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  1. Given the number of other MCU shows Disney+ has on deck, this show should come out some time around 2030.
  2. So I was watching Captain Marvel last night and I noticed something weird. The whole big thing the Skrulls were chasing was the light speed engine. But shouldn't outer space aliens already have light speed travel? I mean I know that people flying around space in the MCU generally use the jump points, but how were those set up without travelling at light speed?
  3. The whole timeline for those first few episodes is weird. Because episode 2 is supposed to be 8 weeks since Carol's suicide attempt, but then for Carter he is still acting like he just got there not someone who has been there for 2 months. Also my wife and I are watching season 2 now and it is weird seeing Ron Rifkin as Dr Vuclich. Mainly because before we started watching ER at night we rewatched all 5 seasons of Alias. I keep expecting Vuclich to pull some kind of Rambaldi artifact out of some patient's chest.
  4. The funny or maybe sad thing about Benton is his mom had dementia. They could have had her birthday party on a day that worked for everyone and she would have still probably been happy.
  5. The How I Met Your Mother finale is a perfect example for me of why network/studio notes on a script might not always be a bad thing. Because if someone, anyone with the power and authority to say "this isn't good it needs to be changed before we can film" had done that they probably could have saved the audience from what we ended up getting.
  6. Rewatching the series on DVD because there is not much else on to watch. It still holds up really well even though I have not seen it in years. I have gotten through the first disc and I love how just sort of average the endings are (not in a bad way). In the first episode the geeks get in a fight and neither win nor lose but just sort of realize that they won't get killed. In the second the party just ends, the house doesn't get destroyed and there is no mad rush to clean up before the parent get home. But man I really need to get to the episode where Lindsay and Kim become friends, because I just want Lindsay to call her out on her bitchy comments and behavior. Or punch her in the face. Also that opening scene of the pilot with the cheerleader and her boyfriend that then panned down to the freaks and Running with the Devil and then to the geeks doing Bill Murray impressions was possibly the best opening scene to any series ever.
  7. I watched Hell and High Water tonight. Great episode still but my engineer brain kept thinking that if Doug just cleared some of the branches, leaves and dirt from around that grate, it would have lowered the water level on the kid's side. Sure he would have been still stuck and hypothermic, but you would have at least eliminated the drowning as a risk.
  8. It is crazy how much info Disney is putting out about those mini series before a single one has even come out. There is what 7 or 8 different ones that have been announced. That is a lot of heroes to be used for streaming, although I guess in this case the characters can now move back and forth between tv and movies. Plus the next phase of movies has already been put in place and after that is done they will probably do some x-men and probably solo Wolverine movies. That looks amazing and crazy. Kitty Foreman having dinner with Wanda and Vision.
  9. So I finished my season 2 dvd. The last episode possibly has my favourite Boomhauer joke with "Dang..... Old......Megalo....Mart" after the 911 operator tells him to slow down. It got me thinking though does anyone know if the writers would actually script exactly what Boomhauer would say. Or would they tell Mike Judge to talk like Boomhauer for 30 seconds about the internet or Seinfeld and let him just improvise it?
  10. It is interesting, my daughter and I started reading the books after watching season 1 and finished all 13 before the final season came out. I liked the more ambiguous ending to the books since it gave us a lot to discuss and think about. But I think that much ambiguity wouldn't have really worked for a tv show.
  11. One thing that kind of impressed me on rewatch is how they are actually present Ross's womanizing as shitty behavior. Especially when you consider it is only like a year and a half after the last episode of Cheers where Sam Malone doing basically the same thing was considered awesome.
  12. As others have mentioned with Daniel and Johnny both being 2 time champs there should be at most 46 other champs. I imagine those guys probably moved on and got over shit that happened when they were like 16.
  13. So my wife picked up pretty much the whole series on DVD mostly super cheap from thrift stores/facebook and we just finished season 1. It is amazing how easy it is to watch it. It is also amazing how good the set design is, there is stuff everywhere all throughout the hospital. I am also amazed at how interested I am in Susan's story. The stuff with her boyfriend (Jack's dad from Lost) and the stuff with her sister. I am also surprised that I never noticed how cute she was. Especially since I would have been around 17 when it first came out. I just finished watching that and I was kind of shocked that with all the people at that party not one of them did the Pee Wee Herman dance.
  14. What amazes me about the Hot Blooded joke is they actually paid the licensing rights for that song for a background John Redcorn joke that probably wouldn't even register for a lot of people.
  15. This is very true, although it is also true that even though Aniston is too old for the role, if she did play Linda in a shot for shot remake of Fast Times, that movie would make a crap ton of money.
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