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  1. I'm not trying to prop up any dead horses and get this merry-go-round going again, but I was thinking about the posts which mentioned all the members of the crew who would be at the house and would be able to deter any possible threats. Examples of crimes committed on other reality shows aside, why would we believe they would stop anything from happening if on this very show they never felt the need to protect the women from the sun-dried raisin named George and his molesting hands? In fact, to Andy the raisin's behavior was just LOL funny!
  2. I agree. Reality show vet that she is, she realized Heather's reaction to the naked man, whether amped up for show or not, was definitely going to make it's way onto our screens and she decided to piggy back off Heather to try and secure her apple. Where else if she going to find a job in which she gets paid to go on trips and get laid by pirates and Scots.
  3. Now that you mention it, Simon did have a freckle or two. You wouldn't happen to have your bangs wrapped around a big curler, by any chance?
  4. Does it scare you? It scares me! I wish someone would have told us! What if he was reading our posts while we were asleep!?!?
  5. Perhaps it depends on what her definition of sexual relations is.
  6. LOL This is Ramona we are talking about. It was definitely trying to make a run for it! Had we been talking about Sonja, then I would say it fell out during one of her gassy moments and was trying to crawl back in. Thanks to our #1 Heather fan, ryebrizzle, for this mini recap from WWHL. I didn’t take the "anyone" part literally because that would also imply Luann would do women and children, and I don't remember ever seeing Luann show any sexual interest in women and children. If I have to exclude a good chunk of the population immediately, then I see it as an exaggeration from a housewife, which happens often, and not "Luann is always game to every single person in the world and shame on her." Or anything negative. The assumption that a statement like "Luann will do it with anyone" is meant to shame seems quite sexist to me. If that was said about a man, would there really be any outrage about it? Not only does it imply that women doing it with anyone is wrong, but it also implies women are automatically judgmental about the sex lives of other women.
  7. I just don't assume I know how Carol feels about sleeping with anyone just because she said Luann sleeps with anyone. Had she said, Luann will sleep with anyone and should be ashamed or that is just wrong, filthy, nasty, trashy, etc., then yes, that would be slut-shamming to me. Perhaps I missed something, but I don't remember her saying that. As far as my own opinion, I'll never change my mind that if she knew he was married beforehand, then she should be ashamed. Otherwise, fuck anyone you want, Countess, just stop acting like it is a big deal if people find out.
  8. With the game that woman has, it could totally be a how-to reference guide type of cartoon. The Joy of Sex Countess style. And even though my lady bits aren't outgoing enough to handle the amount of socializing the Countess does, I would watch and take detailed notes, because there would be A LOT to learn. Oh, the bug in her crotch was classic! Interesting also, because I always thought she had a bug up her ass!
  9. I've always enjoyed Ramona, too, though I'm sure if I knew her in real life I'd be telling her to fuck off all the time. Ramona's grubby little finger prints are all over a good chunk of what we snark about. And not only does her derriay look awesome for her chronicle age, but she is the gift that keeps on giving and stirring.
  10. It still is not slut-shaming, in my opinion. I didn't take it as something to be taken literally, either, as I don't believe Carol herself thinks Luann would do ANYONE, including under aged boys. However, Luann has shown herself to not be very picky about her penises and that is how I took Carol’s statement. It wasn't just a ONS, it was two in four days, with men she had just met, and she didn't care that one was married. This doesn't include whatever Carol has seen through the years off-camera. Luann does love her men, after all. If Luann feels slut-shamed by anything this episode and on WWHL, then she is projecting, in my opinion.
  11. Woah! The world has gone mad! As one of the few who were critical of Carol and Heather back when it was like, uncool, I'm freaking the hell out to find myself agreeing with some of the very posters who lobbed snotty remarks my way last year. How'd that happen? It doesn't change my opinion that Heather and Carol can also be quite the hypocrites (calling someone an alcoholic is unacceptable, but saying someone has Munchausen seems to be A-OK), but you just don't take risks that can endanger OTHER people. Don't care if there were exaggerations about where he was or how naked he was. He was there. Unattended. Heather and Carole were asleep. Ramona has once again proven herself to be a self-centered ass. Only possible explanation for her smelling of roses when she is up to her neck in shit is that she must have some serious dirt on the devil himself (caught him doing a good deed, perhaps?). Maybe Heather brought the drama, but so did Luann. It's what they do on this show, and I've looked for the slut-shaming in this episode, but don't see it. How is it slut-shaming to highlight just how little was known about the man when you are explaining why you were scared? If fucking random guys is nothing to be ashamed about, then not knowing their names is certainly nothing to be ashamed about. As for WWHL, I don't see any slut-shaming there, either. If you sleep with a man you've just met a day or two after sleeping with another man you had just met, it seems to me you pretty much sleep with anyone. Then, if you find out the second one was married and you just shrug it off, it really seems to me you pretty much sleep with anyone. And lastly, if you knew the second one was married and yet you fucked him anyway, not only do you pretty much sleep with anyone, but you'e also a slut who has a lot to be ashamed about. So, imo, Carol was just stating her opinion based on what she has seen: Luann will do anyone. For those of us who've followed this show from the start, we've heard the rumors and seen the gossip rag articles talking about how the Countess, while married to the Count, enjoyed grabbing herself random handfuls of non-Count balls. She needs to be open and honest about her slutty ways. That's actually what we like about you, Lu! We all know you are quite skilled at raising things, so grab your Ho-bag flag, mount it on the pole of your choosing, raise it and pledge allegiance to it, dammit! Stop the bullshit! Lastly, it's about time, Bravo! I've soo enjoyed these last few episodes!
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Heather was very rude in the Berkshire's dinner, contributing to an uncomfortable environment for all, and she took over like if she was the host, ignoring John and Dorinda's efforts as if they were somehow inadequate, and then was no apology or anything.
  13. Prank clip: great! More of that, Bravo! Other preview clip: I generally like Sonja, but she IS deluuuuusional if she thinks she has been all peace, love and abundance candles towards the other ladies. She hasn't been very nice to Luann and Heather, in particular. I also didn't think it was a nice gesture to rub up on Dorinda's BF. What about the total bitch move of having the ladies wait outside, in the rain, next to a busy garage, and across from a noisy construction site? What about the molesting of the other women every time she gets wasted? That gets old, fast! Then there is Ramona, her sister, her BFF... She showed no concern over her problems when they got together earlier this season, and how many people thought her reaction to the fortune teller in Morocco had to do with her being the other woman? Or one of the other women? Remember the crotch to crotch picture that was floating around? Basically, Sonja, you play in the bitch mud, too! They've all been much more patient with her than she deserves, especially if they have to "babysit" her because she drinks to the point of putting herself in danger. They are actually showing they do care about her if they are making sure she gets home safely.There is no reason why they should have that burden and they certainly have every right to address it.
  14. Oh, The Bordello is number three after Graceland and Casa de Zarin. Their decor was just so edgy I cut myself watching.
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