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  1. I share your bitterness. Ianto’s death was something I could never get past even all these years later. Does anyone know if Ianto’s shrine is still up?
  2. I love how he says it had to be a secret and then lists all the people he told, lol.
  3. My theory is that there’s going to be a huge disagreement over Rebecca’s treatment and/or where she should live as her condition deteriorates. I could see Randall being overbearing and condescending about what he thinks is right for Rebecca. I wouldn’t be surprised if he insisted she and Miguel move back to the East. Randall took on this role as Rebecca’s protector after Jack died and I can see him being resistant to Rebecca staying in California . I could see Kevin and Kate feeling like Randall doubts their competence to support Rebecca. I could see Randall trying to push Miguel to do thing his way regardless of what Rebecca and Miguel decide for themselves. I’m also hoping we get flashbacks to Rebecca and Miguel’s love story.
  4. I’ve started deleting 20/20 without watching lately because they keep redoing cases that have already been done hundreds of times.
  5. I really resent the trope that a woman has to be a physically strong character who can fight to be considered tough. Other types of strength aren’t valued enough. A woman can be strong in ways that have nothing to do with physical skill. Also I don’t think a woman has to be tough to be interesting. I just want dynamic female characters with depth. I want them to be who they are not who they represent.
  6. So thrilled for Taika. Jo Jo Rabbit was my favorite film of 2019
  7. Seeing Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves present together gives me flashbacks to my bitterness over the ending of Something’s Gotta Give.
  8. I was on the fence about this movie because I was unhappy about the exclusion of Batgirl/Oracle, but it won me over. It was so much fun to watch. I’m hoping for a Greatest Showman situation where at first it appears a flop but the word of mouth is so strong it ends up a hit over time.
  9. I found Matching Hearts boring. It just did not spark for me. The leads had some chemistry but something in the script maybe was lacking. I used to think Ryan Paevy was nice to look at but wooden as an actor. He has improved a lot. I noticed the mini blink and you miss it romance between the two guys. I wish they’d done more with it but the little they did is a lot for Hallmark. It’s a shame what little bread crumbs same sex couples get.
  10. I really enjoyed Love on the Air. I think I tend to like Alison Sweeney movies. I also liked The Irresistible Blueberry Farm.
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