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  1. She's either got it, won't go by the regulations or the show is being unsafe itself. Which I can't see being possible, but the idea that they're trying to do a Nurses Ball in the middle of this is ridiculous unless it's a COVID benefit in-story involving solo acts isolated in separate spaces. But again, these shows should not be filming at all, let alone returning with the same dumb stories.
  2. I don't dislike Kelly but if you can't wear a mask in public you're not on the show. Period. But they shouldn't be filming anyway AFAIC.
  3. I never thought I'd say it because I found her so burnt out by the end but they might as well beg Julie Berman to come back. Or find another very strong actress. Emme is passable but she ain't enough to make the role a star. Of course none will be unless Frank allows it.
  4. Mark Lawson - I loved Brody on OLTL. Loved him. But the guy has no reason to be here. The character is incidental to Frank hiring an old buddy from OLTL. That's not acceptable to me, it's insulting. I don't love any character or show that much. Jim dePaiva showing up as a pervy doctor annoyed me too. At least Hillary B. Smith had reasons to appear as Nora. If he'd come on as some Quartermaine kid or a long-lost Webber or Spencer relative you might have a case. And Amanda Setton, another OLTL alum, may have broken the Brook Lynn curse, despite bad story. But Mark Lawson as Rando Boyfriend? No. Gotta go. Along with Howarth and Easton. I don't care about any of these other dudes. Chase - cute, sure, but he's just a slightly better-acted Nathan to me. Willow and Sasha I cannot distinguish between and both must be destroyed. I have no idea how fans feel about Nelle at this point or what the hell the story even is now. AFAIC GH shit its last golden chance ten years ago. They had JJ back as Lucky, selling it as a cop. Big time. He made it work for the Lucky he created at age 12 or whatever. You totally believed it, for the first time. He was golden. He had great rapport with DZ as Dante. Those two were the future of the show together, they were Luke and Scorpio all over again. You could still have that; Nashville is gone and in these times both men will need steady work for their families. You center the show around them and PCPD/WSB capers along with romance, you have a chance at a viable future. But that would involve the will for a massive retooling of the show no one there is interested in. Do I need to mention that Vanessa/Brenda might actually be a viable option if Sonny got out of the business and moved into white-collar crime shit? No? I'd still bring Sarah Brown back too, I don't care if she keeps claiming unmarked cars are following her everywhere (she might be right!). Anyway thanks for coming to my TED Talk
  5. I don't keep much tabs on this shitshow, so I don't know about it. But LOL of course they would. Ugh.
  6. She'd be good on this show in any role. Mark Lawson is still very beautiful and I loved Brody a lot but I can't cosign more OLTL alum on this show in pointless roles. I know I'm not the only one questioning why the recast. But I don't think these shows should be taping period right now. Every soap has wasted this time not doing a hard reset and staying gone til it's safe. I hope Kelly is well.
  7. Ava will never get out. I don't buy whatever she's doing today. Art gallery? Come on. She's a criminal. I don't mind a crime presence. The same one unchanging for 25 years? No.
  8. It is entirely possible to write the fall of the mob. Jason could be drafted to the WSB (or die! I'd kill him in an instant if I could) and Sonny could lose it all, then crawl up to becoming a somewhat scuzzier Victor Newman/Craig Montgomery/etc. white collar raider type. This would give him a new sphere of potential allies, enemies and new avenues for story in an elder statesman role. It would require evolving the characters and show, but this show and network have absolutely no interest in evolving GH at all, just subsisting for as long as possible. Anyway, they could fire most of the contract cast and I wouldn't blink. Looking at you, Maxie and Lulu.
  9. Stay gone, fire everyone, move to Hulu in a year.
  10. Tonja is a little nuts. I remember her ranting and raving 20 years ago about how Lindsay had to be murdered so Alex could return to the show. But I'd still be happy to hear from her, there's plenty crazier. I didn't get a single question answered but Bob Woods' gorgeous white beard is stunning and James dePaiva's crazy hair and monocle!!! are magnificent. Kassie looks better here than on DAYS.
  11. I'll be watching 'em all.
  12. Given circumstances who can blame him? I just wish the writing was there.
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