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  1. They were excellent together in relatively limited scenes on and off over the course of a year.
  2. Given past experience I suspect Brian Frons wanted Tognoni's Kelly or any other big hire paired with one of the stars like Easton or Trevor St. John, but it wouldn't shock me if the showrunners had a hand in that too. Supposedly Ron Carlivati and Valentini had wanted to tell story with her and Kevin, part of which got derailed when the actor initially cast in the Melinda murder mystery (an old flame of Kelly's from London) was a dud, but people say a lot of things and it's hard to know what was real. Still, we do know Frons didn't want Kevin back full time.
  3. That was a change made at the executive level - I heard it was Frank Valentini the executive producer not finding Eddie Alderson (Matthew) hot enough to be lead and increasingly marginalizing him when he couldn't become a stud at like 15, but it could be the network. I was always pissed about that, and was very pleased when the online show on Hulu returned to that couple as a focus as well as a budding triangle with them and Destiny.
  4. I know she's enlisted since the show. I was talking about before that.
  5. I'm with TeeVee. I'll just quote myself again: It's a lovely thing to do, but as with Carly Schroeder's guest appearance I'm always left asking 'why not just hire these people on contract?' I'm sure Reilly's daughter isn't at all interested in a soap contract (until TikTok dries up anyway), but you know what I mean. These characters (Anna Donely, Serena) are money on the table being left unused in favor of inferior choices. Anna Donely was seen for two days eight years ago. Recasts change hair color all the time.
  6. Of course Robin would opt out, lol. What a diva, I love her.
  7. There were BTS reasons for that, but primarily it had to do with the Asa/Gabrielle/Max caper being seen as an embarrassing disaster for the show. It was far from genius but I loved a lot of it for sheer camp value. That said, many fans and critics hated it, and let's just say they weren't alone.
  8. I didn't mind seeing Nora. But again, these all feel like indulgences of a producer who has run his actual show into the ground while pining for another. It feels inappropriate to the moment. In theory Nora appearing occasionally is fine. In practice, when we're on Howarth's third character and Easton's fourth, come on.
  9. He'll never stop. It's ridiculous at this point. I love the rich history of the ABC Daytime soaps, I wish there was more opportunity for crossover by virtue of other existing soaps, but when you have only one show left and you're running it into the ground with bad creative choices you do not have the room to be riffing on all the others that you'd prefer to still be in charge of. I do wonder what made them kill Franco now. It sounds like the network discontent over the character built over time, which would not surprise me given IRL events of recent years and possibly executive turnover
  10. They could've brought Howarth on as literally anyone. After the vanity project/fuck you that was his double character addition in 2013, most people would have forgiven it by now if he'd had chemistry with Becky and the kids and the character was reasonably well-conceived or written and positioned. It didn't work bc Frank and Ron Carlivati made the deliberate choice to choose a poisoned chalice as close to "Todd" from OLTL as possible - they felt other options weren't edgy enough. You could've introduced an edgy character who wasn't a serial killer or rapist. But back then they felt they could
  11. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2021/04/01/rumor-report-abc-nixes-roger-howarth-as-todd-on-general-hospital?fbclid=IwAR0Z2Tn6awrxMlXEShu4DImC1sQQXq4B7ZcYo7jgZL7hAFr28cuoeXeSbTE I made my thoughts on this known in the Press thread on the GH board, but I've already talked here in the past about how Todd can't work anymore, period (or at least not for many years), and Frank needs to accept it. The network clearly has.
  12. I'll just say what I said elsewhere, and have been saying for awhile: Frank is honestly delusional. I grew up watching OLTL. I grew up watching the whole line-up, but OLTL was my #1 soap. I'll always appreciate some of the work Frank (and Carlivati) did there. And I loved Todd, warts and all. I often have thought Todd would have real value to GH as a mover and shaker to come in and out and make trouble in story, like Marco Dane or Tracy did in the 90s. But that’s all stuff you could’ve done before 2017 and MeToo. The world is different now. It’s just not responsible or forward thinking,
  13. This Amnesia Sonny story reminds me of a dumb sketch I wrote on TWOP like fifteen years ago where Sonny took over the juice stand/snack bar (actually a thing on the show back then), ran it like the mob and made Max the cook and treated him like a woman for wearing an apron. Good times I will not believe Franco is dead until they show me his corpse in a coffin and he's dead for six to nine months minimum. I'm sure Frank would love to bring back Todd. Todd is a character I loved, but I personally think too much has changed in the last decade or even half-decade in society for them to get aw
  14. I thought Reinholt's Tony seemed pretty charming up to the moment he compared Cathy to a Saigon hooker and forced himself on her. Ah, the 70s. Dorrie Kavanaugh plays Cathy in '75; Jennifer Harmon (who I knew from other stuff later on) played Cathy later. What's wild to me is that Cathy here seems vastly overSORASed IMO. She started on the show as the mousy young teen daughter of Jim Craig in '68 or '69 as played by Catherine Burns, who was nominated for an Oscar for her stunning performance in Last Summer (seriously, see it) shortly after starting on the show, and the subject of a much-ha
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