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  1. While Ryan Murphy does make SOME good t.v. I am NOT looking forward to his project with Monica Lewinsky. I don't think the story is interesting & I don't see Monica as a victim. I also think it's disrespectful to Chelsea Clinton & her family. There are plenty of other stories(esp. Black stories) that deserve to be told & would probably do some good to tell.
  2. I am so glad this wonderful show is getting another season. Ava is a bitch. There really is nothing redeeming about her at this point. I feel bad for Deborah because she has let Ava in & is going to end up paying for it. I do love Marcus & was hoping that he & the water guy would stay together but oh well. Also my unpopular opinion about this show is I HATE Kayla. She is just too stupid & it's not funny. Jean Smart deserves an emmy for her work on this show.
  3. Can I just say that I would LOVE a comedy spin off with Mare & Helen. Jean Smart & Kate Winslet play off each other beautifully.
  4. I think Dylan is the outcome of two well meaning parents who don't punish their children or think they can do no wrong. Whenever he talked to them it always seemed like they were cowtowing to him. It was always "o.k. Dylan" whatever you want. Too much yes & not enough no.
  5. Also looking at next weeks preview I think they are going to lose custody of Dylan. That's why Mare & Shibon are hugging & crying. I think that's also why her mother is crying at one point in the preview. Looks like the author/semi boyfriend is heading back to where he came from. I don't think he was the killer I think he was just someone to bring a distraction for Mare & the show. If he WAS the killer I would be PISSED.
  6. So here's the thing, unless their is hanky panky going on in that picture I don't see how it points to her murderer. If it's just a simple pic with her & one of the brothers that doesn't mean anything. It was a family reunion so they would have had multiple pics together. There must be something to this pic that gives away the answer. Also I still don't understand what Dylan is so upset about. He's not the killer(even though it was wierd how he mentioned Jess would get shot in the face like Erin). I wonder if he had something to do with another crime & Erin wrote about it & he does
  7. I think John & Lori are the killers & Billy was simply the father of Erin's baby. It's usually the characters I like in these shows that end up being the baddies. Lori is my favorite of Mare's friends & that just tells me she is no good. The way Lori talked about loving him even when he cheated on her it wasn't just the "I love him still somewhere in my heart/he's the dad of my kids" it was a "I love this man & would do ANYTHING for him he is mine". I'm thinking John & or Lori killed Erin because she was going to start asking Billy & the brothers for money. She knew Dyl
  8. I wanted to scream when they didn't show the photo! I think it's John & Lori who killed Erin. I feel like Billy's confession was too easy & then the gun in the tackle box just screams "I'm going to kill you so nobody knows the truth". Which sucks because I really liked Lori. I think the custody battle is also going to take place next week. Personally I don't care. Also I really, really, really hate Shioban. She is a bitch. Her mother did nothing wrong. She couldn't help that she was the one who found him. I hate that we have spent time on her story. It means nothing to me.
  9. I read the wrong story. Sorry. I have a feeling that they were going to an AA or Drug rehab program that took place at the church. Hence the reason they met in church.
  10. I find Call me by Your Name to be super creepy. A man that age should NOT be into a boy that age. I don't find anything about it romantic. I don't know if it's because it's two men but I am not cool with it straight or gay. I also feel the same way about the movie Lolita. NASTY! To me that isn't art that is living out pedo fantasies.
  11. J.Lo & Ben makes me laugh. Two egotistical jackasses who got super lucky when it comes to being famous. Sure she was a good dancer on In Living Color but other than that? Ben definitely didn't write most of Good Will Hunting & he isn't that good of an actor. All I know is if this means new J.Lo music then Ashanti better get her vocal chords warmed up. On the topic of John Mulaney. I have many thoughts. Some angry some sad. I know she had removed his name off her instagram right when he entered rehab & never put it back up. So I don't think this is something new. The thing wit
  12. I would love to see a 2nd season. I just really liked the writing & the cast. I want to see more of Laurie, Angela & Looking Glass. If they ended up going the anthology route I wouldn't be disappointed.
  13. I think the Oscar for Best actress is going to go to either Francis McDormand or Carrey Mulligan. There is no way they are going to give Best actress, Supporting actor & Best actor all to Black actors. Daniel Kaluuya is going to win best supporting & Chadwick is a lock for Best actor. If Viola Davis was white she would win. As far as supporting actress I think it's going to go to Yuh-jung Youn. Best director is going to go to Chloe Zhao. Best picture is going to be Nomadland. Oh & Best animated picture is going to Soul(which it deserves).
  14. She was incredible in it. The academy's taste is questionable most of the time so I'm not surprised she wasn't nominated. Also the only Black woman who was nominated that year was Cynthia Erivo for Harriet. Once again the academy was only willing to nominate a Black person playing a slave.
  15. I have shipped many a couple in my time. The ones that lead to some serious heartbreak: McDanno Janeway/Chakotay Hunter/McCall Tony & Michelle Berena But the ones that bring me joy are: Doug & Carol JB Fletcher & Michael Hagarty(played by Len Cariou) Annalise & Tegan Jess & Nick Grace & Frankie Fran & Maxwell
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