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  1. Please can we not, with Sam and Ruth? They would be awful together, and their dysfunctional drama is something that could easily ruin this show. I like them in scenes together, and think Alison Brie and Marc Maron have an unlikely, lively chemistry. But no romance. And please, no 'Ruth has to save Sam from himself after Vegas gives him too many outlets for his vices.' I still think Bash is fooling himself, and being able to have and enjoy sex with a woman doesn't mean he's not gay. He's just deeper in the closet than I thought he was. He's just such a little boy, but he's trying his best. The stuff with Arthie and Yolanda was cute. Not only is Arthie embarking on her first relationship, and first sex, but she's coming to terms with the fact she's gay as well. Debbie struggling with the travel and being away from her son brings it all crashing back down to earth.
  2. Okay, now I finally have time to sit down and watch season 3, I think I'll probably mainline it within a couple of days. This show is so much fun. The idea of Liberty Belle and Zoya commentating on the Challenger launch was great, and Zoya being full on "USSR superior" as the disaster unfolded. And then they have to decide whether to go ahead with the show. The rehearsal walkthrough with absolutely no energy was simultaneously hilarious and incredibly frustrating to watch. This entire episode had that sort of numb, static feel to it, which wokred quite well, both as the response to a tragedy and to represent the nerves of waiting for their first show to begin. Vegas is a city I have no desire to visit, in no small part to the fact it's always depicted as seedy, sleazy and a place people go to bottom out. And boy, does Sam look like that's what he's there to do. But I guess this show is part of the kitschy, relatively low-rent entertainment, side of the city. So Bash is actually attempting to live as husband and wife with Rhonda? That's going to end miserably for them both. Or was Rhonda hinting that she knows he's gay (or bi) with that "unless you want them to turn it into a penis cake" line? Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin were wearing the hell out of those dresses at the end. Good grief.
  3. For sentimental reasons, I reckon I'd have to say Final Fantasy VII - The opening theme, the victory theme (which is just Final Fantasy in general), the Aeris theme, the creepy Sephiroth music and others. The Last of Us has good music too, and I absolutely loved a sort of discordant piano and violin track that was used as a trailer for the original Silent Hill game, but I don't know if it was actually in the game.
  4. Well that's a shame. Not Colton Haynes, but Roy Harper at all. I have loathed every iteration of his character I've ever read, and am not inclined to give yet another one even the slightest chance. They're already adding too many characters to this show, without fully exploring the ones they've already got. Throwing Roy Harper, a pale imitation of the already barely tolerable Green Arrow, into the mix as well? I don't think I could take that.
  5. Eh, I've known enough people like her to have little doubt that she's real. Yes, she's determinedly cheerful and optimistic, and it may well be an act, but I think that's definitely who she is in day-to-day life.
  6. I think the X-Men as part of the MCU are fine, but Marvel just need to exercise some restraint when it comes to crossing over with the rest of the MCU. Have it be an acknowledged part of the universe, but distinctly its own thing, with its own tone and feel. I wouldn't mind if they retcon some things, to establish that mutants have existed for a while, but this generation of teens/young adults is really the first one where the X-gene is becoming widespread enough for it to be truly noticeable. There aren't many options but to start with some version of the original X-Men. Maybe not the entire original five, but some of them, and one or two of the Claremont and Lobdell/Nicieza additions. But, if they wanted to do something actually new, they could focus on lesser known iterations, like Kyle & Yost's New X-Men or PAD's X-Factor Investigations. And, unlike the Fox X-Men movies, they need to be unafraid of just throwing comic book stories out of the window and doing something original. No more Dark Phoenix or Days of Future Past or God Loves, Man Kills. In regards to casting, I don't see why they would need to cast a POC as Xavier or Magneto, when they could just utilise characters like Storm, Bishop, Dani Moonstar, Dust, Surge etc.
  7. On reflection, I think asking them to make burgers and fill their baps was a decent way of making them look more presentable, and did help the audience, because we all know what a good burger looks like. It's a very northern word for a bread bun like that. Go anywhere in the UK and they're likely to use different words - bun, bap, roll, cob and where I grew up, we call them barmcakes.
  8. The Yahoo season has Paget Brewster playing a coolly efficient, but also kind of nutso, administrator. What's not to like? The only criticism I ever had was that the extra leeway they had for episode length meant that edits weren't as tight, and there were a few jokes and scenes that meandered too much.
  9. In real life, he also says "dude" and "jack" quite a lot too.
  10. So I think Alice has become my favourite now, just because it's so much fun watching her get stressed out and dramatic. She's like the anti-Selasi. This was the first week where she seemed to have a real manic edge. I can't help but like Henry, especially for that joke about Paul shaking his hand to jokingly introduce himself, and Henry said "that's the only time I'll get that". But I think he's won two of three technical challenges so far, which is impressive. Michael was very impressive, particularly considering he didn't think he was very good with bread. His signature bread looked really cool. Making veggie burgers was a bit daft for a technical. That's not baking. Hell, Paul and Prue even said that themselves. I get that simply making burger buns is underwhelming, but if Paul says it's tricky, just focus on that. The scoring effect on the showstopper bakes was really effective, even before they were painted. Rosie really gets on my nerves. That super-quick-yet-precise manner of talking just grates on me. And I think I've had enough of Helena as well, with her unrelenting 'spookiness'. But Amelia was always going to go, with three very underwhelming bakes She just didn't seem to know much about bread, and was fairly pessimistic for the whole episode.
  11. Ah. I never read that run of Young Avengers. I only got as far The Children's Crusade storyline, which I didn't enjoy at all. And I think the only No-Varr I've read was in the Runaways & Young Avengers miniseries, where he was a complete tool. But for anyone who's looking for good comics about young (or any) superheroes, I'd highly, highly recommend New X-Men (not Grant Morrison's version), originally written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, then taken over by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. It's one of the best comic runs of the last twenty years, in my view. Especially the post-M Day stuff.
  12. I can do without most of the Young Avengers, personally. While I liked Kate and, to a lesser extent, Cassie and Wiccan I wasn't too keen on the whole vibe of the team - each one of them was a copy of a previous Avenger. It just didn't work for me. They were pale imitations of the characters they were based on. And when contrasted with the New X-Men, who came along at a similar time, they just seemed to lack creativity and strong individual identities. Give me Hellion, Surge and Mercury any day.
  13. Yeah, MCU Clint really doesn't have the charisma or sense of fun that 616 Clint has. They're completely different characters. So I hope Kate is the focus of the show, but they'll have to rejig her a little, as she can't really be playing the straight woman to Clint's chaotic existence. Kate Bishop was absolutely the best of the Young Avengers, my favourite character, by far, to come out of that book.
  14. I think it very much matters. You seem to think I'm trying to defend Andrew Windsor, when I'm doing anything but. And if you read my entire post (and other posts I've made), it should be clear how I feel about him and what he's done.
  15. I thought it would be clear that "to be fair" was very much tongue in cheek.
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