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  1. Danny Franks

    The NBA

    I'm ready to ask the question - can KD get it done without Steph? I'm delighted that this Nets team failed. Super-teams aren't good for any sport and, given the amount of shit the Warriors got for adding one more superstar to their roster of homegrown stars, the Nets should be hounded out of the sport for the way they manufactured this team.
  2. No one should care what they think. Certainly no one with a zeal for educating children like Sesame Street has.
  3. Oh boy. I can already see this being covered on a certain 'news' channel: "First Dr. Seuss, now Sesame Street?!" *Cue confused Tucker face*
  4. There are two ways to do it that I think can work well. One is the way Chuck did it - be obnoxiously obvious and tweak it on the nose the entire time, knowing that your audience will get the joke and most won't mind. The other is the way Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles did it - They had a deal with Dodge (I think) so the characters drove a Dodge truck and there were a few sexy shots of it each episode, but only within the context of the scene - they're driving somewhere, they're talking next to the truck, they're loading up the truck with all their gear and look at all these
  5. Sorry, Cole, but there are plenty more undersized, gritty, 'bring your lunch pail to work', white receivers out there who aren't Covid denying morons. He doesn't even have a coherent argument, just regurgitated buzz-words and pithy lines from all the anti-vax propaganda that don't even make sense. But it doesn't surprise me that a guy who plays one of the "brain damage sports" is so into this nonsense.
  6. Danny Franks

    The NBA

    Zion never wanted to be in New Orleans. It was pretty obvious in the build up to the draft that he wanted New York almost as much as New York wanted him. So now cue the endless takes and non-event stories about how the Knicks can get Zion - "If they just trade Randle, Barrett, Robinson and three first round picks..." As for the Mavs, it's clear that KP and Luca aren't a good match. Who would have thought it? They're both white, Eastern European guys, they must be best buds! /s Luka is a star, KP is a guy who thinks he's a star. But fuck it, Luca talked about liking New York too,
  7. There are a probably more Loki/Valkyrie fics than there are Thor/anyone. Fanfic writers and fans who think Loki is the best thing since sliced bread are... Not quite a circle on a Venn diagram, but not far off.
  8. They were so close with Troy, but just missed the mark when it came to constructing the narrative. Agamemnon being too evil and scenery chewing (though with Brian Cox, that's what you get), Priam being too noble and the entire war lasting just a few days. Brad Pitt and Eric Bana as Achilles and Hector were perfect casting, though. David Gemmell's Troy series would be really fun on screen - he writes a purely historical narrative but manages to turn most of the Greek myth and Trojan War tropes into a coherent, realistic narrative. And he has two main characters - Aeneas and Andromache
  9. The shortlived sitcom, Go On, was good and a really good fit for Perry. He played a sports talk radio host who lost his wife in a car accident and was sent to grief counselling, where he met and befriended an oddball group of people who had all lost loved ones. It was funny, but also heartfelt and thoughtful and certainly melancholy at times, with a really good supporting cast.
  10. I've mentioned 'Allo, 'Allo before in this thread, but something else that's occurred to me is that Lt. Gruber must have been my first exposure to a gay character, or even a gay person, as a child. Before I really knew what sex was, I was aware that Gruber wanted to have it with Rene (just like all the women in the show did) and it was hilariously funny because Rene was uncomfortably aware of that too. But even so, Gruber was a completely sympathetic and loveable character who the viewer always rooted for. Obviously, part of the joke I didn't get then was that, as a German officer, he'd h
  11. Danny Franks

    The NBA

    Prepare for all the "Giannis to demand trade" stories to ramp up again if that happens. But it's not surprising that the Bucks, a sensibly built team, is struggling against the Monstars, a team built through petulance and the ability for three guys who desperately want rings to put their egos to one side for at least a season.
  12. Let me introduce you to the Bible of Joss Whedon... and of teen television in general. Abuse is romantic, endless bickering is romantic, cheating is romantic, even suicide is apparently romantic. What's not romantic? Honesty and maturity.
  13. I love this. Jamila is one of my favourite people and I hope this indicates that the She-Hulk show is going to lean towards Dan Slott's comedic interpretation of the character. But she does claim to be the human equivalent of a memory foam mattress, so I'm guessing she'll need some CGI assistance to look like Titania (apart from the towering height, of course).
  14. This is why I like The Hudsucker Proxy so much. It's very tightly plotted as well as being written with a load of smart lines and memorable dialogue, and it's not packed with extraneous characters or cameos. Tim Robbins as an endearing doofus, Paul Newman as am evil, conniving company executive, Jennifer Jason Leigh as a stereotypically bolshy newshound. But it's not one of the Coen Brothers movies that people ever talk about, for some reason.
  15. Hey, I've been on the "Xander is a misogynistic, Nice Guy, creep" train for many years. I've gone into a few different examples of it, and Xander being Joss's representative on the screen makes a lot of sense, in light of the revelations about Joss and his own creepy ways of dealing with women. I barely remember anything about Riley other than him starting off as a very boring, milquetoast kind of guy, then being revealed as a military badass then as a raging ball of insecurity and jealousy.
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