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  1. I know it’s a UO around these parts, but I think Chance is sooo hot. And no, it’s not just because I’ve been in isolation for so long 🤣.
  2. Renewed and refreshed? You mean rehab? Cause that’s how I’m reading it!
  3. Fair enough. I’m just seeing things broadly, and it’s just something that crossed my mind while laying in bed watching old eps of LB. I don’t watch TM anymore because I can’t deal with these girls who continuously breed and live the high life while damaging their kids. Needless to say, I should probably get off from posting on here and focus on my job LOL. 🤣😉. Happy FriYAY YALL!!!
  4. I don’t have much else to say about the episode, but I usually FF thru the opening credits and for some reason I watched them this time. Robyn “I live with a house full of ballers, but I never get played.” You sure about that? I had to side eye that one big time. She is such a door mat.
  5. geauxaway

    NFL Thread

    But it’s still not an accurate or fair portrayal of our city and our citizens. And no one else’s fan base will get judged on this because there are no fans at any other games this weekend. I am proud to live here and I am beyond content to raise my child here. Don’t shame an entire city / metro area on some ignorant assholes who got a moment on TV ( and were probably enhanced due to mikes and whatnot). Don’t call us all classless assholes who need to fuck off. Because there’s plenty of good here. ✌🏼
  6. OMG. And Mrs. Olsen was totally the Kris Jenner of her day 🤣🤣🤣
  7. of course, but they all have taken part of a reality show and some were able to move on in life and these girls clearly are not capable of that. And there is plenty of LB kids who struggled with addictions and whatnot and have still come out the other side and not banked their entire existence in reality TV (except maybe Heidi and Spencer). These girls on TM are all 100% dependent on this show continuing. None of them have prepared themselves for the real world, and in turn are not preparing their kids (see Isaac who thinks is “boring” or whatever that his dad goes to work). Again, just an observation from someone viewing 2 separate reality shows about teens who are now adults
  8. Why? She’s never tried to work. She slaps her name on shit. Yay. She thinks she still a Morgan she really was married to him for long enough to get a spawn and a crumbling townhouse. I’ll be sorry for her when she works 12 hours a day and keeps her own house and kitchen and child like I do. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. ok. I have not watched this show in years but I read y’all comments. In the meantime I have been watching Laguna Beach from the start (again). The LB “kids” graduated in 2004-2005. So not toooo much before these jack holes. But OMG. The difference between these TM divas and the Laguna / Hills girls is like WOW. The LB girls for the most part have made a life for themselves and have matured and moved on. Like take a note.
  10. She would also need to be pretty and likeable
  11. geauxaway

    NFL Thread

    You still think Mahomes gives a shit about MPLS?? 🤣🤣🤣. He’s now invested in the Royals and in our community here. 🤘🏼
  12. Oh yay. They’ll be back right before the election. 🤮 I’m still pissed they got renewed and Single Parents didn’t
  13. Hayyyy all you cool cats!!! I’m laughing at the debacle that is the B1G. FFS.
  14. geauxaway

    NFL Thread

    All night all I could see was Cris and Al, looking like they were < 6 ft apart and I’m like did y’all Q together or what??? I think I’ve been watching too much Love Island
  15. Oh so Grandma Donna isn’t Emily Gilmore? You don’t say! Chelsea and COLE are trying to have a paycheck for a household of 6.
  16. And it’s honestly not gonna get any better for her. I need some minor dental work done and I am not wanting to pay for it right now. I can put it off 2 years and pay for bit in full, it’s not essential but preventative. She’s gross. And poor. Even state care ain’t gonna cover that for her kids. (I know. My kid is on state care and it’s not great and I’m treated like trash wherever we go).
  17. Certainly looks like she is missing a few. Which is not surprising based on her lifestyle. And dental work is fricking expensive, so I’m guessing she can’t afford to get replacements. I wonder if her kids are on state care yet.
  18. Oh how sweet. They can share baby bottles and calling Rand “daddy.” 🤮 This girl is in now way equipped to mother a child. Is she going to remind it of “its place” when it cries or acts up or pukes on one of her Gucci outfits?
  19. Did the undertaker say to Rip “I never thought I would have to do this for you again?” As in, he’s dug her up for him before? Or did I totally hear that / interpret it wrong? Either way, why would you want a ring from such a horrible marriage? Yuck. Why was Angela talking so slow when she addressed the group in Jamie’s office? It was like she was sedated. But maybe she just can’t mover her mouth at a normal face because of her lips. I can’t take her seriously because of the way she speaks and has he eyes half closed. She has weird movements, too. I can’t explain it, but she’s just extra.
  20. How long does the kid’s hair have to be to say “enough,” though??? The before pic is longer than most little girls I know. Is she gonna Crystal Gayle the poor child? It’s just dumb.
  21. She very well might could be! She’s “29.” I think the next oldest is 27? And I don’t think I fully believe she is 29.....
  22. Why aren’t they in the pool 24/7. It amazes me! I’d seriously be floating all day long! I’d like to cast my vote for who I think Moira reminds me of. First episode to me she resembled Steffy Graf. Then when she got glammed up, I thought Giselle Bundchen. Also, does she have the same dress in every color? The one that’s all strapped across the sides and back. I swear she was wearing it in hot pink one night and then lavender. And it’s not even that cute of a dress.
  23. She’s been in need of counseling since she was 16. She’s never gonna get it. She thinks she is perfect.
  24. I’m just now watching this episode and reading the forum. Thank you for your kind thoughts! I’m based in the Midwest currently, but my people down in LA made it through safely (thank you, Jesus). Said she was a big and scary (and loud) one, but no damage and didn’t lose power or anything. Ay yi yi! Y’all make it through OK? As for the episode, I cannot with Leah. But that’s nothing new. At this point, I can’t even stand to listen to her talk. She claims she is a smart cookie, but she sounds so dumb. I need to know how this online only T-shirt company affords her a NYC apartment and lifestyle.
  25. Flannels and baby bags ain’t gonna feed a family of 6 forever. Not to mention their heat bill in their fancy new house. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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