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  1. Danny Franks

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    No, I'm pretty sure the only person to blame for Beck being a supervillain is Beck. He took a slight at work and let it affect him to the point he was fired, and then he took that and decided he was going to kill people.
  2. Danny Franks

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    However long it takes, it won't be as long as Avatar was in the cinemas for.
  3. Danny Franks

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Maybe they would if Captain Marvel 2 wasn't being made. Complaints, I'm sure, would come from the opposite corner - baby men who can't handle either a woman as the leading face of the MCU, or an actress who dared express views that upset them.
  4. Danny Franks

    Dungeons and Dragons

    All my life, I've sort of tinkered around the edges of D&D - Hero Quest and Space Crusade as a kid, which segued into Warhammer as a teenager, and various RPG videogames. I just never actually played D&D. But the thing that really got me intrigued by the possibility was UpUpDownDown, the Youtube channel run by WWE wrestler Xavier Woods. He and a bunch of his geekier wrestler buddies have played a couple of D&D campaigns on the channel, and they're a stupid amount of fun. There are some D&D groups near where I live, but my job means I'd never be able to commit to turning up regularly. It's a shame, really.
  5. Danny Franks

    Tennis Thread

    How about a rule saying that if you eat the court at Wimbledon, you have to do it at the other three majors too?
  6. Danny Franks

    "Oh HELL No!" Movie Moments That Anger Up the Blood

    I think the US Navy would have been pretty quick to take back a pilot with combat experience, especially after losing a lot of pilots at Pearl Harbor (though obviously, they lost none of the carrier-assigned pilots). But it would have been nice if the movie had included even one line acknowledging that Rafe basically commandeered a plane he had no right to fly, and gave orders to men he had no right to give orders to. But I doubt the writers or director really appreciated that he would have had to resign his commission to join the RAF.
  7. Danny Franks

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    If Gunn already had the screenplay written, I guess I can understand Marvel opting to go with it and switch things around. They're probably pushing Guardians 3 back, to get Thor 4 out first. But that makes me think we'll get the Guardians in Thor 4, for at least the first part of it. Waititi will want to play with those characters for a few scenes, if he's allowed. But my main wish? Sif returning from limbo, and being a significant part of the movie. Jaime Alexander was already underused in the first two movies, before being unavailable for the third. No resurrecting dead characters to fill out the cast. No Heimdall or Warriors Three or Skurj. Give us Sif, Balder, Kelda and maybe the Enchantress as a villain.
  8. Danny Franks

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    So I'm watching Captain Marvel on blu-ray, and it strikes me that Brie Larson is nowhere near as flat as people were complaining. Even when shes's the brainwashed Vers, she's got a wry sense of humour, but it's just very restrained. She cracks little jokes throughout the movie, and you can see her opening up and getting looser, the longer she's on Earth and around humans. But she never quite reverts to the carefree woman we saw in the flashbacks. It's actually quite a subtle performance, but I guess a lot of people were too upset she didn't smile enough to see it. Also, Talos being challenged to turn into a filing cabinet, a cat ("what's a cat?") and a Venus Flytrap is such a fun little scene. He has this long-suffering, weary air about him, as though he's thinking, 'this always happens when we spend time around other races.'
  9. Danny Franks


    They all deserve to win, particularly Harris. I don't know if the categories for a miniseries are separate from the categories for an ongoing series, but either way, Chernobyl should clean up.
  10. Danny Franks

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    I've not watched that video, but the child soldier thing has a long history in comic books - Batman had a kid sidekick, Captain America had a kid sidekick, Shazam was a kid. The X-Men were teens who were trained to fight villains by a rich, old guy. The reason for this is fairly simple - Comic books originally were designed as a form of wish fulfilment for the intended readers, who were overwhelmingly adolescent and pre-adolescent boys. You give them characters they aspire to be like, and characters they can live vicariously through. Bit odd to specifically criticise Far From Home for continuing that theme.
  11. Well, you say that. But if she gets killed ten minutes in so Bond can have his job back, it won't look quite as progressive. I actually didn't know Lashana Lynch was British.
  12. Danny Franks

    Tennis Thread

    Real shame. But 37 year old Federer just effectively played six sets against a man five years younger, and should have won. He played better, but Djokovic was just too strong in the end. I have no real issue with Djokovic, but Federer has been a favourite of mine ever since I first watched him beat Peter Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001. He's great to watch, and seems like a thoroughly nice guy. It should be no mystery to anyone that he's the fan favourite at almost any tournament in the world.
  13. Danny Franks

    The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

    Not quite, no. The longest is A Memory of Light, which apparently clocks in at 41hrs 55m. Two other books in the series go over 40hrs. Total run time for all fourteen books and the New Spring prequel - 19 days 5 hours and 25 minutes.
  14. Danny Franks

    Tennis Thread

    Few people seemed to think Simona could win today. Federer beat Nadal and Nishikori to get to the final, which seems to have been a harder route than Djokovic had. People may be underestimating him.
  15. Danny Franks

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    After reading about 130 pages, I'm more than prepared to take your advice and dump this one. Simon's story was utterly predictable, and came off more like a cautionary tale warning people against 'gay depravity' than anything else. And Klara's started off so boring I didn't bother finishing.