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  1. I am in the middle of reading The Hunter and The Mage by Kaitlyn Davis which is second in her Raven and Dove trilogy. I find the world the characters inhabit fascinating. The world is divided between those who live on lands in the sky who have wings and people below. The world above is ignorant of the one below. The world below is in dire straits and they have a ruthless King who believes in doing whatever is necessary to save both worlds which he believes are in danger becoming of a prophecy. We also have romance, spies, and betrayal. I really am invested in the characters’ storyline
  2. The book’s a standalone. Even though it’s part 3 of a series you don’t have to read the previous books to jump into it. I do recommend the whole series because they’ve been a good read for me.
  3. I am reading When A Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare which is book 3 in her Castles Ever After series. Suffering from severe anxiety, Madeline makes up a fake Scottish fiancee to avoid being forced to into society. To sell the lie, she sends letters to a made up name in a made up regiment. But there’s a real Logan Mackenzie who shows up years later holding her letters and insistent they get married for his own reasons. I do enjoy the characters in this series. There’s a lot of humor and vibrant personalities.
  4. I hate that Thanksgiving just gets skipped. There are family plots that could be done set around Thanksgiving that could make good movies. They used to try to do one Thanksgiving movie but they just dropped the holiday altogether.
  5. I just can’t with Hallmark starting Christmas programming in October. I love Christmas and yet I don’t like that Christmas programming starts so early.
  6. Some characters have an expiration date and become less compelling the longer they are forced into the narrative like Sylar in Heroes. Better to have a character gone leaving the audience wanting more.
  7. The Most Difficult Shot in Movie History (And Why It Matters)
  8. Is that the Farscape episode where they go back in time to a wonderful historical moment and they accidentally ruin it because that episode made me so sad. Or is that the one where John travels to different timelines.
  9. That time the makers of South Park accidentally found out about the Tweak/Craig ship online and responded by actually writing it into the show. Show runners can sometimes be so intensely dismissive towards fans of ships the show runners didn’t intend. It’s nice to see a show embrace a ship that wasn’t part of the plan. It definitely helped Tweak be less one note of a character.
  10. So far I’m finding Hayley’s family dynamics and how her success affected it fascinating. Also the impact Disney had on her career by forcing her to turn down certain roles was interesting. On audible she’s doing the narration herself which is really lovely to hear.
  11. So the plot with Fiona and Trixie reminded me of a tv movie No Higher Love staring Katey Sagal and Annabeth Gish. Katey becomes close friends with nurse Annabeth when Katey gives birth at her hospital. Eventually Katey discovers she has cancer. When she realizes she’s dying she asks her husband to give romance with Annabeth a chance when he’s ready to start dating again. The husband and Annabeth go on an extremely awkward date after his wife’s death where they mostly just talk about Katey and acknowledge they are only there because Katey asked them to before she died. They decide they’ve
  12. I just started her biography. I was such a fan when I was a little girl. My favorites were “The Trouble with Angels”, “The Parent Trap”, and “Summer Magic”. I even watched the sequels to The Parent trap made in the 80s where adult Hayley Mills reprises her role as the twins and they each get a romance. I think there were two or three sequels. I remember one of the twins became the step mother of triplet teens.
  13. I’m in the middle if Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I find I really connect to the lead character Cath. I’m not as introverted as her but I also find change and connecting with new people to be a challenge. In the novel Cath is starting college and has to adapt on her own because her twin sister is forging her own identity separate from Cath although they attend the same school. Cath is a fanfic writer with a following big enough that online she’s a mini celebrity but in real life but she struggles to make connections with people. Interestingly when I read Carry On by the same auth
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