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  1. Kind of? Where Sprite had my sympathy and Ikaris didn't is that Sprite had been stuck in the body of an adolescent/teenager for millennia, but with all of the knowledge and adult yearnings she couldn't fulfill. In the beginning of the film, she meets up with Dane and Sersi at the party they were attending with a snarky, "It's past my bedtime," but that would have had to sting when she was just as old as Sersi and had spent as many years believing she was a protector. She went with Ikaris partly because she really did want the world to end, just so it would be over, but also because she wanted
  2. It would be closer to the truth to call Ikaris a fanatic. He tells Ajak in her final scene that he'd trusted her for nearly ten thousand years, but he'd never questioned his duty to the Celestials. That he kills her, or lets her be killed, because she changed her mind makes his tears over her body some bullshit. The only reason the group broke up at all is because Thena had become unstable and dangerous. If she hadn't started to crack up, necessitating her departure with Gilgamesh as her unofficial guardian, would Ajak have taken the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of someone
  3. If he was telling the truth, it might have been someone like Isaiah Bradley. Not Bradley himself, but someone similarly enhanced. There's every chance Alexei was lying to puff himself up, both because that's how he rolls and to establish that he was tough due to being in prison, but TFAWS established that there were others who went after Bucky with kill orders. If he was being honest about fighting with a Captain America, that might have even been why Dreykov tossed him into a Russian gulag to rot, because he also claimed not to know why he was imprisoned.
  4. Not sure about spoilage, but since it's from the trailer that was posted, Strange knows what happened in Westview but it's unclear as to how. Wanda still seems to be living in isolation, and he says he's not there to talk about what took place before, he's there because he needs her help. Just from a personal standpoint, this backs up the complaint I had when WandaVision was airing, that when she spun out no one was there to catch her fall, and now it's like, "I need you to come out of retirement" or something similar. Like, where were you a year ago, dude? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited f
  5. GF and Tony Geary, his later bitterness over not being able to find success outside of soaps notwithstanding. As unseemly as TG's attitude towards being part of the soap couple of the decade became, I don't think it's a diss towards Genie to point out that others contributed to the lightning in a bottle that Luke and Laura Spencer created. Where the people behind the scenes have gone wrong with Carly, especially Laura Wright's incarnation is that she's all gas and no brakes in addition to being on all the time and in stories where she has no business participating. I credit Wright with fully c
  6. Damn, damn, DAMN. And she's on this week's cover of People since she was so close to her hundredth birthday. Two weeks, that's all she needed. Damn. Goodbye, Betty, you beautiful soul. Generous in spirit and kind of heart, and for all the talk of how she relied on 'dirty old lady' humor in her later years, I'll be watching The Lost Valentine tonight in remebrance, where she brought me to tears more than once. 2021, you suck.
  7. Since one of the first things Carly did when she catapulted into town a million years ago was steal her mother's husband, this could be considered karma, but that would only happen on a better written show. That's not really what's happening here anyway. Michael and Carly have been the ones confronting Nina almost every time they see her, as if she's not allowed to be out in public where she might breathe their air, and Michael tried to press fake charges against her by using bribery of a public official. Because he's dumb. I don't know about Willow, who seems unable to recognize that she's
  8. Sebastian Stan has just entered the chat.
  9. How is this her fault, though? Seriously. Sonny's an adult, allegedly - (TM) Silas Clay - so how did she "make him" do anything? Michael being a mop-headed idiot who broke the law is the only reason this ended up in court to begin with, and now he's pouting because.....he broke the law and got away with it. Twice, if you count him punching Scotty. What?
  10. "Why did you lie?" "I just wanted you to grow up happy and normal." "Do I look normal, Momma?"
  11. Except not really, and I'm genuinely curious as to how that's your takeaway. Tony's dead. Natasha's dead. Wanda cracked up and we don't know where she is now. Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau had some kind of falling out, to the point that Monica doesn't even want to talk about her (former?) hero. Sylvie killed Kang and we haven't seen the fallout from that yet. Hell, Nat's death is one of the cornerstones here, since Clint still mourns for her even if he's come to terms with it, and thematically the only reason Yelena didn't kill him is because she got some kind of catharsis in hearing that h
  12. I would think that Barton would have various safe deposit boxes or even a couple of offshore accounts where he could access funds without being traced. When part of your job is covert ops, you'd need cash rather than credit cards so there wouldn't be a paper trail, so there were probably more than a few strongboxes he knew about that no one else did.
  13. I'm still wondering what else was recovered (read: stolen) from the rubble of the compound, because that's the only way anyone would have even found the suit and the sword, not just the watch. It wouldn't have just been Clint's stuff that was buried when the building was destroyed, it would have been whatever else was inside.
  14. Rewatching, I caught that Yelena called Kate a bitch in Russian, the same way she did in BW when Natasha turned out to have the keys to her motorbike for their escape. I really like how Kate tries to be all cool when they're interacting, even when she slapped her, which was pretty clearly an instinct and not anything she would have done otherwise. "What was that?" "I...don't know." Delightful. When Clint was on the phone with Laura in the last episode, he seemed worried that the discovery of the watch meant it could be used to track them down. He knew that Maya had already done
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