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  1. Speaking of which. I need to purchase some new shaping underwear….I’ve gotten a little fluffy during the last 18 months and now I have something coming up where I need to semi dress up. Does anyone have any experience with Yummie? Is it good / bad / comfortable / flattering? Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anything NOT skinny girl, that is.
  2. I’m right there with ya. I usually didn’t ever watch “live,” anyway. So I come here and read the comments and then decide if I want to watch the episode or not. For the last 3 weeks it’s been a no from me, dawg. I just don’t need all that arguing and yelling and rage(Leah) in my life.
  3. EW! I can only imagine the cardboard like taste and texture. Let me introduce you to the Skinny Girl pizza oven.
  4. 😂😂😂. Or what my friends and I like to call the “hello and goodbye…at the same time.”
  5. That would be nice. But LIFE 👏🏼ISN’T 👏🏼A 👏🏼CABARET👏🏼
  6. Ok but there has to be more in store, right? Shannon, Gina, Emily and Heather can’t be it??? FFS NYC is in the tank with only 5, it’s unbearable!
  7. Bone, Quay, Sterling, Peach…..what the F did I just type??
  8. Carrying over from the live chat @statsgirl“would have been funnier if she was wearing it when Sonja came in the door and promptly said “I party with John-John and Madonna.” ….and then proceeded to hand Sonja a John Quincy Adams mask and powdered wig.
  9. Yes. But really….other than Jacques, who of quality has she snagged (I really liked Jacques). Courte? Reyyyyyyy? I mean I guess Johnny Depp pirate was nice to look at, but dumb as hell (and also proceeded to bang Sonja which would black list him for me). Tom other than his pied de terre, what did he bring to the table (also, Sonja black listed). Harry Dubin. See the black list. Her chosen partners don’t appear to be looking for anything more than the sexcapades. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. OMG I missed that too! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Reminds me of the trick emails we get at work from time to time. I recently had one about my Arnazon package they were desperately trying to deliver to me 😂.
  11. Destiney really has attached herself to Reza. It’s like she is afraid to let him out of her sight. She is ALWAYS there. Considering what MJ said (and she was 100% right), she is probably afraid of MJ being his #1 girl again. I’m also over her dramatics. Every scene it’s like she needs a fainting couch. And the excessive use of Farsi. It’s not natural sounding when she uses it, like I feel like it is with the others. Shams is so damn cute!
  12. At the end of the day, she was completely harmless, I would take her back over the present day additions in a heartbeat. On rewatch I was still so pissed at Kelly for telling her to stop turning red. F off Kelly. It was SO uncomfortable to watch. Cindy was a complete waste of space. I forgot how bad she was. That lunch where she couldn’t even handle ONE of her twins. I would love to see how they turned out. 🙄. I still don’t understand why neither of her parents that she was having lunch with didn’t step in and take the kid, she had to call an assistant? Like isn’t that the who
  13. And it’s still a real photo of Marge. A horrible, horrible photo.
  14. It sure does look real! She probably thought it was real, too! 😂😂😂
  15. ****OK, so I’m unable to edit my original post but now I am seeing elsewhere on the inner webs that this is fan art, NOT a legit magazine cover. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  16. WOW! Also Marge looks terrible. I don’t know if any of them had sign off on the pics used but WTF? Silver hair? 😬
  17. I really don’t understand why they got married. This has been the case since before the wedding even happened. Open relationship or not, whats’s the point of getting legally married? Neither of these two seem committed to each other AT ALL. Never have.
  18. I covet the animal print chair in Ryan and Emilia’s living room.
  19. geauxaway

    Big Shot

    I don’t have much to add, I’ll be sad when the season ends, as I really do enjoy this show so much. Has there been any word on another season? I sure hope so, as they seem to be setting up a lot of loose ends…. The continuity with the statue pointing out of the closet has me cracking up. I hope they keep it that way as long as they live in that house.
  20. I just finished this weeks episode. Garcelle’s poor ears were folded in half from the way her hair was pinned back that final night in Tahoe. It took me a minute to even figure out what was going on there and yikes it looked painful! I would have had a terrible headache before too long. 😩
  21. Ha you read my mind! “Get off my jock!” Seafood allergy seafood allergy bleeding bloody almost dying OH MY GAWD!!!!
  22. No meat on them bones. Sharks not interested.
  23. Good lort, Theo CANNOT be left unattended under ANY circumstances. What is with this kid? A couple weeks ago he set a ladder on the edge of a staircase, this week burns himself making popcorn with his mom. I swear at one point in the duration of this series he broke his arm doing something dumb, too. Oh, there was also the whole Scott the cat fiasco blah blah blah. This kid is a mess! I’m shocked that Maggie was my favorite character this year. I could not stand her in the past. I was relieved that Tyrrell was wrong about the EMT guy because I just could not take one
  24. I still think they are over reacting, but I’m not there so who knows. Richa and her mom have their own agenda, so I don’t take anything they say at face value. They have wanted to paint him a certain way from the get go, and to me they have their own boat load of issues themselves. Neither appear to be likable. As for calling him a freeloader….??? Da fuq? And what exactly is her precious son Dillon, then? 😂
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