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  1. From what I've heard and seen, many humans (you know - the species with the big brains) aren't smart enough to properly care for guppies, let alone dogs. I hope the puppy found a better home. Twenty minutes at the most.
  2. Not sure if you are referring to fireworks or "other" but I was hoping you all could have one peaceful day. Guess not. 😒
  3. "Happy 4th of July" is now offensive? I mean, I know nearly everything one says or thinks is now going to cause offense to someone/something on the planet, but I figured that was pretty safe!😄
  4. I just recently found these "Playing for Change" videos and got hooked. "All Along the Watchtower".
  5. I have never seen that video until this moment, although of course I'd heard the song, "Ode to Pedophilia". It's yet worse in that he's 34 there and looks at least 50. That line, "She's just 16 years old, leave her alone" was actually spoken, Mardones claims, by him to Robert Tepper with whom he was writing songs, about a real 16-year old named Heidi who was "dressed for school in a miniskirt, little stacked heels, adorable, 16-going-on-21." 😒 Or maybe it was the other way around. Who knows what the real story is? I didn't know Benny died this year.
  6. Good lord. At least in old, or older, songs they used clever innuendo and euphemisms when singing about sex or drugs. That one is just nasty.
  7. That's what I love about "Afternoon Delight". It sounds so innocent and sweet until you really listen to the words. But really, isn't an afternoon delight sweet? Well, from what I remember about such things it was, or is. Listent to the words of Prince's "Little Red Corvette" if you want explicitly sexual. 😮
  8. I tried. Honestly, I did. I didn't make it. 😕
  9. Thank you!! 😄 How did I know that? I don't even know what Wild Turkey is. I must have read it some novel.
  10. I would invite you! I am the anti-SJW/snowflake/Tumblrina and I think we'd get along just fine. My motto is, "Off with their heads!" Do I need to get some "Wild Turkey" or something like that in first? And how come you're not wishing me "Happy Canada Day"? I'm offended. 😆
  11. A few years ago my niece was over and we were watching an ep of "Sex and the City". She told me she'd never seen it. I was surprised then she said she never watches anything when her dad is there, because it's too embarassing, including commercials. I'd never thought about that, but it's true. When I was a kid the whole family could watch every show without worrying about locker-room or bathroom humour or commercials where douches are being waved around or erectile dysfunction being discussed. Sad, it is. As for explaining, my co-worker told me her very young son came to her in her kitchen and asked, "Mom, what's a Maxi-pad?" I remember during the Bill Clinton kerfuffle thinking that now children have to be prevented from seeing the news, unless you wanted them to get a very early education about extramarital affairs, semen stains and blowjobs. What's a parent to do?
  12. I don't know when it started but for me seeing a mature man shaved as smooth and hairless as a young child is truly repulsive and creepy. Not to mention the mental images of them sitting on their toilet seats, pinching, grabbing and yanking their junk around to get a close shave is the opposite of a turn-on. But that's just me! You're not alone. I'm sure the past months have filled all of us with anxiety, fear and depression over the world we seem to have lost. I find that now - even though all the same precautions are taken in all the stores here and many people wear masks everywhere - it doesn't seem quite so dire with the sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming and balmy temps as it did in the cold, dark, raw months preceeding this.
  13. Oh, I've been saying that for so long. Now, success is dependent on having great hair, great teeth and being attractive. I have never watched "America's Got Talent" but saw a short video on YT with Susan Boyle, where Simon Cowel said, after he heard her sing, "I was all prepared to hate you." I guess because she wasn't a generic-looking, conventionally pretty, toothy, busty 20-year old? And they cry and cry! I hate to think how people like Bob Dylan or Joe Cocker would have fared if their success hinged on being good-looking and getting a thumbs up from the All-Powerful God, Simon. Or Ellen DeGeneres. 😏
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