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  1. Woopwoopkitty

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    Emgality? its just letter salad at this point. Random strings of consonants with vowels strategically placed to make it almost pronounceable.
  2. Woopwoopkitty

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    The GG theme song.....the first time I heard it, I thought they said “and the heart attack” when it really is “and the card attached”. And now I can’t hear it any other way.
  3. Woopwoopkitty

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I love me some Dennis Quaid. Not enough to buy his insurance, but I think he’s McYummy. as for John Cusack, I was never a Lloyd Dobler fan, but Martin Blank is my ideal fantasy man. and no, I don’t mind sitting on this couch all alone making faces at the rest of you!
  4. Woopwoopkitty

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Fact: we all love video doorbells. Fact: we all hate the Scott brothers.
  5. Woopwoopkitty

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    This one has me confused for a long time. I think it’s Cesar dog food. There’s a man in a conference room of a high rise office building. He’s sitting by the window snacking, and he’s wearing makeup shirt that has epaulets. There’s a small dog on the sill eating. i don’t understand why the dog is there. I don’t understand who the man is. Airline pilot? Security guard? Why are they in an office building? and more importantly, why do I care?
  6. Woopwoopkitty

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    And who came up with Jardiance? It sounds like giardia which leads to a lot of diarrhea. and Rexulti sounds like retching. and Latuda sounds like you have a ‘tude. And Otezla is too much like Ozempic. but at the end of the day, I don’t know what most of these drugs are for and I guess in this case their failure to make that impression doesn’t matter. Normally I’d say if I don’t remember your product it’s a marketing failure, but I suppose not in this case. If I had any of the issues they are needed for, I’d remember.
  7. Woopwoopkitty

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I also like the “$25,000 Pyramid” version. I watched that show incessantly as a kid, and I gotta say, they nailed the look perfectly. The set, the costumes, the gestures, it’s perfectky executed.
  8. Woopwoopkitty

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    I don’t know who comes up with the drug names, but there’s apparently extra credit for using the lesser common letters. Xeljanz, Ozempic, Farxiga, Xarelto, Myrbetriq, etc. it’s like there’s a pharmaceutical version of a Scrabble where they’re trying to get a double letter score for the Z or X and then a triple word score.
  9. During kitten bowl they showed an adopted cat with paralyzed back legs who was very active and running all around dragging her rear legs behind her. So sweet and damn you Hallmark you made me SOB.
  10. For me, as cheesy as most of these movies are, I can usually find something redeemable. Pretty people, chemistry, good cinematography, one or two enjoyable sidekicks even if I don’t like the stars. In the cookie cutter movie I hated the bitchy woman, but Erin’s relationship with the dad and kid, and the Alan Thicke and Erin’s mom budding relationship saved it. There was a mediocre PenaVega couple movie that was boring, but in the last 10 minutes the kids danced dressed up in little reindeer costumes and makeup and it was adorable! Didn’t love the movie but just 3 minutes of cuteness made this one redeemable. Didn’t save it to DVR, but didn’t hate it. Sweeter Side had nothing. Unpleasant people, bad story line, bad acting, I just couldn’t find any reason to like it and every reason to hate it. My most recent pet peeve is footwear. After watching endless Christmas movies of women tromping through the snow in heels or cute non-winter boots, i’m Now subjected to women in high heels strolling through uneven cobblestone streets, farms and vineyards, and even African safari lands. There are so many things to nit pick on and I can let most of it go but this is the one triggering me now.
  11. If there is a worse Hallmark movie than The Sweeter Side of Life I can’t name it.
  12. I always thought that I was knowledgeable in geography. Not Ken Jennings level, but I know a thing or two. But apparently I missed a few classes because unbeknownst to me, there are a significant number of small European countries, all of which have a handsome young prince poised to assume the throne imminently. And open to marrying lowly American women. I’m turning 60 soon. Do you think I’m out of the running? Or maybe I should make a play for the retiring king. There seem to be 30 or 40 of these countries, there must be one that would work for me.
  13. Woopwoopkitty

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I can’t stand hearing them pronounce turmeric as toomeric. My dictionary does list it as an alternative pronunciation but it still makes me want to throw things.
  14. Bobby Campo is a national treasure. that is all
  15. I enjoyed it. It didn’t rock my world but it was a refreshingly different story line than the typical tropes. But I was distracted by Carlos’ haircut. It looked military and I dont like that style.