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  1. Her arm and hand look ginormous! WTH?! GO HOME AND BE A MOM TO YOUR KIDS, LEAH. I swear if she even tries to criticize Corey and Miranda’s parenting this next time around....SMH.
  2. I keep forgetting that TMOG was once cancelled. Why did they ever bring it back?
  3. Not ones with jobs! Well, except for Sundays lol. I’m about to lay down here shortly. 🤣
  4. I still don’t understand why someone would choose Caitlyn as their makeup model. She has ZERO striking features, her face is a tiny squished up piglet face. Wouldn’t you want your “canvas” to be flattering? Also, the “audience” was 20 people???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. geauxaway


    Whatever it is, it will need to be unscripted. We all know she won’t be able to read lines.
  6. If I was Kail I’d never let Lux be photographed in the same pic as Vivi. EVER. That little girl is precious AF!
  7. I truly do wonder what Cole’s parents and family think of his new lifestyle. I mean, it’s pretty clear (to me, at least), that he doesn’t really have any friends anymore. Also, please stop acting like you are relatable as a “tired parent.” You literally sit around your house all day taking glamour shots and making IG videos.
  8. You mean the 5 Tierra Reign logo T’s that I can make on my Cricut? 🤣
  9. Oh I forgot about the blue pants! If you can’t wear shiny blue pants to go out clubbing at the shore, where can you? They were something....that’s for sure.
  10. Happy Hearts Day y’all! As of yesterday I’m looking at a 5 day weekend, and my momma is here to visit. Which is always the best thing ever, until she woke up this morning with a fever and is asking me to take her to urgent care once the bus comes to take the little man off to school. UGH! I had all this food prepped and cooked for today / tonight / etc. it is what it is, I hope she is going to be OK and that we aren’t infected 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. The kiddo made out his Valentine’s last night which was a fun time (not! 🤣. He hates writing and still doesn’t read fluently, so it’s like torture). But he persevered and here we are. I’m so sad it’s his last little ❣️❣️❣️ party. I’m really gonna miss elementary school next year. 😫😫😫. Stay warm y’all! Spring is in site!
  11. My Coach O is throwing out the first pitch at the Box! That should be a fun time. I was really hoping he would be rolling with our krewe this weekend, but hey ya!
  12. I also thought Jennifer’s dress and jewelry she wore to her brother’s show were on point. Like total envy! I would totally wear that assemble out if I ever had somewhere fancy to go. Hmmmm... nephew is turning 21 in November. We usually do Vegas for the kiddos when they hit 21. Me running to worn on TV. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Yah, that’s the least of me gripes with Bethany. I have my monogram and initials all over my house, and my apparel and my sons apparel / belongings. I put my shit on EVERYTHING. It’s actually a rite of passage in a sense. I got my son his first Coach product with his monogram as a baptism gift. EVERYTHING we own has our monogram or first initial on it.
  14. geauxaway


    I need that guy with the thing that says convince me “Sofia isn’t one of them caged up kids.” Let’s be real here, she is basically a kid kept in a cage. And I am a mom of an ID kiddo, so I know the struggle. Too bad Sofia doesn’t have a mom to advocate for her.
  15. Just watched. The Prom? I thought it was beautiful and on par. FFS, we had a parade basically and that was tradition for my town, like even from my ma’s days. It was the the first time I got my nails did, my hair did, and got to go tanning for weeks before. We went to the florist to get the corsage and boutonnière. All the families including our neighbors and my dates families came over and took a shit ton of photos. Then follows us all around. But, we only had a senior prom. So if ur not a senior you don’t go. No 15 year olds! Frankie is a family friend, it’s like taking your cousin to prom. He’s not creepy and I’m willing to bet he still has close friends at the school where they went to the prom at. If the families all grew up together it’s not weird.
  16. That’s a BOOM BOD???? Oh lord have mercy. I have all that extra without having to drink some nasty ass drank. She is so dumb and I’m pretty sure she knows it. What about the #FARMSTEAD LIFE???
  17. Just wait until tomorrow. I’m sure they will be in full perfect schmooopy force. LMAO! And I’m a big lover of Valentine’s Day. 🤣🥰
  18. Yep, but let’s be real. That’s like a majority of the population out there. I’d like to think most dads are good dads. So why are they paid like it’s some big feat? And then you have kids like mine who have no dad. So is he (my son) inferior to an Aubree who has BEST DAD IN THE WORLD Cole? Do I (at 42 years old) need to be all worried about finding some man who will show my son what a “real dad” should be like? Spare me.
  19. That’s awesome sauce!!!! Go you and her!!!!
  20. Well, to be honest, we are cold AF here. School was called of again today for the temps. My mom is in town and I’m on a 5 day weekend, so I’m very happy! Finished making Valentine’s for kiddos class, which is always a battle because he hates writing and still doesn’t read fluently. Bittersweet tho, because 5th grade is the last year of super cute fun times. Gonna go get my hair done tomorrow morning, get a mani / pedi with me mum, and then take her out to lunch. She is not a TV person, per se, but since I was home today I did my usual “live” daytime TV of TPIR, YnR, DOOL, and GH. Then was catching up on NJ housewives and VPR (which she kind of followed along with because she came and stayed with lil guy when I went out to LA last fall and went to Tom Tom and SUR). It’s funny watching someone watch these shows you are used to but they are not. The only judgment she had was to ask me please don’t ever plump your lips....I can’t make any promises sorry ma.
  21. WTF is up with the daily photo shoots? Chelsea, you need to iron or steam that blouse. Nice crease marks 🙄
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