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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Heather was very rude in the Berkshire's dinner, contributing to an uncomfortable environment for all, and she took over like if she was the host, ignoring John and Dorinda's efforts as if they were somehow inadequate, and then was no apology or anything.
  2. Prank clip: great! More of that, Bravo! Other preview clip: I generally like Sonja, but she IS deluuuuusional if she thinks she has been all peace, love and abundance candles towards the other ladies. She hasn't been very nice to Luann and Heather, in particular. I also didn't think it was a nice gesture to rub up on Dorinda's BF. What about the total bitch move of having the ladies wait outside, in the rain, next to a busy garage, and across from a noisy construction site? What about the molesting of the other women every time she gets wasted? That gets old, fast! Then there is Ramona, he
  3. Oh, The Bordello is number three after Graceland and Casa de Zarin. Their decor was just so edgy I cut myself watching.
  4. Oakville: Ramona's attacks against the Countess were outrageous. Why would she accuse her of sleeping around while she was married to the count. Rumor has it... Kelli seems to be more normal. Give it time. I am surprised she would pose for Playboy ? Very surprising considering how "shy" she is. Also, because in bikini pics it looks like she might have the wrong kind of plumbing for Playboy. Poor Alex between stuck between attending parties at Ramona's & Jill's in the Hamptons. I think Simon and Alex enjoyed being torn between attending the two parties so much
  5. I would agree completely if these two events were happening simultaneously, but we know that the footage we are now seeing on ROHNY was filmed months earlier. I guess I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, because I would hope for her sake and Bryn's that she is not the emotional wreck she was while filming. Situations can change. And add me to the list of viewers who is done with the tears.
  6. If we are to judge by her tweets, then we have to go back and make sure she was posting pictures of herself sobbing during the filming of the show. If she wasn't, then she very well could be sobbing to Carol while still managing to tweet pleasant pictures of herself on the trip. Also, in a ship with 100 guests and 75 crew members, it is very easy to have walls up and basically become wallpaper if that is where she still is emotionally. Much different than going on a trip with a group of women with whom you've had "fires" to put out already.
  7. While any ship with a "hugh heffner" anything would be a ship of douches, the article also mentioned two other men after the emphasis on the "hot" ladies. We don't know if there were more in that 100 person guest list. Also, through the years we have seen Beth network like no other housewife. This could very well be a mission to find the next Skinny Girl partner.
  8. Actually, I think it was just Carol doing the braiding (to try and get Bethenny to unwind, of course!), because if I remember correctly from last season, Carol's "South Florida" is bald.
  9. Jill let Brad loose because she has the same taste. Remember the "Cher" jacket from season one? I gotta admit, I loved Jill's apartment redo story line. Not that I love the tacky and would want my place decorated like that, but I love that RHONY (and Jill) used to give us that kind of material to snark about. Not since my visit to Graceland (pool room, anyone?) had I seen such an amazing display of bad taste. And the layers upon layers of decorations... Liberace La Cucarachi, indeed!
  10. I’m kinda jealous of you right now. Though I can enjoy past seasons of RHONY at any time since I own them (well, except 4), it would be nice to be a RHONY viewing virgin again, especially for seasons 1-3. Those were the days!! I feel like I mostly watch out of habit now.
  11. Yeah, because, even if it's your ass, "it's always nice to be photographed!" I wonder if her ass was doing a Johan face for the camera.
  12. They were ridiculous in the most awesome way! Remember when they made eye contact with a few people at The Met? heeeee!!! Oh, the memories make me giddy! Leemonodd, si vous play!
  13. Now that you mention it, yep! But it makes sense, really. When I think of Claire's, I think of teenage girls, and when I think of Carol, I think she thinks she's a teen girl.
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