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  1. Worse, they'll pay anything to oily late-night snake oil salesman on the promise of a bigger peter. My dentist's waiting area is now fully stocked with bowls of individually-wrapped Lindt chocolates! Because people really want to get in the chair with a mouth covered in gooey chocolate. I just take a few "for later."
  2. One exception: When they finish transforming Negan into their version of a hero then, yes - I'd be all in for a humiliating death.
  3. Obviously! 😂 I forgot that part. Love ya, Doug!
  4. Yes, but the lawyer was unaware of that. I'm sure his appearance here will do wonders for his business. "The person who actually went to the appartment and saw first-hand the damage? Oh, well, I never thought of bringing him, but let me introduce you to my expert witness, the accountant." Someone has to graduate at the very bottom of the class and those are all the lawyers we see here. "Allegedly". I think I'd rather have a used car salesman represent me in court. 😄
  5. Right. We all know that JM treats her oldest daughter, who is a grown woman, like a little baby. Times have changed and I guess I haven't kept up with them. Back in days of yore when I was young, an adult man or woman would have been mortified to have Mommy along to fight their battles. Now it's standard, even if the "child" is 45 years old.
  6. "Hopeless"? "A lot to take in"? Is that code for "Stupid, tedious, nonsensical and boring"? Because yes, "people don't want to see that." Who comes up with this babble-speak bullshit? Good job, Kang. You certainly haven't underestimated those fans. What's a little on-going sadism, rape, and sexual slavery anyway? All water under the bridge. Negan! Negan! Rah rah!
  7. That woman was so abrasive and unpleasant - is it ever a good idea to roll your eyes when a judge is talking to you? - and btw, no one cares about her empty nest and why she was selling the piano. Couldn't she have gone, just once, to the shop during these years to see if her piano was there? Def, a lovely man in his lovely piano key tie, is from a different time and place (he made me think of the shopkeeper in "1984") and no one else would have sent her the 2K or given the other buyer his deposit back. Let her pay to take back the piano the way she agreed to do in her contract - and she'll still have a windfall of 1900$ - and sell it herself. Good luck with that. And another man-child who needs his big hover-mother here to tell him what to say about what happened even though she wasn't there. He should have asked Mommy to reply to plaintiff's texts for him and maybe they wouldn't have ended up here. I was distracted by the audience member behind the so-called lawyer who was laughing hysterically at his BS. Plaintiff is a child of God or something although I"m not sure how that factors in to him trying to hustle 1900$ for a 4-year old TV. He was offered 500$ for it and should have grabbed that but it wasn't good enough and in fact he was insulted at such a paltry sum. You know what you can get for 500$ these days? In all the years I've watched these shows, I can recall off-hand ONE lawyer who knew his business, was competent and actually knew the law. Here we had another utter clown who sounded ridiculous, trying to use rank hearsay as evidence to countersue as in criminal proceedings of "Malicious prosecution". One of the best parts was his dopey "Expert" witness. JM expected him to report on the condition of the TV, ability to fix it, how it could be damaged by a window a/c nowhere near it, cost to replace it or whatever. He's an accountant, who took the time to draw up charts and graphs on the value of the old TV with and without extended warrantys or some such nonsense. What a pair of foolish bozos. I will never, ever hire a lawyer. Doug in the Hall was simply savage: "You're a lawyer. How could think talking back to the judge was a good idea? It made you sound really stupid." Never stop being you, Doug. 😂
  8. Don't quote me, but I think around here (Canada) they might be about 13$ a pack, depending where you shop. On the Mohawk reserve, they can be had for 1$ a pack. Um... okay!😄
  9. Yes. I found that out rather quickly.😆 Ooh! A penis chair. I always wanted one. Who is the designer - Negan? Well, at least he'll never get turned down. I'm pretty sure no one wanted to visit him after that ep aired. "Have a seat." "Um, no thanks. I'll stand."
  10. I had a hard time with mine at first. Toothpaste flying all over, etc. You don't grip it in your fist. That makes you brush too hard. Just hold it the way you hold a fork, between your thumb and first two fingers. Let the rotating brush do the work - no need to scrub as you do with a regular toothbrush.
  11. (Usually) ugly trolls with big willies. Hot. 🤢 Okay, so I keep up with the times and know we have to cope with the incredible Rise of the Beta Male, but this is going too far.
  12. Me too. Maybe plaintiff was careless or naive, but def. was downright shady and dishonest and knew it, judging by his irritating smirking. That's worse than being dumb. When any man, no matter how slimy and repulsive, can use dating sites to find some woman desperate enough to start paying his bills after a very short time, something is very wrong. It's hardly a unique situation. We hear this time and again. I'd rather lose the money than have anyone know I was just this pathetically hard up for a warm body.
  13. You'd think his imagination could fill in all the "Ooooh...ahhhh....uhhhhh....Yeah baby" with the various grunting, screaming and groaning. As to that - I mean, who actually screams? You'd think those women would hyperventilate and pass out. Exactly. He could have stopped that in an instant but he couldn't be bothered. "I see nothing. I hear nothing." It's The Rabbit. I learned about that on "Sex and the City".
  14. Thanks for sending me down that wormhole! "Too lazy to build a snowman." 😄
  15. I have no idea what that is, and I swear I am NOT looking it up. I'm still traumatized from when I decided I needed to know what a "humbler" was. 😖 😄 We have a jokes thread? I first heard that many years ago. Laughed my fool head off. OMG, Tony Soprano told that joke and it's still hilarious. 😂
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