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  1. This might be an unpopular opinion but for all their stubborness and perhaps delusion, I am largely okay with Becky and Jackie reopening the Lunchbox. For one thing, the old restaurant WAS a big success for many years before finally going under, so it's not like it's a completely bad idea to maybe give it another try, especially given Jackie's previous involvement with it. And depending on how long Becky has worked at La Casita Bonita, it's possible that she really DOES have a chance at being able to run a successful restaurant. It is a shame the idea of her going back to school for a degree in business management got lost once the revival of Roseanne transitioned into this show, though--that would be go hand in hand with this story. It certainly is worth thinking of for the future, especially if this venture doesn't work out. I will agree, though, that Darlene's decision to have them go for it was a bit too tidy. Nonetheless, I'm going to stick it out and wait and see what happens.
  2. From last week's CMA Awards: Reba's performance of "Fancy." I'll admit, I kind of wish she had performed something else--she released a brand new album of original material just earlier THIS YEAR. And the last time she performed this song was a part of the medley at the beginning of the 2016 CMAs in honor of the show's 50th anniversary! That was literally the last time she was on that show's stage, singing that same damn song! She has other songs, you know? New songs even, at that. ...But no matter. She still proved why she's one of the best entertainers this genre will ever see.
  3. Back to our list: #740: Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn--“After the Fire is Gone” #739: Carrie Underwood--“Just a Dream” #738: Mark Chesnutt--“Bubba Shot the Jukebox” #737: Ray Charles--“Crying Time” #736: The Band Perry--“Better Dig Two” #735: Holly Dunn--“Daddy’s Hands” #734: Luke Bryan--“Kick the Dust Up” #733: Tanya Tucker--“What’s Your Mama’s Name” #732: Tim McGraw--“Red Ragtop” #731: Alan Jackson--“Wanted” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2019/11/17/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-740-731/
  4. It was definitely not just you--she had to cancel a bunch of shows about a year or so ago, but she always seemed like she was just sick, and still very much on the ball otherwise--but at the CMAs, I was genuinely wondering if she was "all there" mentally--I was wondering if she even recognized her sister when Crystal Gayle was singing.
  5. On a lighter note, Jennifer Nettles made a STATEMENT with her outfit the other night:
  6. Garth acknowledged the performances that night of Reba, Kelsea Ballerini and Luke Combs--which, fine, they all did great. But he noticeably did NOT acknowledge any of his fellow nominees for EOTY, including Carrie, who as one of the hosts was standing only a few feet away (and bless her, she put on a brave face, but you could tell she was crushed and she looked like she was starting to cry, too). And then, shortly after going backstage, he said this: Just...UGH.
  7. One more thing: Kacey Musgraves (your new CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, woo hoo!) and Willie Nelson performing "Rainbow Connection". Poor Willie, though, he sounded so rough. 😞
  8. Here is Carrie performing "Drinking Alone" at last night's CMAs:
  9. Carrie was straight up robbed last night, point blank and the period. Fuck Garth and his PR machine bullshit. At least Kacey and Ashley McBryde won, though, along with Maren for Album of the Year. And it was great to see all those women in those two medleys.
  10. So the CMAs last night were based around the theme of celebrating legendary women in country music, what with Carrie hosting with Reba and Dolly, and the show itself opened with this great medley: There was also another medley featuring the women of tomorrow: ...And then it ended on a very sour note as Carrie lost Entertainer of the Year to Garth Brooks, despite the fact that he played 12 shows all year with only one single to his name while she performed night after night on the biggest tour of her career that promoted her most recent album, which included three singles (and now has launched a fourth--her performance ROCKED, BTW, and proves my point that she deserved EOTY). Fuck that noise, and fuck Garth and his insane campaign for the award and his tone deaf speech. Gross. At least if Eric Church had won, I would have gotten it--he had a massive tour himself this year. But Garth? Fuck no. SMGDFH.
  11. All that work Mark did on Odessa's turkey and she gets banned from the house. I guess he should just made a generic turkey like he originally planned. 😄
  12. And we continue: #750: Sugarland--“Settlin’” #749: Porter Wagoner--“The Carroll County Accident” #748: Ronnie Milsap--“Stranger in My House” #747: Dustin Lynch--“Where it’s At” #746: Jo Dee Messina--“Lesson in Leavin’” #745: Brad Paisley--“Letter to Me” #744: Roger Miller--“Do-Wacka-Do” #743: Brooks & Dunn--“Play Something Country” #742: The Judds--“Why Not Me” #741: Toby Keith--“Whiskey Girl” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2019/11/11/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-750-741/
  13. That awkward moment when I get here before @TeeVee329 😄 :
  14. Work kept me busy last week, so I only just saw this: #760: Dixie Chicks--“Tonight the Heartache’s On Me” #759: Darius Rucker--“This” #758: Crystal Gayle--“Talking in Your Sleep” #757: George Strait--“Wrapped” #756: Trisha Yearwood--“How Do I Live” #755: Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson--“Because of You” #754: Oak Ridge Boys--“American Made” #753: Gene Watson--“Farewell Party” #752: Eric Church--“Smoke a Little Smoke” #751: Alabama--“Tennessee River” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2019/10/29/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-760-751/
  15. There's a great quote from an interview in 2009 that NLG gave that shows how dedicated she's always been to daytime soaps. Obviously there were more of them even by then, but still: THAT'S the kind of thing I'm looking forward to in her book. 😄
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