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  1. I think it was actually the second Seth, Steve Richard Harris, who they wanted to do the gay storyline with. Brandon Routh was fired before any of that was planned out, as far as I know. (But OMG, that note he posted shortly afterwards about how the fate of then-EP Gary Tomlin after his firing was in God's hands or whatever the fuck? Dude, get over yourself.)
  2. Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. And it was on this day, 25 years ago, that Stone Cates lost his battle with AIDS.
  3. Speaking of which, my post veered a bit away from Mark and more towards Becky herself, but I just thought of this: I remember in 2008, when Roseanne (the show) won the Innovator Award at the TV Land Awards, everyone in the cast said something when they had the chance to speak. What was the only thing Lecy said? "We love you, Glenn Quinn." <3 (That said, she seemed drunk and/or high off her ass, too; when the camera panned to her during the introductions, she flashed a gang sign and was generally acting a bit weird, but her using the short amount of time she had in her speech to only acknowledge Glenn said a lot to me. It was very sweet.)
  4. She is a much, MUCH better actress now than when she started on Roseanne in 1993, and I have a feeling that Becky's lack of development (or regression in development, to a point) was directly tied to Sarah not being as good an actress when she first started. The fact that Lecy got the episode "Becky Howser, M.D." kind of suggests that, too--did Sarah's Becky get ANY episode dedicated to her past her first few episodes or so of season 6? (Even the episode where she & Mark move into the trailer park barely counts, IMO--that was an excuse to have Sharon Stone make a guest appearance more than anything, really.) I definitely agree that it was a GIANT disservice to Sarah, Lecy, and the character of Becky in general to change her personality based on who was playing her, though, even if the job at Bunz/she and Mark moving into a trailer park CAN be fanwanked as a way for Becky to help her husband and gain her independence, even if her family wanted better for her than that. That said, I thought it was great that they brought Sarah back for the revival/this show as a separate character. It's clear that they see her as part of the family as much they do everyone else in the cast, and she and Lecy are cool with each other/poke fun at the two Beckys thing as much as anyone. I like that.
  5. Sara Gilbert (Darlene) is one of the executive producers of the show, yes. And I've talked about this here before, but considering that she grew up in a big Hollywood mansion (I think in Bel Air), with family connections that--other than her half-siblings Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert, of course--includes her grandfather Harry Crane, who created The Honeymooners? Yeah, no, she doesn't know a thing about the lower middle class. (And Melissa's Little House co-star, Alison Arngrim, wrote in her book Confessions of a Prairie Bitch about how going over to visit Melissa at her house was such a culture shock, since she grew up with struggling actors for parents who were ALWAYS trying to find work and keep the roof over their heads.) Watching this episode, I could see things from Becky's side AND Darlene's side--Becky DID more or less help Darlene get this job, because Darlene wouldn't have known about it without her, and she certainly didn't WANT it once she found out about it, either, whereas Becky SHOULDN'T be taking long breaks talking to her baby when she's on duty (and you would think her being a single woman with no kids for as long as she was would mean she would know better about trying to invoke parental privilege, but I guess not). And Darlene did finally see the value of her job because of what it affords her to do now, and I can see how she would try to get into management based on that. But really? I'm just left annoyed that they are laying waste to Becky's character like this at Darlene's expense. Whatever happened to her after Mark's death, the fact that she has a strong work ethic and the will to survive however she can seemed to be two things she's always hung onto, going back to when she was a teenager. So I'm really just left pissed off and angry by all of that and wanting to root for Becky by default. I'm stubborn like that sometimes. (I also hold the somewhat unpopular opinion that Lecy Goranson was in many ways a MUCH better actress on the original show than she often got credit for, and was pushed aside WAY too much in favor of Sara Gilbert--and after proving at the beginning of this show that she is just as good as Sara, maybe even better now, that seems to be happening AGAIN--but that's a rant for another day.) I do two positive things to say, though (yes, really! lol): 1. While Neville needs to back. the. hell. OFF. from Jackie, I will always applaud any signs of an older woman/younger man relationship, especially when it's the younger man pursuing the older woman. I like younger men, too, so I appreciate it, lol. 2. The closing credits tag didn't end on a jarring note this week! It felt just right! It finally happened! HUZZAH! And yes, I too liked the mock interview between Harris and Becky as Darlene, and agree with Harris that Darlene made it sad by imitating Becky. She...does that a lot these days, it seems. -_- But like Harris also said, Becky made it funny again by imitating Darlene at the end, so that was good. :) In a word...no. She always had her quirks, but she was always very cool--a single woman with a job and her own place, with plenty of friends and an active dating life--but starting in season 5 and ESPECIALLY in season 6, she started to turn into Wacky Jackie, a female Don Knotts (with Laurie Metcalf evidently getting pointers from the REAL Don Knotts--and I loved Don Knotts, may he rest in peace, he deserved all five Emmys he won for playing Barney on TAGS--but Jackie didn't need to be Don Knotts). And this is clearly deliberate on Laurie Metcalf's part, because she CAN still play Jackie as she used to be every once in awhile, and based on what others have said about her in other roles, she can still bring it, too--and in a way, that makes it even MORE frustrating, knowing she CAN still play the old Jackie, and has shown signs of her here and there even on The Conners, but she so rarely gets the chance to, and may not even be all that interested in doing so at this point.
