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  1. Part 3 How to make a Martha https://youtu.be/RflVJW_MRbs Zach Synder - A World Based on Spite ( this goes in depth into the connection between the director and Ayn Rand) This was quite informative. https://youtu.be/hdxk7dB9yeU
  2. That’s accurate to the story .
  3. So video covers a disturbing fan page for Chris Watts. It’s really horrible that he has fans who feel more sympathy for him than his victims.
  4. They could have done so much with Dayna in Vegas. It was such an opportunity to let us know how things work there while also showing how cunning Dayna is getting in close to key people. In the book it was clear she gathered a ton of information and that Lloyd and the others were clueless she was a spy until Flagg demanded she be brought to him. She only got caught because Flagg was magic. Also I loved the detail in the book that she was always armed with a stiletto hidden in her sleeve but instead she grabs random scissors in the bathroom and had no self defense plan at all. I’m very worried about how they will handle Trashcan Man. It’s weird that we haven’t seen any of that storyline yet.
  5. I agree. Harold was something they were getting right until this episode. Exactly, despite the restrictions of broadcast tv and less time the 1994 series did so much better with character development and overall telling a coherent story.
  6. I hated this episode. Harold basically had a neon sign on his head saying “I’m up to something bad.” There should be things about him that make him appear suspicious but it shouldn’t be so blatant. It makes the people who aren’t suspicious of him seem like idiots. I don’t understand why Nadine/Harold is a secret when in the book they were openly a couple. There’s no logical reason why they can’t just be dating. That would make their evil plotting easier because they can be seen openly together. I felt nothing for Nadine and Larry’s scene. The show hasn’t built up their feelings for each other adequately. Just like Tom leaving Boulder in episode 4 lacked impact because the show runners didn’t bother building up the relationships between characters and also took short cuts with character development. So as a result we don’t get to know characters or get as invested in their journey. Imagine if in the movie Shawshank Redemption they just skipped to the end. The journey is as vital as the destination in storytelling. The show has taken so many shortcuts. The momentum has been lost and the characters have not be developed to their full potential. One thing I liked was Flagg playing dead. That was well done. They have a fantastic (mostly) cast and have wasted them. I was so excited for this miniseries. I’m really disappointed.
  7. I think Laurel’s brother is going to somehow be connected to Nicky and Jack and their time in Vietnam . I think Kevin will be fine but possibly hit someone else causing serious harm. Or he ends up rescuing someone who has crashed.
  8. I’m betting we’re going to find out that Laurel’s brother knew Nicky and/or Jack in Vietnam. Or if he didn’t know them he somehow indirectly impacted them.
  9. Didn’t they tell Kim they wanted to do a Sam/Brady sexting storyline and she was horrified? edited to add: Kim Cattrall’s Plot in Sex and the City 3 Would Have Involved Miranda’s Teenage Son
  10. Exactly, Mother Abigail being self sufficient was an important aspect of the book. She grew her food, slaughtered her own animals, carried water from a well if needed etc.... Details like that establish how strong and independent a type of person she was. It showed how she was able to survive the destabilization of civilization. I don’t understand what they are doing with Mother Abigail in this version at all. I feel like the writers don’t know who she is at her core at all and Whoopi’s performance is so lifeless that she can’t elevate already weak writing for her character. Changes can be a good thing and add more to the material. But some of these changes seem pointless. I don’t understand some of these decisions. I was so excited to see a modernization of this story that wouldn’t be censored like the 1994 series had to be. Yet the poorly edited time shifts, diminishing of characters, rushing through character development, changes that distract rather than enhance the story, etc... take away from something that could have been amazing. Most of the cast choices were so great but their potential is being squandered. I want to like this but feel frustrated.
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