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  1. Can you imagine having an hour of her just going around the hospital yelling "HAS THERE BEEN A MURDERRR?!!
  2. This show wasn't even on my radar because I hardly ever watch Netflix but a few people were talking about it in a Twitch chat & I got curious. Wow! This show was brilliant...up until the end. The characters were well crafted, they did a great job of getting us attached to them, the visuals were incredible & the story was well done.
  3. Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry I wasn't clearer about that.
  4. I am torn on wether I want this to come back or not. Part of me wants it to be left alone because Briscoe, Greene & Anita were the perfect trio & that's where the show ended. But at the same time if they were to put in an all new cast & stayed away from the other L&O's I would be interested. I would love to see Reiko Aylesworth(24, Hawaii 5-O) as head prosecutor. She actually was up for the part of Olivia Benson but obviously lost out to Mariska. If Viola Davis wasn't so busy I would love to see her in the D.A. position. Amirah Vann could take over the VanBuren role. As far as
  5. At first I thought that said DUPLO & I was very confused. LOL. At the same time though I have no clue who Diplo is but he sounds like a scumbag.
  6. Ellen has been very problematic for years now. Her racism has been known for awhile. She went on The View a few years back & talked about how HBCU's & the NAACP awards show should be done away with. She thought that it created more segregation. Not understanding that they are in place so that Black people can be acknowledged in a white washed world & receive an education with people that understand their struggles. She also talked about how her dad was racist & so she brought over a bunch of Black boys to go swimming, just to make her dad uncomfortable. Who in the HELL does tha
  7. Am I the only one who thinks Matthew Rhys(The Americans) would be perfect to play Lindsey Buckingham?
  8. I'll be curious to see how the viewers take to JoJo being partnered with another woman. I think that's going to be what makes or breaks her outcome on the show. DWTS audience(like Idol) seems very midwestern, religious, white & conservative. They are not big fans of the LGBTQ community.
  9. In regards to this whole John Mulaney situation, I really don't care. He is with someone who is not only close to him in age but older, they are both consenting adults, he didn't show anyone his junk, he didn't harass or rape anyone, no children were hurt(physically or mentally) & he isn't a antivax racist. So I will continue to enjoy him & his comedy. When he does one of the above, THEN it will be an issue for me. PS. I am not saying cheating(if he did) is cool but it's VERY low on the list of things someone deserves to be cancelled for.
  10. What cracks me up about celebrities who spout the 5G, anti vaxx, detox diets is that ALL of them have had some form of botox or filler put into their bodies. How is THAT natural & healthy??
  11. Watching this doc is a waste of time. If they wanted me to feel bad for these addicts they didn't do their job. The only one I felt for was the girl hit by the drunk driver. Her pain(physical & mentally) is something I can understand wanting to numb. It's too bad that her settlement money wasn't kept somewhere safe or in some sort of CD so she couldn't touch it. The one kid in the motorcycle accident caused his own accident. When you slam into the back of someone you are either too close, going to fast or not paying attention. The rest of the kids are spoiled kids whose parents have tried
  12. The song "I will always love You" is a great instance of where the two combine. Dolly has made MAJOR money off the song. But without the Bodyguard soundtrack/Whitney would that song have lived on like it did? Probably not. Dolly was smart enough to know who should or shouldn't be able to cover her songs. Whitney also landed in a nice spot with the song. I think she would be popular no matter what becuase her voice was IT but I think that song really propelled her to a different stratosphere. That song will always be a part of pop history. I mean whenever you think Whitney you think of that son
  13. I just read a report by someone who studied this case in their forensic class. It was reported that the kids were found with no car seats & no seatbelts. This just further cements the suicide/murder theory.
  14. Finally watched this & wow what a disturbing, sad, blood boiling story. I remember when it happened but didn't remember the specifics or the outcome. Dany is a piece of shit & I wish that the son didn't have to stay with him. When they first said he didn't need therapy I felt like knocking their heads together. But finding out that Jay got him into therapy made me feel so much better. It's like you saw what your wife/friend went through when her mom left you think that just because his mother died instead of abandoning him he's going to be o.k.?? I'm am firmly in the murder/suici
  15. I had no idea this park existed until the documentary. The creator of the park was a piece of shit. The first half is definitely light-hearted & fun but the 2nd half is like they chucked you into the cannonball loop. One aspect that I KNOW they didn't talk about was sexual assaults or predators/rapists. I have to wonder how many kids were attacked by pedos or how many girls fondled, raped, attacked etc. There is NO way in a park setting like that, that shit didn't go down.
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