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  1. If my students, who only have internet on their phone, can call in for a video class, I’m sure his famous guests could, too. Plus, if he uses Zoom, added bonus they get hacked with porn. So HBO!
  2. Max: “It’s orange.”
  3. I enjoy the conversations between the women. When they were surprised at Annie being in therapy and asked if it was physical therapy, I laughed so hard. “What’s wrong with the way I run?”
  4. Wow, the only thing I’ve ever seen Skylar Astin in is Hamlet 2, where he played a talented but obsessed student, and it does not inspire any sexy feelings. I’m almost shocked by others’ sentiments regarding his hotness.
  5. I found it strange how much it focused on how these internet investigators did so much research to track him down, only for him to be found because he was researching himself. Strangely, I found the first two episodes to be more engaging (not exactly the right word) than the last. And I want to know what his mom knew, since she asked the police if they were there about the cat videos when they were looking for him. I would not be blasé if anyone, much less my son, I knew was making cat murder videos. What the hell, lady?
  6. I still feel like they are doing a good job of filling each episode with foreboding. I held my breath several times throughout this episode.
  7. I don’t know what I expected, but I’ve never seen Linda Hamilton interviewed before, and she came off as kind of goofy. The dynamic between her and Arnold was hard to read.
  8. Oliver’s Vedder impression especially made me laugh because he randomly had a Scottish drawl in there at some points.
  9. I’m sure you meant for the good of possible future victims, but there is no “right” thing to do for the victim. If a victim doesn’t want to report the crime, they are not “wrong.” People are allowed to react to a trauma however they see fit, providing it’s not illegal.
  10. The foster moms don’t come off very well. We don’t all react the same to tragedy, and these women seemed to need the “right” reaction. I would be devastated to know that people I thought I could trust told the police I wasn’t reliable.
  11. For me, Tom Hanks comes across a bit like Will Smith or Tom Cruise, exuding a certain sense that he is beloved and can blather on. I don’t enjoy him as much as he seems to enjoy himself. Gwyneth was less insufferable than I anticipated, and Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal made good use of their time.
  12. I wish that Liz Mair would have finished her point, instead of repeatedly asking if she could finish her point. It didn’t seem like Bill gave the panel much time to discuss, or he just let the PhD talk for longer.
  13. Thank you for that! I was tearing up with how calm and smart that operator and caller were. I hope she was safe in the end.
  14. I don’t know anything about how 911 operators are trained to take calls. As I’ve been listening to too many true crime podcasts lately, I’ve heard a lot of fatal 911 calls lately. It is so sad/frustrating to hear that the last person a lot of these victims talked to was someone who sounded annoyed, impatient, or even bored. I probably could never do that job, and I get that there is a certain amount of objectivity required, but it sounds like some are going too far. To respond to a woman screaming, “He’s coming!” and gunshots followed by silence, with “Hello?!” in a bored teenager voice is beyond my understanding. This might be more than just a peeve. Sorry.
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