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  1. It's hard to say since we got no specifics, but I can think of some possibilities in which Amy could feel that being able to google medical info would have helped. And then, of course, it's a start-up, so it has to be monetized, and back then online advertising wouldn't have been a viable source of sufficient revenue. I actually think you hit the nail on the head in a way. She really just wanted to get medical information online so whatever happened to her family wouldn't happen again, and because she needed start-up money to make that happen, she talked herself into thinking that this wa
  2. Something else I've thought is that they should show a sped-up clip of certain things being built. Like the Groot-like warden in this ep. Then we would know whether it's solid or hollow, etc.
  3. I didn't love any of the builds, but I agreed with the final order here. Scale was important and probably a large part of the reason why Mark and Steven won. I think the geek twins had a really interesting idea, but their hourglass wasn't big enough to really execute it. They might have done more with the night half if they'd had more space to work with. I noticed that Zack and Wayne weren't able to get the motion working for their dragons. I was disappointed that we weren't given any perspective on why the judges decided as they did, even if I agreed with their decisions. On most co
  4. There were lots of nonsensical start-ups in the original dot-com boom. Venture money was going wild for anything dot-com whether it actually made sense or not. I think that was the show's intention, since it chose an idea for which there is no real-world counterpart, because it's a stupid idea.
  5. There's a lot of that early on, but stick with it. I'm not saying there's never a gross or torture moment again, but the series becomes much much more. I just finished the conclusion to the Simon Snow trilogy. It's kind of brilliant in how the third book especially reads so much like fan fiction; I can almost imagine Cath, the protagonist of Carry On, composing it after she finishes her original fan fic opus.
  6. Which is why I don't think Trey ever had any real sense of money, which is what happens when everything, including all manner of luxuries and high living, is simply paid for from the time he was a baby. Nothing seems expensive or unique or irreplaceable. In that sense Bunny got what she deserved in having the apartment go out of the family. Teach him the meaning of a dollar! There is a Chinese proverb: "from rags to rags in three generations." Trey is totally second generation (the one who spends it all).
  7. That would have been fun! But I suspect they really wanted to do some form of the prologue to begin the show, because a lot of readers would have been immediately upset not to at least have the openings match. If this were a show expected to depart almost entirely from the books, that would have been the way to go, but with this show it sounds like they really just want to change what doesn't work for a visual medium, what doesn't work in 2021, and later on in the show eliminate a ton of worthless filler that nearly everyone agrees was worthless filler. So, keeping the prologue for a show that
  8. I suspect what Amy was really getting at was that the dragon was too big for the castle and so the story didn't actually work, but she didn't want to say that. The dragon's head filled the entire doorway, with the doors askew - even allowing for a slimmer body as in the style of Chinese dragons, there's still no way the body could be small enough to get through the doors, not with the size of that head. If the brothers had tried to include wings, it would have forced them to think about the body and led to them scaling the size of the dragon more appropriately. I also don't think tha
  9. I assumed the prenuptial came from Bunny and the family lawyers and was modeled on the standard prenuptial for the family, and Trey basically had nothing to do with it other than hand the paperwork to Charlotte. Trey was not perfect but handing out bonuses only for sons and not daughters isn't something I think he would do. He wasn't engaged (pun not intended) in the process. He was used to his mother handling the legalities and likely figured that he didn't need to care about the details because of course he and Charlotte wouldn't get divorced. That was an early red flag for sure, t
  10. I don't know that it was the perfect time, at least not if they want to get B&B fans behind the pairing. Thomas has done so many awful things to try to get Hope, and the Hope mannequin was nuts even if they tried excusing it with "brain trauma." Letting some time go by, and not having him make a play when Liam went to jail, seems reasonable. But they haven't had Thomas fall in love with anyone else and that makes me think they plan on Thope.
  11. Heh. I never bought into Finn/Sinn as an actual competitor for Liam/Steam, no matter what the show said, just because I know how this show loves its ToDs. But I never came up with the idea he was actually Sheila's son until it was known that she was returning. I just assumed Finn's blank slate was because TPTB didn't care about him and planned for him to be gone soon. I think all of this is to enable a Thope where Thomas really didn't have anything to do with Liam and Hope splitting (for the gazillionth time). If there is something that could end ToD (and I remain skeptical), it's Thope,
  12. @Jillybean, the show's creator said in an interview that he did a lot of research and found that this was actually a thing. I can well imagine that during the pandemic, even though that obviously isn't part of this show's world, it's even more of a thing. But even in a non-pandemic world, it's been shown that younger people are increasingly online and not interacting in person as much. So the opportunity is certainly there for an older, lonely woman to do some catfishing. I don't know that Dawn is a narcissist, but I would say she had similar traits to a narcissist in that she basked in the at
  13. The "cryptic"-ness isn't really that hard to figure out, considering that Elayne, who is in the first book, is not in the first season (along with the rest of her family), while Min, who is introduced in the second book, is in the first season. The entire Caemlyn section of the book, not just Elayne, seems to be destined for S2. Which makes sense since the first season is only six episodes and Caemlyn brings in a slew of other important characters.
  14. It makes me suspicious that perhaps they simply conceived Finn (pun not intended) as Sheila's son from the start rather than as a fully-fleshed character in his own right and that he will turn out to be crazy like his biological mother. They've certainly dropped a couple hints along the way that he has that potential. And if so, who will save Steffy from Son of Sheila? We all know the answer to that one. Gag.
  15. The irony is that I still remember the scene when Stephanie finally removed her wedding ring from her original marriage to Eric, well after the divorce had been finalized. It was quiet and understated, and yet I could see what it meant to Stephanie emotionally to do it. But that was a long time ago.
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