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  1. I saw this lovely video and wanted to share it. I thought it would be good to create a thread for sharing various types of fan created content.
  2. The Take explores why they think the finale didn’t work. The finale made me so upset because it did a disservice to Tracy, Robin, Barney and Ted. They rigidly stuck the ending they created at the beginning of the show while totally not respecting the way the characters evolved as the series progressed over the years. I went from loving the show to being completely disinterested in watching reruns. I spent 9 years looking forward to Ted meeting the Mother and then the writers treated Tracy like a throw away incubator. It’s good to have a plan but when situations change you also have to be flexible. What seemed like a good idea in the early seasons of the show made no sense for the ending 9 years later.
  3. John Barrowman wants people to vote for their favorite episode of Torchwood to for a Torchwood rewatch in honor of his husband’s birthday April 2.
  4. Parasite perfect montage Parasite director breaks down opening scene Exploring visual language in Parasite
  5. Hilariocity review https://youtu.be/RtkcmIoUxS0
  6. I consider this movie an accidental comedy rather than as suspense or horror.
  7. I’m worried the references to Madison’s poor medical history with fertility means she’s going to have a high risk pregnancy leading her to die in childbirth. Then single dad Kevin will marry someone else. I don’t want Madison to die. I think the character has potential. She has some insecurities that can be expressed in ways that can be annoying but she’s a kind person. I think she and Kevin are alike in needing love. We saw in the flash forward to the birthday that Kevin has a pregnant fiancée. So are he and Madison heading towards a marriage of convenience? I hate that idea. It’s so old fashion to think to people have to be married to share parenting responsibilities. Another possibility is that Madison has crap insurance and she and Kevin will marry so he can put her on his insurance to cover her medical costs. I know someone who married a friend with benefits they had accidentally gotten pregnant just to put her on his insurance. They were basically roommates having a baby together and married only on paper. Neither was in love and they were good friends. So the arrangement worked for them. They divorced amicably when she got engaged to another man. Maybe that’s what will happen for Madison/Kevin. I’m hoping for a love story to them. I think they could be really good together. We know Kevin wears a wedding ring in the flash forward to Rebecca’s deathbed but they are being coy about showing his wife. I’m rooting for a happy ending for Kevin/Madison.
  8. I think Randall blackmailing Rebecca was wrong, and I was fine with Kevin confronting him about that. Randall at least subconsciously knew he was wrong which is why he was willing to go along with Rebecca’s lie that she decided on her on to go to the trial. Both Kevin and Randall were wrong to say the horrible things that did. Kevin telling Randall that he would have saved Jack was totally unfair. Kevin basically blaming Randall for not doing enough taps into Randall’s savior issues which was like Kevin going for his jugular. Kevin resents Randall so much for being the favorite. Kevin comes off as desperate for love and attention he feels he didn’t get when a child. He blames Randall for that but ultimately Jack and Rebecca are responsible for the different ways they favored their kids. It’s not Randall’s fault he was the favorite. He directs his anger over how he was treated towards Randall but Rebecca is the one he should be discussing how he was treated. Saying Randall’s adoption was the worst thing that happened to him was cruel, but it reflects the pain Kevin experienced being treated as an afterthought throughout his childhood. Even if Kyle had lived, Kevin still might have ended up feeling he wasn’t getting enough attention. Maybe Kyle would have been favored like Kate was. Jack and Rebecca are the one he should resent for how he was treated not Randall. Deep down Randall isn’t capable of seeing Kevin as anything other than a screwup. Kevin living his own life and moving to New York doesn’t make Kevin a monster. Randall staying doesn’t make him a saint. Randall tells himself that staying was for Rebecca, but it was for himself. People cope with grief differently and there is no perfect universal response. Randall likes to remind everyone of how he was Rebecca’s caretaker and clearly expects to be treated as special for it. They way he keeps referencing being the good son with the expectation that he should get what he wants because of that as if he is owed shows there’s a selfishness rather than selflessness behind his actions. Randall’s sense of self is wrapped up in being the superior child, and he won’t see the good in Kevin because he feels threatened by it. Kevin could cure cancer, and Randall would probably be derisive of that. What Randall said about Jack dying ashamed of Kevin was too cruel and just not true. Randall was projecting a lot of his own selfishness regarding Rebecca onto Kevin. The idea that Kevin and Rebecca are getting closer really bothers him, and he’s not being honest with himself about it. Randall acts like he resents Kevin and Kate for not being more involved with Rebecca’s life, but it’s clear he’s actively resistant to their participation. It’s like he keeps them at a distance from him and Rebecca and then wants to judge them for not being there. Randall lies to himself a lot about his motivations and wants to protect this image of pure righteousness. He can’t recognize when he’s being self-centered and selfish because he thinks everything he does comes from a place of moral superiority. The person they should have been talking to is Rebecca instead of lashing out at each other. The whole family should be having this conversation with a therapist. I’m okay with Madison being the Mom. I’m hoping she and Kevin get a love story. I don’t want them engaged just for the kids. In this day and age she and Kevin can coparent without being a couple. So I hope their engagement results from falling in love with each other. Madison seems to have an open soft heart and Kevin has a soft heart needing love. I could see them getting to know each other better during the pregnancy and falling into a true love story. Kevin has never really given Madison a chance and been so derisive towards her. The pregnancy creates a situation where he has to truly get to know her and learn to be a friend to her at least. A love that starts with friendship would be nice to watch. Kevin fixates on this fairytale love and that’s putting too much pressure on his relationships. Kevin embracing a love that’s not a fantasy would be character growth for him.
  9. Such a missed opportunity
  10. I love Charade. It’s a fun stylish suspense film that I always enjoy watching. I heard Cary Grant was worried about the age difference between him and Audrey Hepburn, and he in the past had refused to be her love interest because of that. He turned down Love in the Afternoon. I’m so happy they got Grant for Charade. I thought they had wonderful chemistry. I was not a fan of the remake The Truth About Charlie. It was trying too hard to be stylish, and it felt strained rather than organic. Casting bland Mark Whalberg in a role originated by charismatic Cary Grant was just ridiculous. I did like Thandie Newton though. She’s always good.
  11. Susan Slade is a wonderful example of a serious movie that’s accidentally hilarious. I acknowledge a huge soft spot for Troy Donahue. He was a limited actor but I enjoy most of the melodramas he stared in especially Parrish and Rome Adventure.
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