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  1. Isn’t do you have health insurance a questions on your tax returns even?? I swear my CPA asks me about health insurance every year. But then again, we know how these fools roll when it comes to filing taxes. 🤦🏻‍♀️ They are just so ignorant and dumb. Leah is “scared” of doctors? Did I read that correctly? Girl get you wellness exam and get a dang pap. FFS. Does she still smoke?
  2. If I am paying someone to do work I do call them that girl or guy or person or whatever. I tip generously, but if you’re cleaning my floors you are the floor person. If you are cooking for me you are my food person. Pool guy is pool guy. Passing food? Thanks for the help, help. Y’all being paid right? And going home to your own house and living independently? K then.
  3. And her 4 pregnancies. And since her kids have different dads and I guess her lack of insurance means they are on their respective dads plans, which are most likely different providers and plans, you would think she would NEED to know how insurance works to keep track of it all! She hasn’t been married for what...4 or 5 years now?? She never thought oh I better stand on my own and figure adult shit out?
  4. Just too hot for me! In the winter my furnace would never shut off if it was set to 75, and I would be sweating to death. 75 in summer does nothing for me, I can keep the windows open with the ceiling fan and attic fan and still be comfortable. It’s when it gets to the 90’s and 100’s that I cut the AC on and then it’s at 72ish. Obviously it’s all just personal preference. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. She did. During COVID. After going in on Ramona at the reunion. If I recall, it wasn’t even long after the reunion that she had it done. I think it was before the nose job.
  6. Or when Jace’s birthday cupcakes (cookies?) had Jenelle’s face on them? 😂
  7. I am, but at the same time isn’t the cover up just gonna get faded too? I’ll look in to it and will pay for quality. It’s just keeps getting pushed down the list of things lol. Because unlike these fools I have to prioritize where my money goes.
  8. Her daughter will be so proud of all this. But what does she (or 50 years old Rand) care?? Jesus help us.
  9. So I need to know is Carl a groomsman? Was this ever brought up? Hannah and Paige seem to think it’s a hot commodity!!! And Ciara seems to think sitting on a floor in the basement eating pizza is the group to align with 😂😳🤮. Like come on now. That’s 8th grade me being all sad like.
  10. And that’s sad that a woman of 70 years has to settle for her high school flame that is a complete loser. She has a job, we have seen that. And she seems to be smart and independent. I don’t know why anyone would put up with his deadbeat succubus children and grandchildren. Is the sex with Dan Connor that great??? 😂😂😂
  11. All her “presents” to her kids look so half assed. Like what the duck is this? A bunch of Walmart shit crammed into a bag from the dollar bin? Is this pic in the corner of her laundry room? Why aren’t the gifts in packaging / boxing?????
  12. I’m a do a total flip flop this week! I loved Jackie’s grey one shoulder sweater!! And I need Marge’s ice coffee recipe. Tre looked like she was a pilgrim. It was not great. But it was nice for her to have a time without Melissa for once. I love sweeping my garage just like Tre. But I would have knocked Joe out upside the head for talking shit on Juicy. Like he’s a better dad??? Please.
  13. In honor of Ms. Coco the senior queen bee, I bought and just assembled some steps for my precious Baby (cat) who is about to be 13. He can still jump up on my bed, but I just hate making him exert that energy.
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