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  1. They should give Zombie!Wanda a call, I'm sure she'd be good to go. .....What?
  2. I'll go a step farther. The entire reason Steve and Bucky went to Siberia is because they thought Zemo was going to activate the other Winter Soldiers for his own purposes. "He asked about Siberia. Where I was kept." Of course by the time they get there, the others were dead because Zemo put bullets in their heads while they were still in cryo, but let's say he really did want more of them, to use them for his own personal army or whatever. What exactly was the plan to deal with them? If Barnes being brainwashed means it doesn't matter who he killed, do you suppose Steve was planning to be as
  3. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it abuse, but I would argue that Howard's idolizing of Steve did damage Tony, no matter how unintentionally. It's not fair to compare the son you actually got to the guy you feel like a failure over, because Rogers' disappearance had him spending time and resources in a search that didn't pan out. So what if Howard was never weird in Steve's presence? He wouldn't have been, because it wasn't until Cap went into the ice that all of the stories about him got blown up to legendary proportions, and Howard's admiration must only have grown in those interveni
  4. Enchanted enough that he kinda-sorta had the power of flight, since he spent time flying through the air while he was fighting with Carol, but I don't know if that includes being the only one who could wield the hammer. Though I do wonder what Frigga did when she found out he'd actually been partying instead of studying. She seemed unamused when Mjolnir came flying back decorated like he'd been at Mardi Gras.
  5. I enjoyed Civil War when it came out, and there's still some pretty good stuff there, but subsequent rewatches make it seem like a harbinger of things to come for Steve. The Russos made sure that the blame fell on everyone else* - Tony, Natasha, Wanda, Ross, Zemo - but Endgame!Steve is only different than Civil War!Steve in that he tossed his principles into the trash for Peggy instead of Bucky. Even in Endgame, he stays pretty blameless, since to date he's the only one who has been allowed to fuck up the timeline for the sake of his own happiness. That they've continued on with Phase Four whi
  6. Somebody on Facebook said that it's Hank Pym's fault that Ultron!Vision has all the stones. Makes sense. ūü§£
  7. "We never get to fire the nukes." *grumble* So in this universe, Loki not growing up beside Thor meant the latter never really learns to be responsible on his own? Because Frigga seemed aware of her son's laziness since she was giving him a list of Do's and Don'ts before she left, so it's fitting that only she could get him to stop fooling around and clean up the mess he and his friends made. I was wondering if they'd accidentally destroy the planet, since Jane was talking about a previous incident where one of his parties ended in oblivion somewhere. But this was probably the most light
  8. Which Kang, though? They never explicitly stated it, but He Who Remains in Loki's show was heavily speculated as being Kang the Conqueror. Unless there's an entirely different character with that name, which is totally possible since I just barely know the comics.
  9. Speculation: Killmonger framed Obadiah Stane as the one behind the attempt on Tony's life. They never really delve into that since Tony pretty quickly accepts that Stane is guilty and has him hauled away, but Erik needed an in, a way to ingratiate himself with Stark. Not just the danger that had already passed, the active threat, but that there was a traitor still in his midst.
  10. I was waiting for him to turn on T'Chaka, honestly, but in this timeline his father must have died some other way. When he re-activated the drones once they were past the barrier, I thought they would kill everyone and he'd take the throne for himself. Also, The Watcher was in full view in this one. Will he be interacting more with the characters in the next episodes?
  11. Y'know, the literal take-away from this is that at best no one cares that Happy and Kurt got munched and zombieifed, and at worst that it's seen as positive. I'm not trying to be provocative, but they did kill two white dudes. Four, really, since Zombie Wanda killed Bucky and probably Bruce. If you really want to dig deep, Vision keeping Wanda alive was the worst thing here, since that choice meant a lot of people died to feed her, but maybe we shouldn't examine it that closely.
  12. Somebody on my MCU group said that Hank Pym should be pruned in at least one timeline, that he keeps causing trouble. Also, that wherever someone played by Danai Gurira goes, there will eventually be zombies.
  13. Bucky killed Steve. Bucky. Killed. Steve. That is all I have to say about that. "You've woken her." Me: "Oh, holy shit, Wanda." Her turning him over after he yanked the Mind Stone had me a little emotional, that even zombiefied she retained enough Self to know who he'd been to her when she was alive. He couldn't bring himself to kill her, and he may have even hoped he could help cure her. I guess that's what the 'theoretically' was about, that it worked for Scott but not for Wanda. Damn it, Marvel, leave them alone! Who was voicing Spidey here? Not Tom Holland, and it wasn
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