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  1. It will be interesting to see how Fred's death plays out in Gilead. If they had let him return he probably would have been executed as a traitor. But now I can totally see the regime spinning it like how Fred was murdered by sinful women and they were right in controlling them. So they might have just made Fred a martyr for the Gilead cause.
  2. I am three episodes in and I am kind of thinking that Carrie has probably already had sex with Yevgeny. It would continue the tradition of her fucking the most inappropriate people possible.
  3. It seems weird to me that the reset charges created new timelines rather than resetting the sacred timeline back to some point.
  4. That whole story reminded me of how where I live there was a debate earlier this year about giving inmates priority access to a COVID shot. People were pissed but all I could think of was that if they had higher instances of catching the virus maybe target their first. Plus something like credit card fraud or auto theft (or any crime really) shouldn't be a death sentence. Same with dying from heat stroke. I wouldn't expect a prison I place that gets cold winters to say fuck it we aren't heating the cell blocks.
  5. It has been pretty clear from the start of this show that the writers have no idea about Canadian geography. Although if they wanted a border crossing in Ontario that was kind of a no man's land kind of thing, the 1000 Island bridge would be an interesting one since you take bridges over two islands and the water between the islands is the border. I can see Canada maybe not wanting to secure their island. The other interesting option would be Cornwall Island although that is further away from Toronto. But the interesting thing there is the island is Mohawk First Nations territory and there ter
  6. I was wondering about this. If the lady Loki was born a female then that would be a nexus point right there. The other options are that Loki is over a 1000 years old and at some point he decides he wants to present himself as a woman and changes his appearance the same way he changed to Cap, and that is the nexus point. Or this is an entirely different female characters who decided to call herself Loki. Asgardian powers have always been all over the place. I mean Frigga died from simply being stabbed. Thor survived being out in space in IW but none of the other Asgardians did.
  7. I haven't got to those episodes yet but that sounds hilarious. Because when I think of towns full of sober people the first place I think of is Boston.
  8. I thought the scene with Serena and the CIA guy where she was telling him that Fred should be addressed as commander was weird. I guess women in Gilead don't do a lot of bargaining since it seemed she had no power to ask for anything. I wished the CIA guy would have told her that the options they had were for Fred to spill everything and take what they get or go to prison or get sent back to Gilead. With those other options not sure how she was in any position to ask for a bigger house and more security. Especially since if Fred was on to telling them about dead handmaid's and other women, he
  9. I really liked this series but that was pretty dumb. Those things were the size of large hail stones. Hail storms can do a lot of damage but I don't think they can crush the roof of a car. On the plus side Angela's kick ass Buick Grand National survived and that is what is really important.
  10. Has Leno ever said what he plans on doing with all that Tonight show money? He was host for over 20 years, plus his 10pm show plus years as Carson's fill in. He has no kids and it must be easily $100 million+ That's why I said it was the majority NBC's fault not entirely. When they announced their succession plan (which was 4 or 5 years before the mess happened) they should have made him an offer he couldn't refuse with an agreement that he stays off tv for a year, or been ready for the competition or been ready to say goodbye to Conan. Instead of doing any of those they chose t
  11. In Canada it is on Amazon Prime and every once and awhile I will throw it on for background noise. It is cool how they combined the super standard young people living in a big city sitcom plot but then wrote it 30 rock style with rapid fire jokes and no pausing for audience laughter. And it worked so well. Elisha Cuthbert had that show where she was pregnant with her best friends baby which was really bad. Casey Wilson had that show Marry Me from her husband/ the HE creator that was better but not great. Zachary Knighton had that Weird Loners show which was probably the most interesti
  12. I am hardly a Leno fan but I think the majority of the fault in that situation lies with the executives running NBC. Because you can't really tell a guy who is a workaholic that you are basically going to be firing him in a few years and expect him to just retire quietly. And if you are going to try that maybe don't wait until the last minute to figure out what to do with him when he doesn't want to retire. Because the one thing I remember from the War for Latenight book regarding Leno was he was all about working. He would do stand up gigs as often as possible any night his show wasn't on the
  13. Still on season 13. Watched episode 20 tonight (the one where the ER closes and Sam treats the photographer with cancer). One small thing I found hilarious was at the start of the episode Sam is getting ready in a fully furnished and decorated apartment with books and trinkets on shelves and pictures on the walls. Even though like 6 episodes her building practically burned down from a fire that was started in her apartment. So where the hell did she get all that stuff?
