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  1. I don’t think any show has ever realistically dealt with how painful cramps can be. There are times it’s so intense that just getting up to walk is very difficult.
  2. Roseanne had an episode about Darlene’s first period and an episode about Roseanne’s PMS making everyone miserable Dan’s birthday. It’s a hilarious episode but it bugs how PMS is treated as a joke. I suffer from week long PMS sometimes. I have bad headaches, breast tenderness that can be painful, intense fatigue, appetite changes, bloating, and the cliche moodiness can happen for me too. PMS is not just a woman being snippy to people for one day a month. It can feel pretty horrible on a physical level as well as emotionally. I’m so happy those months when my PMS lasts only a couple of days instead of a full week. Madmen had an episode where Sally got her period for the first time while sneaking off to the museum with a boy. She was so freaked out she ditched the boy and rushed home to her mother’s for comfort. Modern Family had an episode where all the Dunphy women had their period at the same time. It focused on how the men of the family were bothered by the women’s moodiness. There is a tv trope of a woman’s period being an inconvenience to the men in her life or a source of humor and not really much of a focus on how symptoms other than moodiness and how they make the woman feel.
  3. Has there been any explanation for why Barbra Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle has been pushed out of Birds of Prey for the movie? I’m just baffled by her exclusion. I’ve been waiting for a movie for Batgirl to really be showcased. I don’t hate Harley Quinn. I grew up with Batman the Animated Series which created her. I’m not inherently opposed to including her in Birds of Prey but the way it’s being marketed as her story with the others almost as an afterthought is getting on my nerves.
  4. Deliah keeps saying the lies are for the sake of the children which is B.S. She’s given no thought to how Charlie is going to grow up believing her father committed suicide before she was born when she has a living father right there wanting to be in her life. Also Charlie and Theo deserve to know they are siblings. Everything Deliah does is for herself.
  5. The Christmas List with Mimi Rogers is one of my all time favorites and I don’t understand why no one snaps up the rights to it. I also wish The Christmas Wish staring Debbie Reynolds and Neil Patrick Harris would air on tv again. I think that’s a Hallmark movie, but I might be remembering wrong.
  6. House of Love by Amy Grant What I heard: “When I met you, you didn’t have any money.” Actual lyric: “Well I bet you any amount of money.”
  7. Loved your post. It made me think of this video analysis of Skyler and how the fandom trashed her. https://youtu.be/N-YtnuYKdqc
  8. There’s something I see on tv and movies all the time where one person gets jealous because they guy/girl they’re attracted to is speaking to someone of the opposite sex. Apparently people can’t have platonic interactions with the opposite sex. The jealousy usually involves the person either suddenly turning hostile when speaking to the person they are attracted to or they storm out without speaking to their crush. Keep in mind in these situations the couple involved may not even be dating yet. There was a Hallmark movies where the love interests are at a party and it’s not a date because they aren’t a couple yet. The woman’s estranged brother shows up unexpectedly and she goes to embrace him. Her lost interest just walks out of the party without a word like she cheated on him by giving a guy he didn’t know a hug. It was ridiculous and this happens on tv all the time particularly in Hallmark type movies. Another trope I hate is sex with someone else after a breakup being treated as cheating. I did not like Ross and was on Rachel’s side when she got fed up with his jealousy and smothering. Her dumping him was a good thing as far as far as I was concerned. Yet at the same time I did not consider his one night stand immediately after Rachel broke up with him to be cheating. That she changed her mind the morning after and reconciled with him doesn’t change the fact that when he hooked up with the other women he truly believed he and Rachel were over. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars also had a treat sex with someone else after a breakup as cheating plot that annoyed me.
  9. I’ve always been upset at how Whendon screwed over Carpenter and Cordy’s story arch just became he was pissed Carpenter got pregnant in real life. The contrast between how Cordy was written pre season 4 and then after is striking. He sabotaged her and then killed her off.
  10. I absolutely adored the complex attracted/sibling dynamic between John/Chiana. They had such a lovely friendship, but they had that amazing sexy chemistry. It was interesting to see two people so close, attracted to each other, but not meant to be end game. Plus they were supportive of each others romantic relationships and never showed jealousy. I love that they just loved each other, but there was never ever a love triangle. I remembered that scene of Chiana giving John relationship advise while simultaneously leaning against him flirtatiously. “Fast with the body. Slow with the soul.” John and Chiana had this tendency to communicate in a flirtatious way but it never felt disrespectful to their romantic partners. In that same episode Chiana tries to convince Aeryn to tell John how she feels instead of assuming John knows what’s in Aeryn’s head with her hilarious “Men are stupid” advice. You knew John/Chiana never wanted to damage each others relationships. They really had something unique that you don’t see on tv. Also I just adore John/Aeryn and their progression. On some shows it feels contrived keeping the couple from getting together for too long. I feel the pacing for John/Aeryn was just right. The obstacles keeping them from getting together in earlier seasons felt organic because they literally came from different worlds with very different views on relationships. Aeryn grew up in a world where love was dangerous and the idea of settling down with one person was so foreign to her.
  11. I put lotion on my hands every night before bed but my mother and sisters don’t.
  12. This article made me even more frustrated that Eliot and Quentin were never allowed to fulfill their potential together. Qualice or Queliot: The Toxic and the Ideal in The Magicians biggest ships
  13. I also felt really sorry for him because people were hating him for being half mutant and he had a black stone which no one matched. Now that I think about it the show didn’t even consider same sex pairings. The color matching law shouldn’t apply to same sex couples who can’t get each other pregnant but the show acts like same sex couples don’t exist. So Eric Mccormack assumes his new half mutant friend must be a virgin because he has a black stone that doesn’t match any other woman. The show acts like a woman would be his only option for companionship. I suppose the heteronormative assumptions are a product of being made in the 90s. Plus the half mutant was more anti mutant than the others. He wants to kill the mutants during the battle and his commander wants only to sedate them. That self hatred would have been interesting to explore. I really need a modern take on this show’s concept. There were so many ideas that could have been explored in a series.
  14. I remembered the basic concept well but I had forgotten a few things like Eric Mccormack being one of many clones. I also forgot how strict the fertility rules were. I remembered that people wore stones whose color showed who they were compatible to have kids with but forgot that it was illegal to have sex with someone whose color did not match yours. It’s weird how the tech is so advanced on one level using the phone to transport people from one area of the city to the other but then the tech is conveniently terrible in other ways with vaccines that only last 48 hours. Also it got me thinking about how it was possible that the genetic mutation was so rampant but wasn’t discovered before the youth drug hit the market. Plus a drug that stops aging would probably be crazy expensive so it’s hard to buy that most of the population was exposed. I basically started overthinking it. It’s an interesting concept that could be a compelling show with the right writers. I still think a redo with better special effects could be a good show.
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