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  1. I feel like the zingers and one-liners this season have been amazing. I have, literally, laughed out loud at several scenes in each episode, with most of the family. It was mostly only Klaus that was funny in the first season.
  2. With as much attention that the Civil Rights movement is getting, I find it jarring that no one says anything to or treats Lila any different. With Latino parents who lived in Texas during this time period, I can tell you that they were not treated much like differently than black people during this time, and I assume the same is true for other brown people. The bingo scene had me waiting for someone to tell Lila to leave.
  3. Plus, there is more nuance to the discussion than he ever addresses. There are overweight people who are healthier than people whose weight is acceptable to him. It’s the underlying conditions, like diabetes and heart disease that make them at higher risk. I’m considered obese, but I don’t have any problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, organ problems, or other diseases. I eat healthy and exercise, but he doesn’t address that people like me exist.
  4. I love Luther and Tom Hopper’s comedic timing, but his American accent is so dodgy this season. I didn’t notice that in season one.
  5. I almost think this season is better than the first? No drag, lots of comedy, drama, dance and fight scenes...what more could you ask for? Oh, and pretty great fashion.
  6. I’m just glad Gene’s good guy instincts kicked in, AND he didn’t get killed. I really thought he would be a casualty, not Dean.
  7. The explanation of the families above is fantastic! The only one I’m still confused about is Ulrich. Why can’t he exist? I don’t get how his parents are only in the loop?
  8. My problem with Season 3 is that it hinged so much on Martha, who I didn’t find that compelling as a character or actress, and Jonas. They were much less interesting than some of the other characters, but a lot of them took a backseat. Also, did Peter end up with Katharina? I thought he ended up with the person he’d been having the affair with in the different worlds. I was wondering if Regina and Katharina were alone.
  9. Jess can be insufferable, but I hope she isn’t really gone. I love the dynamic between her, Murphy, and Felix.
  10. Skip the theme song. It’s worth it.
  11. With the “Good Place” over, I don’t mind a seem-alike. It also makes me feel like it’s a sunny side of “Black Mirror.” I’m intrigued.
  12. If my students, who only have internet on their phone, can call in for a video class, I’m sure his famous guests could, too. Plus, if he uses Zoom, added bonus they get hacked with porn. So HBO!
  13. Max: “It’s orange.”
  14. I enjoy the conversations between the women. When they were surprised at Annie being in therapy and asked if it was physical therapy, I laughed so hard. “What’s wrong with the way I run?”
  15. Wow, the only thing I’ve ever seen Skylar Astin in is Hamlet 2, where he played a talented but obsessed student, and it does not inspire any sexy feelings. I’m almost shocked by others’ sentiments regarding his hotness.
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