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  1. Dancingjaneway

    Will & Grace

    I think I finally have reached a point where this show is no longer must watch. Between Grace just being a horrible person and the disgusting bi erasure last night I'm out. This show made it clear last night that bisexuals don't exist and that the only important members of the LGBTQ community are lesbians and gay men. I'm so sick of bisexuals either being erased or poorly treated. This is why being bisexual even in the LGBTQ community is scary and hard. Karen literally had a relationship with Martina Navratilova in the first iteration of the show! They even made the joke that Karen "turned" Martina. No excuse for this crap. Now onto Grace. She is no longer funny selfish she is just a bitch. She is a horrible person and friend and I want to slap her. She bullied Noah into meeting his daughter, gave him shit for how their relationship was going and now lives with him even though she KNEW that it wasn't a move she wanted to make. Now she has decided to fly somewhere with a strange guy just because he loved cinnabun. That is just stupid f*cking writing. In regards to everything else it was good but not great. Smitty and Coco Peru were the best parts of last night. Looks like Brooklyn 99 & HTGAWM are going to be the only shows I loyally watch on Thursdays.
  2. I heard about that whole Karla Souza Yalitza Apricio story and according to many it's a fake story. I guess TV Notas is not a credible news site and is actually a gossip page. Also they say that this is revenge against Karla because of her #MeToo story from last year.
  3. Dancingjaneway

    S05.E15: Please Say No One Else Is Dead

    Firstly I am SO glad that Tegan survived. I just love her character. I still want her and Annalise to become a thing. I think Frank's plan with telling Bonnie that Miller did it is a bad idea. I feel like that's going to come out somehow and Bonnie is going to feel so betrayed by him. I want to know how Annalise knows Michaela's dad. I knew Gabriel wouldn't sell out the gang because he's head over heels for Michaela. I can't decide whether Emmett was poisoned or is just having a heart attack. I think he was poisoned but by who? Why would Xavier or the gov poison him when they just trashed him on live t.v. They could just kill him and be done with it. If it WAS Tegan why? Does she want to be in charge of the firm? Also Emmett technically isn't dead. He was still moving & his eyes were open. A theory that I could see was that the poison was meant for her. She is still on the Castillos shit list. I KNEW that Laurel was going to disappear because of how it was shot. I was not expecting Christopher to be missing though. I really hope the show gets another season because even it's weakest episodes/season are better than 90% of the dramas on t.v.
  4. Dancingjaneway

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think Viola Davis & Glenn Close are better actresses than Meryl Streep. I feel like Meryl is so overrated & over nominated.
  5. Dancingjaneway

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    I thought for sure Emmett had done it but when they showed it to be Laurels brother I was SHOCKED. Also who in the hell opens a package they aren't expecting after receiving creepy phone calls? How about we send Laurel into witness protection with Christopher and they are never seen again? Seriously she annoys the hell out of me & her stupidity just bugs me to no end. If Liza Weil doesn't end up with an Emmy nomination after this season I am going to be very upset. Even though Emmett isn't a killer I still don't like him & find him slimy. I can't believe Annalise let Emmett in after what went down at the restaurant. I mean if he WAS a killer it would not have been smart to let him in. I really hope he and Annalise don't hook up. I actually think that out of everyone Tegan is the most in danger. She helped put the father away & played the FBI agent so she may not have protection anymore. If she dies before her and Annalise become lovers I will be PISSED. Oliver talking about how he was in his HS musicals as a way of being ready for court was adorable. I really want him and Connor to have a happy ending. I hate that there is only one more episode of the season left. This is one of my few staple shows and I miss when it isn't on.
  6. Dancingjaneway

    Unpopular Opinions

    Bohemian Rhapsody sucked. Rami was NOT a good choice for Freddie. He didn't have his voice, look or mannerisms down. The editing & storytelling were horrible. I kept wondering when the movie was going to be over. It's too bad because I was really looking forward to it.
  7. Dancingjaneway

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Finally saw this tonight and I just don't understand the hype over Rami's performance or the movie. I didn't think Rami looked or acted like Freddie at all. The movie itself was WAY too long and the actual film aspect of it was mediocre. The only moment that I actually enjoyed was the end at Live Aid. But that was just the combination of the music & know what was going to happen to Freddie. I'm so glad I didn't pay to see it.
  8. Going by the comments on twitter after this episode you would have thought they burned Trump & a cross in effigy. If anyone was still holding out hope for McDanno to happen it's not going to. I haven't watched the show in ages but happened upon a bit of this one and it is still as horrible as when I left it. The shows writing is horrible and not even horrible in a guilty pleasure way. The conversion therapy story was handled horribly & I wish that they hadn't even done it. If you are going to do a story line about something that sensitive then you need to give it your full attention & get the advice of LGBTQ writers. All this was was an episode written by a bunch of dudebros who wanted to look woke.
  9. Dancingjaneway

    S05.E13: Where Are Your Parents?

    I know that the governor is not trustworthy but I DO believe Emmett killed Nate Sr. I have felt this way since his murder. He was SO angry at Annalise for leaving. Now throw in the fact that he's attracted to her it just puts more wood on the fire. I am so, so, so happy that Tegan is not selling Annalise or the rest of the gang out. I really like her & want her to end up with Annalise. While I love what Tegan did I think it kind of made things worse. Connors mom is disgusting and I hope that this is the last we see of her for a very long time. Not surprised Laurel kept the blanket because that's totally a Laurel thing to do. She definitely didn't inherit her fathers brain when it comes to crime. If Bonnie IS pregnant I think she will end up terminating the pregnancy. There is no way she could keep being pregnant from Frank. I also doubt that they would have her just run off and have the baby. I'll be curious to see if the call Laurel got leads to anything. They didn't show that it was her mom(at least I don't think they did) & it was clearly someone crying. I wonder also what Annalises plan was going to be once she got into the room with the FBI agent.
  10. Dancingjaneway

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Albert Finney will always be Daddy Warbucks to me. That is the only version of Annie that I will EVER acknowledge.
  11. They are saying the two people in the doc are Wade Robson(famous choreographer) & James Safechuck. While James isn't very well known Wade is. Wade has always talked about how much MJ meant to him & has even dedicated things to MJ. I don't fault him for any of that but I think it's going to keep this documentary from being taken seriously.
  12. I don't think the MJ documentary is going to do any damage to Michael or his image. The two survivors testified at the 2005 trial that Michael didn't do anything to them. People aren't going to take them seriously after that. Michael has always been treated like a God & this isn't going to change that. That Melissa McCarthy interview absolutely breaks my heart. I really hope that the article keeps Billy from having his "comeback moment".
  13. Dancingjaneway

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    "Do-Me Decimal system" was my favorite line of the night. It is SO good to have this show back. Boyle wearing that Gina mask and wig was hilarious. I loved Terry throwing the computer after entering another wrong password. Someone upthread mentioned that Holt didn't bring up Kevin when he talked about leaving. I seriously hope that they are still together. That would break my heart. Also they can't do that to Cheddar. My dad's favorite Holt shirt was the one that said one tequila two tequila floor.
  14. Dancingjaneway

    Us (2019)

    I cannot WAIT to see this movie. This will be the first time I am going to see a thriller (scaredy cat here) in theaters. Jordan did a great job with Get Out. I love thrillers that make you think long after the film is over.
  15. Dancingjaneway

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I'm really hoping that they fire Kevin from the gig. His comments about being gay are not funny & are quite scary. I think he is going to cost them viewers(which they cannot afford). Also I feel like celebrities will be hesitant to take part in the night or be open to playing along with whatever he has planned for that night.