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  1. It absolutely is not. Facsmilie JM: "You called child protective services and had her children taken away?" Yvoone: "Yes, I did, but them leaves..." It does sound like it could be a real case. 😄 ETA: Today's case with Mr. Abrams suing Mr. Ketterer(?)for a patio set he bought from him online for 2K. Mr. Ketterer never sends the set, makes all kinds of excuses - Arrangements with the shipper, COVID, he needs big boxes, can't find boxes, blah blah - for TWO years. Mr. Abrams agrees to find and pay for the boxes, pay for the shipping or anything else necessary to get him the patio set. N
  2. I'm looking forward to that. I love contract cases, especially when they involve pompous and entitled idiots.
  3. I Googled "Thickest False Eyelashes." The results were alarming and some of them reminded me of a picture I once saw of a type of venomous caterpillar.
  4. My CC is fed up (I can picture it rolling its eyes and yelling, "Oh, FFS!!!") and on strike again, because it changed it to "agreement." The only one in the whole silly bunch who seemed to have a brain was the secondary P. She was well-spoken and it was easy to see she wrote the texts. My advice to her is to forget this nonsense and these low-rent nitwits and get a real job. The "dancing" had me looking away in embarassment for them, as did the main plaintiff's 4" long hooks glued on her fingertips and which she waved around as though they were symbols of her elegance. While watchin
  5. Just have to comment on P, who was willing to give 40,000$ to some unknown character on FB for a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible because it's her "dream car" (sight unseen) and so her daughters "could feel the wind blowing their hair" was amazing. Def took her 2K deposit, said he needed to fix a few minor things on the car, never gave her the car and claims tthe deposit was non-refundable, even though he broke the agreement. He says he never heard anything else from P and later sold the car for 68K to someone whose name he doesn't know and who, for some reason, registered the car in Def's name.
  6. All I can say is, do not try to drink every time you hear the word "Veehick-ul". And gee - for 16,500$ one could get a really nice car from a reputable dealer. It may not have the cachet of "I have a RANGE ROVER" but it might last longer than a week.
  7. Silly woman suing her hard-rode friend for groceries from BJ's, cigarettes and a few coffees at 6.10/each. What kind of coffee costs that much? P jacks the bills up to 500$ even though it's only 100$ Def owes, including the coffees. 100$ for P. Def claims P bought her the coffees without her even asking for them! This show is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Much better was the Prophet Lorenzo, who wanted to have a "Tent Revival" I guess to score some $$ from the pious faithful who seem to believe Lorenzo is a prophet. Whatever. Problem is that the Prophet doesn't have the 2500$
  8. Exactly what I was thinking when watching tonight. Every time we switched to the Waterfords in their deluxe accomodations where they're allowed to receive visitors bearing gifts and have private chats I was just wishing we could get back to Aunt Lydia and her "girls". IMO, that storyline is much more well-done and absorbing. Intriguing it is, trying to figure out what, if anything, Aunt Lydia and Janine are each up to. We know for sure Janine would rather die than go back to the sanctioned rapes again. And oh, no, Luke is weeping again. Luke weeps way more than June does. It's okay, Luke
  9. Pretty much that's it. When they got the zoomed-in shot of the filth packed into that filter they decided it must another one, not theirs. The landlord said he would change the filters, but I bet defs told him not to bother and that they would it only because they didn't want him coming in every six months and seeing how the property was being wrecked and turned into an increasingly filthy sty. I bet they're another of these tenants who tell each other, "Don't bother with that. He's rich. He can take care of it." Yes, anyone who owns property must be stinkin' rich.
  10. Yes, but Papa would have been sympathetic to Bonnie Parker and maybe even to Clyde too. He sees himself as some Sir Galahad to all poor, manipulated and innocent little females who don't understand what they're doing. THEY could never be conniving or evil scammers or out-and-out criminals, right? Poor little ladies were probably just led astray. He argued to the other two that a grown woman who chose to trade sex for cigarettes and other sundries with some dirty old man was "just a child!" Yes, Papa, I now see anyone young as a child too, but I understand that chronologically they are adu
  11. It was silly, but I didn't mind it. I think Mr. Speciale is what we used to call "The salt of the earth" type, but I think if he reduced the size of his sandwiches with smaller buns and maybe only 3 meatballs he'd be doing some people a favour. Seriously, could anyone here eat one of those gargantuan sandwiches? I'd make it through one meatball, but it seems customers like Mr. DiGerolimo(sp?) (who JM addressed as "DiGeronimo" which he corrected 😄)wants his whoppin' big sammies. Sandwiches looked damned good though. I have a friend from Italy and try as I might I just can't make meatballs that
  12. Quite the busy one, isn't she? That appears to be a rather old picture, whatever it is.
  13. For someone like her, whose entire life is based on lies used to scam, she'd probably have a quick answer for that too. But I have to question one of the plaintiffs -not the model - who would collect 2700 or so dollars and send it off to some flim-flam artist on FB. Really? The naivety we see on these court shows is shocking. (and of course it was a repeat on Hot Bench. This is the Hot Bench forum. Duh me!)
  14. Anything is possible, but I think if that were the case, she would have added it for the sympathy/admiration/martyr factor.
  15. That was a repeat on Hot Bench. She's from Greece. "Which island?" JDiM shoots at her. "Umm." Ms. Scammer casts about her mind to think of one. She did it pretty quickly though. "Simos!" Of course, she is used to making up lies and excuses on the fly, so has developed quite a talent for it.
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