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  1. Slowly making my way through the second half of the season and it is definitely grabbing me a lot more than the first half. The episode where the Elves get poisoned by the dirty water was hilarious. Plus the elf names will never not be funny. I think my favourite so far has been Annoy-o.
  2. I'm not sure if it has gotten any better but back in the late 90s early 2000 when I was reading comics a lot of creators didn't want to develop new characters for marvel because then Marvel would own those characters completely. Look at how many characters Kurt Busiek created for Astro City that could have been Avengers.
  3. Kel Varnsen

    S3.04: Triggers

    For that matter why is he suing the captain personally? He is not suing for money but to get his old job back, but once the lawsuit is filed I imagine it is out of the Captain's hands. So what does Buck hope to get out of him? Also could you really cut through the cable of a fire truck winch with a pocket knife?
  4. That is sort of my point though. Feige probably already had 0 free time when he was running a studio putting out billion dollar plus movies on a regular basis. Now add a TV studio on top of that, and whatever he is doing with Star Wars. The comics division is tiny compared to that which is why I can't see him prioritizing it any time soon.
  5. New trailer which says the release date is November 15
  6. There is probably also some supply and demand and risk/reward type of stuff going on. If he is the only one who can make people disappear and his clients usually have money and are highly motivated he can charge whatever he wants. These is also huge risk as if he is caught he could be an accessory to his clients crimes. He really thought that Jesse was his buddy, you know the kind of friend you can get to help you move a dead body. The cans made me think that crazy/evil Nazi types who have a crime compound might also be survivalist types. I have never been to Alaska, but I have spent a bunch of time in northern parts of Canada. If Alaska is anything like those places it would probably be a small number of cops covering huge areas. So as long as Jesse isn't actually causing trouble I can easily see the cops having bigger issues to deal with and not bothering him at all.
  7. I imagine that based on what his schedule is like Feige probably has little time to deal with the comics division, beyond high level things like hiring bosses. I looked up sales numbers and a top selling comic will sell around 250,000 units a month. At $5 a copy that is only $1.25 million monthly in retail sales for your biggest titles. To put that in perspective Endgame made more money than that on its opening weekend, in Hungary. As for Pearlmutter I wonder if he got any kind of retirement package/golden parachute deal. If not he will have to dry his tears on his millions of dollars and ridiculous amount of Disney shares he owns.
  8. Not that I am saying your wrong but on the other hand Chris O'Donnell's career pretty much tanked after Batman and Robin too, at least until he got that NCIS show. Even Clooney for a long time had to constantly joke about it to keep other people from bringing it up. Hell even Arnold's career started a steady decline around that point, that movie was just a career poison.
  9. Each guy had about $500,000. Jesse's 1/3 was almost enough to pay for 2 get away trips at $250,000 each (he was $1800 short).
  10. Saw this on Saturday at the cheap theatre and really liked it. That last bit of the final fight on Tower Bridge where it was all Spider sense was amazing. I also liked how Happy has seemed to get more development in this movie than any of the other MCU movies. Which is crazy since John Favreau directed 2 of them. My guess would be before the time heist, around the same time as he recorded the video for his daughter. It's not like Tony wasn't super confident in himself and what would happen so I could see him leaving a note to Peter with a contingency that EDITH goes to Rhody if Peter doesn't come back. I liked how Tony Stark in real life would totally be the type of guy where if you knew him you would either love him or totally hate him.
  11. Yeah Jesse in Alaska didn't really bother me. I mean he was only a person of interest in the Walt kills nazis story. I would have to think it would be minimum a week between his escape and his arrival in Alaska. By then the story is probably completely out of the news cycle. Combine that with his new back story and new ID and I don't think anyone would care. Jesse also has a shitload of money. I mean Jesse's third of Todd's money was close to half a million (250 each for two vacuum guy trips and he almost had enough for both). If he got the money from both welding guys he would have around a million dollars to live off, half of that if he just took the money from the first guy.
  12. This show is steadily improving. I wasn't super sold on season one but so far each season 2 episode I have really liked. I am glad they aren't using Rio's mom as much as her calling was the weakest part of the show for me. And I like the addition of Brandon. Although I think this show needs to add some more reoccurring small town weirdo characters. Kind of like Pawnee Indiana or Arlen Texas. If they did that it could be really good.
  13. Not sure about abuse but his life is definitely all about his uncle's crime world. It seemed clear that he pretty much had no life otherwise, to the point where he was trying to make Jesse his buddy. I also thought it was interesting how few lines Jesse had in the movie. Also can anyone remember the timeline of the Omaha scenes in Better Call Saul. I mean Saul left Albuquerque long before Walt came back and took out the Nazi's. So it's funny to to think that while all this was going down Walt was selling Cinnebon (and probably saw the story of Jesse's escape on the news).
  14. It's stupid but I kind of hope they are implying that. Only because it will be terrible and I want to see Olivia making some hilarious Homer Simpson style assumptions about her son. Maybe she will see Noah in a Hawaiian shirt, and then decide she needs to take him to a steel mill or something.
  15. The name is kind of dumb although my biggest concern is that the bar charges $16 for a drink. Is that actually a legitimate price for a drink in a bar like that in a place like Portland? Cobie's hood slide at the end of that sequence was amazing. It's weird earlier in his career it was mostly slacker deadbeat type characters, the cops for awhile. Now this is kind of a mix of both.
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