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  1. Luckylyn

    LGBT Themes, Stories and Characters on TV

    I just started Schitt’s Creek so I haven’t seen Patrick yet. I’m looking forward to it based on the recommendations here. So I want to apologize for recommending Quinten and Elliot on The Magicians because the season’s ending just made me feel like some sort of bait and switch happened. The most frustrating thing is I feel foolish getting my hopes up because this type of manipulation with same sex pairings happens all the time on tv shows. They tease to bring in pro LGBTQ viewers and then don’t fulfill the implied promise. I thought the writers of The Magicians were better than that, but I had them pegged wrong.
  2. Luckylyn

    Unspoiled Speculation: Well, I DIDN'T Read It In A Book

    My theories for who gets the throne are: *No one gets the throne and Westeros becomes some sort of democracy *Someone rules but it’s like England where the power would be in parliament with the King or Queen having limited powers *The battle against the Night King or the battle at King’s Landing settles the issue because Dany or Jon dies and the other rules *Jon and Dany marry and become co-rulers. Her belief in her infertility is wrong and they are able to produce heirs. *Dany is right about her infertility. Dany takes the throne. She names Jon as her heir so that his children would continue the royal line. This means Jon and Dany can’t marry. Jon will have to make a political marriage to ensure he provides heirs for the sake of continuity and stability. It’s a peaceful resolution that’s full of angst because although they love each other Jon and Dany can’t ultimately be together but the people get peace and good stable people in charge. *Neither Jon or Dany survive and Gendry rules *Westeros is broken up into separate kingdoms each with it’s own ruler. Everyone acts as peaceful allies. I have another theory about the Queen who is supposed to supplant Cersei from the prophecy. At first, I assumed Cersei was lying about her pregnancy or going into menopause and misreading her symptoms with Qyburn telling her what she wants to hear. I also considered she’s having a hysterical pregnancy as a coping mechanism for the loss of all of her children. What if Cersei’s pregnant with a girl and the labor kills her? The Queen to supplant her is her own child who marries the son of who ever ultimately wins and becomes Queen when she’s older. That’s not totally satisfying because there’s a long line of people who would be justified to murder her, and I want someone to get their vengeance. Plus not enough time has passed and she’s not far along in her pregnancy enough for labor to kill her before whoever survives the Night King to get to her first.
  3. Luckylyn

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I didn’t like that so much of Martha Jones’ story was crushing on the doctor and feeling like she was competing with the memory of Rose and I liked Rose which is apparently an unpopular opinion. Other than that, Martha was a great companion. I found her really likable and resourceful. I think she got the best exit. She left on her own terms and went on to have adventures with no horrible consequences to follow her. The other exits for companions were more bittersweet or really tragic. The show in general had an issue where they seemed to push that women companions who weren’t gay had to crush on the doctor. They had to have some sort of romantic element even if it was one sided. Even Amy whose backstory should have leant more to a brother/sister dynamic had a thing for the doctor to the point that the writers wanted viewers to wonder if he could have fathered her child. I hated that so much. That’s why I loved Donna cause she didn’t crush on him even a little. I don’t know what to make of Martha ending up with Mickey Smith though. That seemed to be a let’s pair the only companions of color off thing that was just out of nowhere because the show had established that Martha was happily engaged to someone else in another episode. It was jarring that suddenly she’s married to Mickey who she barely interacted with. Mickey pined for Rose and Martha pined for the Doctor so decided to settle for each other? Maybe it’s just because they wanted to reference the Smith and Jones thing from Martha’s first episode meeting the Doctor who was using an alias with the last name Smith. So Martha ended up with her Smith in the end just not the one she first fell for? I liked the characters but wasn’t thrilled with them getting together so randomly with no development.
  4. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Plus he’s apparently a great lover. I ship it.
  5. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I think Brienne doesn’t see herself as the type for romance because of how cruelly she’s been treated in the past. If they survive the upcoming battle, someone’s going to have to knock some sense into Jaime and Brienne to get these two together. I nominate Pod.
  6. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I think Jaime believes he doesn’t deserve Brienne so I think he loves her from afar but hesitates to turn their friendship into romance. If Jaime is who Brienne wants she’s going to have to be the one to make a move.
  7. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I know between The Magicians finale and next weeks battle I’m gonna just cry a river. I’m so worried about who’s going to die.
  8. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Dany has always only known the idea that she’s entitled to rule by birthright as justification. Finding out Jon has a claim shakes things up. Plus the people of Westeros have made it clear they see her as a foreign conquerer. Jon isn’t ambitious in that way and has no desire to shove Dany out of the way. Still, there are a lot of people who if they knew the truth would ally themselves with Jon simply because they consider him to be one of them. They will push to get rid of Dany regardless of what Jon wants or does. So this revelation means Dany needs to think about how to win the hearts and minds of Westeros and not just rely on birthright alone. This show had shown that birthright by itself the isn’t enough to succeed long term. People have to be willing to back you.
  9. Luckylyn

