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  1. On the same note: "She has more lines than I do, and she's a God. Damned. Mute!"
  2. They must have changed the tagline, since those were airing a few years ago using "SAM in my pants." Which is actually worse, if you can believe that.
  3. Can't lie, ya'll, I got a little emotional about this. So adorable.
  4. I live in NC, and we don't have snack counters, but you can bring in a bottle of water or soda to drink while you're at the computers as long as you keep the cap on otherwise. No cans of soda, but you can also bring in cups of coffee that have lids.
  5. Chime, and I don't get those either. Sounds almost like a payday loan scam, since you're getting an advance on your paycheck. Or something.
  6. Are the people in the ad real people and not actors?
  7. He was also excellent in The Hurt Locker, though that's an entirely different genre.
  8. But, but, but, it's actually JJ's fault that he's irresponsible and immature, and she's a bitch because she's not sympathetic to his unwillingness to hold down a job and wants a car he can't afford. I mean, he's been coddled his whole life, so the mean old lady should give him a few million dollars so he doesn't have to face such hardships. Being so rich, it's really the least she can do. 🙂
  9. Earlier in the film, Marta told Blanc that she'd originally been hired to be Harlan's part time nurse, because of the medication he was on and that he needed help administering it. The her role was expanded, giving her more time with him, and Blanc asks if it was because of her nursing capabilities. She pauses for a few seconds, and then just says, "He needed a friend." Paints a clear picture of the oldest members of the family being quietly disrespected and not really liked, even if Harlan was sort of a bastard. What strikes me is the similarities between this and last year's Ready Or Not, minus the human sacrifices. The sniping, backbiting family who present a united front with strangers, but in actuality can't stand each other most of the time. Linda accuses Blanc of baiting her, trying to get her to talk shit about Walt, and of course she theatrically refuses, and then one scene later Richard's saying that Walt didn't really run anything, he was just his dad's errand boy. We never find out what Joni was doing with all that money she was embezzling, I don't think, but Harlan discovering the stealing was just part of him deciding to cut all of his kids off. I have to give major points to Chris Evans. Ransom's ability to fake being sincere held out longer than Meg's did, since Marta seemed to like Meg up until finding out she's the one who ratted her mom out about being in the country illegally. And I enjoyed the bit about the clock coming into play again - "Who opens a clock?" - about the toxicology report. I think Harlan decided to just end it, though, since Marta did give him the correct dosages by accident. He knew his money and the legacy his books had created would be in good hands with her, and it was a final way to give his mooching kids the finger. Well played, sir.
  10. Bookends nicely with "What the shit?!?!" later. XD More later once I've processed everything.
  11. A woman in a commercial for Plexaderm just said that she has bags under her eyes and that it sucks. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever heard that expression in an ad on TV, and now I am pondering the Why of it.
  12. Her Honor: "I already heard about you breast twice." Defendant: "He deserves to hear about my breast three times." Later, as defendant is leaving because JJ kicked her out: "Good luck molesting people." No, good luck to your husband because he has to live with you. What a weird broad.
  13. "Hairy doughnut! Haaaaaaaiiiiirrry doughnut." Thanks for that, JM.
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