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  1. I really didn't get it. Back when the incident happened, the P was hoping to get 2500$, which by no means guarantees that price. These card collectors are very picky about their stuff they want it pristine if they are going to pay top dollar. JM had no way of knowing if all his little cards were in mint condition. You can ask any price you want, but that has nothing to do with what a buyer is willing to pay. I think it would have been extremely generous if JM had taken his word and awarded him the 2500$. But maybe she was so disgusted at the lying D she wanted to punish him. I didn't think of that, but yeah - could have been the case. I doubt he had anything of great value in his crib when he can't even pay his own rent, and certainly nothing so urgent he needed to send his own child into a potentially deadly situation. What a pig.
  2. I'm going to do it! I'll get some crayons when I make my next visit to the dollar store this week.
  3. The other two try to be polite while listening to his nonsense, then do their best to ignore him. Today's case of the Heavenly Harley and the Trailer Trash Meth widow: The bleached widow in a low-cut dress P starts out smirking and her smile gets bigger and bigger as JA summarizes the case in which her abusive, meth-dealing ex-hubby croaks and it reaches a full-fledged, toothy grin as JA goes on to relate that her son, due to inherit this Harley, also died. P proceeds to laughing out loud as Defs, the mother and sister of the dead ex-hubby, describe how while he was incarcerated he declared the bike go to his Momma. Momma then sold the bike and due to community property laws. the Widow feels she should have it. By now P has such a case of the giggles JA has to warn her to shut up and control herself. This is all just so funny to her. ("You're all a mess!" JDiM says) OH, Def momma also bailed the P out of jail. Papa Mike wants to know if she was in jail for cooking meth. Oh, no! P declares. Of course not! It was nothing that bad. She was just arrested for child endangerment. No big deal. JC wants to know if that endangerment including having drugs in the house. P smiles and bats her lashes in a way she thinks is ingenuous. Yes, maybe her house blew up twice (Oh, I hate it when my house keeps blowing up!) but it had nothing to do with cooking meth. Anyway, Momma sold the bike for 4K and the question is if the widow should get at least half of that. Never mind the arrests, the incarcerations, the meth-blown up houses, the child abuse - the Harley is the main thing. In chambers the judges note that the Grieving Widow didn't pay for any part of her late, lamented hubby's cremation and funeral and never paid back the bail Momma spent to spring her from the cooler (even though trying to claim that was way beyond the statute of limitations), so decide to give the witch nothing.
  4. Ugh. At least things are a little more equal in this. We had the "Sainted Single Father of Two" as a pity device and as an excuse to avoid paying back a loan. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Thirteen year old calls this brain-dead slug to tell him the door is open. Does 'Father of the Year' call the police and tell the girl to run to a neighbour and stay there til he gets home? Nope, he tells her to go in, go upstairs and check around to see if any of his precious belongings are missing. If he was awarded custody of these two poor children, I shudder to think of what kind of miscreant bore them. He also has some criminal burglar g/f around the kids. At least she's in the slammer where she belongs. Disgusting. I missed Doug reading him the riot act because by then I couldn't stand the sight of either of these litigants and skipped ahead. I didn't think that because I FF all the intros and I only learned when the case started that P was female. Car keys and house keys and some game or other - and no one seemed to give a shit about a child being sent into a house where thieves might still be present and who might murder, kidnap and/or rape her. Oh, but those keys to his old beaters... Important! The Case of the Two Major Gaming Nudniks who are obsessed with some Magic Cards which D claims are the starting point for collectible cards: JM informs him that could be baseball cards (which I believe have been around since circa 1930?) and D seems taken aback by that. Anyway, boring except for the def, who cannot grow a beard and needs to shave that patchy mess off, telling JM a long, convoluted lie implying that P's useless witness was a con artist/thief, and then being forced to recant without breaking stride when JM reads to him from his complaint which contained nothing of that. Couldn't stand any of them. A grown man crying, "It's not my fault I left this bag with the P's property so I could go have a smoke, and someone stole it." Another lie, no doubt. He probably sold all the cards and kept all the money, since we already know he's a big dumb liar who can't keep his lies straight. I was just surprised at JM awarding P the book value of the cards today instead of the value - which P himself placed at 2500$ - at the time when they were supposed to be sold. This crayon/toilet paper thing: I have no crayons but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to use them to write on toilet paper. Like, basically, if you tried it wouldn't the TP just rip to pieces? Maybe if you slightly melted the crayons first? I don't know but I'm tempted to try it.