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    So much of Jon and Sansa’s current dynamic has been established because of how they grew up. They don’t have a history of love and trust to fall back on. They are learning who each other is now as adults and how to trust. They are struggling to get past their childhood preconceived notions of each other. Sansa was raised to view Jon as an outsider and Jon was treated by Caitlyn as if he weren’t family. This can subconsciously effect their interactions. When Sansa disagrees with Jon publicly to him it may bring back Caitlyn’s treatment of him. Sansa was raised to feel entitled to Winterfell and Jon was supposed to inherit nothing. Then Jon is named King and he gives that up to a stranger. Sansa needs time to process that. I think Sansa and Jon have valid points. Jon is right that titles and politics don’t matter right now and that defeating the Night King is the priority. On the other hand, Jon isn’t thinking about what happens if they defeat the dead. Those titles Jon doesn’t care about will matter a lot then. So Jon is focused on immediate survival while Sansa is focused on the future. Both points of view are important. Sansa and Jon can be a great team with improved communication.
  10. Luckylyn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    There has been so much sexual assault on this show. I was so happy that Arya had a positive sexual experience on her own terms with a good man who cares for her as much as she cares for him. That is so much more that others have gotten for their first time. It’s fascinating that so many people had an easier time watching Arya slit people’s throats than watching her have a love scene. She’s old enough to kill but not to have sex? I was surprised that Jon revealed the truth before the battle. I’d assumed he’s wait until after to avoid distractions until the Night King has been dealt with. Jon has been consistently ruthlessly pragmatic about the war with the Night King. He really has no personal ambitions and has been totally focused on fighting for the living. I don’t think he’s given any thought at all to what he would want if he survived, and they won the war against the dead. When it comes to the threat from the Night King Jon is the best big picture practical strategist. When it comes to other threats and what happens if they manage to win, it’s Sansa and Dany who are better suited to that bigger picture. The most peaceful solution to Jon and Dany’s claim to the throne is for them to marry and act as co-rulers. I don’t think the writers will make it that easy though so I worry about what’s to come. Sansa has suffered and been under other people’s power for so long. She has no desire to risk being subjugated again by anyone. Her determination for Northern independence is a natural outgrowth of her personal desire for independence. Trust is something that will never come easily for her ever again. The thing is Dany was also powerless and subjugated to the whims of others that lead to her own suffering. Sansa and Dany really do have so much in common. Both want power and independence after horrible experiences of powerlessness. Dany has shown she can adapt and win others over. She managed that with the Dothraki. She can do it again, but she’s got to get better at seeing the Northern point of view. In the past, she was setting people free as part of her conquering. Westeros is different in that people see her as a foreign conquerer and not a savior. She is setting no one free this time and is in the position of being viewed as an oppressor. She says she wants to break the wheel but in so many ways she’s part of the same system of conquering and subjugation. The only true way to break the wheel would be to let the people pick their leader. I feel like this show is a big advertisement for why choosing a ruler through birthright or through domination leads to so much instability and suffering. I adored Brienne getting her well deserved knighting. I loved Sansa’s total faith in her. There is some amusement to Brienne and her two suiters, but I can’t take Tormund seriously. At first, I was charmed by his crush on her, but he doesn’t seem capable of talking her . He mostly leers at her, talks about her as if they’re a couple to other people, and makes awkward comments. I don’t think he ever asks her questions about herself to get to know her. He seems to fixate on her as a sexual prize to win and not a person. He hero worships her without bothering to get to know her. I have issues with Jaime, but I have no doubt he knows Brienne and cares for her. He adores her for who she is. He hero worships her too but sees the human being underneath the heroics. Jaime’s conversation with Bran was really interesting. The person you are now is built on the actions for good or bad you have done. The good in Jaime now would not be there without the bad that came before is an interesting point of view. I appreciated Tyrion not letting Jaime get away with claiming Cersei fooled him. Jaime knew Cersei and loved her knowing she could be a monster. He shouldn’t get to pretend he didn’t see what she was. Still when push came to shove Jaime chose the living and abandoned Cersei. I go back and forth on Jaime. At times I admire him and at others am disgusted. That’s why I find him interesting. Sansa’s reunion with Theon was beautiful. It’s hard to remember how much I hated his character years ago. His redemption has been well done. Sansa and Theon both understand the trauma of Ramsey and as a result there is a trust between them that needs no words.
  11. Luckylyn

    The Sims

    Buzzfeed’s Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge on Sims 4
  12. Pitch Perfect 2 - We Belong ”I’m soloing here!”
  13. Luckylyn

    The Karate Kid (1984)

    I really loved the Karate Kid and particularly loved the second film. Someone made this hilarious video pushing the idea that Daniel was the real villain. How I Met Your Mother’s Barney’s love of The Karate Kid and his belief that Zabka was the real hero was so much fun especially when Ralph Macchio and Zabka appeared on the show. Zabka ended up a recurrent guest star as part of Barney’s circle of friends in the final season.
  14. Luckylyn

    Disney Films

    I thought Snow White: A Tale of Terror with Sigourney Weaver as the evil step mother was a great take on the story.
  15. Luckylyn

    Disney Films

    https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/a25726169/disney-streaming-service-cost/ Information about Disney’s upcoming streaming service