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  1. While I don't believe Moraine would ever touch a filthy darkspawn, that is a cool poster. Much better than the previous one. The puzzle idea was an interesting marketing device.
  2. I don't think much of Keyshawn Johnson, but my view of Gruden is pretty close to that. I've always thought he was a bit of an empty vessel, personality-wise. Just prepared to say whatever he thought would make his immediate audience like him - whether that's being a locker room bro with his players, being a conservative white dude with the owners and coaches, being friendly and personable as a TV pundit. I can see him sincerely assuring Carl Nassib that he's 'one of our guys' then turning round and making homophobic slurs to his middle-aged white guy friends.
  3. It's hard to make a bad pavlova, as far as I can tell. Meringue and fruit and sugary stuff, it all works for me. Apparently it's very easy to make a bad sticky toffee pudding. Chigs seems to be some kind of baking savant, if he's learned all this in twelve months. I don't know whether he's just been incredibly lucky and the knowledge he has has been in the particular areas of these challenges or whether he's genuinely developed such an in-depth expertise. Definitely deserved star baker, though Jurgen was also deserving. His Passover pavlova sounded very interesting. Crystelle is stun
  4. Lottie was great, and she's very good on social media. She made an Instagram post today that said something like, "it's Dessert Week. What's the definition of a dessert? I have no idea." Her or Ruby Bhogal would be great hosts to partner with Noel. Both were naturals in front of the camera and genuinely funny. I don't mind Matt Lucas on the show, and really don't get the obsession with everything he says and does on the show, but I wouldn't miss him much if he left. His whole career has fallen between 'not funny' and 'okay, that was kind of amusing' for me.
  5. Danny Franks

    The NBA

    Maybe Kyrie can join Jon Gruden and they can have a nightly talk show on Fox, where they alternate between pushing anti-vaxx conspiracies and whining about cancel culture.
  6. How depressing is it that I really wouldn't write off there being a "next time" for him. Even with all this, and all the condemnation from the NFL media now they really can't defend him, I still don't think the door is closed for a middle-aged white guy with friends in powerful places. Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder are embarrassments to the league, and it doesn't surprise me at all that a lot of these emails were apparently to Allen. Nor, sadly, does it surprise me that one of Allen's emails was sending coerced topless shots of cheerleaders to his buddy. This investigation had better
  7. Yeah, I took that text as an indicator that she understands him too well. That she wanted a more genuine response from him but the joke immediately told her that she wouldn't get it. We all love Ted and his optimism and his jokes, but can you imagine living with someone who does that all the time as a defence mechanism? We saw how long it took him to open up to Sharon, how do we think he would have done with a marriage counsellor? If the show approaches this realistically, Nate won't last any length of time as West Ham manager. He'll be dealing with big egos and men who are being
  8. Danny Franks

    Tennis Thread

    This will be a learning experience for her but I think it was less the celebrity appearances (of which she really didn't make many, just a couple of Zoom interviews, a movie premier and an event with the doubles and wheelchair players who won at the open and a load of kids) and more the coaching upheaval and lack of practice. I originally said I didn't think she'd go to India Wells, just because I thought the turnaround from the US Open then back home then back out to the US would be too short, without her having had time for everything to really sink in. I think she might also have
  9. It's not like there's anything wrong with that. He didn't know Ross, he didn't care about Ross. Mark never made a move on Rachel while she was in a relationship, or even tried to undermine that relationship, he just did his own thing while Ross imploded. Ross's own neuroses destroyed his relationship with Rachel. If he hadn't been such a possessive, jealous mess then Mark would never have been a factor.
  10. I think the main difference, at least in the way these two things are being covered, is that Gruden is a long-time insider of both the NFL and the media that covers the NFL, while Meyer is a college coach without the same levels of inbuilt ass-covering.
  11. Elayne doesn't have the bright blue eyes, but she's definitely the right kind of wholesomely beautiful. I could see Meera Syal as a great Verin, though I don't know if Verin has already been cast. Could Natasha O'Keefe be Faile? Edit: Apparently O'Keefe is listed somewhere as "Selene." I'm not sure about that, but Selene is pretty much an impossible to cast part. I mean, how do you cast "the most beautiful woman in the world" and make everyone happy?
  12. He is, but he presents himself as Ba'alzamon, with eyes and mouth of flames and all that stuff. Another clip has been released: Clearly the show is moving at a faster pace than the books (as it has to) and this feels a little stiff and abrupt, but I like the little snippets we get of each character - Rand and Egwene making flirty eyes at each other while being confused Perrin being supportive Mat chatting to a girl Nynaeve being the defender of the people Moiraine being unflappable and Lan being utterly confident
  13. The Sky Sports segments are kind of embarrassing. I like Jeff Stelling, I'm not too keen on the meme that Chris Kamara has become, but neither are actors. Also, the idea that a Championship manager having a panic attack would make the back page of the tabloids is kind of funny. The national media barely registers the existence of anything outside the Premier League behemoth. I loved how Jason Sudeikis played Ted's quiet dignity in this episode. You could see his fragility and the fact that he was hurt, but he was putting on a brave face and you could see it fracturing as the episode progr
  14. That's not a good poster, I have to say. The characters don't blend at all well with the background, and it makes the Myddraal look like some kind of Voldemort knockoff. I've been pleased with most of the publicity stuff Amazon has done for the show so far, but this is a big misfire.
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