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  1. Sort of? He was in Escape From New York playing Hauk, the guy who sends Snake Plissken after the President. More like a very gray hat rather than an out and out villain, but it was probably the closest thing to a hero he portrayed.
  2. First thought: Will she be playing all of the characters?
  3. Depends on who you ask: https://urge.org/its-okay-to-like-problematic-things/?fbclid=IwAR2eDM4bAkNjpcCyg2opbvezaOmvcXgxuTffQG3Kg2IIud1l_cBZAQ-4oV8 'It's okay to like problematic things, except not really, because you should look for less problematic things to like.' Um, okay. I admit to going back and forth on it. The struggle to be 'woke' is what's led us to diversity standards for the Oscars, which IMO won't do anything but shut out smaller movies for consideration, not the obvious bait films. Also, despite the overall whiteness of the cast, The Family Stone is a movie about people who see themselves as supportive and tolerant but are really just bullies with a liberal bent. As obnoxious as I find the romanticizing of toxic relationships, and as annoying as I will always find Sarah Jessica Parker, I think Meredith being screamed at over dinner because she said something not well-worded is far more problematic because the people doing it imagine themselves as bastions of tolerance.
  4. In fairness, they did this quite a bit. Once the trial started, weeks or months would go by off screen to encompass all the testimony they don't show, etc. I can't think of episode titles right now, because it was a long week today, but there were a lot.
  5. Back in the late seventies, maybe early eighties, there was a slew of movies that almost ticked off boxes when it came to representation. They would usually be low-budget, sleeper films that became cult hits; The Warriors and the Walter Matthau iteration of The Bad News Bears come to mind, but even 1989's The Blood of Heroes could qualify, since Delroy Lindo and Joan Chen have prominent roles. Mass appeal aside, since those are mostly niche movies that appeal to a certain audience, under the new diversity rules they'd be exactly what the Academy is looking for. I don't think that's what they had in mind, but there you are.
  6. That's arguable. T'Challa's nobility was why he didn't throw Killmonger straight into prison and/or have him summarily executed, despite Ramonda urging him not to accept the second challenge fight or even have anything to do with him. As has been noted, Killmonger was a murdering psychopath who would have left much less population for Thanos to halve if he'd continued to rule Wakanda, and while it was noble of T'Challa to deal with him honorably, it was also incredibly naive. He was too caught up in not making his father's mistakes to see the downside.
  7. As @Jazzy24 said, it's just way too soon to have this discussion. The sequel being delayed for so long is because Chadwick Boseman must have been in remission for a time, and then he wasn't anymore. That he made seven movies while he was fighting cancer is probably the most badass thing I've heard of in a while, but IMO what's weird is that "when will they recast?" is even a topic. Also this. T'Challa's arc was about learning to accept that the father he loved and admired could and did make terrible mistakes, and those mistakes rebounded onto him when Erik Killmonger showed up to take the Wakandan throne. It isn't just the mantle of Black Panther or the position of a reigning monarch, since there were many before him who's stories we never heard, it's the man behind those things.
  8. As per IMDB, the sequel was set for 2022, but filming hadn't started yet. Since Disney/Marvel must have been accommodating Chadwick due to his health for some time, they'd clearly been working with him on his schedule as far as that goes. What they'll do next is anyone's guess, though I wouldn't mind Shuri or Okoye taking on the mantle. But like you said, after a lot of serious conversation about how to handle things.
  9. I don't even know what to say, except what a garbage year this has been.
  10. The innocent kids in Japan the organization wanted to sacrifice. "How much work does it take to kill a bunch of nine year olds?!" If the little kids hadn't figured out how to not get killed, it wouldn't have been so imperative for Marty and the others to die. They must not have drugged their oatmeal sufficiently, that's how rigged it was.
  11. Wow, that's some selective editing. It's been years since I watched The Karate Kid, but all I can think right now is, "Sweep the leg." Nice to know I hallucinated that for all these years.
  12. I dunno, I can see it from his perspective. He and his friends showed up expecting to just have a nice vacation, and they walk into a death trap. They were dead the second they got there, and it's worse that they choose how they die. When no matter what happens, you end up as dog food without having done anything to "deserve" your fate, he sort of had a point in questioning the rightness of it. Especially when the people running the operation were gambling on the outcome: "Wait. That's not fair. I had zombies, too!" "Yes, you did. Yes, you had zombies. But this is "Zombie Redneck Torture Family," see? They're entirely separate species. Like the difference between an elephant and an elephant seal."
  13. Proof that literature isn't dead: https://ew.com/books/midnight-sun-review-twilight/?did=552822-20200823&utm_campaign=entertainment-weekly_newsletter&utm_source=ew.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=082320&cid=552822&mid=39414606548
  14. "HE DOESN'T HAVE A HEAD!!!!!"
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