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  1. The middle Dewey is a lot smaller than the Dewey who just moved to Calgary, so they could probably do a lot of college stories that don't revolve around football right? Like the college football season in the US is only half the school year isn't it? And there weren't really any dating stories while he was in Miami. Also is the picture that the Wild Samoans took of Rocky holding young Dewey a real picture? I feel like I have seen it before but it is hard to search for without getting images from the show. I also loved the Shiek's line about how the recipes were ones he stole from his
  2. My unpopular HIMYM opinion is kind of the opposite. It's that the finale is kind of proof that planning out your ending from the start isn't always a good idea and that notes and suggestions from people outside of the main creative team aren't always bad. Yea the show about nothing thing is often misunderstood. It was only for the show within a show and it just means the show doesn't have some unique descriptive hook to describe it. It doesn't actually mean nothing happens. I think they dropped that in the last couple of seasons after Larry David left. I can't remember if they
  3. Surprising but probably for the best. Maybe now we can get a definitive explanation of what SHIELD actually is at this point and what Nick Fury's job is. Because in Winter Solider Shield went away and Fury faked his death. Then he came back in AoU and no one really said anything about him being alive. Then he had a helicarrier. All the time after that he is not the boss of Shield on the show (and it goes back and forth between being a real agency and a small underground group of agents). Then Fury shows up at the end of Infinity War with Maria Hill and tells her to call control or something. S
  4. Dean is also just the kind of over confident dumbass who thinks he can out game a pyramid scheme. He is probably the same type of guy who goes to a casino and says he has a system where he is guaranteed to win big. Also how exactly is the girls spending a ton of money at the strip club, in front of the agents any kind of proof that the owner is in on the counterfeit scheme?
  5. I totally would not have caught that. It almost makes me want to rewatch some Three's Company episodes to look out for that. Because other than generic plot points the only things I remember from the show were that Lucille Ball hosted a clip show once (I hated I Love Lucy so that was the main thing I knew her from), that Jeffery Tambor was bald even in the 70's (making flash backs on Transparent and AD where he had hair kind of stupid), and how that hand gesture thing that Roper used to do meant someone was gay.
  6. Man bombing Chicago while aid workers are on their way, and just before a ceasefire is about to start seems like a great way to get the rest of the world's militaries on the side against Gilead. Although it is interesting that the remaining US military has apparently given up on Chicago Also really June you are actually going to our run a jet? They could have at least filmed the scene where they found cover in a basement and it still got bombed. I would have thought that Gilead would have gone full Ned Flanders and outlawed all games of chance. Also did Lydia's treadmill say bless
  7. It makes total sense and it makes the show really good. It's more that I was thinking how a lot of other shows would have probably given Tony a bunch of redeeming qualities to balance out his evilness. Like he would be really good to his wife and kids, or he would have a dog that he really cares for, or he would spend his time questioning if he really wants to be in the Mafia or not. But Tony does none of that which is why his character works so well.
  8. I imagine a lot of the extra backlash is because Ellen's whole brand is super nice lady. If her public persona had always been hard to deal with jerk, people would probably just go with the fact that she was a jerk behind the scenes too. The only bad thing I have every heard about Cordon (even though I do find him annoying) is artists compiling about shooting a carpool karaoke is basically a super long shoot that takes a while day, just for a 5 minute bit.
  9. I feel like if Affleck would just adjust his career goals a bit he would probably be a lot healthier. It seems like every time his life blows up it is when his career is on a massive upswing. Like he was in a bunch of small time movies like Mallrats and Dazed and Confused he seemed normal. Then he got Armageddon, he was Jack Ryan and was a big budget leading man engaged to J. lo and his life fell apart and he kind of went away from the spotlight for awhile. Then he got married to Garner started directing like mid budget crime movies and seemed to be doing on again. But then Argo won the O
  10. I think I am the same. When I was probably around grade 3 or 4 my mom worked so my grandparents would pick me up from school and I would go to their house and watch TV. This was the mid-80's so after school cartoons weren't huge thing I don't think. So I watched a lot of syndicated stuff. Most of it was stuff for kids like Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Diff'rent Strokes and the Monkees. But I also remember watching a ton of Three's Company and WKRP, and looking back now I imagine that most of the stuff in both of those shows went totally over my head.
  11. The weird thing about Norton and Hulk is that his contract gave him a certain level of script control (can't imagine Marvel giving any actor that now) and he apparently made enough changes where he felt he was due a written by credit. I think he was even trying to make changes during filming which made it obviously more difficult.
  12. If I recall correctly he was the highest paid actor on the first movie.
  13. Yea plus in the last few episodes most of the people who have been killed would probably had been killed regardless of whatever June did. It is not like they were just going to let those Martha's on the rooftop go, especially since to Gilead they probably have almost no value. Same with the driver guy who drove June back to the farm. He was a resistance guy so probably on borrowed time. Even the other Handmaids this episode. When June attacked Lydia it is not like they tried to save her. They all new the risk in running and June hardly forced them to.
  14. What the hell happened to you Kevin Smith. In the 90's you were probably my favourite director. I have even been to the Quick Stop and even own The Clerks Cartoon on DVD. Now it seems like the only thing of yours I have seen and liked was your appearances on the Mindy Project and those were just Mindy Kaling making fun of you.
  15. How thin and young Gandolfini looked was surprising, but what surprised me more was how old they made Edie Falco look. She was mid 30's when the show stared and I think Carmela was supposed to be approaching 40. But looking at her face even for 40 they made her look kind of rough. It's to the point where Edie Falco looks younger in Nurse Jackie. But it makes sense since Carmela has been probably wearing tons of make up since she was 12 and probably a regular user of tanning beds. It also wouldn't surprise me to find out that she smoked before she had kids. So it's some nice make up work
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