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  1. God forbid Briana's children ever suffer from depression. My heart goes out to the Spade and Bourdain families, particularly the children. I love you.
  2. Yep. Still, that ass is way too big and gross. At least if you are going to get plastic surgery, the results should be good.
  3. The mods won't allow it. If they did, I'd vote for it. I spent way too much time looking at that ass photo. I now realize that her ass may not be photoshopped as much as her ass has dents and cellulite. There was an ass photo of her on the beach and the girl had major dents and cellulite on her cheeks and elsewhere.
  4. Just like Suzy without the alcohol...I like it a lot as a thread title. When will the poll start @druzy? WTF? Her elbow looks disjointed and her ass...LOL She is clearly photoshopping, which is her given right to do so, but it means I will snark the shit out of her, but my question is, does this mean her fake bulbous ass is BIGGER than it really is if she is editing out her ass? Gimme Florida Evans from Good Times. That woman had some junk in her trunk and it wasn't gross-looking. Does anyone remember the episode with The Wiggler? The woman who J.J. was going to make a
  5. This is very true. Chelsea has done more to protect Aubree via using the courts than Maci ever has. Honestly, I think it is just the pure contempt for Chelsea. Like her or hate her, the point is the information that is being presented are FACTS. Changing up those facts to fit an opinion doesn't hold water. It is not a matter of opinions or us giving our views. It reminds me of the topic of Leah ignoring the doctor's orders. It is not about us thinking she is harming her daughter. A doctor has stated emphatically that Leah is bringing harm to her daughter by ignoring his orders.
  6. I agree with you that we do not know why it was said to Chelsea and under what circumstances. That is a fair assessment. It sounded pretty harsh, according to Chelsea, so it does make one ponder why a woman would say such a thing to Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't have a history of lying or exaggerating so, her credibility is what makes me believe the comment was said in a somewhat harsh manner. @druzy or @Mkay did Chelsea tweet anything about it? I know she doesn't always go into much on social media about what transpired on the show, but I wonder if maybe someone asked her about Adumb's moth
  7. Epic. Could "Basic Bitch with a Starbuck Drink" be a contender for a thread title? If so, add it please @druzy. Her wardrobe is pretty basic on her. It would be pretty cute on the right person. See, that is when the person makes the clothes, not the other way around. It is just a reminder of what she has done to her body. Why didn't she just leave her body alone? She was fine before. In one way, I am glad and happy to see a young female enjoy traveling and seeing the world on her own. I wish many young people could enjoy such travels. I try and tell young girls any chance I
  8. I am confused. Is Jenelle DF #1 or is it UBT? Does he get top billing? I thought it would be Jenelle. Silly, I know. But I must know.


    Oh for fuck's sake. This girl should not be a spokesperson for anything but Budweiser, FAS, and trap babies. I like "Drinking for Two" and "St. Maci of Bud Lite".
  10. Oh wow! My entry won! I just came to this thread. Color me shocked. I want to thank the academy... Thank you everyone. He is writing that script. LOL "Wine and canvace"...Tonya, you fuckin' lush. Too drunk to spell. Yes @ginger90. Remember the episode where Leah had her birthday party and Amber used the occasion to announce her pregnancy.
  11. Too bad Kwhale didn't go to Guatemala or Hawaii recently and stand in the way of lava or pyroclastic flow.
  12. I agree. It had cows on it, correct? The colors were gorgeous, though. Why didn't she inform the designer of this platter and the need to incorporate it in her kitchen when coming up with designs and colors? Idiot. Nope. You are not alone. Agree with your post.
  13. It is the hypocrisy and the double standards as well as him not being genuine. Nathan is using camera time for his platform to put David on blast. If David had made negative comments about farmers in Kansas, you can bet Nathan would have stood on his soap box and defended farmers. His stance against gay slurs is not sincere and is filled with deceit. Why else would he then ask for an MMA challenge? How does that help the LGBTQ community? He wants it to happen so he can legally assault David.
  14. Fully agree with this and everyone else that Jenelle can't bother to be the kind of parent who has the patience to help Kaiser with potty training. Just looking at Endtable's head, we know she isn't doing anything to get that thing back into proper shape. Kaiser wearing potty-training pants speaks more about the lack of training and the fact that abuse is used on this child. I agree poor Kaiser having this photo out there might be quite embarrassing for him down the road, but with everything else that is happening to this poor child, I think it ranks low on the bar of things Kaiser will
  15. Oh my gosh, all of these pet stories have me tearing up so bad. I am sending out all my love and prayers to every single one of you. Been there with having to put a beloved pet down. We all share so much in common. So happy to know we can share our pain and happiness with one another here. @lovesnark Reading through your posts has caused me to shed a few tears and then, I read all is going well! I am truly happy for you and your family. Congratulations on the little bundle of joy. I am happy to know he is healthy. I can imagine you will be busy being a grandma. Enjoy it!
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