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  1. I don’t know why Jack listened to Doc about what Mel would want for her birthday. Doc is used to dealing with Hope’s passive aggressiveness, but Mel is very straightforward.
  2. I guess I will just swim in the shallow end of the pool by myself, but a little shirtlessness from my favorite character (Ace) is much appreciated. It made the whiplash from Nancy’s random characterization easier to take. It was a little awkward for Ace and Nancy to hook up with twins on the same night .
  3. This show was very different and interesting to me. It did make me sad that it was a Black-Mirror style abuse story. I’m very intrigued by the characters and could never predict what would happen next with them, even though their decisions did make sense, in-story. I would also like to see more. Kind of bummed few others here seem to like it.
  4. They really need to get on training other people to be engineers. Without Javi and Melanie, they would be in trouble with just Alex and Ben if they got rid of Wilford. Although I guess he’s just sabotaging them anyway. Whoever commented on wanting to see the aquarium car, you kind of got your wish. Except now it’s gone forever! Poor fish, when the ice froze through the tank. I second the emotion that I’m not sure I’m back for another season without Melanie. We didn’t see a body? I’m holding out hope...
  5. I felt bad for Mia when she mentioned how she never brought anyone she dated after Allen around the kids because she couldn’t trust herself to know if they were trouble. That would mess with your ability to judge men in the future. Although I still have to side-eye her for accepting a dude who said he wanted to have nothing to do with her kids and wouldn’t be involved if they procreated. Woody was a piece of crap from the beginning.
  6. I found it funny that one of Galloway’s points is that social media companies thrive on our outrage, while he is on a show hosted by a guy who thrives on the same.
  7. This is making me think of a similar way of thinking in “The Night Stalker” docuseries on Netflix, in which one of the detectives is brushed off. He suggests that the killer is targeting both old and young people. Other officers tell him they’ve never seen that before, so they don’t investigate if different cases could be linked because it doesn’t fit a profile. Allen doesn’t have to abuse anyone else for his abuse of Dylan to be real and true. While there are patterns and profiles, people are complicated and don’t have to commit crimes or violate others in a way that fits a textbook
  8. Based on the scene with Lee in the episode where they talked about abuse, I wonder if maybe her parents did something to her daemon so that it wouldn’t talk to her and be able to distance itself?
  9. Paraphrasing the manager’s question: “Is there any room where someone hasn’t died?”
  10. Yes, I found the information about the Cecil Hotel and Skid Row very interesting. I kind of wish they had delved into the evolution of the hotel and all the murders and suicides more, instead of giving the random internet sleuths any airtime. Poor Elisa Lam and any other tourist stuck in an elevator with someone tweaking or peeing. The hotel manager made me think of the movie “Fargo” and seemed like she was part of a satire or something. She called her mom before the police when they found the body? edit: I hadn’t seen the final episode yet. Now that I have, I sympathize
  11. I’m really sad that Paige and Preacher didn’t even get a decent kiss in before she was off and running. He is the most decent guy on the show and deserves at least one smooch on the mouth!
  12. I just keep thinking that if we couched this in terms he understands, believers and atheists, he might stop this reconciliation bullshit. He never turns down a chance to shit on the religious, so if we reminded him how he talks and feels about those people, he might understand better. Bill, can you accept and appreciate the Christians and Muslims and not think they are stupid, sexist, and racist in their own way? Because that’s how liberals and conservatives feel about each other. That the other side’s beliefs are so damaging to our world order, we can’t just accept them with open arms. When h
  13. I feel like the zingers and one-liners this season have been amazing. I have, literally, laughed out loud at several scenes in each episode, with most of the family. It was mostly only Klaus that was funny in the first season.
  14. With as much attention that the Civil Rights movement is getting, I find it jarring that no one says anything to or treats Lila any different. With Latino parents who lived in Texas during this time period, I can tell you that they were not treated much like differently than black people during this time, and I assume the same is true for other brown people. The bingo scene had me waiting for someone to tell Lila to leave.
  15. Plus, there is more nuance to the discussion than he ever addresses. There are overweight people who are healthier than people whose weight is acceptable to him. It’s the underlying conditions, like diabetes and heart disease that make them at higher risk. I’m considered obese, but I don’t have any problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, organ problems, or other diseases. I eat healthy and exercise, but he doesn’t address that people like me exist.
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