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  1. If it were up to Levin, we'd get questions like that, couched in giggly, juvenile terms. No, nothing is personal anymore. I hear people discussing on national TeeVee things I wouldn't tell my best friend, let alone my neighbours, co-workers, employers, and my kidse's friends and parents. Is the desire for the 15 minutes so strong it outweighs every shred of decency and discretion?
  2. Two crashing boors bickering about their toys with cops, lawyers, text battles, etc. The only interesting part was Def knowingly passing an NSF check which, I've learned on court shows, is a felony? I didn't watch this but I'm surprised they could all fit.
  3. The tow lady looked as though she were thinking through all this nonsense, "I can't believe I have to sit here and defend myself against the "bovine scatology" spewing out of this little complete piece of crap." He was such a liar too, about everything but especially saying the cops wanted his car keys and that's how D got them to steal his priceless junk.
  4. Grizzly Adams, the Senior Years, in his cluttered lair was too much. He buys a completely trashed, 20 year old Pontiac that he claims has only half an engine and tows it home. He takes it to a mechanic who says it's not worth fixing, so P just leaves it there in the parking lot for a week. For some weird reason he cannot understand, the owner of the parking lot has the 'hunk of junk' eyesore towed away. "It's public parking!" he claims. JM informs him it is not. But that's okay. He - this person who can't afford to pay 600$ for the worthless shitbox - has his lawyer on that case. JM snee
  5. I think it may be because he looks like a million other featureless, blobby neckbeards of a type way too common these days. I enjoyed this case, especially JDiM rattling off the myriad of excuses of the D, including the old scammy standard that his grammy got sick, and saying she couldn't stand to read another word. Yes, I'm sure anyone would accept the D's, "Here's a rubber check. Don't try to cash it. It's merely to show my good intentions (and get you off my back)." That FB picture was hilarious.
  6. Depending on what they are, they may make him more rageful. That sounds exotic. "I just got this rare Claustrophobic Angora. Careful! He nips when excited."
  7. I didn't catch that. Claustrophobic what? 😄 I did catch that. As utterly annoying as P was (and I have no doubt she was screeching like a banshee at D with her fists balled up) I have concerns that someone like D, who punched her over parking, has a hair-trigger temper, an inability to control it, and a propensity for violence is teaching.
  8. I started that one and it looks good so saved for later. More shady contract cases, please. For laughs I watched the middleaged P suing D, who sold him a car that had long since passed the 1/4 century mark, for 1600$. P suffered such emotional distress over the fact that D took off the fancy rims and put on the factory rims before turning it over to P that he wants 3,000$ compensation for this act of treachery. He only bought the car because of the upscale 400$ rims! It's all about the rims, folks. He also freely admits that yes - he signs blank pieces of paper for the recipient to fill
  9. I didn't see that or the case that preceeded it, in which P is suing def. for punching her in the face, the cost of restraining order and then D's g/f who is really big wanted to fight P later - all this over a parking spot. She got arrested for child endangerment, punching the g/f and resisting arrest because she couldn't get in the police car due to her claustrophobia. This condition and her lupus don't stop her from driving, doing laundry, fighting, or getting in her own car. It was the handcuffs that made her unable to get in the police car. She did nothing wrong although her behavior made
  10. I automatically skip any dog cases, but I see the 2nd case was a rerun already and from less than a month ago. Remember in olden times we'd get new shows of all sorts all winter and reruns in summer only? Now it seems it's one month of new and 11 months of reruns we saw weeks or a few months ago.
  11. It was a bad week for those of us who have a problem with slackjaws. First the tent-dwelling, cast-off g/f literally fish-mouthing for the entire case in a way I have never seen, and the Queen of the Roaches who was merely gaping, her breathing possibly impaired both by her weight and by inhaling a ton of dust from roach feces. I can imagine what Kim Woodburn would find with her test kit. Both were extremely icky in different ways. I wish JM would do what JJ has done more than once, and that is to bark, "Close your mouth!"
  12. I don't think they were. I think they are so stupid that Tony the Scammer saw easy pickings and instant profit and he was right. They had the gall to say that P should sue Tony and not them, even though Tony was their agent. I also believed that Tony told P (who was merely naive) that it would cost him 250$ - which would go directly into Tony's pocket - to be present at the walk-through. When one of the judges speculated on why someone would pay rent a year in advance to the tune of 24K (I'm sure Tony skimmed some of that too) I love how meathead D hubby piped up with "Bad credit!" This
  13. I couldn't watch the hallterview, so queasy was I by then, but I can't help thinking about what condition a person's body must be in when they see nothing unusual or shocking about living in filth. I'm sure you're right. I wouldn't take note of any babble that comes from that schlock master/gossip monger who hasn't even practiced law in a quarter of a century.
  14. Yeah, so I was eating dinner. This did not enhance my enjoyment of it. I try to not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, both covers matched their contents. I really don't know where to start, but first of all, I thought it was just the usual contractor crook case. And then - holy shit - when I saw this filthy, disgusting lair of the P's with a cockroach infestation so bad that the WALLS were covered in roach poop I couldn't believe anyone on the planet would set foot in that hazardous, vile nest no matter how desperate for money. Who the hell would think about painting, new
  15. Having a judge ask questions is her idea of "being attacked", poor little thing. I believe JDiM said, when the victim started squirting tears, "You're going to cry over a CAR?" Def seemed quite credible to me and I don't blame him for his "I can't believe I'm being sued for this nonsense" attitude.
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