  14. Even in the scene in Mongolia with Loki one of the TVA people looks at their little computer screen and says something about how the slope of the timeline is too steep and the visual on the screen is similar to what was in the Miss Manners cartoon. To me the slope is the rate of change of the alternate timeline from the sacred timeline. Why would the TVA care about the slope if every timeline gets wiped?
  15. You mean I need to stop making jokes about who will be playing Balki in that upcoming Nine Perfect Strangers show?
  16. The TVA exists outside of time. The timekeepers have basically seen everything and are downloading it all to the judge lady and I assume others. The reason they can't track the other evil Loki is because he is also working outside of time I think. So they can see where he has been but they can't see where he is going. I guess it depends. Thanos turned time backwards to get it to where he wanted and he didn't really kill Wanda in the timeline where the mindstone was destroyed. Is resetting a timeline just turning time backwards until you reach the nexus point or is it killing all the pe
  17. I only ever watch CNN at the gym (which hasn't happened for over a year now) but isn't he like their go to crime analyst guy? You would think with the number of legal scholars, true crime authors and podcast hosts it wouldn't be hard to come up with a replacement.
  18. Since watching Falcon and the Winter Solider, every time this idea comes up I wonder, if Cap was always Mr. Carter and just hid out in Peggy's basement without drawing any attention to himself how did he get a new shield? It is also too bad that vibranium doesn't have an easy to identify look since it would have been cool to see some with the infinity stones at the TVA office.
  19. I like that they are unimpressive. Most people aren't like Stan Lee level creative. So if you ask someone to come up with a costumed secret identity and design the costume, odds are the whole thing is going to be pretty lame. In the opening scene of the series Angela's grandfather as a kid saw a bomb dropped on the building his parents were in. It is possible that their bodies were never recovered. So perhaps DNA makes the link between Angela and her grandfather and then historical records make the link between him and his parents. The use of Islands in the Stream for a long stre
  20. If you watch the Miss Minutes video there is a red dashed line above the sacred timeline and in the scene in France one of the TVA dudes says they are approaching the redline. That says to me that as long as a timeline doesn't vary too much from the sacred line it can keep on existing. Which makes sense since if all the timeless are very similar they probably aren't going to go to war with each other.
  21. Plus when he was in Mongolia one of the TVA officers mentioned that the slope of that variant timeline was very steep. Which seems to further indicate if a timeline has a relatively flat slope it is ok.
  22. Watched the first episode last night since my cable company gave me HBO/showtime on demand for a nice discount for the next 4 months. As someone who has read the comic several times it definitely has me interesting. The fact that Alan Moore, a guy who got famous writing Superman, Batman and Swamp Thing stories (and then went on to write stories about Captain Nemo, Wendy from Peter Pan and Harry Potter) but does not like when people adapt his works, probably hates it has me even more interested.
  23. Rewatching with my kids. One thing I noticed was that in the Miss Minutes video when it shows the variant creating an alternate timeline, there is a dashed line above and below the main timeline. And then in France one of the guard guys mentions that the timeline they are in is approaching redline. Which makes me think that timelines that aren't too different from the main, and don't cross the redlines, don't get reset.
  24. Cap hiding out and being a nobody and being Peggy's husband all along doesn't make sense even based on what we saw in Endgame. Because if he just his out and did nothing then where did the new shield he gave Sam come from (it's made from the rarest material on earth)? Because I don't see how it is possible to get it without altering the timeline. Does Peggy just ask Howard if he has any more vibranium shields lying around without giving any reason why she is asking?
  25. Hopefully we can get some clarification as to if every decision every person ever makes creates a new timeline or just time travel. And if all alternate timelines have to be eliminated or not. Because now I wonder if Thanos turning back time in Infinity War created a separate timeline and if so, was the one where he didn't turn back time eliminated?
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