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  1. I hated Rachel so I was happy when they shoved her off to New York and it made it easier to fast forward through her scenes as I didn't really care about any of the other NY characters apart from Santana
  2. I didn't realise that Nicki was as high up as she was, and I didn't realise she was a first line master either. I knew about her being in Mexico, marrying Allison for a green card and her dancing outside the prison, but she seems to have escaped a lot of the scrutiny and legal troubles.
  3. Rachel Caine has died Best known for her Morganville Vampires, Weather Wardens, The Great Library and Stillhouse Lake series.
  4. I was just coming to post this. So sad. I really liked her books and she seemed super sweet, and there's so many lovely stories about her, especially from other authors.
  5. Steps new single: What the Future Holds. I love it.
  6. This is a really random one (and at the wrong time of year), I've got a song stuck in my head that we sung in a UK Nativity Play about 20+ years ago, and I'm trying to find it to actually listen to the thing, but google isn't turning up anything with the (heavily paraphrased) lyrics I can think of: "Get out, move on, and leave us alone We don't need no scruffy neighbours moving in next door Take all your […] and your […] instead Go ahead get out of here there's no place here for you" Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm not sure if it's from a specific play or a normal song
  7. Been rewatching from the beginning and I forgot how much I love Britta and Troy. I always wanted them together from the 1st season, but I completely forgot they actually did become an actual couple - it's such a shame they never did anything with them. They were so cute together and I loved when she called herself the worst and he told her that she's the best
  8. Ugh Scorpius, another annoying character with far too much screentime. It's funny, because I always forget he exists till I'm reminded, I feel like I block him out. I rewatched it for the first time last year and I completely forgot about him till he appeared and it all came flooding back.
  9. I always thought Farscape was overrated and I HATED Crichton - I just found him really annoying. I did love Aeryn though.
  10. I loved Breaking Bad but I couldn't get in to Better Call Saul. I watched the first season and just didn't... care
  11. I think Lily's taking a break after her transition was outed before she was ready whilst filming Season 2 of Sense8
  12. So I just finished Teen Wolf and here's a couple of Teen Wolf opinions: I don't like Stiles - I think he's an annoying little shit, and I hated that even though he was gone for a half a season it was still all about him. Allison and Liam (and Derek but that's not unpopular) were my favourite characters, and I liked the 'puppy pack' from the last couple of seasons. I also liked Malia and I liked her and Scott together I didn't like Lydia for the first couple of seasons, but she grew on me, but the writers never knew what to do with her.
  13. I recognised Charlie in the film, but I could not place him at all until I saw his name in the credits. It was definitely the hair. I loved him in Red Band Society
  14. Hee, I said to my friend afterwards. "Never trust a guy who wears a full suit to a hippie party"
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