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  1. Don't hurt me, but I actually love "Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo." It shouldn't be anywhere NEAR "Coat of Many Colors", but I love Tracy Byrd and that song. **ducks for cover**
  2. On Friday, March 5th at 3 PM Eastern: The original Bill Lewis and the original Michelle Bauer, Bryan Buffinton and Rachel Miner.
  3. So this happened a little over a decade ago. If only Ryder's paternity had been settled in a more satisfactory way! -_-
  4. She played a lawyer named Jocelyn, who became involved with Randy Mantooth's character, Alex Masters (speaking of GH alumni, RM briefly played Richard Halifax on this show around 1993...and absolutely HATED it, according to an interview he did a few years back; he returned to Loving shortly after leaving GH--in fairness, that was during the half of Wendy Riche's era just prior to the Labines coming on as head writers; I could see the atmosphere behind the scenes being a bit chaotic as a result). I don't know if her character was related to Ted King's character or not, though.
  5. There was that brief story last season where Darlene insisted that she and David go to couples therapy...only for most of the sessions to be with David alone because she was cheating on him with Ben. This season, though? Not that I know of.
  6. Switching gears for a bit: This includes the earliest M&G stuff, all the way back in 1987. They may not be seen as a great couple on this show in the vein of Cord & Tina, Jake & Megan, Bo & Nora, or Todd & Blair--or at least, not as iconic--but they really should be, IMO.
  7. And now the 200's are here! #300: Don Gibson--“I Can’t Stop Loving You” #299: Kenny Chesney--“The Good Stuff” #298: Garth Brooks--“Two Piña Coladas” #297: Dolly Parton--“Coat of Many Colors” #296: Tracy Byrd--“Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo” #295: Trisha Yearwood with Don Henley--“Walkaway Joe” #294: Buck Owens and His Buckaroos--“Together Again” #293: Josh Turner--“Why Don’t We Just Dance” #292: David Lee Murphy--“Dust On the Bottle” #291: Vince Gill--“Tryin’ to Get Over You” http://www.countryuniverse.net/2021/02/25/a-country-music-conversation-sirius-top-1000-country-songs-of-all-time-300-291/
  8. Did they all graduate before Starr? I guess so. I swear I remembered her graduating in 2011 before the show left ABC, and my memory is better than most so I'm really slipping if I'm wrong, lol. Anyway, sorry, I guess I remembered they're ages all wrong. And I guess I find the talk about LP ironic given NR was actually a year younger than him. I'll drop it now, lol.
  9. It was like the latter half of Gary Tomlin/Lorraine Broderick/Chris Whitesell's tenure they just dropped almost whatever relationship M&G had outside of being Al's parents (and even then, it was still pretty muted compared to what had been there before), in favor of what was going on with Bo & Gabrielle/Max & Roxy. That was one thing I originally appreciated about Frank Valentini/Michael Malone/Josh Griffith's early days: Max & Gabrielle were allowed to scenes together again as friends! It happened rather abruptly, as if a bunch of offscreen conversations had occurred that we never got to see and so this was just suddenly normal again, but I still loved it all the same! ...And it all went down the drain in the end, and their potential reunion (staying on topic, here!) never even happened, because my favorite couple was apparently the "wrong" one to love in their eyes. Blech.
  10. My response is up here, since I couldn't type once I moved the quote over for some reason: It's funny, because I think the Aldersons, Kelley Missal, and Shenell Edmonds (Destiny 1.0) were the only regular teens on the show who were ACTUALLY teens in real life, because while Lenny Platt may have been quite a bit older, I think Jason Tam was around the same age, too, even if he otherwise looked younger, and then Brandon Buddy and Brittany Underwood--while not THAT far removed from their teen years at the time--were still in their early twenties compared to the others. So LP was definitely NOT the only adult in a teenage role back then, even if it was more glaring in a Original Recipe 90210/Dawson's Creek kind of way than it was for JT/BB/BU. (ETA: I actually just looked up Nic Robuck's--James--age, too; he's only a year younger than LP.)
  11. Oh man, imagine Max's reaction to THAT, given he and RJ were BFFs. (Of course, I had thought at the time that Max would have shown some signs of jealousy once she and Bo got together and yet...he never really did? I was always kind of shocked by that.) Taking this to the All Episode Talk thread.
  12. Yep. She left NYPD Blue before its first season was even over, too (of course, she got ER right afterwards, so it worked out there--until it didn't--but still).
  13. I was kind of hoping that Darlene saying that Ben had to give up his podcast to run the hardware store was a direct response to us complaining about that suddenly being his only job. Our impact! lol :P
  14. Seeing Kevin Arnold and Darlene Conner in the same room together was like the ultimate 80's/90's TV Teen universe convention coming together. It was almost too awesome for words. (Fred Savage has directed numerous episodes of this show, of course). I was so happy to actually see everyone wearing their masks in the hardware store...and then everyone started putting them on their chins, of course. We were THIS close, people! -_-
  15. She hasn't. I don't know how likely it would be for her to do any of them, but it would be cool if there was one with her and the Blake before her (Elizabeth Dennehy, Brian's daughter), and the Blake after her (Liz Keifer).
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