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  1. I’m reading the romance All the Feels by Olivia Dade which is a sequel to Spoiler Alert. This book features Alex the co-star/best friend of Marcus from the previous book. Alex has gotten some negative media attention and has been assigned a handler former ER therapist Lauren. Alex resents being forced to have a babysitter but enjoys needling Lauren. Along the way sparks flare up between them.
  2. There’s this great YouTube channel that makes documentaries about Broadway shows. He decided to make a faux documentary about Rogers the Musical . This was such a fun idea and it’s an awesome watch. The Greatest Musical Never Made: Rogers the Musical
  3. What Hawkeye gets right about deafness
  4. I’m reading a thriller by Alyssa Cole, When No One is Watching. Sydney is weary of the changes her community as neighbors she’s known all her life are being pushed out as gentrification takes hold. While dealing with a personal crisis she decides to hold on to the history of her community by creating a historical walking tour. The research for the tour leads her to team up with her new neighbor Theo and both begin having terrifying experiences. How far are people willing to go to force people out of the neighborhood? I have enjoyed the Honor Harrington series as well but I have p
  5. I keep hoping Disney will buy the rights considering their successful collaborations with Kenny Ortega in the past.
  6. Luckylyn

    Encanto (2021)

    Delores listening to Bruno’s rat novellas https://youtube.com/shorts/yiDj6OdTMsU?feature=share
  7. I’m reading the historical romance The Duke, the Lady and a Baby by Vanessa Riley. West Indian Heiress Patience is stripped of everything after the death of her husband. Her child Lionel being stolen from her leads her to pretend to be a servant to get a job as her own child’s nanny. She’s determined to find the documentation of her fortune so she can afford passage to escape with her child. After rescuing the baby from his late cousin’s uncle, Busick is determined to protect baby Lionel and raise him as his own and finds himself falling for the nanny he suspects has a secret.
  8. Ben Affleck Hit Back At Accusations That He “Blamed” Jennifer Garner For His Alcoholism And Said That They Were “The Exact Opposite” Of The Truth
  9. TV depicting a post-COVID world feels even more awkward in wake of the Omicron surge Grey's Anatomy Season 18 & Other ABC Shows Shut Down Production
  10. Luckylyn

    Scream Franchise

    Scream House Tour
  11. I’m in the middle of reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. It reminds me a bit of Ready Player One because it involves people spending a lot of their lives in a virtual world but the writing style is different. Snow Crash gives me 80s Noir Vibes. I was very amused by the blurb saying the lead character’s name is Hiro Protagonist. Society is lawless depending on what neighborhood you’re in and violence is rampant to the point that the mafia operates openly. There’s a mafia booth at the local job fair, bill boards advertising for them and a boy scout type group they head called the Young Ma
  12. Dany being ruthless was telegraphed but calling her mad is what bugged me. She made brutal choices and could be unforgiving of her enemies going back to season 1. I just don’t see her as insane. Someone can do monstrous things and be sane. She does not have to be crazy to be the bad guy. I can see her as a villain with a better execution. There was a path to making her villainy come off as more organic but the writing rushed it. I can buy Dany doing horrible acts because it helps her reach her goal but murdering innocent people people after she already won was odd to me. Dany’s bruta
  13. Elizabeth Holmes found guilty on four out of 11 federal charges
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