  6. I'm back, and so is the list! #390: Kenny Chesney--“Big Star” #389: Mel McDaniel--“Louisiana Saturday Night” #388: Jason Aldean--“When She Says Baby” #387: Loretta Lynn--“Fist City” #386: Taylor Swift--“Our Song” #385: Tim McGraw--“Indian Outlaw” #384: Lonestar--“Walking in Memphis” #383: Vern Gosdin--“Set ‘Em Up Joe” #382: Sawyer Brown--“The Race is On" #381: Brooks & Dunn--“Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2020/11/28/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-390-381/
  7. I can actually believe that Mark & Becky would still be together. Maybe it was a symptom of the show not paying as much attention to Becky as the original series progressed (mainly after Sarah Chalke joined the show, but even when Lecy returned there wasn't much done with her outside of one specific episode), but in many ways, they were pretty easily the most happy, contented couple on the show by the time it ended. There was a bit of a Dan & Roseanne quality to them, except maybe even BETTER--there would be little scenes where you could tell how much they ENJOYED being together. That said, if Becky had realized she had outgrown him and went back to school after getting a divorce, I would have been on board for that, too.
  8. Hell, I'd bring Alan back if Stuart Damon was up to it (and, you know, we weren't in a pandemic where he was in the most vulnerable age group of all--and I know he's had health issues the last several years, too; in more recent pictures I've seen of him, he looked ALARMINGLY skinny to me). It really is crazy to think that Alan, Emily, and Georgie were all killed off in the same calendar year (2007), with Emily and Georgie's occurring about a month or so between each other. Talk about taking out some major characters in one fell swoop.
  9. Yep. Emily right before Thanksgiving 2007, Georgie right before Christmas 2007. Because according to JFP, Guza, and Frons, NOTHING says the holiday spirit like strangling two young female characters to death.
  10. Like I said, I could be COMPLETELY wrong, I just seem to remember hearing that at one point. And I could see TR not objecting had Ethan turned out to Robert's child with Holly. Maybe his issue was Robert sharing a child with a woman who was neither Holly nor Anna? I don't know.
  11. And a clip from 2002 of a dog named Mattie "singing" the theme.
  12. Yeah, he originally existed in the late 80's. He and Tiffany's sister, Cheryl Stansbury, were involved, and while he turned out to be Lucas' biological father (after he was presumed dead, though), Cheryl had hoped against hope that Robert would be his father, as she was involved with him for awhile in 1988 (after Holly's "death" in 1987, but before his relationship with Katherine Delafield from 1989-1991/reunion with Anna in 1991; he also briefly dated some chick named Autumn before Cheryl and Katherine), and she held on for a long time to the idea that they were meant to be. (I've actually heard before that the show originally WAS going to make Robert Lucas' biological father, but that TR objected, thinking that Robin should be his only biological child; I have no idea if that's true, though.)
  13. I thought this might be fun: A celebration of the theme song of one of the most well-known ABC affiliates in the country: "Move Closer to Your World", which has been used as the theme for Action News on WPVI-TV, Channel 6 in Philadelphia, since 1972. There was a short-lived attempt, in either 1996 or 1997 (I've seen both dates mentioned here and there on the Internet), to change it to a more orchestral version, but enough people complained that it was changed back in FIVE DAYS. Personally, I think it's fine for what it is. ETA--Per WPVI-TV's Wikipedia page: Finally, here's the new theme just prior to MCTYW, appropriately titled "The Action News Theme", which apparently was available on a 45 (!!!!), and was used back when it was still WFIL-TV; it became WPVI-TV around the time the theme music changed:
  14. Lynn Herring had to act out a miscarriage VERY late into her pregnancy with her oldest son, Hank (in 1991, when Lucy was married to Alan, but carrying Scott's child, unbeknownst to the former). That might be what you're thinking of--that scene is on YouTube and is INCREDIBLY painful to watch--either that or Kassie DePaiva from OLTL acting out the miscarriage/stillbirth of Blair's son, Brendan, when she was near the end of her pregnancy with her son, J.Q., in 1997. Speaking of which, I recently watched another of Alan Locher's Guiding Light reunions, this one with Jay Hammer (Fletcher) and Susan Pratt (Claire). Alan asked SP about her experience playing Annie Logan on GH, which led to a discussion of how she left the show. Annie was, quite famously, a virgin, and one day, Susan went to Gloria Monty and revealed that she was pregnant, and she suggested that this lead to the story of Annie FINALLY losing her virginity, and becoming pregnant herself. Gloria told her that she would think it over, and shortly afterwards, SP was fired--essentially for poking a hole into Annie's eternal virgin status by getting pregnant in real life. HOW DARE SHE? Ugh. She apparently considered suing ABC over that (hiring a lawyer, etc.), but reasoned that she might work there again in the future, so she never went through with it--and she was working at AMC by the end of the 80's, so she was right about that. It is interesting, though, because she probably had a legitimate case there, unlike Kari Wuhrer--who, when she was fired by GH from her role as Reese in 2005, actually DID sue ABC/GH for wrongful termination, as she was pregnant herself at the time. From what I've read, however, her firing had more to do with Reese going over like a lead balloon with the audience, and she was let go at a time when GH could opt to do so at that particular point of her contract cycle--she just HAPPENED to be pregnant by then, she wasn't fired BECAUSE she was pregnant (her case was dismissed), whereas it sounds like SP definitely was fired because of her own pregnancy.
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