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  1. Oh fuckity fuckin' fuck. 😆😄😅🤣
  2. Show? How dare you give us compassionate, avuncular Negan? Do you think we forgot what he did to the last young girl in his control? What makes Lydia so special that he won't use the same manipulation and coercion with her? Watching her hugging him made me queasy, because we know that to him women and girls are just prey, just things to be used, bartered and traded. 🤢
  3. "Faaaaaaith. Rewaaaaaard." Are we done now?
  4. Okay, I forgive Judith for being annoying. She knows her mom thinks some strangers are more important than her and her brother. I'd be messed up too if my mother abandoned me this way.
  5. Are we supposed to accept that those bicycle tires aren't flat after 10 years?
  6. Negan: "Just trust me on this. 😂 "And then I'll rape you."
  7. Yeah, like the little talking to he gave Amber. He's just trying to figure out the easiest way to get some from Lydia. God, he's so disgusting.
  8. Inspector Aaron Gadget has a new attachment on his arm!
  9. Gee, that was kinda cold Daryl. You have no qualms about killing her, but just couldn't bring yourself to do the same to the Fonz? Yeah, okay.
  10. So everyone stands there in the rain, horses run off, lost and have all the patience in the world to listen to Eugene and Princess talk about their fucking feelings??
  11. 🤣 "I popped a massive woody. It was dirty and down low. Awesome".
  12. Okay I'm fucking bored with the mine field. OH, good - we're back to Judith.
  13. Watch out, Lydia. Mr. "I like raping young girls" is here.
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