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  1. I have not experienced the TP shortage of 2020. I already had plenty before this all started. My irritation is at the TP and paper towel companies with their mega mega rolls. They are ridiculously huge now, paper towel rolls don’t even fit on my holder anymore unless I search for a cheap single roll. But my TP outrage is at the way they have made the rolls so narrow while making the roll longer. The rolls are now an inch or more narrower than they used to be. On my holder, the roll only goes across about 60% of the width. I’m not fooled, the rolls are narrower and longer and each roll is now supposedly equal to 27 of the old ones. I don’t at all blame the companies for the shortage, it’s not their fault humans are stupid and hoarding. I like the commercials showing they are doing their best to catch up.
  2. Am I the only one who hates that smug woman in the Nurx birth control commercial? You know, the one with the nose ring, beanie and flannel shirt. The you gotta call the doctor then the doctors gotta call the pharmacy line makes me want to reach through the TV and smack her smug mug. Sorry to sound like a crotchety old person but this current generation of laziness, instant gratification, and expectation that everything in life can/should be able to be done via a smartphone just grinds on me. i never walked to school 5 miles uphill both ways in the snow, but I did used to have to go stand in line at the bank every Friday at lunch to cash my paycheck. I even hand wrote letters and wrote checks for my bills and put this thing called a postage stamp on it and place it in a box by the curb where someone would come and get it. Also, there was a time in history when you had to monitor your gas gauge. No bells whistles flashing lights to tell you when fuel was low. You had to actually, you know, pay attention and be responsible. And yes, I remember the joy as a kid of cruising the pay phone booths looking for spare change.
  3. I did not hear the therapist say he should forgive him although that may have been what she was hoping he would do. dessa tells him after the funeral that he could forgive Ray for anything and everything before he would be willing to forgive his ultimate sin, of not being his real father. Patel tells him that for all his failings, Ray *is* his family, the one constant of his life that is still there. She says he should talk to him. She does not tell him to forgive him explicitly. I also think of what Ray tells him while a Dom is shaving him, that he and Concettina did not talk about the past that they just let it lie. I saw that as a hint of what Dom should do. Not necessarily forgive but just move on. Yes Ray has his failings but I try to look at things in historical perspective. Ray is Ex military and likely brought up in a tough household. He marries an unwed mother, Italian (who in some areas were looked down on), in 1950. He provided a home albeit an abusive dis functional one. For 1950 yes what Ray did by marrying her was in itself laudable. Abuse was very common then, just better hidden than now. I think too that Dom was not much the target of abuse, but a bystander and observer. He even talks of himself of being on Ray’s team to make Thomas miserable. Dom needs to forgive himself more than anyone else. The family concept was reinforced when he asks Ralph why he is helping him. And he says because we are connected whether I like you or not.
  4. After 5 episodes staying very true to the book, the final episode departed in several ways from the book. i am trying to decide whether it matters. I was still very moved by Dom’s scene with Ralph. And the later scenes with Ray felt authentic. Mark knocked this out of the park. More later after it all sinks in.
  5. Mother’s Flaky Flix. So sad
  6. Woopwoopkitty

    Cola Wars!

    My late husband (Bob!) was raised near Dublin and grew up on that. It was his favorite. They shut down the factory shortly before he died. as I’ve gotten older my body is more and more rejecting alcohol, leaving soda as my remaining vice. It’s 1/2 Diet Pepsi 1/2 wild cherry all the way. A few years ago I was on medication that drastically changed my taste buds. It made my daily soda fix temporarily off limits. After ending the medication it took weeks for it to taste good again. I still remember the first one that tasted good again, it was nearly orgasmic.
  7. Yes what I meant to type was Concettina’s mother. I figured if I said Ignazia people who hadn’t read the book wouldn’t know who that was. Then i went and botched it worse!
