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  1. Julian is slime and Ned should shoot on sight. Brook has no prior character for AS to misappropriate. She is still compelling to watch even in a quick bit here. Adrienne Leon always bored me to tears. I would sooner put Brook back with Nikolas though, putting aside that whole weird escort thing.
  2. I've seen people in dark places come back from the brink in daytime. Michael Nader, Dimitri on AMC, let an intense drug problem lead him to several very public flameouts, a well-covered police situation, and an unceremonious recast and dismissal. Most of us never thought he'd be seen again. But Nader - weathered but sober, strong and classy - returned on AMC 2.0 and played Dimitri again, the prince I remembered from my childhood. I never thought that would happen. So it's definitely possible. I hope Tyler gets well.
  3. I'm sorry for Amanda's career, but she's a great choice.
  4. I think if Ron was still there that'd be the case, but who knows. Frank, yes, probably. Agnes Nixon (who was quite involved at that time) was clearly very committed to rehabilitating David's image before the network show ended and this carried over to the online version.
  5. I would love for David to do a stint at GH and fool about with Anna, but not with this creative team. I also would insist his last run on AMC and AMC 2.0 be respected, and I suspect it wouldn't be. With these folks he'd likely go back to being the disgraced doctor probably run out of Pine Valley on a rail from his wife Cara, son Oliver, and Close Personal Possibly Non-Platonic Friend Angie Hubbard, who he was on the verge of doing the Dew with at the end of AMC 2.0. David was in the process of rebuilding a solid life. I'm fine if he and Cara are off again and they want to explore him and Anna once more, but I'd need him not to be a complete and total black hat. He can scheme but he can't be ruined. Anyway, it's not going to happen so whatevs, I'm just rambling.
  6. Hello all! Everything with Mark was surprisingly matter of fact, and Ames McNamara is still great (and amazingly self-assured about it, which makes sense given Darlene and David's liberal background in Chicago before the family moved home). I don't know if I'd be so chill if my 12 yo came home talking about having a boyfriend, and I'm gay! I loved Dan teasing him and giving him relationship advice. And his reaction to his little friend spurning him was honestly had to watch since, as Harris says, he's a constant uncharacteristic-to-the-Conners ray of sunshine. Which I guess lends itself to his self-assurance which briefly gets crushed. Meagan Fay (who I assume was Kathy) still has that great dry wit re: her grandson's deadbeat mom. Galecki was great finally being shown as an awkward parent and then actually parenting well with Darlene for Mark. And Michael Fishman is still distractingly hot, especially in a well-fitting long-sleeved top. The Dan/Becky scene at the end was sweet. And Jackie's lust for Ben and getting lost in her thoughts of his beard and constant trolling of Darlene was a hoot - with the tag at the end I do wonder if they're actually going to try Jackie and Ben eventually.
  7. I know Gottlieb's regime was interested in bringing Fiona back, but I think by the time they approached she was already at GL. Or, CBS just made a better deal or ABC's execs were still being punitive. As it is, Jenna had a great run on GL but I'll always wonder what it'd have been like to have had Gabrielle on OLTL in the '90s. As for Fiona's story in '01, it was a great idea very poorly executed by Tomlin, who loved camp above all. I personally loved her OTT performance in the Asa/Max story - it was a breath of fresh air on what had been such a drab show for so long - but many did not, and it's in part because of that story and that performance that the story and the pairing with Max was quickly ended. I know that for a fact, though I wish they'd reunited them when they both were let go.
  8. Erika said flat-out that she didn't like Linda professionally or personally, which is super rare for her. She's entitled to her opinion, though I disagree. Gottlieb rubbed a lot of folks at OLTL the wrong way though, including some she hired (HBS).
  9. An interesting tidbit from a generally well-informed user on SON: Eileen Davidson (Y&R, DAYS) was approached in 1991 just before Gottlieb and Malone first took over - to play a recast Gabrielle. This was just after Fiona had gone to CBS/GL but before Nicholas Walker was dismissed as Max #2. Wild world.
  10. AMC did five years (to SORAS the kids and clear out a largely gone ABC cast) and it clicked. But I think a year would be enough.
  11. Perhaps in trying to honor Louise Sorel (a personal friend IIRC), Robin is actually changing up her performance on DAYS quite a bit and not going to 11 much as Vivian so far. I'm surprised and pleased. I've always loved Robin but I've always said she took it to the edge too often on OLTL in her stint from '03-onward, possibly out of trauma over her being ousted by JFP.
  12. DAYS is reportedly doing a This is something that was done on the Prospect Park online soaps, and something GH could heavily benefit from in terms of a clean slate. With better writing, of course. (Same goes for DAYS)
  13. I think MEK is absolutely old enough to play Jeff, lol. That said I'm not sure he'd be right for the role.
  14. Oh my God. People are psychotic. Give me a fucking break.
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