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  1. Watched today the perfect, entitled millennial idiot (a grown man) in the def, who admits that, yes, he was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road, and no, he didn't bother stopping for a red light and crashed into plaintiff's car. He shouldn't have to follow any rules of the road and he shouldn't have to pay for the damages he caused. She - who was obviously driving her car sideways - hit him even though her damage was on the side of her car. JA wants to know, if he admits he didn't bother stopping at the red light, why are they here? Well, he feels he's not responsible and he's countersuing for the aspirin he had to take after he smashed her windshield with his flying body. Too bad plaintiff made herself look bad by trying to get a windfall. She gets the value of her car, period.
  2. Eating out was unthinkable, unheard of when I was kid. We never ever did that, but one night when I was in high school my father announced he was going to order out(!!) and we kids could have whatever we wanted!! OMG. What a dilemma. I settled on a small pizza, all dressed but my eyes were way bigger than my stomach so I could only eat a bit of it, but the rest got saved for another day. Heaven. I wouldn't eat any veggies except potatoes and peas but strangely we did have lobster, shrimp and smelts once in a while since, although we lived very far inland, my parents came from the Maritimes. We were the only kids I knew who ever had lobster, even though it was one small lobster for 5 people. 😂 My mother would dredge the smelts in cornmeal and fry them all crispy. I can still remember how good they were.
  3. Oh boy. I think of what kind of in-depth backstories they give us and I'm truly puzzled. If there was one backstory I would have loved it would have been Merle's sojourn after he cut his own hand off to escape from the roof and see what happened to him between then and the time he arrived at Woodbury. Do we get that? No, we do not but we DO get a silly, nonsensical cartoony backstory about Alpha, who puts her daughter in the bathtub fully clothed and pours water over her hair but doesn't bother washing the blood off her face and meeting the weird Wookie who wears a ski mask for some reason and they speak like people in some old-timey cheesy novel and - I don't know what else since I didn't watch it. But I have only myself to blame for this since I should have stopped watching when Rick had his arch-enemy in his gun sights and merely shot his windows out, but hope does spring eternal, stupidly or not.
  4. So, is it my wine-fueled imagination that TPTB want to turn Aaron into NewRick for us? The "no more Mr. NiceGuy"(after 10 years?), the savage beard, the throwing caution to the winds and one more plot point taken from Rick? IF that's what they're doing, they might want to think back to Henry and how well that worked out for them. There is a superficial resemblance here:
  5. Every show, no matter how dramatic, needs some humour. Take a show like "Six Feet Under", that centered around loss, death and dying yet had many moments that were truly howlingly funny. We need this to balance out the grimness because unrelenting grimness is nearly unwatchable. I'd add the wedding dress ladies there, and totally agree they are all caricatures. I just don't find them amusing. We don't know them, we saw them only a few times and it felt as though they were just randomly (and often awkwardly) shoehorned in there for laughs, but I just found them one-dimensional irritants. It's different when, e.g., Margaret acts like a loon, because we've known her since the beginning. When she said Helen "looked like a vagabond whore" in her dress, I laughed because that's the kind of thing we expect from her. When two anonymous salespeople illogically acted like rude bitches for no reason, it just annoyed me. JMO, but people can be funny without being turned into cartoons.
  6. I just tried to watch this again, thinking maybe I'd judged too harshly or drank too much on Sunday to appreciate it. God knows I'm no high-brow when it comes to my TeeVee entertainment. I loved "The Mist", filled with all kinds of outlandish monsters! I nearly quit at Beta tenderly shaving Alpha's head, but perservered. I got as far as them crossing a field, proving again that avoiding zombie attacks is as simple as shuffling while you walk. Nope. Can't do it.
  7. Yes, I certainly remember them and agree the snotty def here needs to piss off a group like that one, Guaranteed she'd put her damn cart in the stall the way the rest of us do from then on, even when it's *gasp* windy or snowing. This was Florida, in the summer. I'm not in Florida, but we can apply for permission to heavily water new sod (at night) and you just know plaintiff never did that. I want a life so smooth that I can feel horribly mentally distressed by yellow grass. I"m glad JM denied her money grab.
  8. This is what happens when Daddy gives his not-too-bright boy a business to play with and boy brings in his utter asshole friend to work with him. But yeah, that table is not something I would ever want but a matter of taste. the fact that plaintiffs cheaped out and hired these two idiots is on them. I enjoyed this repeat. Today we got a new Shopping Cart Bitch (at least I'd never seen it). The pig-nosed def was as arrogant as she was stupid, calling her cart hitting the plaintiff's car "an act of God". We, including JM who detested her, all know what happened. She was too lazy to return her cart to the stall, stood in the middle of the lane and gave it a mighty shove. It bounced off a snowbank and smashed plaintiff's car. But you can't expect her to have time for this petty shit, so she takes off. Luckily plaintiff got her plate number. In the hall she still insists she's right, and her wormy little hubby backs her up even though he wasn't there. Then we had plaintiff, who is "emotionally distressed" to the tune of 2600$ because her grass has yellow spots. Def. laid sod for her - and power washed her driveway for free - and told her he would monitor the growth, but she orders him off her property when yellow spots appear. I'm willing to bet her idea of watering it consisted of an hour or two per day. She complained the roots hadn't taken at all, which is usually a sign of sparse watering. If poor lawns cause this level of emotional distress, I should be highly distressed for the entire summer. I just need someone to blame it on. Plaintiff gets not one penny. Last one - rent nonsense, litigants who had "altercations" and made holes in the walls - I couldn't be bothered with this garabage and gave it up. I lived in a few apartments before buying a house and not once did I make holes in the walls. Ridiculous.
  9. They were also like real people with whom we could identify and care about, even with Emily's not-so-good acting skills, and not cartoons coming out with silly chants (how long did Alpha&Co have to rehearse that "We need no words" or whatever mantra, cuz yah, nothing better to do when you have no food or shelter and you're wearing decayed flesh on your faces?) or doing dumb arts n crafts in a junkyard and taking "Speaking like Yoda" lessons.
  10. Not Anthony. Maybe this will refresh your memory? 😬
  11. I agree. I've always really enjoyed watching her in anything she was in. Seems she inherited her father's amazing talent. I still think she's good, but she just looks like a different, unknown person now to me. I swear it's not me!
  12. They ate Guinea pigs at Grady. I do remember that because the doctor presented it to Beth on a plate. It was whole and on its back with its little legs sticking straight up.
  13. They shouldn't have any control over them. Even on the occasions our gang, and even Negan, covered themselves in walker goo, it only disguised the smell of living humans for a very short period. The skin masks, which must have been treated in some way so they don't fall apart and which are the Whisperers ONLY defense, wouldn't even smell like carrion anymore. It's like we're getting a whole bunch of different zombie shows with different rules in each one of them. Kang and the writers want to show viewers "something they haven't seen before"? How about continuity and unbroken momentum?
  14. Oh. I only noticed her and osso bucco guy when they arrived because after living rough on the road for who knows how long, she had what appeared to be freshly coiffed hair and he was chubby. I have no idea who else came in with them. Oh, wait - there was some tough woman too but I don't know if we ever saw her again. It is rather difficult to imagine that everyone did nothing when she left a baby for the walkers to tear apart and eat alive. I mean - come on! That's a little much, even for one of these "Extreme Villains." Even Negan wouldn't do that. Ack! This gang is so cartoonish, outlandish and boring I'm becoming nostaligic for Uncle Neeg.
  15. Even now that I know who she is and looked carefully at her this time, she is not recognizable to me.
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