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  1. Fair winds and following seas, Captain Crane....
  2. First saw JMV in the TV movie "Tribes", 1970. He played a hippie drafted into the USMC opposite Darren McGavin's tough DI. Movie shot at MCRD San Diego while I was going through. A fine actor who's fame unfortunately ended up consuming him. RIP.
  3. Another favorite duet, this one with Michael McDonald. Rest peacefully James, you'll be sorely missed.
  4. Disregard, already addressed.
  5. I don't think I could watch this one with a straight face, Moose. And BTW, my oldest boot was 52. He didn't make probation not because he couldn't cut it, but after a couple of months he decided this second career wasn't for him.
  6. I was first introduced to Mr Reynolds as Lt John Hawk in the ABC series of the same name in 1966. It only ran for 17 episodes but it, and he, made quite an impression on me. As others have said, his appearances on The Tonight Show have stayed with me and kept me in stitches ever since. Rest Peacefully Burt, we'll miss you.
  7. It was the local channels and unlimited recording that sold me on it, much better than Sling TV IMO. Premiums like HBO are extra, but having been grandfathered in at $35/mo it's still costing me less than a fill up, which will last me approx 2 weeks.
  8. Youtube TV. Local channels, all the cable channels I want, unlimited DVR recording (stored for 9 months), access to a large "on demand" library. Only thing missing is PBS, but that's why God gave me an antenna. It ain't free, but I spend more money per month filling my gas tank....I'll take it.
  9. Fair winds and following seas, Captain /Senator McCain. I'm sure your father and grandfather greeted you with the same one our brothers from Vietnam share with each other.... Welcome Home. Semper Fi. *Hand Salute *
  10. I am devastated....there are no words. Rest peacefully Aretha, suffer no more.
  11. Free Fire "Alright. Who did it? Who did it? You are gonna stand sweating at those battle stations until someone confesses....."
  12. Gregory Peck's scenery chewing delivery reduces me to giggles every time....The Boys From Brazil.
  13. From The 80s, when synthesizers roamed the earth... Airwolf! And... Knight Rider!
  14. The West Wing Battlestar Galactica (2004) Star Trek: TOS As Time Goes By Fawlty Towers The Twilight Zone (all iterations) The Outer Limits (all iterations) Southland ....and a few others that don't immediately come to mind.
  15. Hanging not seen her in anything else, Jaime Presley is My Name is Earl's Joy Turner by default.
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