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  1. Tonja is a little nuts. I remember her ranting and raving 20 years ago about how Lindsay had to be murdered so Alex could return to the show. But I'd still be happy to hear from her, there's plenty crazier. I didn't get a single question answered but Bob Woods' gorgeous white beard is stunning and James dePaiva's crazy hair and monocle!!! are magnificent. Kassie looks better here than on DAYS.
  2. I'll be watching 'em all.
  3. Given circumstances who can blame him? I just wish the writing was there.
  4. Why you gotta flex on me in the middle of a pandemic tho??
  5. Probably the wrong thread, but fuck it: Maura West attends the live ATWT reunion during the pandemic. This being Maura, she is drinking beer by the pool and though Martha Byrne (Lily on ATWT, Andrea Floyd on GH - see? topical) is incredibly dressed to the nines even while sheltering at home, Queen Maura just looks as over the current state of affairs as the rest of us. God bless.
  6. That’s been Steve’s behavior since about 2003 - Kimberly, Becky, maybe Bradford Anderson or he’s already mentally back on the ranch. He’s far lazier than Mo IMO, who often tries and more often fails as a performer now bc he’s tired, overexposed and pushed past what he can now competently do. Only really good material makes him good now. Whereas Steve just doesn’t give a shit and hasn’t for years.
  7. Everyone hated that story, though. Everyone. If it wasn’t gonna go then it would go later and do worse damage before it was through. Benard wasn’t the first or last daytime star to tank bad or good story. I shed no tears for Boris losing her job.
  8. It was Angel Boris. He may well have BI’ed it about Lisa V., who he, Sarah and Steve apparently openly mocked, but he openly discussed tanking the Angel storyline at fan events in 2001-02. It was the failure of that storyline, and his and the audience’s major embrace of Tamara Braun instead (widely rumored to originally be a temp Carly to kill the character after JFP ran Sarah off the show), which heralded the swift demise of JFP’s reign with McTavish. And I was then and still am absolutely for that choice, and for Benard tanking the Angel story because it and Boris were both awful from Day 1. Was it unprofessional, perhaps, but it saved the show from Jill and Megan. A sign of other worse behaviors? Sure. It is funny - not ha ha funny, more a sign of the boys club mentality - that Maurice apparently already had primacy over Vanessa in late ‘93, because by all accounts it was Riche and Labine who saved his job around then. I may be off on time, but IIRC the end of that summer he was just the recurring heavy in the Karen story with a magnetic presence and charisma to burn. Labine came in in mid-late August and set to using him in a bigger way, which led to S&B. Vanessa had already been reasonably in the mix for maybe a year. But he was apparently instantly throwing that weight around, even though his IRL issues led to him struggling to keep the job. I don’t think Maurice is an evil guy. I do think he has an ego and clear preferences, and maybe worse depending on some stories of behavior (I should add I’ve never heard a Callahan/MeToo-type story about Maurice Benard, ever). It’s clear since Sarah left that he prefers romantic partners in weaker positions of power or talent. Tamara he helped mold, but when she rebelled, got her own fanbase and wanted more for the Carly character he distanced himself. He only got behind the Bransford recast bc she was wildly unpopular and therefore could be kept under his rein as no threat to him. And LW is too strong and seasoned a presence, which is why they were kept apart for a long time, but now all her story is slaved to Sonny. Anyway, IMO a lot of this is typical soap/tv actor self-protection bullshit. Tacky maybe, but much of it harmless and typical. The Vultaggio stuff or some of Sarah’s own allegations are another story. Do we know what classics they’re showing?
  9. Just click the above closed tab bc the quoting system on PTV is fucking abominable
  10. Britt's brief return coincided with the outbreak of a global pandemic. Coincidence??!!
  11. I didn't say it would, just that it should.
  12. Hot take: Not only should GH do an AMC/OLTL 2.0-style time jump and use this opportunity to cut much of the cast and revamp, they should also consider doing podcasted serialized/limited stories via ABC - a viral outbreak story, like some of their best, going back to Lassa Fever. We're going back to GL basics.
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