow night! Once my soaps run out I’m gonna be in a bad way. That’s my daily mind candy. I’d rather run out of TP than TV at this point.....ok maybe not. But it would be a Sophie’s Choice situation.
  4. It’s like Christmas Eve! Can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m running out of things to watch now that all I’m doing is watching TV (more than usual).
  5. It’s cute! But not really all that impressive (or expensive). Lisa could have at least sprung for it to be monogrammed to make it more special. Sorry, I’m not impressed. Jax probably wasn’t either once he saw the retail value 🤣.
  6. I wonder what Hollywood circle Rand runs with? I’m guessing none of the good ones.
  7. Remember, though, they were all high and drunk out of their minds. And we aren’t dealing with the brightest bunch to begin with (minus Ariana because as you know she has the highest IQ). I agree those cops were cheesy AF, but after a long day of partying I might have been fooled, too!
  8. My impression about production supposedly telling Tom and Ariana not to get furnitures was a continuity issue. Their house wasn’t furnished yet when filming started so if they all the sudden had a furnished house at some point, it would be obvious how they edit certain things. Lala can shut up and go away. So rude and I’m sorry but if Rand is some hot shot producer you would think he would like a lady that is calm and represents him well in public. She’s an embarrassment and just because you BJ for a PJ does not make you the queen. Get on your knees bitch! I’m also convinced she may not be drinking but she certainly seemed to be on something when she went on her tirade. Which brings me to my next point. Rand and Jax are always coked up. They both had knowledge of the police prank, but for all the other people at that after party who didn’t know the cops were fake, I have to think a good many of them were shitting their pants for fear of getting busted for possession. I think there was a fair share of party favors present at that house party. Rand is a lame try hard. Gawd he is a dork. I don’t like him, I don’t find him endearing. I find him annoying and a show boat. When are they going to throw the Fofty stuff in their face? Soon???? I hope. Tom Sandy is wearing two belts. That is all.
  9. Pretty sure it was the back half of a dead rat.
  10. I don’t know if this has ever been mentioned before but now that I’m watching every day (WFH), I am noting things I don’t usually think of or have time to comment on. So, today’s random observation is: AH has some hairy ass arms. Yikes!
  11. I can’t get over why is he always dressed like a character from FAME (the TV show version). When he’s not Ginger, that is. I don’t know why it just drives me crazy. Yet none of the other wacky outfits on the other characters bother me. Well, except KO’s jean jacket when he was talking to Katy in the park. Looked like he was wearing it inside out! 🤣
  12. Thank you! It is indeed such a strange time. I just got a FaceTime call from one of my dear friends who lives in another state. We are all on a group text and usually communicate daily, but rarely talk talk, so that was really nice and brightened my day. I’m thankful for that, and for the ability to be able to stay in contact with out friends and family. Gonna try to be more positive. I’ve just not struggled with these kinds of emotions in a LONG time. Things usually don’t get to me at all. I’m feeling so emotionally vulnerable lately and I don’t like it! 🤣🥰
  13. It’s weird watching now knowing what we know about Shay. I didn’t see it then, but on rewatch he is so out of it all the time. I still like him the best out of pretty much all these people, but man the writing was on the wall.
  14. Ashley, PJ, Barbara, gas station guy should have been found in the crawl space, too. All huddled up living in there. Not much else to say. I’m still mad over the dumb adoption story. What a joke. Rome and Regina are naive AF and should have been going to parenting classes and transition therapy (Eve should have, too). They could have had a written parenting plan IN PLACE, not some notarized piece of paper that was executed under false circumstances. Fricking serves them right for what happened to them. Whoever called it with Regina crying into her baby shower gifts, here we are.
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