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    S03.E13: Pinned

    We recently watched Sister Act 2 with our kids. She is in that and would have been about 14 at the time (1993). It is always crazy and impressive to me how actors like her, who are solid but not amazing performers are able to maintain long careers like this. I mean she has been working steadily since the 90's including being regular on several successful shows.
  2. Has anyone figured out why they can't just print their own money for themselves. They keep talking about not having money of their own and stealing what they owe Rio but instead of coming up with dumbass plans in your empty house just go to the shop and print more money. She talked on the Nick Offerman/Megan Mullaly podcast about it and how while there are some actors who do all kinds of crazy stunts she won't even run unless she really has to.
  3. Kel Varnsen


    I am about halfway through this as it was a recommendation for me on Netflix (it's a Netflix original in Canada). I am enjoying it but it was definitely a slow build. It seems like a lot of story to tell in one season what with the Biggie/Tupac story, the 90's investigation and the 2000's investigation. It kind of made it hard to follow at first especially the names of all the different people. Thankfully pretty much the real life version of every character has a Wikipedia entry (even the blonde Compton cop, and Keefy D) and they were able to use everyone's real names.
  4. Kel Varnsen

    S03.E13: Pinned

    I bet it will be that but a bit further. Like some Hans Gruber style plot where the bad guys tell the dispatch operators to send all the cops to the west side of the city while their friends Rob a bank on the east side. That was brutal. Although even in the few industrial type places I have worked in I know the first thing they tell you is don't work on any moving machinery until you have locked it out. Just for this type of situation.
  5. Worse for her but not getting off Scot free for him, so it was just a matter of the stripper banking on the fact that the guy wouldn't risk a divorce just to get a stripper thrown in jail. Especially if the easier option is just to buy more jewelery. Also speaking of dumb, if Dean and Beth are broke how did they afford the hot tub to pay off Rio's goon who helped them? Or did they just steal it for him. It is not like Dean would get a 100% employee discount.
  6. I get that they are keeping a percentage of the money they are supposed to give to Rio, but what I don't get is if they need money why not just print some for themselves on their own time. I mean they seem to spend a lot of time doing other crap and not printing money. I did like that Too seemed to realize pretty quickly that they were stealing from him. I mean why would you accept a receipt for ink as proof of anything when given to you by a counterfeiter? The guy hasn't doing anything illegal, but I think the catch is his wife probably won't care. At best he brought strippers into his house and at worse he was cheating on his wife with a stripper in his house. Probably grounds for a divorce, which would be more costly than any stolen jewels.
  7. I finally got around to watching this last night and really enjoyed it. I started late and was only planning on watching half of it but I was so into it that I ended up staying up past midnight to watch the whole thing. And I totally should have known that the movie would have a relatively happy ending since stories that start with Once upon a time usually end with people living happily ever after. Brad and Leo were both great. Although I kind of wish Leo at the start of the movie looked a bit more like Leo after he came back from Italy. Since he was supposed to be kind of washed up with his previous hit show being from the 50s. Yet he still looked like Leonardo DiCaprio so I found it hard to buy that he couldn't maintain a career. Then again Timothy Olyphant looked younger in this then in any episode of Deadwood.
  8. The fact that the first victim did a search for something kind of generic like ballerina porn and one of the first results was actually her video kind of made me laugh. I really thought the ending would be Olivia offering the dancer a job giving Noah private dance lessons and that would be all it would take to cheer her up and remind her how much she loves ballet.
  9. I didn't quite buy that the video would go viral so fast. With so much porn out there what were the odds of a parent just happening to find it. Also why exactly was the video released. Based on the second half of the episode the company boss had pretty specific rules for what happens and when videos are leaked based on his pimping of dancers. But this one seemed to be leaked for no reason.
  10. I like the pastor. I also liked the idea of a running gag of Rio seeing random town weirdos in her therapy practice.
  11. Me too. The last one I remember was a 48 hours thing where Doug left Jake on a boat and escaped. I think there was one after that but I can't remember.
  12. In case anyone from Canada is stuck in their house and looking for something to watch, the CTV app has the entire series (with commercials) available to watch. I just watched The Cane and I am seriously considering working my way through the whole series since I only ever saw it in syndication back in the late 90s and I am sure there are a bunch of episodes and running gags that I missed.
  13. I am no lawyer but usually if you sue someone in civil court don't you usually have to do a deposition, and isn't that basically sworn testimony? So that's fine let her sue, but when she has to do her deposition the Netflix lawyers can ask her all kinds of questions about how she is racist.
  14. The Holt hating Wunch stuff was really funny although I was surprised he wasn't more interested in who would be the next commissioner.
  15. When it comes to Rob and greatness I keep coming back to the fact that he didn't win the game until his 4th on a season where the only way it could have been easier for him if he had picked the other players or the challenges himself As far as ranking great players, just based on overall finishing positions I would say Parvati ranks way higher than Rob when it comes to all time greats. But the show doesn't seem to consider her that way. Hell everyone on this season is a winner but most of the rest of them one on their first or second time. Are there any people this season who won on their 3rd time?
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