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  1. Interesting article, because I didn't know that Miller also had a Daredevil run. https://www.vox.com/2016/3/29/11323132/frank-miller-best-batman
  2. "So am I gonna have to keep listenin' to Beethoven or are we gonna do this?"
  3. Puts a bit of a different wrinkle into things, since Kelly Marie Tran has faced her own share of racism and bullying, to the point that she deleted her Twitter account because of the stress. Maybe that's beside the point due to the current real world situation, and yet. I wonder how many of the people who want(ed) Rey and Finn together as a couple singled out Tran because they saw Rose as an interloper. When Rose and Finn first meet, he was trying to go AWOL so he could find Rey. She didn't know that at first, and I'd argue she was a bit star-struck because he was seen as a hero of the resistance. When she realizes he's trying to desert, if only so he can inform Rey about what's happening, she saw him in a much different (and less flattering) light. It's not like she set out to "educate" him right from the start, she admired him in that way you might a minor celebrity. But she didn't really know him, not the way Rey does. As for Rey specifically, I don't think it would be terrible if she stays single. It was obvious by the three-way hug that she cares for Finn and Poe very much, and that could just be an okay note to end it on. These movies have always been about family connections, except for maybe Leia and Han, and even they didn't work out in the end. Speaking for myself, I like to think that the three of them went on to find Force sensitives like Finn so they can train them, have adventures together, and build something a lot better than the Empire/First Order/Whatever.
  4. Remember, kids, you can't spell association without 'ass'.
  5. Probably for the same reason Leia ended up with a patricidal whiner for a son.
  6. Honestly, I prefer that to "these are real people, not actors." Last I checked, actors are people, even the ones who play Jan and Lily and Flo. It's not like they're robots.
  7. "A black overcoat in August is nature's way of telling you to cut back on the Bauhaus." - Richard Kadrey, from the Sandman Slim books. Read them if ya'll haven't.
  8. I'm weirdly disappointed John Amos isn't included.
  9. I checked IMDB, and Headey is doing/has done a lot of TV work. She tends to do well as Cersei-like characters, since even in The Purge she and I enjoyed her work in PP&Z. But I like the super cheesy stuff. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a must-watch whenever I see it on the schedule.
  10. On a related note: https://comicbook.com/movies//news/cats-movie-2019-judi-dench-costume-complaint/?fbclid=IwAR09Ulz6WPBzeey0UuPnpDnVqYVoUY5usdTnB4GObIts50sSQmmvJuF8npc
  11. The D is silent.
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