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  1. AMC did five years (to SORAS the kids and clear out a largely gone ABC cast) and it clicked. But I think a year would be enough.
  2. Perhaps in trying to honor Louise Sorel (a personal friend IIRC), Robin is actually changing up her performance on DAYS quite a bit and not going to 11 much as Vivian so far. I'm surprised and pleased. I've always loved Robin but I've always said she took it to the edge too often on OLTL in her stint from '03-onward, possibly out of trauma over her being ousted by JFP.
  3. DAYS is reportedly doing a This is something that was done on the Prospect Park online soaps, and something GH could heavily benefit from in terms of a clean slate. With better writing, of course. (Same goes for DAYS)
  4. I think MEK is absolutely old enough to play Jeff, lol. That said I'm not sure he'd be right for the role.
  5. Oh my God. People are psychotic. Give me a fucking break.
  6. Like when they ran her character into the ground* for like a year when they thought she would leave? (* - I found it a rare fun use of the character myself, but it was clearly designed to assassinate Sam) What exactly is bad or cryptic about the nice tweet to the departing child actor? I don't see it. She's being polite to the family of the kid who left.
  7. Yeah, I don't remember Monaco ever doing much of this sort of thing.
  8. A closer look at Billy Miller's handwritten exit letter:
  9. Scorpio taking back his spot reserved for Legends Only is far less atrocious than the time Scott came back and worked for the local government after embezzling from the city, stealing Quartermaine riches and recording a video punking everyone about it. I haven't forgotten, Scott!
  10. I can't get over the folks who think this Dev kid is Brenda's boy Alec. Yes - international celebrity and world famous supermodel philanthropist Brenda Barrett's son is a Turkish pickpocket.
  11. The PP soaps were the future, AFAIC. That was the model and platform, if not the schedule. The higher management was what failed them from above.
  12. I don't have a problem with Liz having a story grappling with maybe having a gay son (and the Spencer family heir, no less). I have a problem with it being centered around stereotypical or often offscreen behaviors we don't always see, and I have a big problem with it sometimes being filtered through Franco as a moral voice and main player. The kid is not terrible, he can do a little more. He doesn't need a coming out arc at that age but you can give him a bit of an inner life the same way Claire Labine did with kids, the way writers also did with Robin at his age, which is younger than the Labine tweens. You can get rid of Franco. You can stop talking about the scandal of it all that he bakes or likes pastels or whatever else. You can let him speak a little for himself. The Conners has handled this in a delicate way with a kid of a similar age - it's broader and has a bit of a license because it's a sitcom, but the character has his own personality and the show doesn't have a serial killer who barely knows him as a key POV character in the story. If everyone is just sitting around talking about Aiden obviously being gay because he has an easy-bake oven, that is the wrong way to do this story. I don't care who the little boy is. Because he is not getting a voice, however limited.
  13. Y&R has done that many times and has still hired many, many other soaps' unneeded stars in the last decade, lol. They won't stop now. DAYS could never pay her.
  14. I think Y&R and B&B would absolutely go after KM if she quit. That's what the soaps do now, trade baseball cards.
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