  5. I haven't seen this yet, but from what I've seen on court shows - yes, anyone, no matter how illiterate or violent can call themselves a pastor or a reverend. Little aside: I was watching some evangelist on late-night TV last night who preached about how God planted a seed and it grew into the garden of Eden. Therefore, he advised everyone watching to plant a seed by way of sending him 1000$ and then their heart's desire would be theirs. Why, he knew a couple who wanted to buy a new house debt-free! They decided to plant that 1000$ seed by giving the cash to him. Amazingly, the next day an oil company offered to buy the couple's house for a huge sum because they somehow knew there was oil on the property. It's a miracle! 😆 Audience applauds. Some people deserve to get scammed. Anyway, I was not impressed by how easy the judges went on the smirking, grinning, lying, face-and-neck tatted con artist Def. who thought this was all a joke and who let his friend pay the tow yard 1200-odd dollars to get his food van out of hock. He just can't seem to park legally (big smile aren't I cute?) and is so busy he had no time to pay the fines and hey! All those tattoos cost money. Besides, he did so much for P he feels they're even. He managed to get him the book value for his car when P sold it! The judges do not agree and make him pay the P, but JA adds how much they liked his smile. Really?? Did they really not see his major eye-roll as they gave their verdict? I hate when lowlifes don't get the spanking they deserve.
  6. According to both of them they were now just friends who went out to events and did things together. She didn't want to be married to him or have an intimate relationship with him. How could he be "cheating'? IMO, he was free to whoop it up with his sluts! 😆 I think she just wanted him to sit around alone until she required his escort services.
  7. Staying out of prison is easy: Don't commit crimes. It's amazing how many people don't know this, commit crimes, go to prison then complain that they don't like the food. If it were up to me, they'd get bread and water.
  8. I would have loved that. That smug, prissy P didn't want to call the cops on the poor 65-year-old man who punched him. More likely it was a lie or he didn't want to admit this "old guy" decked him, and probably with very good reason. Lazy slob P also has the universal excuse for why rental properties are left looking like condemned buildings; "Oh, I was going to fix all that extensive damage I did and the filth I left, but he never gave me a chance!" Hey, he was busy. They're all going to go back to some place they are no longer renting and spend time and money to clean up/repair their disgusting messes. Yeah, sure. I disliked both litigants but was glad the slimy P ended up owing def. Zippy the Pinhead (Mr.Ross) was so despicable he made this hard to watch. From his lame excuses and lies - "I had the tools to take apart the treadmill/I didn't have the tools. I was sick in bed for two weeks with the flu. I was in the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. I was sick so I turned my phone off. I always turn off the phone when I'm not feeling well. Some guy came over and had Mr. Adams receipt so I gave him the treadmill. I don't have that phone anymore so can't show the texts", etc etc. The shamelessness, or maybe just abject stupidity of this petty, low-down, lying, bottom-feeding, scammer POS were astonishing.
  9. I wish I had thought of it. As it was, the sugarless cookies crumbled into dust when I took them out of the oven. I hate baking and seldom do it and boy, was I mad at myself. Possibly, but it seems her idea of a cool "bad girl" is some nasty, mouthy, lying little skank who can't even speak English properly. Not someone I'd want to "hang out" with, not even when I was in high school. Now? The mere thought bores me into a stupor.
  10. And really, what was she so furious about? He's single and allowed to date. Maybe, unlike her, celibacy isn't his thing. She doesn't want to have sex with him, so what's her beef? If what she demands is a loyal companion who has no life outside of being her escort and needs no one but her, she should get a service dog. Yes, and there was also that nasty, lying, smart-mouthed amoral girl who didn't give a shit that she damaged someone's car(?) and JM said, "I'd love to hang out with you."
