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  1. Oh, I'm loving it. Like I've said numerous times, I watch this shit show for the mess. I get my news from other sources. This show is just for kicks. I want split screen fights. I want drama. This show has been a joke for years now. I treat it as such. I record the shows, then when I get home from work, I read about it. If it wasn't a shit show, I delete. I look at it as a talk show soap opera, and I honestly don't know why or how anyone can take it seriously.
  2. Right. You see it all the time. It just amazes me. Me me me me! How can you do that?! Someone mentioned about asking for someone's cart if they are done putting their groceries away and you are walking into the store. That's usually what I do. If I'm walking by and see someone is about done, I'll be like hey, can I get your cart? This is one of my biggest peeves ever. I don't ever park near the big area where people will randomly put their carts, carts flying around in the wind smashing into cars. I open my mouth and say something. This woman the other day literally stopped right in front of t
  3. He hadn't been looking well for quite a while. I wasn't a huge fan, though he was always around when I was a kid. I think my favorite role of his would have to be his very short cameo in The Golden Girls.. Heh. He was a presence though. RIP
  4. Poor girl looks shell shocked. I didn't want kids, so a lot of live births I've seen have been from this show. Looks fun!! I know the end result is worth it and all that.. But ack! Drug me up and cut that thing out of me. Giving birth just looks petrifying. Gotta go hug my mama now.
  5. Put your damn shopping cart back where it belongs!! I guess the fact that over half the population live completely in their own assholes, this shouldn't keep surprising me. Just spent however long, walking around the store, but putting your cart away is just too damn much. Bonus points for those douchebags that will grab their bags after checkout and then proceed to leave the cart there. Or the extra wastes of skin that unload their groceries right in front of the exit doors, and then leave it there. I have never understood this. And the one asshole who decided they will put their cart away, b
  6. Cindy is in no way better than Dennis.. Damn Rob! That body.. It's a little unsettling, just hope he's keeping healthy and not driving everyone crazy, that dude is committed as hell though. I didn't like Mindy.. Cindy.. Real Dennis does look quite different as well, but, it happens to all of us. Kaitlin did as well.. I wasn't a fan of this episode, it did nothing for me. I'll give it a chance and see where it goes, but, this was a shitty start in my opinion.
  7. Jill... You fucking bitch. You've been blessed with 13 (it is 13 right?) children. A gift, so much potential. And you and that slovenly sack of shit do this to them. I don't even know why, but, reading that crap just punched my heart. Nurie looks lifeless and tired and so deeply sad.. To me. How embarrassing for them. Go to the ocean Jill, put on that modest swim wear Jill, and take a long fucking walk Jill.. Now I feel a little badly for snarking on their poor heads. It's not their fault, they just want to be kids. Jill and David... Rage.. You cold, abusive, sanctimonious, wastes of skin. Oo
  8. Well, on the plus side I guess, the people in attendance got to see one hell of a show!
  9. Yeah. Meghan is an intolerant bitch. She is spoiled, and selfish, and has a lot to learn about people. But, I don't doubt for one second that she was genuine in her emotions at her Father's funeral. They were very close, and she obviously loved him dearly. It's not fair to compare her reactions to others. It's really kind of oogy to be analyzing her reactions at all. Her actions there have nothing to do with her on The View. I can at least empathize with the fact she lost someone very close to her, while she spent the previous year watching the strongest, bravest, most secure person in her lif
  10. Standing in front of Mt. Rushmore, almost makes their heads proportionate. They should use that background from now on.
  11. Freddy Got Fingered. It's like drugs when you're broke. Clifford- I just flat out think it's hilarious Riding the Bus with My Sister.. No words
  12. Ohhhh! I bet she is a little salty now! This was HER day. Happy birthday you lunatic! Your talent and innovation and hard work can never be taken away. Love her.
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