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  1. Mine is Never Say Never Again
  2. Spring underwear at work (I probably would have at least a sweater at my desk, and work has been wfh for over a year now so I’d actually be waking up at home and I’m scared of woods. Smash Mouth’s All Star. Might be slightly annoying but I don’t mind the song, if it was a song I hated I would have to reconsider
  3. It was on 20/20 two weeks ago. I was wondering if 20/20 is on Peterson’s defense team.
  4. I agree with Michelle that chocolate ice cream is vastly superior to vanilla.
  5. Talk to animals Butterflies Papercut
  6. 4-6 if I’m in the mood for it
  7. This was a book that I didn’t finish because I knew how it was going to end and didn’t want to read about that. Also I was expecting it to be a mystery and it wasn’t really.
  8. Rewind Never get a cold Neither - live in nyc and these are both phobias of mine. Beautiful. If you're stupid you wouldn't know you were and lots of stupid people are happy.
  9. Dancer sky but this is hard, neither appeals to me. Ice cream. I am obsessed with ice cream, has to be chocolate. I’m very picky about pizza. There is a really good pizza place by my office in nyc but I haven’t had it since pre-COVID and when I was in the city earlier this week, it and the rest of the food places by it were closed, they probably don’t get much traffic with people working from home.
  10. I read the book which annoyed me because I was reading a mystery/thriller book and suddenly its a completely different genre, but in the book it was clear that Rob did this because he was in love with David.
  11. I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. I’m a girl and this book did didn’t appeal to me, I quit reading it about 60 pages in. It was the only Hannah book I had ever tried to read and based on it decided her other books weren’t for me.
  12. Same. I had perfect vision until I turned 40. Now I have trouble with distances and barely passed the eye test last time I had my drivers license renewed. Still can read well enough to not need glasses though.
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