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  1. But if someone says they planned out a whole entire series when they wrote the pilot, it basically means they ignored contributions and suggestions from anyone who came on board after that point. I mean I guess that can lead to something good but it could also mean ignoring better ideas from other writers, or not recognizing that a secondary character is really good, or adapting your story based on the chemistry the leads do or do not have.
  2. I watch clips sometimes on YouTube, and that one was pretty interesting, especially since SATs aren't really a thing that matters in Canada. Although I kind of wish it had been longer, since just about everything I know about the SATs is from tv shows, and most of that is that there are English and Math sections and people who you think are dumb often do really good on them. So if half the test is math, I couldn't really figure out how you can make a math question racist. I mean sure the system that teaches how to answer questions can be racist and that is shitty, but I am not sure that is the
  3. That is where I am most of the time with Lost. I don't think any logical explanation could have made all the crazy shit that happened on the island make sense and not sound ridiculous. So it was kind of a badass move to kind of say it didn't matter. Since it really was a character driven show and that is what kept me watching.
  4. I think having a framework makes more sense. My point was more that I question things when a show gets commended for having everything planned out from the very beginning. Because with their being so many variables in making a show that seems like a recipe for something not very good.
  5. I didn't really follow this story so that line kind of jumped out at me. Although really if this guy did rise from the grave he shouldn't have too much trouble soliciting donations from people.
  6. I am not sure how much I agree with that. Ther is a documentary called The Showrunners I watched last year. I can't remember who the writer was but he basically said how it is super hard to come up with one great show idea, but to come up with an idea and the entire story arc before you have a writing team or a cast and expect it to be the best possible idea is basically impossible. The classic example of making things up as you go along is Breaking Bad. In the first half of season 5 (from 2012) they had a flash forward in the first episode that showed part of the series finale. But when
  7. The show was always like that for everything, especially surgery. It was like they had 1 maybe 2 surgeons in the hospital at any given time and if someone needed an emergency surgery the options were for the ER doc to do open them up in the trauma room, or to wake up Old Man Anspaugh from home. Even though at any given time the ER had interns, senior residents and attendings working. Chloe is annoying but at least they bothered to give Susan a storyline. The weird thing there is when that blonde intern showed up in I think Season 14 they commented on how her over doing her hair
  8. I read the book "The Revolution was Televised" a few years ago. In the chapter about Lost it talked about how in a modern tv show it is basically impossible to have a big surprise twist or mystery. Sure back in the day there might have been a small number of people who were really into Dallas and figured out who shot J.R. and why. But now the equivalent of those people are on message boards and social media and can share their theories with a ton of people and anyone who really cares can probably read about it.
  9. But why couldn't someone in their mid 20's be an actual Avenger? Natasha was 26 in Avengers and she doesn't even have any powers. Being on a separate team makes it sound like a lower quality minor league team.
  10. The only way I could see to make it fun is to rip off teen titans go a lot. Like every villain is surprised/disappointed they are fighting the B-team avengers made up of a bunch of kids rather than the real Avengers. And/or 90% of the movie is them just hanging out in their base, arguing and doing crazy shit. Otherwise I worry it will be too much teen drama and kids being put in dangerous situations that they don't really need to be in. As for Spidey I think a large percentage of why he works for me when other teen heroes don't is just nostalgia. Because I am glad they kept him in h
  11. I read that there is going to be a live ceremony from a giant air-conditioned tent. And it might just be me but air conditioning a giant tent in the summer in California seems like a massive waste of energy. You would think that with the number of people in showbiz who care about climate change someone might have pointed that out. I would at least hope they relax the dress code a bit so people can dress a bit more casually (like the kind of clothes someone might wear to a beach wedding) rather than gowns and tuxes.
  12. A teenaged super hero team sounds so lame. One thing that Nolan did smartly in his Dark Knight movies was not have a boy wonder fighting with Batman. And if they are just people in like their early 20's why separate it from a regular Avengers team. Especially since we have already had people in their 20's in The Avengers (BW, Wanda and essentially Cap). Like if Thor came to help them with something would they be like sorry Thor you are too old for this mission.
  13. That would work for me. Mostly because based on what we have seen of possible Young Avengers characters so far they don't really interest me that much. Plus if we are going to have a big deal team up movie every few years I want the characters in it to be heavy hitters.
  14. There was a Full Frontal with Samantha Bee episode from I think a few years ago. It was focused on the US (although I am sure it happens everywhere where it is legal) and how a lot of times those cases of a minor getting married with parental consent are basically cases where an underaged girl is raped, gets pregnant and then comes from a family that doesn't want any kind of shame associated with having an unwed teen daughter so they force her to marry her assaulter. Which sounds completely terrible. Has he avoided it though? I mean he has basically become a punch line and as far as I
  15. That's the one. I wish I could remember what comic I saw it in, although it was likely West Coast Avengers which in a kind of funny conincidence starred Hawkeye.
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