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  1. I just finished Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore. I liked a lot of it but sometimes got frustrated with repetitive conversations between the leads. I thought the conflict addressing real woman’s rights issues of the time period was good. I am going to start Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron. The novel is set 200 years after Cinderella has married the prince. Girls have to attend a special ball when they turn 16 where they are either selected to be brides or are never seen again. The lead of this book is trying to resist being forced to participate in the ball.
  2. Lindsay Ellis mentioned in her video that she won’t be able to walk away from Twitter like she wants to because she has contractual obligations to her publisher that require her to post. So she’s planning to honor that but otherwise stay off of Twitter. I wonder if Chrissy may have similar obligations.
  3. Lindsay Ellis has posted a video in response to the Twitter drama It's quite long and really deep dives into the various issues.
  4. I love The Matchmaker! I appreciated the scenery porn in As Luck Would Have It. I enjoyed it. I really liked both leads. I remember the actress from the Reba sitcom. I also remember the actor from Dowton Abbey.
  5. I have blocked that from my memory. It’s like a rejected Sargent Pepper uniform.
  6. I am starting The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King. It’s a fantasy about an orphan girl eventually becoming a warrior.
  7. I liked the Ugly Betty finale that left the outcome for Daniel and Betty ambiguous . Daniel realizes he has feelings for Betty and asks her to dinner but viewers never see the dinner so it’s up to our opinion what happens next. If you want to believe she rejects him romantically but they stay friends or if you believe she loves him too is up to you.
  8. Even though the friend to lovers trope can be wonderful, there is value in strong platonic friendships. I am so happy that 30 Rock never went romantic with Liz/Jack and Parks and Rec kept Lesile/Ron as friends. I wish Zoey/Max was kept platonic on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. He’s got this “nice guy entitlement” attitude that comes out towards Zoey that makes him hard to like sometimes. In other interactions I like him. I don’t like the Simon romance either because of the emotional cheating when he was engaged. Plus I hated that whole quad of Max/Zoey/Simon/Fiancee whose name I forgo
  9. I just finished Forever Amber. I found the ending abrupt and unsatisfying. It’s almost like the author didn’t know what to do next so it just ended. It’s one of those books where most of the characters are not likable but can be compelling. I can respect Amber’s cynicism and ruthlessness. A woman of her class in that time period had such limited options and so some choices I don’t judge her for. But the whole fixation on Bruce is one that really diminishes her as a character because of how desperate she is. I am firmly convinced his unattainability is his main attraction for her and tha
  10. I love Something New. Great characters and hot chemistry.
  11. $20 remake of Justice League. This looked fun to make. I especially loved their laughably cheap but creative special effects. It made me flashback to my childhood where we’d try to recreate movies like Back to the Future.
  12. Every Way The 2020 Stand Miniseries Original Plan Changed I’m very curious how the original R-rated film trilogy idea would have turned out. It’s interesting to see multiple high profile people had been involved before we got what we did. I vaguely remember hearing about the version where Matthew Mcconaughey was going to be Stu and Christian Bale was cast as Flagg years ago. I would have liked to have seen that. I will say for the most part casting was where 2020 Stand did good. Sadly that talent was wasted with poor writing.
  13. That’s one of my favorite movies. So many good actors and interesting characters. You could do a whole movie just on James Earl Jones’ character. I am so sad I don’t have Hallmark Drama.
  14. So I was thinking that if they wanted to do a Franny gets tempted by Flagg plot the perfect way to do it would have been when the baby was seriously ill from Tripps and Stu’s fate was unknown to her. Have Flagg come to her and show her a vision on Stu seriously ill. Have him tell her he’ll cure the baby and bring Stu back alive. Then they should have not skipped over the Tom . They should have let us see Stu’s condition worsen to create suspense and then have Fran be tempted to save him and her child. That would have been better than everyone acts stupid so Fran can fall into a we
  15. I really liked Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Ryan Paevey really has improved exuding some charm instead of stiffness, and I think Italia Ricci is really good. The instructor/client relationship as obstacle was realistic. The last minute conflict was earned because I totally understand why she was hurt because she doesn’t let herself be vulnerable easily. The morning show guy’s inclusion into the bootcamp made it clear she was transparent and open to the media interviewing her. So I get why the subterfuge was so hurtful because if he approached her honestly she probably would have agreed t
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