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  1. I was channel surfing one day and stopped on an older episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I recognized a voice, And it was a young Michael RAdy. He was kind of nerdy looking in his younger days and without facial hair. He’s definitely improved with age.
  2. The one exception for me is his pairing with Erin Cahill - who many consider to be the most wooden of the Hallmark actresses- in the faked Chopped show contest. i don’t generally care for Cindy Busby but I make an exception for the prince movie where James Brolin plays her dad a Montana rancher. The story line and other characters made her annoyingness less prevalent. And yes I did just make up my own word. i recently watched Dater’s handbook and wow Kristopher was super hot with his shaggy hair and I was surprised at how pretty Megan Markle is on screen. the other one who radi
  3. I knew I could count on this board to hate on Love for Real - this board finds fault with most things Hallmark. I for one thoroughly enjoyed this movie,I will rewatch today and record it for future viewings. The female didn’t bother me the way she did for this board, and I found it interesting that she was the least attractive of any of the women. My biggest complaint is the green dress Hayley wore at the pool party, it was hideous and inexcusable given that she is supposedly a fashion designer. It reminded me of the makeshift togas in Animal House. I thought Bree and Marco had
  4. I absolutely despise the Petco commercial where a man announces that it is now a health and wellness company, all said in a haughty, arrogant, snobby tone of voice. First of all saying you are an H & W company doesn’t make you one, and I’ve seen no evidence that you are one. Secondly doing it in a know-it-all voice doesn’t endear you to me. Contrast this with the PetSmart commercial where they sing a happy upbeat song about I’d do anything for you. given a choice I’d choose PetSmart in a heartbeat, but Petco is 10 minutes away and PetSmart is a hour and a half.
  5. I don’t know which one is the dark haired one but he was a recurring character on Veep with an incredibly dirty mind and foul mouth. To me that makes it funny to see him playing a “regular” guy in these commercials.
  6. I haven’t seen any one mention the horrific warbling that is the One A Day commercial. It’s short but long enough to send me up a wall. Followed by the woman “singing” about Prego sauce. (Maybe it’s Ragu, I don’t know or care). Just make her shut up. And I’m neither annoyed or outraged by seeing John Walsh for Jitterbug. I just don’t know where else to say it makes me sad to see how he’s aged. He went through a very tragic situation with his son. He turned it in to something that helped bring justice to other people. I know untold numbers of people have been through a lot, but fo
  7. I love puppy bowl.. I liked the new announcer this year,, Steve Levy did a great job calling the “game” it sounded like a real football game. And the ref Dan always does a good job. i like cats but kitten bowl is just too boring for me. Cute kitties but I’m done after 5 minutes.
  8. For me, it’s the way they change from black & white to color. It always cracks me up in commercials how they use B&W for the “problem” portion of it, then vibrant color for the solution. Not subtle!
  9. I love the music and visual. But the very best part is the legalize fine print at the bottom that says “do not attempt”. I’ll keep that in mind next time i’m on the moon. (Or Mars). Because the buggy jump would be dangerous. As though the spaceship trip and moon walking are apparently not in comparison.
  10. Up thread I mentioned a fat guy dancing in the shower. Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about, but it isn’t the acrobatic Delta guy. (Well choreographed and shot commercial. The guy isn’t fat but I did not find his face attractive). i finally saw the commercial I was talking about. It’s Kohler’s shower head speaker called Moxie. It starts with a black woman in the shower, then the fat guy dancing with great enthusiasm, a white woman chair dancing on her toilet, a dad bathing his kid, two Asian girls dancing/singing in front of the bathroom mirror, and finally a black man in the
  11. Regarding actresses that look alike, when I first started watching Hallmark I thought these guys were the same person andrew Walker and Jack Turner Victor Webster and Kris Polaha Vincent Dangerfield and Mike Faglia <— it’s actually Faiola
  12. I don’t know what the commercial is for - probably Delta faucets - but there’s a fat hairy guy dancing in the shower. I’m all for using something other than perfect model bods in everything, but the fat hairy guy is just too real for me. He’s gross. Unless I’m in love with you, I don’t ant to see it.
  13. There’s so many pharmaceutical ads that they all blur together for me. I can’t remember which one does what nor do I care. I have mentally divided them in to two groups, those which form bonus Scrabble words and those worth fewer points. I decided to make a list this week. From just one week of TV totaling maybe 20 hours these were the ads I saw bonus group: (contains a z, x, q, or j) RexultI - Skyrizzi - Xeljanz -Jardiance -Myrbetruq - Ozempic - Dupixent - Farxiga - Kisqali - Rinvoq - Xiidra - Trintellix - Eliquis - Xofluza non- bonus group Enbrel - Trellegy - Aimovig- S
  14. I can’t take anymore of the Overstock woman spinning in a circle screeching “So excited”. Nails on a chalkboard, maybe she’s shrieking rather than screeching. I don’t know. Just STFU.
  15. Unfortunately the internet spoiled the result for me but nice to see an unusual choice for best in show thankfully the poodle didn’t win
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