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  1. The stag can serve as an amplifier for someone's power. Massive level up.
  2. She would've had to use techniques that would've seriously hurt him, and she'd have a natural revulsion to that even though he was being an abusive asshole at the time. He was still her son. Dawn not bringing stolen money from her job to the place her daughter supposedly was being held showed that she knew the odds the caller was legit were virtually nonexistent. She wanted to check it out just to be sure, but she wasn't going to destroy what's left of her life over it. No doubt she noticed that the "confirming tidbits" the caller gave her were things that would easily be known throughout
  3. I didn't think Mare meant she flushed the lizard down the toilet while it was still alive. Drew didn't take care of it, it died, Mare disposed of the dead body by flushing it. I don't know much about correct methods of disposal: when my cat kills a lizard that's gotten inside the house I just throw it in the garbage. (The dead lizard, not my cat!)
  4. Granted it's different circumstances, but when a friend of mine was getting a divorce and her husband was only allowed "supervised" visitation, I learned that at least there, it does not mean any random adult in the circle of family and friends who is willing, available, and acceptable to both sides. Supervision is handled by a trained professional, who is expensive, requiring a retainer and billing hundreds of dollars an hour per visit. I would be surprised if a mandate for supervised visitation handed down by a criminal court is more relaxed, given it's criminal court.
  5. Not a reader of the books, but when I heard it on the show, I immediately thought such because I took it as a nod to the P.C. Hodgell fantasy series in which Perimal Darkling is the Big Bad. (I'm not giving away any twists in mentioning that as it is established upfront.)
  6. If Serena and/or Fred go back to Gilead, all they have to do is say that they were told by God that they could conceive if they had sex, and they have their baby as proof and Gilead will consider God to have blessed them. I'm sure they will both keep their mouths shut about having sex with each other for pleasure. I guess it must have been that time when Serena organized stuff for an international delegation and Fred was so impressed he couldn't resist, because I don't remember any other instances. In the first season it was revealed that whatever Gilead claimed about it being the Wives'
  7. We have a separate thread for The Hills: New Beginnings. I have moved the last two posts there. Thanks!
  8. An interesting question, for sure. As a non-reader of the books, I can't truly judge, but I have seen comments from readers that if the Crows hadn't been included, the season could have been done in six tight episodes - which isn't that far off from the eight episodes the show actually had. But I also did feel like the show wanted to de-emphasize any other relationships of Alina's in order to make her relationship with Mal absolutely paramount, to justify all she did for him. She didn't give a crap about the other people in her unit. Zoya was a jerk to her immediately, Genya was a spy (th
  9. I didn't get the sense she was talking about the fact she was responsible for her unit getting sent along with Mal because she just had to be with him. A unit was going to be assigned regardless; she wouldn't expect General Kirigan to care that it was her unit instead of another unit. Such low-level units are fungible to the head of an army (which is also why just her volunteering was enough to get her on the skiff - she didn't have to convince her superior officer that she would be the best one to send, because any cartographer unit would do). She was confused about what happened on the skiff
  10. It might have made a difference to me if they had shown Mal and Alina meeting and bonding (one of the reasons the Nina and Matthias pairing works better). But even the flashbacks just went back to a point when they had already become really co-dependent on each other. And as adults, that dynamic just seemed so unhealthy, especially when multiple other people died because of their co-dependency. (At least Mal seemed to feel a little something for his friends who died, while Alina basically didn't seem to register her fellow cartographers' deaths.) Plus Alina gave up the Stag to the Darkling in
  11. He was ordered to execute the Grisha as the ship sank, and he objected and obviously refused in the end to follow that order because it would be murder. He felt the prisoners still deserved an actual trial. So while he was obviously misguided, it's largely down to how he was raised and what he was taught, and even then, he still recognized at least some things as being over the line. Like many, once he actually had some real interaction with "the other" (not just Grisha, but women as well, since he was totally clueless about them too) his ideas started changing. Mal has more lives than a
  12. This doesn't seem good for Deshaun Watson. Obviously some of these women have receipts or his lawyer wouldn't be shifting to a "consensual sex" defense. Also, saying he had consensual sexual encounters with some of his masseuses renders irrelevant what a few of his masseuses had put out about the massages always being totally professional (and I understand that that really didn't matter in itself, as predators don't attack literally everyone they come in contact with, but this just underlines that he didn't treat all masseuses the same way).
  13. You're a good friend! I'm not sure that she will get what she's looking for from a non-reader; I suspect non-readers will be perfectly fine with the TV show and the arguments will be between readers who dislike how the books were adapted and readers who are okay with it. (In other words, GoT all over again.) You might try asking your friend what are the things that are most important to her. Are there specific scenes she really wants to see, or is she more concerned that the casting be solid? Is she strict about adapting a book faithfully, or is she able to make allowances for the differe
  14. I haven't watched 20/20 in forever, but I noticed on Hulu tonight that the most recent episode was the Menendez brothers, which happened when I was in high school, and I just couldn't believe that it was hot again on TikTok. (although in the end the 20/20 episode came across as not really being about TikTok but more an excuse to revisit the murders once again) My view is the same as the reporter that they had on the show: The brothers were sexually molested, but they were not in fear for their lives when they killed their parents. There just really isn't getting around that each of them a
  15. Michael Weatherly is obviously not happening ever, but it feels like a reunion of the other three could certainly be plausible, and they could always include Ted King or Roger Howarth if they really wanted four. One thing I'm enjoying about this thread is that it's causing me to look up actors' IMDBs, and I just learned that PAS married his boyfriend three years ago. Congrats to him. That was always an interesting situation because he didn't really hide his sexuality - he would introduce his boyfriends to fans, even - but the soap press wouldn't print anything about it.
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