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  1. Maybe they wanted to set it in Arlen, Texas but Mike Judge wouldn't sign off on it.
  2. I love that bus though. The transit system I used to take to work had one bus of the exact same model and every once and awhile it would be on my route (I read an article about how often they will roll it out on someone's last shift before retirement). Which is crazy they still have it since I live even further north than Luverne. Did season 1 actually confirm that Molly's mom died of cancer? I keep wondering because she keeps getting involved in the case and just because she had cancer in 1979 doesn't necessarily mean that that is what killed her.
  3. Weird I just watched it on Netflix and there is no narration at the end. I even turned the captions on to make sure it wasn't quiet. Once Ed hangs up with Peggy it is just music.
  4. I was thinking about it since I watched it yesterday and it is crazy how often in the pilot for some action type procedural show someone dies in the line of duty. Off the top of my head before this show there was Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, SEAL team, Hawaii 5-0 and even the original CSI so as soon as those guys went to that first call I knew someone was getting killed.
  5. No disrespect to actual fire Captains who do actual work, it just seems like on shows like this the guy who is the best of the best is always some mid level supervisor type guy. SVU had Craven (and Munch) to make it a spinoff plus Briscoe showed up in a bunch of 1st season episodes. I am pretty sure the CSI spin offs were done as backdoor pilots in other existing show and even characters in the "Chicago" shows were introduced in existing shows.
  6. This show is a bit weird. I don't think I can recall seeing a spin off that had zero connection to the main show. At minimum I would have expected a scene or something where the Austin chief goes to LA and asks Bobby Nash to move but he turns it down and recommends his old friend Rob Lowe. Also of course we get that annoying trope where Rob Lowe is of course the best of the best and the only guy who could take over the house, but at the same time only ever made it to the rank of Captain in FDNY. Lastly when they do find Liv Tyler's sister I really hope she is played by Alicia Silverstone.
  7. Pretty late to things but just started on season 2 and it seems pretty good so far. Kind of glad they killed off Kieran Culkin though since my kids love the Home Alone movies and jokes about Fuller wetting the bed are really funny to them. So if he was around every episode I would keep seeing that. Great cast again though. I hope Cristin Milioti survives the season since I really like her. Also a cool thing I noticed was Lou practicing tying knots before bed in this episode. He was doing the same thing on the porch with the shotgun when protecting Greta.
  8. Wasn't Boomhauer's dad a doctor? I am not sure if there was any actual backstory I think there was just some comment from Peggy about "Doctor Boomhauer".
  9. This is probably true but don't forget that Fin also spent like half a shift as a patrol sergeant before going back to SVU.
  10. Also maybe it was just me but dentist Malvo's weird old time modern decorated house reminded me of pornographer Jackie Treehorn's beach house from The Big Lebowski. Who is to say there wasn't a camera? If it captured the murder but Malvo was there under a fake identity then the next person they would want to find would be Lester. Cops would want to know why he wasn't killed as well. If he wants to disappear it would be a lot easier to do it if you are traveling alone. He bought a one way ticket remember.
  11. Just started watching this show after watching the movie again over the holidays and thought this episode was amazing. Is it just me or did his accent get less pronounced and less dorky the more cool he got. If he did it must have been on purpose since it is not like Martin Freeman slipped back into sounding British. My kids love Toy Story 4 so to me they are Agents Ducky and Bunny. Stephen Root is awesome, and it continues to blow my mind how deep the talent level of the cast is. I mean you have Stephen Root showing up when there are just a couple of episodes left and you have actors who could easily carry shows on their own being secondary or even background characters. Kate Walsh was in like 3 episodes and Molly's dad is Wild Bill Hickok from Deadwood and he maybe gets a couple of lines an episode. I don't think he will get caught but since this is Fargo he is probably a dead man walking. I totally did especially since she was talking about how she couldn't believe her husband could cheat on someone as hot as Miss whatever county. Yea I could also see his wife taking the stand against him and making everything suspicious he ever did look like he was cheating on her. For all we know he was cheating, just not with Lester's wife.
  12. Because there was obviously more important things they had to put on the screen, like making sure viewers got multiple clear shots of angel Olivia. Also I would laugh my ass off if that is a real mural somewhere in NYC now.
  13. Carisi made a comment during the trial about how the officer had previously testified that he threw away the report.
  14. I read that as a case of if you can't say anything nice about someone don't say anything at all kind of thing. Tahani's sister and parents are pretty terrible so not calling them out, or trying to one-up them and instead just let it go was an improvement for her.
  15. I haven't watched the live ceremony in years. But if the academy wanted me to watch all they would have to do is play his "I'm here for the gangbang" clip from Old School when Todd Phillips's name gets called for the director noms.
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