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  1. I totally agree on the 'underoos' commercial. Pronounce the G, like GURU. We've discussed the singing vagina here before but I'll be damned if I can remember the product name. Pretty awful.
  2. The story of Anna Borntreger was about the worst murder I've ever seen. He should have gotten the death penalty or LWOP. I guess Missouri is a good place to murder your wife. She was only 25 and she had borne him 5 children. I was appalled at what he did to her (for a younger woman, natch)
  3. We have exceptionally bad tap water, so we rented a water cooler for years. Then we got smart and bought the unit outright, and the water company delivers just the water now. That is what our LittleFatKitty gets, same as us.
  4. He should call them and say the title is lost. Get it retitled in his name, and get the truck back.
  5. I would PAY to see Ryan O'Reily drag his butt on the carpet!
  6. I'm SO looking forward to today's episode! JJ hollers at a guy who DARES to pick up the water bottle while she IS SPEAKING!
  7. Perhaps they could get Sam Elliott as the narrator?
  8. NEVER would I eat a pizza that looked like that. They need to change that ad.
  9. The whole series "OZ" is free with Amazon Prime. Its pretty brutal, but memorable.
  10. I just had to listen to "One of These Days" again. Love her!
  11. Oh, I know I know, I loved him in SVU as well. But he will always be Ryan O'Reily to me. Did you ever see OZ?
  12. I don't like people who go out of their way to be mean and nasty just because they can. I often turn off a TV show where that is occuring because it is upsetting. But Mayhem is played by Ryan O'Reily, and he can do no bad in my eyes.
  13. Plaintiff kept harping on the "liquor" in the guy's backpack, but SHE looked like a well-worn barfly to me.
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