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  1. YESS!! I LOVE them together. I always felt Seth was too much of a fusspot/curmudgeon for JB whereas Michael was always ready to go & his wits matched Jessicas. ETA: I wish that Bea Arthur had showed up on the show at least once. Both women were always magnificent & together they were even better!
  2. Same here. Also he's a terrific dramatic actor. He was on a season of Damages & he was so good! It was such a different role but he played it so well.
  3. I worked for a bank & it was where NXIVM had all their accounts & loans. I remember them having a meeting about what to do. Some people didn't want to lose the money but others wanted the accounts gone because of the public image issues. In the end they ended up closing the accounts & the loans. They knew that even though they were losing a lot of money it wouldn't compare to how much they would lose when clients saw them doing business with a cult. I was so glad that my boss was one of the people who didn't want to keep the accounts. It didn't surprise me though because she was a mom & a very kind person.
  4. This is NOT the way: https://www.themarysue.com/gina-carano-called-out-for-transphobic-twitter-presence/ She is also anti-mask.
  5. Looks like I'll be going back to strictly enjoying Julie Andrews projects.
  6. I saw Pete Davidson live when he was touring with John Mulaney. His material was lame & his energy was awful. They had him perform before John which was smart because I would have left a minute into Petes set. John on the other hand was once again brilliant and super charming. I don't hate him but I don't find him funny either.
  7. Golden Girls American Dad The Simpsons Living Single Designing Women Hunter Psych MST3K This one is more of a special "I love the 80's" Law and Order (only the Jerry Orbach years.) The Critic
  8. What a disappointing start. Whoever put this together did not do a good job of selling the mystery of what is going on in the DEVS. I mean come on from the giant little girl statute to the name of the company & then the thousands of pictures of children. It's obvious he's(Nicks character) trying to bring his child back and is doing it in a nefarious way. Also these characters are supposed to be super smart but they do some of the dumbest shit. 1. If you are going to bring someone onto a project & have the possible outcome being their death why would you choose someone who has a girlfriend who would go looking for them? You would go with someone who had no family & no ties to anyone that way you wouldn't have to explain away this persons disappearance. 2. You really thought his girlfriend was going to believe he committed suicide? I mean come on! The guy was happy with her, just got the job he's been dreaming of & he's in a stable place financially. Talk about someone less inclined to commit suicide. 3. The watch. If they knew that watches had those capabilities then why was he allowed to wear it into the building? Wouldn't they also have metal detectors? I understand they were free to come and go but there has to be SOME kind of security besides cameras. 4.Why would Sergei leave the premises and then come back just to kill himself in front of the cctv cameras? If he was going to kill himself and not want anyone to find out he would have just kept walking and done it somewhere private. Not surprised that Lily isn't buying it. I know that some people are book smart and not street smart but there is NO way any of these people are THAT stupid. I have to say that even though it's obvious what is happening I am still going to watch because I want to see how on point I am with my theory.
  9. Just did a re-watch this week & finally watched the final season. I thought the final season sucked. It also doesn't help that I can't stand Jenna Elfman. The way they ended it was predictable but fine. I find that even on my 2nd viewing the show goes downhill after Tom dies. I didn't care for the Judd Hirsch character & I felt like the situation with Patty & Ellen was not interesting anymore. I mean how many times can you do the whole "Ellen goes back to Patty" story? You can tell in season 3 that Mario Van Peebles was no longer a part of the show/ directing it. There is a different vibe and feel. Season 3 had a few plotlines that were a waste. Frobisher making his story into a movie was dull & Ellen's family has a secret was also super weak. The acting though was superb. Martin short & Lily Tomlin did a great job. I had forgotten how much I liked Frobisher's southern lawyer. I had a soft spot for him. Glen Close carried this show especially season 4 & 5. Because I think the shows are kind of alike (htgawm & Damages) I would love to see her and Viola Davis team up. The song used at the end shot of season one still gives me chills. Out of all the guys Ellen ended up with I liked Wes the best. I wish they had kept up the friendship between her and Katie(davids sister). I also wish that she & Phil hadn't divorced. I liked them together. Didn't give a shit about her son or what happened to him but I forgot how much of a crush I had on his girlfriend(played by Wendy Moniz). I was also not thrilled by the one weird detective that came back(the tall guy who investigated Toms death). He was so damn odd & I hated the way he was played.
  10. I can't stand Cate Blanchett. I don't think she is a brilliant actress and I find her to be boring. Also her love for Roman Polanski & Woody Allen is disgusting and hypocritical.
  11. 不不不不不 That is my new favorite name for Nate's memorial building.
  12. Tegan not dying and ending up with Annalise was a shock to me. I didn't expect to get the outcome I wanted. Sad that Bonnie didn't survive but I think without Frank she would have suffered. Michaela becoming a judge was an absolute joke! The girl was willing to send an innocent woman to her death almost just to avoid facing punishment for her own misdeeds. Oliver became trash in this last season and that was sad. Connor ended up being the only student I didn't truly hate. He actually did the right thing in the end. I'm glad he survived his years in prison. Nate opening up the justice center was nice but I still cannot believe he made it to the end. Also I had to laugh seeing as how he killed two people. The writers totally trolled the viewers by making them think that it was Wes when really he was just playing Christophe. They knew it was going to cause a frenzy. They need to just give Viola the Emmy now because she NAILED it. So happy to see the governor & Jorge get what they deserved. I wish the FBI guy had gotten his as well. His stupid smug face pissed me off. All in all I wasn't mad at this finale. Was it perfect? No. But it made me cry, shocked the hell out of me & made me happy. I can definitely live with this.
  13. Here is the twitter thread that shows who gets shot: It starts from 0:24 and on. Instead of showing just Annalises face it shows her whole body and who she is crying over & holding. It's quick but enough for people to be able to get a screenshot.
  14. If you want to see who gets shot next week go to Aja Naomi Kings twitter page or go to the reddit page. ABC released a newer promo that looks almost the same up until the part with the gunshots. The video was posted by several cast members but was taken down immediately after they saw that people could see who Annalise was crying over. If it was unintentional then yikes but if they filmed multiple endings then it's kind of a smart idea. It would throw people off their game in guessing who dies.
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