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  1. Using the pets and street name formula, I would be Muffy Beaumaris.
  2. Iguana

    Survivor Strategy

    Thank you for the answer to my question. I didn't know exactly what the rules for the Knowledge is Power said, so now it's pretty clear Xander wouldn't have been allowed to say nothing. He had to answer, and I assume Jeff would step in to force the issue if Xander didn't respond verbally to Liane.
  3. Iguana

    Survivor Strategy

    Here's something that I've been wondering about..... When Liane used her advantage to ask Xander if he had an HII, what would have happened if he had just handed over the fake one without saying anything? Liane would be left believing she had a working HII. Would Jeff have intervened is some way to clarify that it was a fake, or would he have let things play out without saying anything himself? What, if any, are the rules about that?
  4. OK, show. You got me with the twists I didn’t see coming: Gizmo is finally going to get everything he’s always wanted, and it gets ripped away from him by Lazlo and some Oreos; poor Nandor goes on his grand trip all by himself; and Nadja gets a big promotion but won’t be enjoying it much with Guillermo instead of Lazlo. And Lazlo stays home with the Colin Robinson creepy baby. While I expected he would be back in some form, this was not it. Creeeepyyy. I might feel bad for Lazlo sacrificing his time with Nadja to look after a helpless baby Colin Robinson if he hadn’t complete
  5. During one of the early Disney nights, Joey Fatone danced a Pasa Doble(?) to the main theme from Star Wars. And I have a vague memory of someone doing a quickstep to the Cantina theme. And this may date me terribly, but I also remember a discoish version of the Star Wars soundtrack was an actual top 40 radio hit in 1977/8.
  6. Well, it looks like Tyra got a bit of Bibitybobityboo from the Disney fairy godmothers. Lion King Tyra was probably the best she’s ever looked, and the second gold dress was actually quite pretty. Good on ya, Tyra.
  7. Tyra, the Britney schoolgirl outfit isn’t a tribute, it’s just tacky. And sad. And tacky. And ridiculous. And tacky. And unflattering. And tacky. And inappropriate. And tacky. And ugly. But mostly really tacky. ETA: and then the green dress and snake shows up to say “Tacky? Hold my beer. I’ll give you the real tacky.”
  8. Hey y’all. As another season of BB draws to a dreary close, I just want to let y’all know how much I appreciate the mods and posters in this thread. The snark factor is high and I love it. You’re also fucking funny, smart and whatever word means the opposite of asshole. It’s rare to find a place where posters can discuss and disagree without disrespect, so kudos to y’all.
  9. Iguana

    S01.E01: Pilot

    This show is….just not good. The acting is shakey. The characters are caricatures. The dialogue is not what actual people talk like. The plot holes appear to be as big as the sinkhole. And the FX are really, really bad, especially the wolves. The most frightening thing about them was how truly terrible the CGI was. But it’s totally my jam. So of course I’m in for the duration. I will watch the hell out of this show until it’s inevitable cancellation after 6 episodes.
  10. Oh, Tyra. The 80’s want you to know that massive shoulder pads stopped being fashionable when we all stopped snorting coke. Worse yet, they were deliberately(?) asymmetrical. The left shoulder was max Dynasty Joan Collins and the right was max Chicago Bear linebacker. Such. An. Ugly. Dress. Anyone think Olivia Jade should be dancing to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”? eta: Holy crap. The second dress was even worse. It was the NBC Peacock bathed in the blood of it’s enemies.
  11. On a dreadfully shallow note, X looked fantastic in the wet shirt at the end of the competition. On a still shallow but slightly more substantive note, Derek is utterly delusional. He is a legend in his own mind.
  12. Welcome back you fuck-ing guyz! Putting the vampires on the Council is a such a clever way of getting them and Guillermo out from under the death sentence. And it gives them so many new possibilities for storylines. I’m really looking forward to Nandor v Nadja and their version of Game of Thrones. And Guillermo the Vampire Slayer has a new FU attitude. Wonder how long he’s going to keep taking shit from the vampires before he decides to remind them what he is capable of.
  13. So much Silky, so much FF button. Finished this ep in about 20 minutes. Jan won, Pandora won, Eureka won. But Ru loves Silky so….. I just can’t with her.
  14. It’s one thing to have an obstacle that seriously challenges the Ninjas, it’s quite another thing to have an obstacle that seriously injures them. Drop Zone should never be used again.
  15. So the 'street" skateboarding wasn't all that great, but the Canadian announcers did make a point of explaining why some tricks were higher scoring than others. For example, flipping the board around while in the air as they jump onto a rail is more difficult than just jumping the board onto the rail, and is worth more points if done correctly. One of the reasons the women's scores were generally much lower than the men's is that they rarely did those flip and jump combos. I watched some of the surfing yesterday, and definitely agree it is not a good event to watch live. Maybe 2-3 minu
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