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  1. This is more or less where I am, too. It has always BAFFLED me how much this case got overlooked/forgotten after 2003, but I feel terrible for his family and friends, and especially his daughter.
  2. UYI

    The West Wing

    So with Netflix dropping the show (BOOOOO), I am currently collecting the DVDs (YAY!), and having just completed my re-watch of season 1, my opinion remains the same as it did when I first watched the show nearly three years ago: When I watch Josh and Donna onscreen together, I see a brother and sister type relationship, not two potential love interests. I'll see how I feel as my re-watch continues, but as I remember it, the only reason I bought anything between them by the end is because the writing gave me no choice in the matter. Because just watching them again as boss and employee...it doesn't come across to me at all; that kind of chemistry just isn't there, IMO.
  3. It was basically how animal rights have improved since PETA was founded 40 years ago this year.
  4. For all of Bill's flaws (and he has MANY these days; I absolutely DO NOT want to downplay ANY of them), I'm sure that poster meant that all in good fun. It WAS a pretty funny coincidence, given the timing. 🙂 I can't really add anything else about Speaker Pelosi's appearance, except maybe this: the way she said that in Congress "You have to know how to take a punch AND how to throw a punch" before smiling and sweetly saying, "For the children", just killed me. Perfect. Y'all are going to disown me for this, but here it goes...as of last week's episode, I'd hate fuck Joe Walsh. I can't help it; he looked hot. That white hair... ...I will not be accepting questions at this time. 😄
  5. And another Variety article about her new song "Only the Young", which will premiere at the end of the documentary. https://variety.com/2020/music/news/taylor-swift-political-song-documentary-miss-americana-1203473948/
  6. The trailer for Miss Americana is here: And Taylor's interview in Variety, which also discusses the documentary, as well as the fact that her mother Andrea, who is battling cancer, now is suffering from a brain tumor, too: https://variety.com/2020/music/features/taylor-swift-politics-sundance-documentary-miss-americana-1203471910/
  7. It's because the Oscars were moved to the second Sunday in February this year, right around the time the Grammys are usually held, and they both wanted to prevent any overlap (I'm sure Super Bowl Sunday played a factor in this, too).
  8. These two songs have been released in these last two weeks, both by amazing women artists. Brandy Clark is one of the most prominent mainstream country songwriters of the last 10-15 years, but she has yet to find commercial success as a recording artist, although she has gotten a LOT of critical acclaim. This song is called "Who You Thought I Was", and it serves as the lead single for her third studio album, Your Life is a Record, out on March 6th. Meanwhile, Margo Price released her new song, "Stone Me", just a few nights ago, after performing it on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  9. I hate to double post, but I had to ask: Did anyone else see in the opening credits that this episode was Lecy's idea? How cool!
  10. I know, it shouldn't have bugged me at all, but it just happened, so I just found it particularly glaring. 😄
  11. Okay, I hate football and love baseball, but even I know how immediately dated this episode is to have it centered around a Bears-Packers game despite airing two days after the Super Bowl teams were determined. Awkward. I still enjoyed it, though. Becky was right to dump Wyatt after everything he said about her family. Lord help me, Harris actually had some of the funniest lines tonight. *faints from shock*
  12. The thing that annoys me most is that if you want to keep up with the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 (album charts), you can do so on the Chart Data Twitter page, but they don't cover country: https://twitter.com/chartdata However, on the Pulse Music Board forum, they do have threads for the country charts (and the country posters there are a strong, tight knit community): http://pulsemusic.proboards.com/thread/93543/billboard-country-airplay-issues-updated?page=49 This is specifically for the Billboard Country Airplay charts, which is for country radio. The other chart is the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, which factors in things like sales and streaming.
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