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  1. I thought I was the only one and was seeing things. I totally thought I saw her too. It really feels like the show has been deliberately showing him seated recently to try to hide this fact, which makes scenes like that one stand out even more.
  2. So for once I actually didn't have any real complaints about this episode? It's a miracle! I know I'll go right back to whining next week, but for now I'm good. I got close with the tornado, but they didn't go too far with that. Well, except for no real talk from the kids about how weird it is to see their dad married to someone other than their mom (shoutout to my good friend @Bastet on that point!). I'm glad they brought back Fred Savage as Darlene's therapist for this Wonder Years themed night of shows, but man, when Darlene found out that Ben had a plus one for the wedding, I was
  3. I could have REALLY done without the sober sex plotline, especially after Mikey admitted to having feelings for Becky. Just...blah. I hate the Daffy Duck jokes about Jackie, but I actually LOVE Drunk!Jackie, for the most part. I could almost forget about the existence of Wacky!Jackie. Almost. I need Darlene to stay as far away from religion as possible. I do hope she and Louise become closer, though.
  4. I thought Robin left the show in 2000 on her own accord? (I know Paul Rauch fired her in 1987--and given their history going back to Another World, it most likely wasn't very pretty--OTOH, Rauch apparently tried to use the Salzburg, Austria location shoot for the Mendorra story in 1990 as a way to woo her back to the show, which didn't work and Elaine Princi was hired to play Dorian instead.) Although, given what I've read about how contentious her relationship with JFP was, I can certainly believe she was pushed out the door, and she absolutely made it clear that she was unhappy wi
  5. I mean, there are prayer journals, which I don't think are necessarily specific to any denomination, but I feel a lot of Pentecostal Christians tend to use them. That's totally anecdotal, though.
  6. Just to clarify, Roseanne didn't audition for MWC; she and Sam Kinison were OFFERED the roles of Peg and Al right off the bat due to being the hottest new comics of the time period; both turned it down and that's when the audition process began. But yes, I do find it amusing to see both KS and CB on the show now, given the connections and contrasts between them and Roseanne.
  7. Off topic, I know, but JEAN Stapleton. ;) And yeah, Lecy has done PLENTY of live theater, plus the live episode two seasons ago, so that wasn't it. At least Becky was back last night, and back in school, too. :)
  8. It was super jarring seeing Ames McNamara (Mark) at the table, AT LEAST a foot shorter than he obviously is now. (And I still turn away every time Dan sticks his tongue out with the sausage. Gross.)
  9. Thank goodness ("Thank God" would probably be a bit too on the nose here) Darlene didn't go much further with exploring religion--it goes completely against her character. Like @Bastet, though, I'm really not yet convinced this storyline is actually over, especially if Pastor Phil is, in fact, sticking around (although I do like Jason Alexander). As for Roseanne having a secret Bible--I can kind of buy it, maybe? Not that it was kept in a kitchen drawer that apparently none of the kids went through in forty years, but she did express some surprise/exasperation in the Christmas episode whe
  10. And speaking of being a few days late: Guys, we've finally made it to the top ten. This took two years for everyone at Country Universe to commentate on--over two years, really--and roughly the same amount of time for me to share with y'all here. It has been quite the shit show at times--and, spoiler alert, there's still a bit of that to come even now--but it has been a pleasure to share this insane ride with every last one of you. Thank you, so, SO much (and a special thank you to CU's Jonathan, who is a poster here, too!). My work schedule right now will probably keep me from keepi
  11. So I'm a few days late due to work on this, but we have three more country number ones from the nineties to talk about, all by artists we have seen here before. 116. Brooks & Dunn--"Boot Scootin' Boogie" #1 on Billboard for four weeks from August 1st, 1992-August 22nd, 1992. #1 on Radio & Records the week of July 32st, 1992. http://www.countryuniverse.net/2021/09/22/every-1-country-single-of-the-nineties-brooks-dunn-boot-scootin-boogie/ 117. Clint Black--"We Tell Ourselves" #1 on Radio & Records the week of August 7th, 1992. http://www.countryuniv
  12. I KNEW I had forgotten something in my earlier post! I still remember the finale of season 5, where every main character got their turn at wearing the chicken shirt.
  13. Short answer? No. I DO like Jay R. Ferguson, and I like the energy he brings to the show as Ben, but if he stays, I only want it to be as Dan's partner in running the hardware store, with the occasional one liners traded off with Darlene. Nothing that would EVER indicate that they would get back together. Anyway: I'm amazed I still watch this show sometimes, I really am. I can't bring myself to quit it, I'm in too deep with this family and have been for a long time now; I love and care about so many of the characters and actors, and every week at least brings a line or a scene
  14. You've seen all three of these artists at the top before. 113. Joe Diffie--"Ships That Don't Come In" #1 on Radio & Records the week of July 3rd, 1992. http://www.countryuniverse.net/2021/09/19/every-1-country-single-of-the-nineties-joe-diffie-ships-that-dont-come-in/ 114. Garth Brooks--"The River" #1 on Billboard the week of July 25th, 1992. #1 on Radio & Records for two weeks from July 10th, 1992-July 17th, 1992. http://www.countryuniverse.net/2021/09/19/every-1-country-single-of-the-nineties-garth-brooks-the-river/ 115. Billy Dean--"Billy the
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