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  1. Did anyone get a screenshot of the defendant? She was wearing taffeta and lace, I think. Wedding Dress Distress-(the case where the plaintiff designer/seamstress did the wedding dress, and is wearing what looks like a bunch of black garbage bags made into a dress, including a huge bow for court)- Plaintiff actually was on a local TV news program in a modified dress to claim it's very ugly, but it was after plaintiff changed it from the original. The defendant has a picture of the dress when it was finished, and the plaintiff removed the nice touches. It looked awful when she claimed on TV the dress was nothing like she ordered. Plaintiff paid less for the dress when she picked it up because it was not totally finished. $490 was owed, and she pai
  2. My current jaw-clencher: "What's UP, Peloton?" And, of course, Joe Namath.
  3. Paula Zahn, please work on appearing less ghoulish and bloodthirsty, okay?
  4. They had one of those inverted contraptions at the county fair. I tried it out, and it was miraculous! I felt every vertebra separate and no pain.
  5. WHEN will we be getting "The Last of the Summer Wine" back? The last announcement said that it would be back in March. Well, it's April already...
  6. I think the people who have a female dog that's in heat MUST isolate that dog completely. It is certainly not the male dog's fault that he impregnated her! It is pure selfishness to let your fecund dog be loose outside. Suppose a mastiff had sniffed her out!
  7. This game is rigged. I wish I could call them.
  8. My opinion of the daughter (defendant) in the coral top: Slattern.
  9. Mrs Deckard is among the most vile and revolting plaintiffs I've seen. Lying the whole time, whispering lies to her daughter to repeat. Presenting a legal document for the dad to sign, with cardboard covering everything on the paper except for the signature line. Of course he refused to sign it that way! Daughter was insisting she HAD to have the signed document the next day so that SHE wouldn't have to pay the loan back to the defendant! The son corroborated the defendant's story that he was going to slam his legs in the door! I had NO sympathy for the mammoth plaintiff. She kept overtalking JJ and not listening or answering JJ's questions. She is used to getting her own way and was determined to get it. And calling CPS on Dad was beyond the pale; there's a REASON he got sole custody of those children.
  10. My mom used to wear Chanel No 5 and it smelled fabulous on her. Not so much on me, nasty in fact.
  11. True. And who allows their kid to shout at them? "I don't LIKE vegetables!". I just despise the way children are being portrayed these days, AND their mealy-mouthed parents.
  12. The despicable male defendant looked to me like he was bowing up, angry as hell and trying to control it. He isn't used to being told "no" especially by a woman. And the woman was no better, she kept trying to get the last word in, even after a warning by JJ Just terrible people.
  13. I miss my JJ! And the local weather at noon.
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