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  1. I was surprised that the teens didn't throw back in the face that these two weird older ladies invited them to hang out in their house and allowed them to have access to liquor. That would kind of shut down any "we will call your parents" threats and I am surprised the show didn't go there.
  2. Fun episode, although did Angie (a pretty tiny person) drink a bunch of wine and then drive Will to the diner to find his girlfriend?
  3. Yea I remembered about the Millennium Falcon but that was the only one I could think of. How different would the trench run be in Episode 4 if Luke Skywalker could shoot backwards.
  4. I was thinking about that and it made me wonder, how many people in the US would the Reich have murdered? I looked it up and in the 1960's the US was about 15% non-white so those people are all gone. Plus Jewish people and anyone else from any ethnic group they don't like. Plus all the disabled and sick people. Plus everyone who died in the actual war. That is a lot of people so I can see population density even in Manhattan (which would be a lot more racially diverse than most places) being way lower. As for Harlem specifically maybe the houses stayed empty because no one wanted to move to New York. I mean. I mean it is basically US Nazi HQ so if you happened to be some American who wasn't killed but not a Nazi follower who was just trying to keep your head down and get by, you probably aren't going to move there.
  5. The start of the episode reminded me of something in Star Wars that has bugged me for a long time. Why does it seem like none of the space ships have guns that can fire backwards? Keep in mind that the main characters of the show doesn't seem to have a name either. Dog fights in space shows always seem weird. Like the people designing them forget the ships are flying in space where there is no gravity and no air resistance. They should be able to do crazy moves that a plane would never do (like flip you ship so the front is pointing at the guy chasing you while still moving in the same direction). But no show ever does.
  6. He's not struggling. If you read the article it says he is a series regular on a new Hulu series. I wonder if there is more to this story because I have read enough actor biographies to know that just about any actor with an agent can get an audition. It even says in that article that he beat out 2,000 other actors for the role of Aladdin (which means those guys all got auditions). So what exactly is going on?
  7. Yes they did. They didn't show it on screen but some of the laser blasts were coming from a higher level than people on the ground would be shooting. It made me think walker right away, but I liked how they left the reveal until the end. I liked the simple story although I did wonder why they didn't blow up the walker at the bad guys camp while it was in like sleep mode.
  8. Kel Varnsen

    The Star Wars Saga

    It would be nice if more of that was clear in the damn movie, then again if I hadn't watched it recently I probably never would have cared (I think last time I saw Attack of the Clones was during it's theatrical run). One last question though, who deleted the water world planet off the map and why?
  9. Kel Varnsen

    The Star Wars Saga

    Was Sifo-Dias a real guy because it seemed like Obi Wan had never heard of him, so I wasn't sure if he was an actual Jedi or like the emperor in disguise or something. It also seemed weird that if he was a real Jedi that no one else, like Yoda, knew about his army ordering plan. For that matter it seemed kind of dumb that no one else in the Republic thought an army would be a good idea and when a mysterious one shows up they just use it. And also did the water people who make the clones also happen to make all that military hardware? Because otherwise where did those tanks and spaceships come from?
  10. Kel Varnsen

    The Star Wars Saga

    I don't know I watched it with my 6 year old a couple of weekend's ago and found the main plotline didn't make a lot of sense. I still don't really understand who put the order in for all the clones, nor why Boba Fett's dad was working for both sides. The scene in the arena with all the light sabers lighting up was cool, but during the final battle my daughter had to ask me who was the good guys and who was the bad guys. The Anakin/Padme stuff was at least pretty funny in its badness. The scene where she is telling him they can't be together while they are sitting down by the fire and she is wearing what looks like a dominatrix outfit (or at least the network tv version of said outfit) was hilarious.
  11. I really hope they don't make that an ongoing thing, since it would remind me too much of the thing about Burn Notice that always bugged me, when Michael would always take cases out of the goodness of his heart from clients with no money. But in this case the client had money. Cash the cheque Dex and use it to pay your bills next time you have to have to take a case from a single mom or someone getting screwed over by their boss. I kind of bought that. I mean they pretty much spelled it out that the other candidate was a giant shitbag. Dropping out of the race would be handing him the election which could make things bad for a lot of people.
  12. I imagine that between dust, explosions, cave ins and just the general dangers of working in a heavy industrial operation in the 1980's would be super dangerous. Especially in the Soviet Union, I mean I doubt those guys had a health and safety committee. So a premature death was probably expected for those guys. I also am interested in general for how people assess risks. A lot of people seem extremely afraid about nuclear power, which although catastrophic if something happens, is pretty rare. Meanwhile people do things that are a lot less catastrophic but are a lot more likely to kill them every day, like driving a car.
  13. Watched the whole thing this week since my cable company gave me a free preview of HBO Canada. It was super intense. I think my favourite part was the coal miners and their attitude about things. When it comes to things like people's fears about nuclear power I am always fascinated by how people assess risk, and those guys seemed to realize that by working in a Soviet coal mine and breathing coal dust all day they already probably had incredibly shortened lifespans. I also liked the end even though I had to wind a few times to grasp what Legasov was trying to explain. I was only a kid when it happened so I didn't really know alot. Although I do remember playing the Chernobyl power plant stimulator game for the Commodore 64. All I remember though is how it was text based and you were like Homer Simpson when he got to work from home on disability. The other crazy thing is that I was talking about the show with some people in my office and a guy who sits across from me mentioned that his family was from Kiev, his mom was pregnant with him in 1986, and his dad being in the military was ordered to take part in the clean up. Although he didn't have a lot of details since his dad didn't talk much about it, other than he did it for less than a week and that led to them emigrating to Canada.
  14. Speaking of the prequels, I read on another message board that baby Yoda (I still prefer Yoda Junior) being 50 puts his birth around the same time as Anakin. Maybe Baby Yoda was actually the chosen one.
  15. I liked the BCR, it was a strong story with interesting characters. They weren't going to have Tagomi this year or Frank, so it was a good replacement. And like I said above it was way more interesting than the useless stuff with Joe's girlfriend. Yea it didn't really mean a whole lot. I mean you can still be a totalitarian government and not be actual Nazi's. Also speaking of Nazis, I thought it was kind of hilarious that the government in Berlin ended up getting basically overthrown all because Himmler was a giant baby. I mean for all the Nazi's talk about strength Himmler wanted to kill John because John didn't give him enough attention when he was in the hospital.
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