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  1. On season 11 now and I am really glad they wrapped up Weaver's custody battle with her in-laws because it makes no sense. Because between her crazy level of organization and what she has seen about how bureaucracy treats same sex couples (especially at her hospital), there is no way she would put off taking care of all the necessary paperwork for Henry. Otherwise she could never take him to doctor's appointments or make medical decisions when he was in the NICU. It would have worked better I think if she had done everything right and Sandy's parents still found a sympathetic judge to hear their case.
  2. Especially since half the population doesn't really remember the blip. Like Peter says in Endgame, he thinks that he passed out and when he woke up Tony was gone. And yea I feel like Captain America and a bunch of his friends (including Wanda) being the most wanted criminals in the world for 2 years would be a huge deal. Imagine all the poorly made unauthorized movies that must have been made about the Avengers.
  3. Plus it is not even remembering what happened in Age of Ultron. It's remembering what happened in Civil War when Wanda killed all those Wakandans and was a huge news story. And then she was a fugitive. And for 50% of the population that happened a little over 2 years ago. I agree most likely Gearaldine is some kind of agent who planned to know Wanda but at the same time I think the Avengers would be more famous world wide than anyone can really imagine.
  4. So my kids are really into Wandavision and wanted to see more Wanda. We decided on watching Civil War on Friday because I thought Ultron would be too creepy for them. And after watching it, I think I found a new found appreciation for it. I mean the whole Sokovia accords plot and how Cap and Steve react to it is still garbage and it makes no sense that Tony gets to Siberia minutes after Cap. But the movie is plotted really well so there not really many full or slow moments. And the fight scenes are really well shot. Plus considering how many other movies and plotlines it sets up it is pretty impressive how good it is. Although watching it again, if Bucky was enhanced by HYDRA and they had the ability to do that, why did they need to steal the serum from Howard?
  5. Well Vision is dead so maybe she wakes up and hears someone with a British Accent singing Daydream Believer in the shower. But when she opens the door and says "Vision" she finds Ant-man who was practicing for a local karaoke competition. He is in a group doing The Monkees with Rhodes and Banner and tells her that he got the Davy Jones part and ask her how his accent sounds.
  6. I am confused, why wouldn't a random civilian know who Pietro was? Wanda is an Avenger probably one of the most famous people in the world. Especially after Civil War and people calling for her arrest after the mission in Lagos there would have been all kind of "Who is Wanda Maximoff" news stories.
  7. If they could some how make it some sort of Avengers version of Patrick Duffy in the shower I would laugh my ass off.
  8. Thor being so ripped has never made sense to me. All Asgardians are supposed to be super strong (with Odin being the strongest even though he looks like a feeble old man). So 1) why does Thor need the giant arms and shoulders and 2) how does he even work out. Like if lifting a car is easy even for an average person from Asgard what can he lift to build muscle? I think a lot of it comes from the actors. I saw an interesting interview with Terry Crews on the weekend and he said on the set of The Expendables he couldn't work out with other cast members because it would get way too competitive and he didn't want to get hurt.
  9. It would be some epic level trolling if in the last scene in the last episode the characters heard a knocking sound then it cut to the new Avengers Compound and saw Jeremy Renner knock on Wanda's door and say "wake up Wanda it's time for training".
  10. Yea there is a lot of annoying stuff like that and the more you think about the more you notice it. Like some how NASA made a point to evacuate the International Space Station but no one bothered to contact Sully's space ship to tell the crew about the disaster. And there had to be some kind of communication set up since (at least in my head) they go to K-23 and check it out. Then they report back to earth that it is all good so the colony ship can leave. Since they were expecting to pass by that ship on the way home. Otherwise why would you send a colony if the first ship says the moon can't support life.
  11. So since there are 9 episodes this season if they keep up the one episode per TV decade they will run out of decades before they run out of episodes (even if there is an episode that is 2020's tv whatever that is). So I am wonder if after they run out will the remaining episode be Wanda losing her shit because reality caught up to her and her babies were taken away? Also the third episode got me thinking, if Westview is a real place and Wanda is actually there, how do the fake commercials fit in? Is someone actually acting them out in some other building in the town?
  12. The fact that Westview is a real place in the "real" is probably one of the more interesting things we learned this episode. The doctor seems to exist purely to service Wanda and Vision's story. It is like if Wandavision was a real tv show, the viewers wouldn't get any more details or see what actually happens on his vacation. So here his vacation doesn't happen either.
  13. I don't remember anything about a ship to Mars but I think there was a line about how they tried to communicate with a colony ship on its way to K-23 but couldn't get ahold of it. I took that to mean that the shop never took off because of the unnamed catastrophe.
  14. Yup just tried with this thread since it was at the top of my content I posted in page. When I clicked on it, I was sent to the first post on page 1.
  15. Well there protocols for doing a space walk and being secure were also pretty crappy with the way they jumped from one section to another. All it would take was a slight miss or bumping the ship the wrong way and you floating out into space. But yea the no doctors thing is not good, especially for the future. All I could think of was best case scenario was that adult Iris and her partner become farmers on the moon they went to (which would be a hard life). Hopefully they don't get sick or injured (and she survives childbirth). They eventually die of natural causes and their (kid or kids)is left alone on Saturn's moon. Because it is not like you can build a society with just one family.
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