  11. Welcome to my world. I wasted an entire batch of peanut butter cookies I made. After I got them in the oven I looked up and there sat the sugar in the measuring cup. Oh, well.
  12. I think I may be more cognitively impaired than she is, but I guess it comes in handy for sympathy bids. No way is plaintiff going to report this - there's no money in it for her.
  13. Hey! Them's fightin' words! 😄Our Hallway Doug is not an idiot and I for one love his snarking on litigants. If the P isn't cruising around with a pocketful of viagra, then I salute him, having all these women at his age. I did giggle like a little girl when JM read def's texts (in which D didn't sound nearly as proper and demure as she presented herself her) and slowly read each word "...go and screw your sluts..." They are not married and don't live together so why can't Grampa Casanova screw as many sluts as he likes or as he is able? Def seems to feel that since she has no romance (or screwing) in her life, he shouldn't either and should just remain her faithful companion? Was def's witness there just as decoration? I was kind of puzzled at JM praising Def for her mean-spirited, petty, nasty act of paying P 500$ in small coins. I didn't find it cute or amusing in the least. P seemed to be rather affronted that Social Services (with taxpayer's money) allowed her only 1500$/month for rent. The nerve of them! Hardly seems fair when she, her husband and their kids need a 2000$/mnth place. I guess I wondered why both of them couldn't get jobs and pay their own rent, but I do agree a place worth 2K/mnth would be a lot nicer. I wish I had known about all this crap when I was renting my uber-cheap apartment, but I was working and although I was earning poverty wages I guess I wouldn't have qualified for any gov. assistance to get me into a 2K place. It was kind of jaw-dropping when shifty, shady def. admits he bribed a government worker to get P and her entourage out of the place and she accepted the bribe. Someone truly needs to look into this. I wish P had raised the camera, since the view was up her nostrils nearly to her brain. OH, hell - forgot about the 3rd case. Do NOT drink every time P says "vehicle". Def is a dorky hipster type with douchebag facial hair and a big cross around his scrawny neck. Good thing he turned off the lights because I had a feeling his lair wouldn't be looking very pleasant. Why he wanted his totaled heap towed to FL I have no idea, but then he blames the scratches on said totalled heap on the P. Plaintiff needs to learn that when dealing with clients, nothing in the contract should be "unspoken."
  14. He reminded me of a litigant who refused to pay an investigator for all his work because the information the client wanted could not be found and didn't even exist.
  15. Not bad. Better than crackheads, domestic violence, FBI raids and carelessly spawned babies. Plaintiff was overly verbose, but that annoyance paled in comparison to the Def. He's been in business for 27 years - not 25 or 28, no - he informs us multiple times it's been 27 years. You'd think someone who has been in business that long wouldn't act like a sulky, whiny baby: "Do I get a chance to talk or am I just going to be blasted?" He seems to equate being questioned by a judge who needs information to being scolded by his first-grade teacher. OH, grow up. I think he came close to picking up his toys and going home, but he managed to find the fortitude to stick it out. He continues to whine to Doug-in-the Hall, with many repetitions of "It is what it is." Yeah, we all know what that means. It's not plaintiff's fault no one wants to go to your bar. I think contractor was kind of a crook, who uses any excuse to not do work he was paid for in advance. Yes, his wife was pregnant and he had to be by her bedside 24/7 for who knows how long. He actually admits he's a liar who agreed to return the P's money just to get his tools back and had no intention of refunding the 600$. We know that was long since spent, and not on insulation. P wife sits there like a lump until hubby lets her talk and even then he feels the need to coach her, for which JM spanks him. Getting back the 600$ wasn't enough for them though, and they have to be avaricious greedy pigs shooting for the lottery. I guess their hurt feelings over lying contractor is worth 4K or so. Denied. I thought she had an air of desperation which said she would pay and do anything to not have this slovenly behemoth fouling up HER house anymore.
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