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  1. Scott has laid it out with some weird beard folks before but Obrecht is a new level. Whenever I think he'll get some dignity back they prove me wrong! Never change, Kin Shriner.
  2. Pretty irrelevant trivia, but why not: Robin Strasser indicated on Twitter recently that she was outright let go and not invited back in the final months of OLTL on ABC in 2011. She's talked about it before and I knew a bit about it, but here's the latest iteration. According to her version of the story, part of which we already knew: She left to have back surgery and was concerned about pain management and becoming dependent on medication (as she had from a prior procedure) in order to cope should she go back to work too soon. She claims she wanted to return in October of '11, but O
  3. Cameron was always good in a certain role on the AMC canvas - there's a reason he broke out in the first place. It's when Brian Frons and ABC tried to make Ryan Lavery all things to all people and the King of Pine Valley that things went south and beyond his natural ability, and I don't think that was ever his fault anymore than it was Rebecca Budig's when she and Greenlee were stretched beyond their breaking point as well (which resulted in her quitting the show after long periods of apathy multiple times). I don't know if such a thinly-constructed character as Drew has always been can l
  4. Maybe with one of them gone I can begin to tell Sasha and Willow apart.
  5. It was probably just a typical FV 'contract coma' potential exit ramp, where he wrote it in while maybe the show gave her an offer, she passed and there's your mutual decision. It's a pretty common maneuver over the decades but it's one he employs often. They'll now write something in explaining that Jordan needs more treatment or whatever. They don't need to kill her off to keep her gone, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did either.
  6. Jordan has never been an actual character, because they don't invest in Black characters (and they'll shuffle Trina off to Buffalo eventually, mark my words). Bye.
  7. It kind of baffles me what they've done with Jason this past year. I know his pairing with Dr. Dull Surprise had its fans, but by Jason standards it was incredibly rushed and thrown together IMO. He got hot and heavy with (Fuck) Britt very fast for him, and now he also seems to have turned on a dime and is inexplicably falling for Carly for the first time since the Clinton administration, during which era he had, to say the least, serious misgivings before abandoning that torch altogether. I find it even more difficult to believe that he'd get back with Carly. It seems clear Steve and Kel
  8. lmaoooo Jason has not wanted to touch her for literal decades, how do they justify this??? How am I supposed to buy that on his end?
  9. Heinrich sounds like Will Ferrell doing James Lipton
  10. I haven't been able to stand Steve Burton for years, but I have every sympathy for the dude if he says he's vaxxed and got COVID. I have no reason to doubt that. We're not going to get his vaccination records, and tbh Steve is the type who would proudly trumpet being unvaxxed if he was. I'm not going to invent theories to blame him if he claims he has had the jab.
  11. Kelly may be vaxxed now. Good for her. But whoever is running around unvaccinated on that set needs to be fired, period.
  12. There is no actual character to Hayden beyond "Rebecca Budig does riff on her AMC character on GH". That's it. I get that people like Budig; I like her. But Hayden means very little to me.
  13. I think Y&R is still so stuck on a specific mediocre period with popular actors from the late 2000s/early 2010s that if Miller offered to come back to them they'd nuke multiple vets to pay for it. He seems clearly dedicated to following up on that CW show that never really happened for him. Roger made it clear about ten years ago, and again in a recent podcast interview re: his early OLTL days, that he's just happy to work these days. He doesn't overthink it or get deep into the trauma of the character's issues like he did with Todd Manning, he just wants to provide for his kids an
  14. Lately? She's generally been like that since at least the end of the 2000s.
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