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  1. For me, Tom Hanks comes across a bit like Will Smith or Tom Cruise, exuding a certain sense that he is beloved and can blather on. I don’t enjoy him as much as he seems to enjoy himself. Gwyneth was less insufferable than I anticipated, and Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal made good use of their time.
  2. I wish that Liz Mair would have finished her point, instead of repeatedly asking if she could finish her point. It didn’t seem like Bill gave the panel much time to discuss, or he just let the PhD talk for longer.
  3. Frisson

    Pet Peeves

    Thank you for that! I was tearing up with how calm and smart that operator and caller were. I hope she was safe in the end.
  4. Frisson

    Pet Peeves

    I don’t know anything about how 911 operators are trained to take calls. As I’ve been listening to too many true crime podcasts lately, I’ve heard a lot of fatal 911 calls lately. It is so sad/frustrating to hear that the last person a lot of these victims talked to was someone who sounded annoyed, impatient, or even bored. I probably could never do that job, and I get that there is a certain amount of objectivity required, but it sounds like some are going too far. To respond to a woman screaming, “He’s coming!” and gunshots followed by silence, with “Hello?!” in a bored teenager voice is beyond my understanding. This might be more than just a peeve. Sorry.
  5. Frisson

    S05.E03: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

    When Clive laughed and clapped at the end of their dance lesson montage, I realized that I don’t think we’ve ever seen his character smile that big before. He looked so different not brooding or bewildered by Liv’s shenanigans!
  6. Frisson

    Season One Talk

    Watching the movie this is based on made me fall in love with Taika Waititi, and that interview just made the love stronger.
  7. I also remember that he behaved the same way when he was on the same couch as Tom Cruise, so it’s hard to tell if it’s genuine fanboying or just trying to draw attention as humble?
  8. I don’t know anything about fashion, but I was wondering why he was dressed as a young Colonel Sanders.
  9. And good-looking.
  10. Frisson

    When Actors Play Against Type

    This topic makes me think of Sandra Bullock in “Murder By Numbers.” If you’re used to her as the romantic-comedy heroine who has a girl-next-door likability, that role was very off-brand.
  11. Adam Sandler has great on-screen chemistry with Drew Barrymore. She makes him bearable.
  12. I thought Zerlina Maxwell was great, a real breath of fresh air. She was very good at expressing feelings clearly and quickly enough in this format. I loved her pushing back on Bill’s scoffing about what progressive means. Norquist annoyed me less than usual.
  13. Plus, she told Salman, “You’re not allowed to talk anymore” when he said something she disagreed with. If he’d said that to her, she would have been up in arms. What a hostile asshole who didn’t seem interested in any kind of discourse. I hope she’s not on again anytime soon.
  14. Frisson

    Good Girls

    His lawyer was practically purring at him, so Beth may not be the only suburban lady he’s into.
  15. Frisson

    Good Girls

    Their faces while she was describing what she did with the body was hilarious and heartbreaking because they’re in that much deeper. Why is she talking to FBI guy now, after she did the worst thing out of any of them?!