  8. Does anyone have some insight as to the symbolism in the book of monkeys and rabbits? rabbit: concettina has a harelip and is referred to as a rabbit face; she refers to Thomas as her little bunny rabbit; Properina slaughters rabbits and cuts one in half to make twins monkey: the uncle has a pet monkey he is quite attached to; Prosperina is repeatedly referred to as having a monkey face; Concettina calls Dom her spider monkey is this some metaphor for good & evil? Or ???
  9. Pulled this off the shelf a few days ago loving it and forcing myself to slog through gramps’ memoir. this book is amazing. Dom’s anger, guilt, grief, and fear come through page after page. Wally has brought his characters to life not subtly but just short of beating you over the head with their dysfunctionality. I ache for Dom. Sometimes an asshole yes, but no one other than Dessa was ever there for him. Not ma, not Ray, not Thomas, not Joy.
  10. I started reading the book again a few days ago. I’m just ahead in the story of where they are now and forcing myself to slog thru his grandfather’s memoir. They have been very true to the book and Mark is doing a masterful job. But... after watching tonight’s episode i have figured out what it is that I don’t like. It’s the darkness of the cinematographic style. In know this is popular right now with directors but not with me. yes it’s a depressing story. But nearly every scene of this movie is dark, with faces in shadow, dark and dreary inside and out all the time. The story is dark enough, I feel they have gone over the top with the low lighting. I’m alsp having issues with the sound. Many times all I hear is mumbling. i know people have commented on missing Dr. Patel’s grandmotherly presence. I don’t have a problem with Archie or her age. But in the book Patel was native to a India and didn’t understand a lot of Dom’s cultural references and idioms which made their sessions interesting. And many times Wally called out the colorful saris she wore. If they were going to make this do dark, those saris would have been a bright and welcome contrast. I can’t remember if they talked in episode 1 about Shiva or whether there was one in her office. From the book I thought that was a memorable metaphor, that shiva represents both destruction and the rebuild that comes after, which is what Dom is going through. nonetheless I’m all in because Ruffalo is nailing it.
  11. This is one of my all time favorite books. but I am struggling through episode one, hanging on in hopes it engages me.
  12. There actually is a difference between a cellar and a basement. A basement is structurally part of the house, is built all or in part as the underground portion of the foundation. They usually have a cement floor and can be made habitable. A cellar is a hole dug under the house, not part of the foundation, and usually with a dirt floor. Mostly used only for storage and tended to be cool for storing roots, bulbs, canned goods, wine, at an even cool temperature. They are rarely built in order to be made habitable, e.g. plumbing, heating, drywall, etc. I’ll take “useless information that nobody cares about for $400 Alex.”
  13. There is another commercial that has “vitamin” as a verb. SMH. I actually know a lot about manufacturing and I can tell you that speeding up a production line is not as simple as it seems. Production cadence, called takt time, is ultimately limited by the slowest operation on the line. It doesn’t do any good to speed up one part if the incoming operation and following operation are limited is some way. (Think Lucille ball working the factory conveyor belt). And even if you could speed up the line quickly, you have to have raw materials arriving to feed the line. Most plants like this are limited by the trucking industries. There is plenty of pulp out there, but we don’t have the logistics to get it there. And then when you do produce more, you need the distribution channel to also be able to execute moving product out. Again, highly reliant on trucking. Good luck finding many in the younger generation willing to do that job. My current pet peeve is Molly and her fucking Stitch Fit jeans. First of all, I don’t think they flatter her figure. Secondly, it’s girls night out. It’s not a first date. Or a job interview. Or your first night out after gender reassignment or lap band surgery. So how is this a “big night out”? Get over it.
  14. Back in the day I thought he was kinda hot. THEre was a poster years ago of him holding a bottle of whiskey and it was captioned Wicked and he was sexy. i did like him in Ed TV. But my favorite role is when he plays Officer Abe Lincoln in Boys on the Side. So young a fresh faced. Reminds me of Brad Pitts role in Thelma and Louise. I hear he also has hygiene issues.
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