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  1. The thing is when you spend money on content and products connected to Harry Potter you are giving JK Rowling money. So I want to support a fandom I grew up with and have affection for, but it means helping the transphopic person who created it make money. People are complicated, and they can be responisble for great and terrible things. It can be difficult to reconcile. I’ve been thinking about a compromise and maybe it’s a good idea to donate to charities that support transgender people whenever you view content or purchase a product connected to Harry Potter? So, I buy a wand and then donate the same amount I used to purchase that wand to a charity that opposes Rowling’s bigotry. If I watch one of the movies, I make a donation. That’s all I can think of to counteract the ugliness Rowling is putting out in the world that can endanger transgender people.
  2. Death of the Author 2: Rowling Boogaloo It’s a difficult situation. I love Harry Potter but am so disgusted with JK Rowling. Is there a middle ground where you can continue to remain in the fandom while also vocally advocating against Rowling?
  3. I love A Country Wedding so I don’t mind, lol. There are certain movies I never get sick of.
  4. Luckylyn

    Hamilton (2020)

    The casts made their own video of the Hamilton Polka
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/04/uk/maxwell-spacey-throne-gbr-intl/index.html
  6. That’s how I feel about Peter Wingfield doing a reading of Post Cards From Alexa which is a short story from a the book An Evening At Joe’s which was Highlander fiction written by people who worked on the show. I would listen to that man read a telephone book. BTW, David Tennent is my favorite Doctor and I just enjoy him in pretty much anything he does. My other tv crushes include Matt Bomber and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  7. I move Xanadu despite it’s many many many many many flaws. I enjoyed Michael Beck in The Warriors and agree he was all wrong for Xanadu. I also think as written the character isn’t that compelling. Olivia had more chemistry with Gene Kelly than Michael. I would have happily spent the movie focusing on Gene Kelly who was more interesting to me.
  8. I love that movie and I completely agree about how bland he is. They really needed someone with more charisma. Also he doesn’t spark enough with Holly Hunter. It’s the one misstep in an otherwise fantastic movie.
  9. Exactly as someone said another thread Gay people can get married but can’t be shown explicitly in a TV movie. It’s weird how restrictions on even a mild romance between same sex couples are still a thing. Hallmark couldn’t even have them say they are dating.
  10. Unrequited: A History of Queer Baiting The White Savior Trope Explained
  11. Unrequited: A History of Queer Baiting
  12. I’m a big fan of Ginger Rogers. My favorite movies with her are Bachelor Mother with David Niven and Once Upon a Honeymoon with Cary Grant.
  13. Finally saw Disclosure and it was really interesting and enlightening. It really does establish the problematic patterns seen on screen.
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