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  1. On September 23rd at 3 PM Eastern, Crystal Chappell and Hillary B. Smith will be in The Locher Room talking about their soap careers, their work on the online soaps Beacon Hill and Venice, and their friendship with each other. Obviously, CC is FAR better known for her roles on DAYS and GL than she is as Andrew's clown school owning nun cousin Maggie, but I knew y'all might want to see Hillary, and I can see Crystal poking fun at Maggie as a character so there's that possibility, too.
  2. Erika Slezak, Jerry verDorn, and Mark Derwin will be joining Alan Locher this Thursday. September 17th, at 2 PM Eastern. In addition to their conversation, they are also raising money for the Autism Society of America. It will be great to see Erika and Jerry, of course, and while my favorite moment of Ben's was probably when Niki pushed him out the window (while wearing a red wig to try and frame Natalie), he reminds me of my early OLTL days, so I'm cool with it. And I know Erika & Mark have always ADORED each other. :) All I have right now is Alan's YouTube post, the actual video/countdown hasn't been posted yet. https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugxb0zr6TYG5PsnGa-l4AaABCQ
  3. Next up: #450: John Conlee--“Backside of Thirty” #449: Kenny Chesney--“Summertime” #448: Restless Heart--“Why Does it Have to Be (Wrong or Right)” #447: George Strait--“Carrying Your Love With Me” #446: Lee Brice--“I Drive Your Truck” #445: Tom T. Hall--“Faster Horses (The Cowboy & The Poet)” #444: Luke Bryan--“I Don’t Want This Night to End” #443: Joe Diffie--“Pickup Man” #442: Crystal Gayle--“Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” #441: Tim McGraw--“My Next Thirty Years” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2020/09/11/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-450-441/
  4. OMG, I've been binge reading old soap threads at TWOP and I LOVE her posts so much, her posts about LW as Carly included! I wish she were here, too. :'( .
  5. I look at it like this: the SHOW may not want to show Carly as being an awful person, but LW herself doesn't mind going there at all/risking her character being hated in the process, if that makes any sense.
  6. Happy 50th Birthday, Laura Wright! I know she's kind of a polarizing figure on the show, but I will give her this: She commits to everything she is given, no matter what it is. For all the talk over the years about how she dominates the show along with MB and SBu, I do NOT think she would be able to get away with "phoning it in" the way that they so clearly have/do (and to her credit, I don't think she'd ever do it anyway). I can understand the criticism she's gotten for being too loud as Carly/for not playing Carly in a way that relates to the way that SBr/TB both played her, but there's something about her that I just find very...watchable, I guess? I don't know, there's just something about her that I can't ignore/help but like when she's in a scene (despite Carly being a harpy overall, but again, I don't put that on Laura herself). And I do think it's pretty damn cool that she's spent nearly 30 years (next year) exclusively in daytime--from Loving, to The City, to Guiding Light (where I first saw her as Cassie), to this show...and all because of a contest she won to be on a soap back when she was working at her family's gas station in Clinton, Maryland (only about an hour and a half north of where I'm from in Maryland...REPRESENT!). She grew up loving soaps and wanted to make a career in soaps...and she did just that. Pretty awesome, overall. And for the record, as someone who watched both her and Wes Ramsey on GL back in the day (I had SUCH a crush on him as Sam), I do think they make a VERY beautiful couple, regardless of the circumstances that got him on the show. ...Okay, I've embarrassed myself enough for today. Peace out, everyone. :)
  7. Husband by that time, actually. My mom watched NYPD Blue in the 90's (more regularly before Bobby died--sob! I was 9 in 1998 when Bobby died and I was just CRUSHED), so I was watching Kim Delaney as Diane on that show back when I was a child (not the dirty stuff, though--only as I got older! lol), and I have fond memories of her. As for her career not doing as well in recent years, though--in addition to typical Hollywood ageism and sexism, she did get escorted off the stage during a speech she made at an event in 2011 where she appeared to be drunk (slurring her words, etc.), which couldn't have helped her at the time. Hopefully she's okay now.
  8. Oh you did NOT just go there. 😠 (Just kidding, I love you.) Hey, I got to see Fiona for the first time in nearly a decade on one of those online OLTL reunions earlier this year; my Max/Gabrielle loving heart is set for life now. Even an online reunion featuring her and JDP together would just be gravy for me at this point. And honestly, I might prefer Scott/Dom slightly more than Scott/Lucy, but...sniff.
  9. *hides away somewhere where liking Scott & Lucy more is considered okay* I want to say it was a ring, the same ring that wound up being her wedding ring with Frisco, IIRC.
  10. Actually, Claire Labine had planned on creating a spin-off of GH called Heart & Soul, which would have seen Ned & Lois move back to her old neighborhood in Brooklyn and would have also featured her family and friends there. That was originally the reason why CL was supposed to leave GH in 1996, but then it got scrapped in favor of PC and she became the head writer of OLTL instead. PC was always meant to be anchored by Kevin & Lucy (and Scott), as far as I know. That's the story I've always heard, anyway. I could be completely wrong.
  11. More to come from our esteemed (somewhere, or maybe not) list--actually, scratch that, there's a certain low entry here that will make y'all's heads explode : #460: Jason Aldean--“Fly Over States” #459: Patty Loveless--“Blame it On Your Heart” #458: Brad Paisley--“This is Country Music” #457: Dolly Parton--“Jolene” #456: Heartland--“I Loved Her First” #455: Don Williams--“I Believe in You” #454: Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys--“Move it On Over” #453: Rascal Flatts--“These Days” #452: Alabama--“Take Me Down” #451: Miranda Lambert--“Over You” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2020/09/04/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-460-451/
  12. It's just like him to do something like this. Go big or go home, I guess! It IS interesting that it comes right as Kelly is returning to the show, though. I can see her laughing her ass off at him over this, for sure. (Side note: I'm kind of amazed/strangely impressed that we NEVER got much information about their breakup--not even really when it actually happened!--given how much of their relationship was documented on social media at its peak.)
  13. Alan DID die during the final week of the show--maybe that's what you're thinking of? LOL.
  14. On September 16th, 2020 at 3 PM Eastern: Ron Raines (Alan), and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus).
  15. More entries ahead! #470: Mel Tillis--“Coca Cola Cowboy” #469: Blake Shelton--“Some Beach” #468: Ronnie Milsap--“Pure Love” #467: Dwight Yoakam--“A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” #466: Eric Church--“Talladega” #465: Linda Ronstadt--“Silver Threads and Golden Needles” #464: Justin Moore--“‘Til My Last Day” #463: Anne Murray--“Could I Have This Dance” #462: Lady A--“American Honey” #461: Willie Nelson--“Help Me Make it Through the Night” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2020/08/29/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-470-461/
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