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  1. I imagine that there are a lot of people who would be disappointed either way since these aren't a bunch of videos about Chris Hemsworth's shorts.
  2. They could have rehashed a lot of the first and second movie stuff with Drac not wanting to give the hotel to Johnny because he is a human. But I like that Drac totally accepts that and his concerns were more about the fact that even fora human Johnny is kind of weird. My minor disappointment was there was no "I don't say blah blah blah" gag. That is like my kids favourite joke from those movies.
  3. Yea I am not even sure how they would figure out which one happens first, since as best as I can remember there is nothing that happens in BW that references events in BP or vice versa. Is there something or is this just Marvel saying this is how it will be because.
  4. I watched this with my kids earlier in the week. I'm probably a bit biased because I like the HT movies, but even so I thought it was really good. Especially for the 4th movie in an animated series. And it still has some of the best animation of any kids animated movie series (outside of Pixar). The only real negative is the guy playing Drac didn't really sound much like Sandler's version. But I like that they explored how he thinks of Johnny and his personality (not just that he is not a monster). And as I have said many times Johnny and Mavis have the best, human/vampire relationship in
  5. You would think the fact that the title of that song is actually Good Riddance might clue some people in. As for Seinfeld, for me the finale would have been a lot better with no clips at all. No retrospective clip show and no clips every time a witness showed up. The clips in the episode told me they were making it for all the new viewers that would be watching not for actual fans who knew who those people were.
  6. That was my only real issue with this one. I like the reverse timeline because I know right away to care about the victims. But in the Don't Ask Don't Tell episode I had thought that Jeff met Andrew as he was being pushed out of the navy, so I figured he left shortly after they met. But in this episode they have an established friendship but Jeff is still in the navy.
  7. I meant Justice League. I know they were for different companies, but if you spend a bunch of time saying that filming one huge super hero movie was the worst experience of your life instead of talking about how good it is, it's surprising to me that you get hired to direct another one. Like if you are a manager at McDonald's and you stand up on the counter one day and start telling about how terrible the place is, you probably aren't going to get hired at Wendy's. Because if you do it for one boss there is definitely a risk you do it for the other.
  8. It still blows my mind a bit that he spent a lot of time on the Age of Ultron press tour trashing the experience and saying how bad it was working for Marvel instead of actually promoting the movie. And then after that they give him the director's chair for another big super hero movie. I mean it is pretty clear (but unfortunate) that you can treat your employees badly, but trashing your bosses and the product they expect to make money off of and you get away with it is surprising. I am not someone who would call myself an expert in feminism, but I was always surprised that in the fina
  9. Ok that makes sense, I just thought you meant literally it wasn't a magazine anymore like they went to online only. Sounds like you and I bailed around the same time. I just remember issues piling up on my bedside table and trying to read them, but it being too much stuff I didn't care about like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones or Housewives. And it felt a lot more like what I imagine People would be like, bland articles about super popular stuff and less interesting articles about the more obscure side of Hollywood. Then when it went monthly that was the last straw, even though it is not like
  10. I am kind of the opposite. I loved Buffy when it was on. Gave Firefly a bit of a chance and thought it was stupid, gave Dollhouse a way bigger chance and thought it was dumb too. Avengers is a great movie but Age of Ultron was probably the biggest letdown of any MCU movie since I was so excited to see it. So at this point the stuff he has put out is more bad than good so it's not like the kind of thing where an awesome output of great stuff might make me overlook bad behavior. I guess the next step would be super cheap indie movie that he would hope be critically acclaimed and g
  11. It's not a real magazine anymore? I was a subscriber for over a decade and dropped it when it became a monthly magazine. Partly out of principle, since how can a monthly magazine have that name, and partly because more and more they were covering stuff I wasn't into (like game of thrones) and there were fewer articles about weird and interesting things in show business. I watched to the bitter end too and it was probably one of the shows that convinced me to stop wasting time doing that. Since for me at least it stared off so good, and then every season got worse as characters and plot
  12. The other excuse that surprised me was when he talked about how any inappropriate behavior when Buffy first started was because he was so young, when he was 31. If you make it to 31 and haven't figured out how to behave in a professional setting maybe it is just because you are an asshole. Few people who call themselves writers probably actually ever sell their scripts, and even fewer get them actually produced. I remember all those excuses, for pretty much anything he made that wasn't successful, see also: Dollhouse, Firefly, the Buffy movie. It's never because what he made ac
  13. The February shut down of the show seems right. I went to Mexico with my family in late January 2020. We flew home on Jan 29 and actually landed in Toronto airport at the same time as the last flights out of China before Air Canada suspended flights to China. It was super weird. And if Air Canada was shutting down flights I imagine other airlines around the world were too.
  14. I can't agree with you on the Thor movies, but Iron Man 3 is my favorite of the three movies and up in the top tier for me. The first Iron Man was great because it was the first one, but with so many that came after it, I found that the last time I watched it, it was just "meh". So simplistic in comparison to the others, which does have it's advantages, but it no longer thrills me like it did the first time I saw it. I like Iron Man 3 too as I watched it over Christmas. It's not one of my favourites but it's easily in the top half of MCU movies and there are a lot of fun parts
  15. Season 2 showed up on Disney+ in Canada and I am really liking it. Not sure I have ever seen this kind of psycho/serial killer on TV before. Most of the time serial killers are like Batman villains who taunt police with intracate crime scenes. One thing I was confused about though was why was Andrew crying when listening to that great cover of Drive in the bar. I don't know much about this kind of thing but I would have thought he was the type of person not to feel bad about anything. And since David was in the washroom I don't think he was taking for show.
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